Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minin and Pozharsky (1939) movie

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Tell me, beautiful Moscow, about the tragedies forgotten the fields of victory ...


It was met 6 years since the Russian land suffering from the yoke

intervention. In the autumn of 1610 the Polish magnates

They occupied the Kremlin and tried to enter northern Russia.

Everywhere the population was fighting against the occupation,

but, well armed and trained, Polish army destroyed without

pity the detachments of peasants, boyars preferred

yield to foreigners rather than giving some rights to his servants.

Where are you going?. Poles are already close!

No one.

It's late!

O God!

Last year I came here.

This was a large village.

Look what they've done!

We do not have guns.

The same, again! In what guns you talking about? To do business.

That cheapskate you are.

I'm your uncle so learn from me.

Currently there touch us. Nizhniy we can frighten the Poles without guns. If not pay them forefront.

You saved me, my good man.

What is your name?

Кuzma Mini.

I saved but I left my post. And where shall we go?

What was the name the people?


- What is your name? - I'm Roman.

Are you for free from here?

No, I'm from Suzdal.

Are you a servant? Do you eloped?

Fear not: we are neither judges nor guards.

We are selling meat and fish.

If not steal anything, you're not bad.

I fear nothing, and caught me and beat me a beating, but escaped again.

- Who are you? - I'm a slave to Orlov, the landlord.

Is it bad your master?

Like all: a bloodsucker.

Besa's ass all thieves: do you find useful that can give you something.

And there is no justice. If I could kill them all with my own hands.

Do not seek revenge but truth.

The truth is in the churches, and among the holy people.

If you could gather all the villages, all towns and cities.

Collect and gather all the Russian people for the good of all.

So we could end up with the Poles and Swedes at once.

You say the truth.

But you can not muster the people.

Let!. Do not manches with that.

Bees have made a nest there.

Leave it and wash your hands.

You can not fight with a stick.

Will you tried against the Poles.

You may kill one. But instead they appeared three.

You may be a peasant.

Dude, do not leave your sorrows.

On the way to Moscow.

- Let me go. - Do not.

Go to Moscow, my good man. Is not far.

- I will not be until the evening. - There's no place for you.

Let me stay!

I'm building a new sauna. wood must be moved.

I will do it.

- who is this? - Looks like a nobleman. He wants advice Irenarj father.

- It will be a ruler. - Can be...

What do you want?

Eh, caballero!


We called the Holy Father.

¡Escuchad! ¡Recibimos to boyardo Orlov !.

Tijon! Go get him!

Find me a room! Beer, and honey,

good bread, and fish!

That's a good dinner!

- Vasiliy! - Take the horses.

what's wrong?. It gives feed the horses !. Come now!

What skin type is that?

Are you from Ethiopia?

Or Greece?

All rooms are occupied.

Y? go!

Do you not have a place for a man of the czar?

Semion! take the stick

It goes through the rooms and explains who has come.

What if we put into the room with Count Pozharskiy?

With Dmitriy? This that shy here?

He will make me a site and if necessary leave the room.

Take me with Dmitriy.

The Count is talking to the holy Irenarj.

Listen: the servant who bore your horse is gone. Do you know him?

And that?

It seems that escaped from our Boyar.

It has a broken ear. Have you seen?


Let pena¡ - would be nice stop.

The Boyar would pay me two rubles.

Two rubles, is money.

It would be nice to get it, and we could divide up the money. what do you think?.

I not think nothing.

Cossack'm being a gentleman and distinguished.

I'm waiting to ascend me nobleman.

Yes, that's fine, be a nobleman is something else ...

but the nobles are bastards ...

Do not! Get out of here before I kill you!

what are you doing here?

I'm cold.

Аh, are you ...!

Teach me your ear.

You lie!

- Let me! - You lie!

Let me!

Let me!

Stepan! what's happening here?

who you are?

I wanted to kill me.

I do not even have a gun!

what do you want of me?

You can catch me!

You are stronger.

It's a runaway! It is the servant of Orlov!

Leave it Stepan.

We are not guards to catch escaping.


What is your name?

I am Roman.

Where are you going?

