Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Energy-Water Desalination Research

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Development of alternative water supplies is critical to address the

regional water challenges. Right now we're in the environmental lab for

innovative technologies we develop new technologies for water use and the

desalination. Engineering collaborations especially around water applications

have been a big area of research for us in the past few years then continues to

grow and so the techniques that we use are good at even a very detailed picture

of the composition of complex mixtures. In our research group, we have one

senior program manager, three postdocs, for Ph.D. students and the three master

graduate students working on different water use and desalination projects.

fracking purposes. So my research at NMSU is about produced

water treatment technologies so I assess and evaluate different technologies that

could be suitable for treating produced water which is wastewater generated in

the oil and gas fields in New Mexico so we can treat this water for a beneficial

use instead of just disposing of the water. My research is about water

desalination. I'm working with electromagnetic field and reverse

osmosis. Electromagnetic field is a pre-treatment used to reduce the scaling

and fouling on the membrane surface thereby reducing the amount of chemicals

needed to treat water. We have excellent research capacity here people looking at

every aspect from engineering systems to how to grow

different crops on impaired waters water in the southwest is going to be more and

more of a concern and more valuable to find ways to reuse and/or clean up water

sources. So for all the colleges involved this is going to continue to be

a growth area in research at New Mexico State

The Description of Energy-Water Desalination Research