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Welcome to MB's channel again

After the market collapsed in March

The three major indexes rebounded by more than 20%

Although there are still uncertainties in the future

We can now be confident that with the continuous

And cares act of the Fed

We have quickly stepped out of the depressed market

And more investors are focusing on

How the economy should recover after the epidemic.

Just when such a v-shaped trend at the end of March became history

And look back at what has happened

That is worthy thinking out and summing up our experience and lessons

I believe it will be of great help to our investment life

Compared with the previous stock market crash

The decline caused by the Covid-19 in 2020

Fell by more than 1/3 in just one month

This speed and steepness have not been seen in the 2008

Subprime mortgage crisis

And the 2002 doc-com bubble

On the one hand, panic sentiment spread in the market

Just like the domino and herding effect

Or many people don't care about the change of economic fundamentals at all

They just want to cash out as soon as possible

To gain a temporary sense of security

On the other hand, in today's trading environment

Quantitative strategies have gradually become one of the mainstream choices

It only triggers trading under certain numerical conditions

And it is even more impossible to conduct unconventional and rational thinking

Resulting a decline that

Exceeds the real imapct

At the same time we can also see that the role of ETF in the market

Has become the most efficient booster in this sell-off

ETF is a collection of investment targets

It chooses the content of positions according to established standards

But it has become a big winner in the bull market

In the past 10 years

The current three largest ETF

SPY,IVV and VOO are all based on the S & P 500

ETF is not the same as selecting separate company stocks

As my own perspective

Investing in ETF will pay more attention to the overall market trend

And trading point

Therefore, while countless investors investing in ETF

They are paying less. Attention to the valuation and potentialities

Of each individual company in ETF

As a individual investor

We can't deny that ETF is mixed with a variety of excellent


General companies and bad companies

But for ETF investors

the group interest is much higher than the individual's interest

And some companies will also generate overestimated


Correspondingly, the effect it produces when ETF is sold is also


Investors will not consider whether Apple


Amazon in ETF should be sold

But makes a simple and clear judgment

That the entire market should now be sold

This conclusion is contrary to logic

Because even in the most difficult times of the economy

There still some companies can seize the opportunities and grow rapidly

Even if the dispersion of ETF can minimize the risk of investing

In the stock market

But at the same time, it interferes with the judgment ability of underlying investment target

And the additional return that this judgment ability could give you

Because of this

This passive passive investment logic also makes ETF

A typical representative of passive investment

According to the data of morningstar

The market value of passive investment funds has soared in the past 10 years

Almost reaching the same level as active funds

And the three reason why ETF is loved by every investors are

One is

That invest knowledge requirement is unbelievably low

The second is that the investment cost is extremely low

The third is that the return on investment

Looks good

Most daily cost is within 0.1%

This kind of cheapness is very popular among various investor group

Secondly, thanks to the continuous upward momentum of US stocks

For example

Even experienced the recent market crash

SPY has provided more than 50% increase in the past 5 years

Which is unbelievable high return rate compare to other types of investment

Because a large number of high-efficiency sell-offs are conducted through ETF

So in this economic volatile

ETF played the role of liquidity killer as always

The ETF bubble theory has always been very popular

As long as the ETF still linked to the market

I think there is no so-called unreal price

But for investors who rely too much on ETF

The calm after the storm is a very good opportunity to improve

Our own investment choices

When they enjoy highly returns through passive investment

Do you fully grasp the invisible

opportunity cost?

When the ETF becomes more and more popular

We cannot ignore the existence of mutual fund

Mutual funds are more like investors handing over money to fund companies

And then entrusting them to professionals for investment

This more complex investment strategy and subjective investment


Are called active investments

As a basket of investment targets

In addition to the difference between passive positions and active screening

Mutual funds will involve higher operating management costs

So it charges higher standard fees compare with ETF

And sets a minimum investment requirement

And the mutual fund has more abundant positions

To pursue higher rate of return

So it has no way to disclose real-time net value

Generally it will be separated by several hours

Or the price will be updated once every trading day

in order to prevent too frequent secondary transactions from affecting

The fund's position

Some mutual funds even stipulate a lock-up period

According to the length of the closed time and the rules

we can subdivide it into

Open-end funds and closed-end funds

Since there are too many inconveniences and thresholds

The only purpose of mutual funds is to achieve higher


Blackrock is one of the world's well-known

Asset management companies

It provides a variety of mutual fund options

I have selected three types of mutual funds with relatively high management


The currency fund

Bond fund and stock fund

As well as mixed mutual funds that involve multiple types of assets

and hedge funds that use positive and negative two-way financial operations

To achieve hedging

We can first see that strategic


opportunity fund, code bsiix

Which is a currency currency fund

With a rate of 0.85%

It has increased by less than 3.5% annually in the past 10 years

Of net worth

Meanwhile, it also provides more than 3% dividend

We can also see that its positions are mainly based on national debt and housing

And mortgage loans

So it provides security as much as possible

Second, we can also see high yield bond

Fund code bhyix

Bond fund rate 0.62%

An average annual increase of 5.6% in the past 10 years in net worth

While also providing a dividend rate of more than 7%

We can also see it in the portfolio

that its creditors include Oracle and Transdim,etc.

67% of the debt comes from American companies

22% of which are securitized products

and nearly 30% of the debtors are rated as high as AAA

Finally, we can also see the global

allocation fund code mdlox

Which is a hybrid fund with a rate of more than 1.1%

In the past 10 years, the net worth has increased by less than 4% per year on average

But at the same time it also provides an annualized dividend of more than 3%

Although it has dividends every month

But due to most of the stocks are quarterly dividends

So we can seeing the corresponding distribution of dividends

From its portfolio position

We can see that it includes 58% of stocks

26% of fixed income

3% of commodities and 10% of cash

Among these three mutual funds

Don't you think the first two funds are particularly amazing?