A Moscow.


I also go to Moscow, you can not stop me.

What will you do in Moscow?

You have the power to kill me now!

What do you do in Moscow?

There gather an army.

Accept without any exceptions.

There did not meet anyone.

If you do not lie, then go to my house in Moscow.

Ask for the house of Count Pozharskiy.

Do you not betray me?


Now what?

You have attacked unarmed one.

- Count! I am very good! - Let me!



Dmitriy Mijailovich!

Very good, Grigoriy.

Stop making the bed will make my servants.

Ate all the fish.

And there is more honey. But there cerveza¡.

This will have sent the priests. You'll pay for it.

No te offend.

I'm very sleepy. Sorry.

While you sleep you miss your luck.

Oh, Mijail- Do you see that times run?

He can catch me!

I am your friend.

You're educated but made friends with Lyapunov.

And he is of Ryazan. It will distribute all his.

You will get nothing.

Dmitriy do you hear? I say you will not get anything.

Will you continue saving the country?

Do you want to save it?

- If it's too big! - Is big.

No need to save anything,

but adapted to the Polish order.

They will be in the Kremlin long time.

They have brought together all the army in the Kremlin, and money too.

We have nothing!

Poles can with the servants, what if we help them?

We'll win a lot with this! ..

You can not even imagine.

Join Vladislav, like I did.

Vladislav is de los nobles.

- ¡Grygoriy Fedorovich! - Lo se todo.

I know you fought against the Poles in Zaransk and Kolomna.

Do not worry! They pay you very well!

Count BABY!

you remember? We serve and fight together.

We do not fight together.

I disgust you?

- Boyar! - What?

The monk wants to talk.

That between.

Not want to go, he asks that you go to see him.


You'll see when him with this mug.

Аh! ¡El Ethiopian!

I have something to deal with you.

It's a secret.

Here is a paper and you have to take it to the recipient before Pozharskiy arrives.

Who should we take him?

In Moscow, Don Godzevskiy.

Grigoriy, your lineage no longer has the same fame.

If you take this role on time you get good pay and fame.

Сon this move will leave the Kremlin.

Who wrote this?


Are you serving Polish?

What land belong to you?

- I'm a nobleman of Portugal. - It Is that ... Portugal.

In Moscow at Sretenka door.

Shut up, I bastard! Out of here!

This is not firewood sir, but weapons. With these weapons the Russians are fighting against us.

Shut up!

- Do you have an ax? - Do not.

Already you will see the bastards!

- Why have you removed the belt ?. - To see that I have nothing to hide.

Look what they do: are grabbing all, axes and knives.!

They are afraid but one day see ...

You listen, boy, you know the road to Sretenka?

Let the way!

Free Suffer the way!

Let pass!

The bastards will serve Poles.

Sunsets in the Kremlin.

Look good, the streets are narrow and crooked. It is difficult to pass.

You have to get people out of there.

When you come the Cossacks. You'll be with them?

We are in the Kremlin, but not ours.

¿Y that aconsejas, boyar?

Burn it down.

In ancient times, when the Tartars came, they burned everything in Moscow beyond the wall.

It burns everything and left alone field to pass without being comfortable,

and it is easier to shoot:

you see everything.

Who is Gondzevskiy?

- That, with the stick. - as it is called?

Don Vilevskiy.

What about the papers?

The I give me!

Where are you going?

I bow to the Velevskiy and Godzevskiy lords.

I Grigoriy Orlov. I am serving the czar of Russia.

Bring some papers.

I came in a hurry.

The army of the Lyapunov, governors and Count Zarutzkiy Trybetzkoy approaches to Moscow.

He'll be here in two days.

Go ...

The news is true, gives a person to be trusted.

Yes, and this Pozharskiy too.

I know. It is not very smart. And he is a womanizer.

He plans to go against us and against the Tsar Vladislav.

It would have to catch him and put him in prison!

You can get good reward for doing so and I can ascend.


You have to think about defense.

If we burn the city where do we start?

We must start with the Letitzkaya.

You are stupid!. The fire would reach Neglinnyay.

