Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Blood Stone

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On the wall of the Kangasala church stands a bleeding stone.

The origin story of the stone tells about a nobleman who fell in love with a beautiful

woman, Kuussalon Kaarina.

The woman was a peasant and the noblemans family didnt approve their relationship.

The parents sent their son to the war.

Meanwhile Kaarina was accused of witchcraft and she was executed.

Her last words were -

As surely as I am innocent, make this stone to bleed and prove my innocence.

The stone in question was under her when she was executed, and somehow the stone got built

in the wall of the church.

The story might be from 17th century when the witch hunt was dominating in Europe and

before the church was built in 1760.

But this isnt the only story that revolves around the church of Kangasala.

During the Great Northern War, the church bells were taken down during and they were

submerged to Ukkijrvi.

During quiet Midsummer nights, the booms of the bells can be heard from the bottom of

the lake.

This created mist above the lake surface.

The blood stone is lays still on the wall of the church.

The material of the stone is allegedly iron oxide and when it rains, the iron substance

gets rusty.

This causes reddish droplets to appear on the surface of the stone and makes it look

like blood.

Even though the stone has been washed and re-washed, the blood-kind of substance reappears.

Maybe it is Kaarina, emphasizing us her innocence.

The Description of The Blood Stone