As currency and bond funds

Their returns are even comparable to the S & P index

Many people want to snap up

These products with highly historical returns

So I tell you a desperate news

Whether it is bsiix or bhyix, the starting point for their subscription

Is 2 million US dollars

So rich people can always easily make money

But if you consider using mutual funds to diversify your


The types of funds

Investment strategies


Long-term historical performance

Dividends and positions are the main aspects that need to be


Is the type of the fund is currency


Stock or mixed

Does it has advantages among other fund in fees structure?

Whether the long-term historical performance has outperformed

The corresponding benchmark indicator and position

Can the details of the position hold up to scrutiny

This is all the prework that investors need to do before deciding to invest

But at the same time we can also see that Blackrock

Does not provide a direct purchase method

So where to buy these mutual funds

The fund supermarket recently launched by Tiger Brokers

Is a very convenient channel

Where you can choose your preferred fund type

View historical returns and fund summaries

And understand the trading rules at the same time

Make and complete the final purchase,

Speaking of Tiger Securities

In all the videos I have made so far

The video views of

"From Tiger Securities to TD ameritrade" released on January 13

Have exceeded 3000

The original intention for that video is to

Summarize my own investment results in 2019

Whether it is the evaluation of the two brokers involved

As well as my own investment habits

There are many viewers who are interested and hold a consensus view

Including Tiger Brokers themselves

Many people asked my perspectives among different brokers


Because I am not reviewing on all brokerage platforms

I cannot answer every question in detail

But I always had such a perspective on brokerages

Brokerages are tools for investors

And everyone should have a reliable tool that suits them

When the cook can't make delicious dishes

It is definitely incorrect to blame the kitchen knife

Not to mention that most brokers on the market now provide

paper trading

Which is a trading demo function

And it could help us better understand the properties of the platform

As a YouTuber

I am grateful to Tiger Brokers for correcting some of the one-sided perspectives

In my previous video

And even some timeless information problems

One of which is very important is the issue of fund custody

In addition to whether brokerages can provide sufficient trading functions

The safety of funds is a very important things that needs to be considered

Many brokers will use the large companies' platform

To build a stable operating mechanism in the early development

This is not a rare news

several small and medium-sized Internet brokers on the market are

Starting from

IB's full disclosure brokers

Economic broker fully disclosed

And introduction broker

For fully disclosed brokers

it has the obligation

To inform customers that IB is involved

The client's funds must also invest through the IB channel

The broker can only assist the client to initiate the transfer instruction

Which is somewhat similar to the partner of a law firm

Using the resources and venues of the law firm

the partner can start his own business

And he needs to pay part of the case fee to the law firm


But at the end of 2018

Tiger Securities upgraded from a full disclosure economist to a non-disclosure


just like that partner came out independently

And established a law firm

Many people are like me

Compare to the complicated account opening procedures of IB

The Tiger Brokers has a convenient account opening procedures

And the improvement of localization of the operation interface

People will be suspicious when they choose Tiger Brokers

Although the lawyer I entrusted is still the original partner

But he is not in the original law firm

Should we still believe him

Of course, anyone will be more cautious when it comes to money

I cant understand it in time

In order to eliminate investor doubts

Tiger Brokers has launched a series of continuous development after independence

With the development of Robinhood

Internet brokers have sprung up like mushrooms

However, on the basis of simplicity and mobile terminal

the development direction of Tiger Brokers is more biased towards the internationalization

Of multiple regions

For example, its trading range includes Hong Kong stocks

China A-share market

London and even Singapore market

In order to ensure business development

And promotion of compliance in various countries and jurisdictions

Tiger Brokers Group is also continuously strengthening its core


From Tiger Securities' New Zealand entity to become a NZX member

And obtaining a brokerage license

To the Tiger Brokers Singapore

Received capital market services from the Financial Supervisory Authority

And the CMS license, the Australian entity of Tiger Securities

Using the Australian ASIC license and become a member of the FINRA

With the Tiger Brokers U.S.

And through the acquisition to achieve the complete independence of the depository

And settlement business

so in response to my previous considers

the phenomenon of Tiger Securities against multiple deposit accounts

Can also be explained

And after its U.S. entities obtained qulification

ACH channels also opened on schedule

And I felt inconvenient during this period

Fortunately, Tiger Brokers is providing convenient services

Across multiple jurisdictions

Which is why I use multiple brokers at the same time

Tiger Securities provides a super wide range of free real-time

Futures markets

especially during the pre-market and after-market

I will always pay attention to the overall trend of the futures

To judge and predict the market dynamics

Especially gold


Foreign exchange

Crude oil and vix futures market are very valuable reference

Meanwhile, the LV 2 menu of Tiger Brokers' individual stocks is very clear

You don't need to find company's annual report

To have a full access to the year-on-year changes of each company's profit statement

Balance sheet

Cash flow statement and financial analysis

Intuitive charts allow investors to have a rough understanding of the company's financial situations

In the past few years in tens of seconds

I don't want my past subjective assumptions to leave

A one-sided impact on everyone

Some people are short-term traders

Some people like to do some band arbitrage in the middle-term

and some people want to diversify their asset through investing in stocks

There must have tools that most suitable for them

I hope everyone can find their own handy tools

To achieve the ultimate wealth growth

If you have any investment topics that you are interested in

Please leave me a message below

if you Like my video

don't forget to Subscribe, Like

And turn on the notifications

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