- ¡De Sretenka! - ¡De Letitzkaya! - ¡no!. - ¡De Neglinnaya!

Excuse me...

I have a plan.

Tomorrow morning I'll take the soldiers out of the fort Kitaigorod.

And I will set fire to the entire city of wood.

Excuse me!

Morning of April 27, 1611.

¡Atizador! ¡Let el atizador!

¡Dmitriy! Tocan the bell.

Stepan Praskovya- commands to bring my horse.

Why are you breaking the door?

Let me see the count.

Do you think I should leave pasaros?

If we want to go! We must see the earl.

Let's let the Poles burned Moscow.


Wait, silly.

What do you want?

You called me? Well, I come and I bring more people.

Poles left the city and will burn the houses. Can you hear the bell?

Many are ye?

- Behind the door is about 100 people. - And more will come.

You have weapons?

If, fists and sticks.

I am a blacksmith and I kept it.

Stepan, open the door and let people pass.

Enter you, good men! Come all!

The gorros- ¿take away the hats!

Listen to me: I'll be your commander.

Did you hear? we will not let the Poles burned the city.

but we have little time.

Do you know where this weapons factory?

We know where it is!

Two people to go and bring me the teacher Zotov.

We left about 40 people to carry guns.


once again..


Stop living in the mud, you have to remove them.

All we together- throw!

once again..

Good Men: do not let the Poles burned Moscow.

They know all there is to put up a little.

Of the three sides of Moscow people come to help us. They have good weapons.

Their commanders are Trubetzkoi and Lyapunov.

Go to the yards but noiselessly. Polish let entering and will surprise them there.

Fedor, look.

It's okay.

Fédor! And if I go?


Fédor! .. Shoot!


Already! Let's Moscow!

Help the governor!


Let them burn!

A tremendous fire of the houses burned by the Poles, spread across the capital.

From every corner came Pozharskiy people, to protect their city.

Are we going to Sretenka, there's the governor!

¡A Srenteka!

Stop, I fight!

- ¡Dmitriy! - ¿Qué?

- How many are you? - Five.

Go and tell the governor that we have resisted the Poles.

And tell few people left.

If the enemy comes once more will not suffer.

Tell him I'm dying.

Take my sword and Give it to someone.

Listen, girl, climbs the bell tower and watch the street:

when you see that many people on low and scream coming help.

You're a real man.

Wow that hurt so big!

¿Take off your jacerina! We must stop the blood!

What do you want?

In Myasnitzkaya not aguantamos- is burning the bridge!

Protect wood with sheepskin coats! Go!

Calls people, eligiré a few and go to Myasnitzkaya.

Those who remain will battle you.

If the Poles approach you should take.

Stepan-He horse!

Lyapunov is near and when they are here we can with the enemy. We will enter the Kremlin.

- What happens, Fyodor? - There is more powder, Dmitriy!

Call the people! come together now.

The fire spread throughout Moscow. Poles, well armed, won the battle against the Russians.

Do not touch the shoulder.

Thrust this under head!

Take his helmet.

Roman! Where is?


After the arms factory there are stores with cereal for three years.

You have to burn everything so that it is not left the Poles.

I will do.

- Who knows the way? - I.

Show me.

- Do you still put up on the bridge? - They need help.

- Help?. - If we could get people together!

Take me up.

By the way Kaluga, Muscovites out of the burning city.

We arrived late.

The bastards burned the city.

He is very proud, it behaves as if the governor.


are you alive?

Маdre mine: Governor asks for the count.

Who you are?

Liyapunov Prokopiy.

Is the count is alive?

The I expected, and all Moscow too.

but you're late.

Did you come alone?

I wear militia Moscow, mother.

They also come Trubetzkoy and Zarutzkiy.

They were a good time unemployed, discussing who has a higher rank

and who should honor more,

while Moscow was burning.

Come on, Stepan! What's up?

I see nothing. Stepan!

Take me up.

He would die before seeing this.

I want to say goodbye to the conde.Vuelvo to Moscow again with the militia.

Six months later. It has fallen Smolensk. The last defenders of the city blew themselves up.

Swedes seized Novgorod. Moscow defenders abandoned the ranks of the militia.

