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Imagine your best friends,

following you through your life...

And suddenly,

you become alone.

And while an ordinary person has many wishes,

Karel Adam has only one wish, greater than any other...

This is the story of Karel Adam.

A story about a friendship, divided by love...

About a friendship, divided by time...

So, why doesn't he wanna play with us?

He doesn't have the time... and Karel weirded out.

About a friendship, divided by glory...

My name is Max, I play Magic and this is my game.

Strong words.

No, that's reality.

And about a friendship, united by memories.

We were thinking, now that we're playing again, that we should return to some of our old player customs.

A sports drama, inspired by the game Magic: the Gathering.


Ondrej Holecek

Mikolas Adlof

Max Novosad

Tomas Cerny

and Martin Pelisek.

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