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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pronunciation Mistakes - Commonly Mispronounced Words

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hi guys welcome old you to e4 you duck

on the site today I would help you

correct 13 works that many people

pronounce incorrectly now let's start a

glass say a glass not the quest for

example she walks across the park and

through a great gray asked asked

not ash for example can I ask you a


as elite athlete next athlete the outlet

has got powerful masters close say close

enough cause his clothes didn't fit in

there well

comfortable comfortable not comfortable

he met himself comfortable in the big

chair delight delight not delighted

for example the pupils of your eyes

dilate when you enter a dark room escape

escape not escape for example he had to

conceal his identity to escape the

police hustle say espresso not espresso

when you prefer an especial or the

cappuccino February February not subbu

are we

building work is expected to start in

February Halloween Halloween not

Halloween for example I still wear my

list and last on Halloween height height

not how for example you say about the

same height as new lovely library not

library for example the library is open

every day mayonnaise mayonnaise not men

names for example took one or two spoons

of mayonnaise into the egg vegetable

that's the goal don't say vegetable for

example you should eat more green


often often not often for example I

often dream about my hometown

picture picture not picture for example

he gave me a picture of the cat develop

develop not develop run sample he has to

build a new system of learning English


broccoli broccoli not the lovely of

gradually for example she has copyright

cow cow cow cow lat

cover one

for example it has a lack of cocoa

before that vehicle vehicle not vehicle

for example I'll do the travel test

vehicle entry wintry not wintry for

example the wintry weather has caused

chaos on the votes almond almond not

only for example the almond cake is

particularly sublime boutique boutique

not voting for example the boutique has

a poor choice of treasures degrees

degrees not deborah's or degrees for

example the however was scattered with

the brief they do they do not leave me

for example

she made her debut album in 1973 divorce

divorce not divorce

for example they have a week to get a


film film not so

for example the film will be screened

Nesquik flour flour not floor for

example he added some flour to thicken

the soup jewelry jewelry not jewelry

for example she wears a lot of gold


pronunciation pronunciation not cool now

see OSHA for example what is the

pronunciation of this work that is the

end of the lesson today thank you for

your watching and you are fill this

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