Nizhny Novgorod

In the governor's house.

- Have you counted my money? - Do not give what you ask!

Not even half of it! I do not give it to you!

Already it has run out of patience to have to give everything!

Gentlemen: let me speak!

We must raise money, without this you can not defend neither the city nor the doors of your homes.

How many are you gentlemen?

We come from many parts of the country, we will be about two thousand soldiers.

You are too, you eat a lot,

break them fences and plates, you have robbed and did not know how to fight.

- Tells the truth! - It is true! - All stolen!

A soldier can always fight, when you have a servant in his house.

We had servants, debian us money and went to fight with the Poles.

Die fighting and debt is lost.

That is not right.

Let us horses and gunpowder. Furthermore, we have land in our possessions.

We demand also have servants.

Then we'll serve without stealing anything, as we did while in militia.

Enough! Give them the horses, gunpowder and weapons.

Oh, God...

- Do you ask so much? - Life is the only thing I have!

Oh, God!

Grab your money!

- I have nothing! - Do not! - we will not go!

Well, they say that you are ready so tell me, how much I give to each?

Hear me all!


Speak, Kysma! why you chose.

Although we have all of God to protect the city, even so, maybe not Could we do.

You have to think about it.

Moscow has run out of defense.

Lyapunov was a good commander but was killed, and Trybetzkoi Zarutzkiy remain.

Where do those? They ascended the governor of Tyzhin.

They are designed to steal in taverns, peasants and fight against each other for land.

You can not trust them.

If they win the Poles will join them to loot whatever they can.

And I will make slaves.

Why do you talk about Moscow? That is far and Poles will not arrive until Nizhniy Novgorod.

This I will:

Moscow is bigger than Novgorod but has fallen.

This is nothing for the Poles.

It is true.

In my opinion you have to call all the people who can hold a gun,

of all ages and positions.

A) Yes?

Rumors that run through cities and do the same thing

we do, that meet people from all over Russia and send them here.

- and money?. - And we also provide money.

What he said! It's amazing!

What are you trying?

You are drunk?

... And not allow the noble cogan to enslave entire peoples.

And who will work for me?

Keep that.

The nobles get their salary with money and not with the enslaved peoples.

- It's okay!. - Well, you have to collect a lot of money.

We, the working people, are more than 50 people, we decided to gather

money for the military, and leave everything we can to this cause.

I am not rich but I can make 100 rubles.

And I sell my house for it.

What is this?! Oh, God!

Long beard and short intelligence.

Who would give you money?

Which gives it is ready.

We decided and we will do whatever it takes.

This matter must fulfill the people.

Tomorrow in the church we will express our will to all people of Novgorod.

Let the rumors run!

The working people are to agree with us.

We'll go together.


It is true!

Now the merchants are to be decided.

I mean, that others decide ... and I have to sell my house ...

Brothers! These are worse than the Poles!

this is a shame!

They want to take everything!

- they are thiefs! - I paste!

- They can not commanding you! - To give his stuff!

That they coviertan on beggars! So you will see how to live!

Let go!

Let go!

Let go now!

Let go!

Now you will draw!

1611 Autumn Square Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin.

This is our decision. But we are few and mission is great.

Therefore we ask advice.

Well, we can We are ready Dar!

That's clear! You know counting other people's money and go buy with it,

but you know not earn it yourself.

Watch as andas- all broken jacket.

O Christians!

We are merchants and maintain the entire system of the city.

We pay taxes and therefore live.

Do you think that we give everything with joy?

but we must defend our city.

It is true!

We hire soldiers and make the defense. Poles are in Moscow and Volga us.

And if they are not here?

- Go away! - Why do you get fists ?!

- Let me talk! - Go away!

Citizens, Novgorod!

the merchant lies.

He grabs his goods and people could not care less.

We must stand up and fight throughout the entire country, not just for their city or home.

What do you say!

I do not say, but our sorrows say so.

It seems that we can never take away the yoke of the Poles, it is impossible deshaserse of their humiliation.

We would not have strength or will to deal with them?

Enough to bear their burdens! Poles will not remain the owners of our country!

