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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What the Empire REVEALED About Mace Windu After His Death (CANON) - Star Wars Explained

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Literally the most powered Jedi that we've ever come across having beaten Palpatine in a one-on-one duel fair and square and to my surprise. KYEL63 REVIEWED THIS

George Lucas has actually confirmed that mace windu did indeed beat Palpatine and

Completely overpowered him the theory and rebuttal to that can be done in a separate video because I have so much to say about it

But before I digress as I always do let's get on with today's video

While mace was the leader of the Jedi Council and arguably the second in command next to his master Master Yoda

He was definitely the most powerful and respected of his time

Having defeated Jango Fett on Geonosis who killed some of the most feared Jedi in the galaxy

Mace could tap into anyone's most vulnerable spots through a power that he developed himself

Called shatter point and this was what allowed him to overpower Palpatine

He saw the world around him like a shattered piece of glass

Able to pinpoint where to hit this applied to enemies friends and even inanimate

objects that were meant to be destroyed as he mastered the seventh form of lightsaber combat just as Darth Maul had and

Through it creating his own variant called the pod he learned how to use one's darkside energy back onto them like a continuous flow

Whatever he received from them would be returned right back to the sender so with all of this power

Prestige and respect in the galaxy just what did help team say about him after

Order 66 well in the 2015 Canon novel lost stars by Claudia gray. We actually find out exactly

What was said about mace windu after his death as you can imagine?

Palpatine had control of the senate's and with it did everything in his powers to slander the Jedi

Making them out to be the bad guys hiding their own malevolence.

Now I'm going to link the article below in the description which is a good read that summarizes the novel and it's here that we can

See just how many swindle was perceived the novel takes the perception of 13 year-old Ciena and Thane

Starting from the events leading after Revenge of the Sith.

Who being taught that the Jedi were evil and that their leader mace windu was the leader of a criminal gang that

interfered with a legal execution on Geonosis, which sparked the Clone Wars

They were essentially saying that he meddled in things that he shouldn't have been and that the execution scene that we saw in episode two

was actually

Legal you can't imagine how tarnished mesas image was now that Palpatine ruled the galaxy as the novel continues

It just merely takes us through the lives of Ciena and Thane

Who end up meeting Leia at school and then?

Working for the Empire leading us into a new hope where they witness the destruction of Alderaan and start to slowly realize what the Empire Is all about

as for maces reputation he isn't brought up again in the book

But it's cool to at least see him brought into the picture through Disney's Canon Margaret

Now what I think will happen to mace is that Vader will fight him in the 8th or so issue of the new Darth Vader?

Comic that we'll be getting in November as I've covered in another video. We're promised a very intense Jedi hunt of someone

We're not expecting to be alive after order 66 now

If you haven't seen the latest Vader comic that I brought to life

I did it a few days ago, and I'll have it pop up in the last 20 seconds of this video

It's one of my favorite videos that I've made so far, and I hope you enjoy it

What do you all think of mace windu is he too overpowered?

Or did we not get to see enough of him yet? You can let me know down below in the comments

How you think he'll make his comeback to Star Wars as I'm sure he will

Thanks for watching this episode everyone leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video

And I'll see you all in the next episode of Star Wars Theory until then my fellow

friends remember


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