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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Femårige Osman rappar i Talang 2018

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-Do you feel tired? -Are you nervous?

My name is Osman.

I live in Helsingborg, and I'm five years old.

Gimme my money, man!

Dad is a rapper, and I'm a rapper.

I've been rapping for four years.

-Is Alexander coming too? -Alexander will be there as well.

If he loves me, he will talk to me.

I love music, and I love rapping.

And I love... I love driving a car.

-Are you nervous? -No.

-You're not nervous? Not at all? -Not at all.

Music always makes Osman happy. As a baby, when he was upset-

-he would calm down as soon as I put some music on.

He started miming to music at an early age-

-but he never performed on a stage.

He really wanted to do this, and I support him.

-Excited about meeting the jury? -What's that?

It's the panel that decides if you move on to the next round.

-I will move on to the next round. -You already decided?

I'm more nervous about this.

Osman is young, you know. Some people suffer from stage fright.

How do feel about going on stage soon?


Are you excited?

I only want him to be happy. If rapping makes him happy-

-then he should just do it.

Hi there!

-Hello! -Hi.

Come forward.

-Hello, my friend! What's your name? -Osman.

-And where's Osman from? -Helsingborg.

So Osman lives in Helsingborg.

-How old are you, Osman? -Five.

Five years old!

Then I think you must be our youngest contestant ever.

Hi, it's great to have you here.

-Are mom and dad here with you? -Yes.

-Do you like being on stage? -Yes.

Okay, then the stage is yours, Osman.

My God! Holy smokes!

Osman, Osman, Osman...

This was the best, the cutest...

I'm completely blown away. I can't even...

Osman! Where did you learn this?

Who taught you this?

Who helped you with the music? Who made the track? It's awesome.

I did.

Did you put it together yourself? With Daddy?

Daddy made it?

-Is your dad here? -Yeah, Daddy is here.

-Is Daddy here? -Yes.

There he is!

-What's up. -What an amazing son you have!

How did this come about?

Well, Osman has been sick.

-He had three heart surgeries... -Oh, no!

So we spent a lot of time in hospitals.

And when he was a baby, music would calm him down.

It just made him calm down when he felt bad.

And from there we just continued with the music.

This is amazing!

No words can describe the sorrow of seeing your son so ill.

My background is messed up. I've done some bad things-

-and I made a lot of bad choices in life.

But when Osman came, I felt I had to change my life.

It was a difficult time. Lots of medicine, lots of testing-

-but Osman is a true fighter.

-So how is he today? -He's good now.

They performed a three-step operation and he's good today.

-That's great to hear. -Yes, and he was great today.

I mean he was so great!

He's so good!

My goodness gracious!

Osman's in the finals!


We don't need to say much about the music-

-because it's amazing.

This father and son story really touched my heart.

You two make an amazing team.

Okay, I will see you in the finals. Bye-bye, darling!

Come here!

-That was the best! -I can't believe it.

Do you know what just happened?

-What has happened? -Nothing.

Nothing?! You are in the grand final of Sweden's Got Talent.

Does it feel good?

Take care now and we'll see you in the finals.

Join dad, there.

There are no words to describe how proud I am of Osman.

He's a bringer of happiness with his energy.

And I want him to do what he loves.

This is one part of it.

He was adorable. His little body. He was so little.

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