Looks like talking!

It is that each fight them separately.

The merchant says this is the best method.

If we continue like Poles overcome us,

and we can never again be free.

Our children will be servants forever!

We forget our roots and our language.

Citizens, Nizhniy Novgorod! we must fight!

We must begin the great offensive!

Gather in every city the soldiers can fight.

In all the towns and villages to gather people who are willing to pick up a gun.

Those who want to fight to meet in the same place and give them horses, arms,

and food, to have forces for battle.

We must bring together many people! We need a lot of money for this!

- Have you heard that you want ?! - Shut up!

We, blacksmiths, craftsmen, butchers and other workers decided:

enter on our part to cause a third of our money.

We gathered nearly two thousand.

¿Rubles ?!

That's very little.

For removal, for the fight against the Poles we need a lot of money.

We need iron for weapons, copper for cannons, lead and selitre.

If the merchants do not help, and those who have more, neither do, we can not with the occupiers of our homeland.

If everyone contributes their part, merchants are obliged to do the same.

I do not think they do it for good.

Could it be that they are miserable and stingy, and what matters most to them is real and not the country?

And our children will not care?

We must put our heads for freedom! -Wait!



wait! Let speak!

O Christians!

Take my money. Take it all!

I brought from Arkhangelsk. I was beaten for it, but I saved frisked me.

¡Y I'll entrego to you!

Dejame cap.


Mitrich! Mitrich! - Mitrich! - that's it!

We are ready to die!

Of all the cities people will gather!

Will we be selfish and stingy? Can not we salguardar to our land?

Thank you, Christian. thank you very much!

Venga- put the money in my hat.

Thank Christians, thanks!

I thank you very much!

Look how many things! You have to make a list of everything and keep it.

You'd deceive !. We will do it ourselves!

I will do it! Me you are going to not be fooled!

The wave of people never before seen rising throughout Russia. From different parts of the country people sent money

Minin. weapons were made and the uprising grew and grew. Pozharskiy commander was elected unanimously.

The Polish King Sigismund III.

To be honest, what we do with our Moscow?

His Majesty, will repeat the same thing:

Moscow is yours for once and for all, I need 12,000 of the best soldiers.

Smolesk is our, Russian boyars eat from my hands, and yesterday the Tsar Vasiliy came to my party.

What more do you want ?!

They want the army and money for it.

To fight a few farmers have to be more courageous and speak less.

Your Majesty, I am known worldwide as a good commander.

Do you remember how I fought against the Protestant Swedes?

... As invincible fighting the Turks before ...

... How much blood lost in the Netherlands fighting the atheists ..

Nobody can reproach myself in my life I'm a coward or am pious.

His Majesty, look at the map:

Moscow is a young city even though you have 300 years.

But in his hands this city holds the key to all doors in the world.

Look: all rivers out of Moscow made the South Seas and north.

The road to Turkey and Persia is open.

More effort and majesty may be the owner of this city forever.

Here in this Volga river called by the Russians, this camping village militia under the command of Pozharskiy.

Pozharskiy? who is that?

Governor Pozharskiy. It's good, but tough. With it comes a simple worker Minin.

- The butcher! - It looks like it is.

This is very stubborn.

- Is it dangerous this Pozharskiy? - Farmers believe him.

Wow ... so you must die. It must be an accident ..

a death like my cousin Genrik in Paris.

A death caused by a knife.

What you can organize or not?

God will say.


Will you give me money?

For the love of the Christian cause, the Jesuit order give money to your majesty.

Along with this gives his holy blessing.

To this I have it more than shit.

You say you're Orlov?

Оrlov ... Maybe it means more for Poles than for him.

Where are your assets? Are they in the Kremlin? Are Poles have?

What have you? The remains?

We do not have anything

look: we are gathering iron cities like beggars.

bells become canyons ...

All the time something happens: when we have peace ?. We have money but we can not live in peace!

- Poles win. - Always they have done.

I say: your master is bad.

The Pozharskiy Count has sold his soul to the butcher Minin.

What has he done for you?

Come now! what are you talking about!..

Roman, eloped Conde has its benefits.

They walk with sabers, Evil!

It all starts with the master, if he can not bring order nobody will.

You have to cut off his head and go.

- What are you talking about? - You know.

Pozharskiy kill is an easy matter. If you know how.

So the whole kingdom will be safe.

You are very close to the count do what I tell you.

So ... at night, .. or when no one sees you, .. and sabes¡. And the Poles will thank you very much.

They'll give money, servants, and will make nobleman.

Do you have a knife?

In a Moscow completely burned, were Poles. Hungry, waiting for help from Poland.

Cossack militia under the command of Count Trybetzkoy and Ataman Zarytzkiy, besieging the city without daring to the offensive.

We have caught the thief, trying to dissuade the Cossacks of the fight.

He says he has confidential papers.

Wake the secretary.

Where are the papers?

Find them!

Who signed it?

'Count Dmitriy Pozharskiy elected unanimously Kuzmino, sign this paper. "


We all join to oppose the Polish oppressors, to resist the enemy ...

Again they protest.

What's up? come here!

We caught one more. go, come all night ...

We caught him on Arbat. We thought it was a Pole. He left the Kremlin. He walked very carefully, fearing something ...

- As we approached I run. - Shut servant!

- I'm not your servant! - do not scream!

Speak clearly. who you are?

Vasiliy Andreevich'm ... I'm steward of Tsar do you hear?

Do not you see my clothes? Footman.

Vasiliy Andreevich, ¿conoces a Orlov? ¿Los Kaluzhskij?

I'm Gregory! e¡l son of Fyodor!

Poles held me in the Kremlin, but I managed to escape ...

The Polish army to Moscow goes under the command of hetman Jodkevich. And the

Poles were going to send a letter saying they would hurry. So take the opportunity and promised them that I would take her.

I told them I knew him. He would take the letter and knew the way.

Meanwhile they would warn our plan and teach the letter.

- and wait.

It is a delicate matter.

To do things right. But I'm tired.

Ivan, is good ask you. And that the clerk write down everything. I am leaving.

Let them all go here!

And this, water.

Go away. Let the letter!

Give me something to eat !. In the Kremlin any meal costs more than 600 zlotij.

Dogs ate there !. People even eat the corpses, but I could not.

All right. Tell me the truth.

I'll tell you everything I know. Poles have a plan against Pozharskiy.

They sent one to murder him. This is my servant and I can tell who it is.

Give me something to eat and I will be faithful like a dog!

Let's do this: I have not seen. Bring the letter to Jodkevich.

Nor have I heard that they want to kill Pozharskiy.

Sit at the table.

- for! - For I tell you! - Bind him!

I saw you had. Do you have the letter?

Brothers! The first: I need a horse!

Moscow was the Polish army heads. We must warn Pozharskiy. I go to Yaroslavl as soon as possible.

The militia already had two months gathering in Yaroslavl.

- Let me go! - Let me go! - path!

- Dmitriy- Swedes! - Swedish?

Not we let them.

just bring their leaders.

Well, let the Swedes, maybe bring something good.

Who are they?

I am the captain and his assistant Marshered Smit. We salute.

We hear you. you are good soldiers.

What do you want?

We can serve you for a good salary. We will help you get your land Poles.

A) Yes? Where do they come?

Poles were serving.

And what they did to abandon them? Why come to us?

The food there is very bad.

But there's big money!

They do not pay as agreed.

You hear, Fédor ?. The Poles keep our gold and do not give the Swedes! We are waiting!

We see that you are very brave soldiers!

You do not want to do anything in vain. How big is your army?

We have two battalions of good Swedish soldiers.

And about 20 leaders. They are also good.

You are many, but do not know where to house them all.

Also we are many- the cheremitos, Tatars, chyvashi mordovi and they joined us.

We not have much food so you can eat.

- Is it true, Fyodor? - You're right, Dmitriy.

If no food- we can not take it away from us.

Come here.

We do not need you at all.

You have burned to Moscow and have killed many of us.

you can not be fighting with us.

We will defend the Poles without any help. you understand it?

Manda give the signal. come on!

You have taken the money so? When you fulfill your part?

So far I've only heard your promises. What if it gets morning vest and go from here?

How would you kill?

Why are you shaking?

Like you will not survive. I'll tell you who you are.

If they win the Polish you'll die too.

It must be done now. Get the knife.

Get behind me and follow me.

When I say, "Please pass"

give directly to the abdomen.

Is this the count?

¡Dejadme market!

let me see the count.

Let me go! let me see the count.

Let talk to you! I am an orphan and I wish to speak.

I come to see you from Kazan but do not let me go.

¡Dmitriy Mijailovich!

Come in please!

¡Dmitriy Mijailovich!

Forgive me for God. The devil dominated me.

I did not know what I was doing.

I see nothing. count!

Commander, we have no time. Jodkevich approaches to Moscow, just go through Mozhaisk!

The news that the Poles would come to Moscow knowing the country, and the militia was launched towards the capital.

Romаn! are you alive?

has wounded me in the leg, I can ride but I can not get off the horse.

Do you remember me! You wanted.

Finally we go.

- Are you going to go to Moscow? - If.

Does that make yours with the guns?

You want to surround the field.

Tell them to go the way! I do not want any gun is stuck in the mud!

You're good? Or you hurt?

I'm perfect I have not hurt me.

Roman has suffered, you have been wounded in the leg, but can ride this bandaged. Nikita!

- They say you've forgiven and you've released. - To Whom?

At that damn Stepan.

Hold your horse near the bridge, let them pass the ford!

Dmitriy, you must understand that you unanimously elected and can not forgive these things.

Do you think he wanted to kill you? No, he wanted to kill an entire country.

The militia arrived in time to Moscow and set off to Jodkevich. August 24 battalions

Polish army, trying to attack Moscow but were met with a lot of fire. The night has come.

What Poles go to bed.

Pozharskiy here.

Is here.

Yesterday we went from this ... what's it called? Novodevichie.

Tomorrow we will attack with full force Donskoi. Now we are here in these streets.

- Pozharskiy crossed the river .. - how?

The scouts report that the Russians reinforce the cities.

Does not matter. They can not live in the open sky.

Our flanks are protected by the river.

Cossacks Trybetzkoi are here.

Yesterday they were afraid to help Pozharskiy.

We pressed the Russians to the river and shoot them with guns Kremlin.

Here we will make a temporary bridge and so we connect to the Kremlin.

All right. Have you commanded the steward of Tsar?

Yes, long ago, when it got dark ..

In the Kremlin people are starving.

If he knows so well as Moscow, as he says in the dark will come to the Kremlin.

Pozharskiy not.

That's it!

Yesterday was embarrassing for you Mr. Kazimir!

Yesterday you, Colonel, taught his ... his back on these miserable beggars Muscovites ...

Tomorrow I will teach as fighting the enemy: fast and forever!

who is our rival? Pozharskiy. It is the only brave, nothing more.

Minin Who is that? They say it's butcher.

whether. Now we have to sleep.

I advise you do the same.

turns off!

The caravan with bread.

Stay here. now there will ford. The Kremlin is.

Thank God! Sergio saint, god assistant ...

Hurry up, we must go!

Brothers, Christians, brothers ...

Brothers, or St. Nikolas!

Thanks, have saved us. Or St. Nikolas brothers!

Lies, the dog .. he taught the way to the Poles!

It is not like this! I am a servant! The Boyar taught it.

Here lies, I say now where ...

Just be pious I ask me.

Wait, you conozcoEs it! It was him who struck the Count Pozharskiy

And he forgave him. Now we see where it is going.

where is the Boyar?


Here it was hidden in this car. He is the boss.

I am a servant. Please let me go.

Hold it once and for all Estate!

Who? who are they?

We are his. We are Russians.

Are you Roman? take me to the commander!

I will not, Grigoriy. You sold your soul to the Poles and must die for it.

and this water.

A thick fog blanketed Moscow in the morning.


Watch here quietly until the Count call you.

Well, Minin, there, stop behind that hill.

Fedor, do not let Gulyai- gorod fall. Grapples with everything you can.

- And ammunition? - There's plenty of that I'm sure.


- Do you know where the old administrative house? - If.

The fog can not see anything. But the missiles arrive there.

All right. Right.

- We set an ambush. - All right.

- We get people to Yakimanka. And the guns too. - All right.

Dmitriy, it seems that I have never felt as strong as now.

Yesterday the Poles tried to enter the Kremlin but discourage them.

Yesterday they fought with less force, but today the bend.

if they enter the Kremlin will be stronger than ever and will always remain in our land.

- They shall not enter! - not pass! - Will not allow it!

They will not be here!

Our ancestors drove the Tatars RusiaY we will be worthy of his exploits!

Let know our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who knows all the people of Russia who serve our country well!

Let our land is strong, it will hold on until the last man and will be ours forever!

Swedish soldiers fighting under your banners propose an equal share of the spoils.

Are we already saw?

We fought a few times. It was against or with you, but it was a fair fight.

Perfect! I accept your conditions.

You're going to go with the cavalry consolidating its success.

Today is a happy day and I'm glad! The sun is behind my back and dazzles the eyes of the Russians!

I'm like Julius Caesar. Before my Gauls are besieging the city, occupied by the Roman army.

¡Señor Volinskiy!

Wear the cavalry! So enter the streets! The infantry will follow you.

Hold Ermak. They are coming.



Dmitriy, and come. And approach.


Let cavalry attack!

En Yauza.

- Count Pozharskiy has perished. - And Mini also Kuzma.

Chernetzkiy Lord!

And prepare artillery and Hungarians go on the attack! .Debemos Break the flanks of the Russians and make a bridge to Kremlin.

All the strength venga- the same place! Ahead! Go Go!

Surrender servant!

You do not own me!

And you never will be!

The battle lasted a long time. The sun was covered with smoke.

The Lord asks Kazimir reinforcements.

He is an idiot! I can not risk my last battalion of cavalry.

It should do it yourself!

- What? - I need reinforcements!

what?! I do not hear anything!


All right. I myself will take the cavalry and the road to the ford.


Poles broke the front line! there are many dead in our ranks!

Where have you lost your sword ?!

We still have a lot of battle!

The cavalry to the ford!

is the end! Do you see that force have? we can not with them.

There must be protection from reaching us.

Come to help others!

You are a shameless man! you, boyars, you can only expect the worst.

- Up the hill! - Come now! - Up the hill!

Thank God! The hetman has won!

He has not let starve.

Do you hear? Is the voice of our friends in the Kremlin. Pozharskiy is finished.

He will remember our victory forever.

Kuzma, gather them all and let's move along the shore, so that we can attack the Poles at the ford.

Cossacks Yauza help us.

Dmitriy, I have another plan. Look: Jodkevich has two battalions in the rear.

we have 300 people doing an ambush.

I'll attack from the rear and you will attack one flank.

Hazlo, Kuzma.


Ve to Ordinka y levanta to people.

They have not killed all lifts that can even fight and hold a gun.

Bring them all up and to the rear of the Poles.




- The Russians came from behind! - Carry guns!

- the cannons! - Oh, God!

Every man for himself!

Stop it these miserable!

¡Run, hetman!


Broken down, the Polish army fled.


On 7 November 1612 the Kremlin was released from the occupants.

Open the mouth.

are you crazy! Moscow is watching everything.

We do not look at us. They look over there!

Moscow has a beautiful voice! we must sing higher!

for the Swedes listen! and go away from our Neva.

Foreign recede and the Poles do not come back!

They will not be able with us!

never, never, no!

No one can fight with them using caps! .There That use gunpowder and cannons.

Is it true, Kuzma? True, Dmitriy.

We have chosen the entire Russian people.


And we fulfill His will.

It was our land untilled fields, cities were burned and ruined.

We fought the Poles and Swedes and we will push our country.

Poles have left Russia with great embarrassment.

We could with them not only arms but also by the unit.

It is so. And if they try again, they receive the same.

Even, it will have even more difficult.

Do not forget, beautiful Moscow as the enemy won.

Having a difficult time,

the strength of your people rose.

The Description of Minin and Pozharsky (1939) movie