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- Summer's almost over,

and thank God we've all found some flings...

to get under.

- Hey. - Hi.

Is this a winner?

- Officially done with the Carl saga,

Lauren saged her energy by hopping on a polo player.

- What?

- Lindsay declared the Everett chapter closed.

- He brought out the worst in me.

It's done.

- And she also saddled up.

As we say in the Hamptons...

- Thank you.

- Save a horse. Ride a polo player.

- Carl entertained his first non-Lauren houseguest,

and actually did the mature thing

by clearing it with her first.

- I got this friend, Lindsay.

She's comin' out for the party.

Is that okay with everybody?

- Fine.

- Aww, look at him trying on his big boy pants.

Things with Travis hit a rough patch

when I couldn't decide how to interpret his text.

I'm not going to Travis' party.

- He wrote back, Stephen.

- Hours later.

Hashtag millennial problems.

As for summer house super couple, Kyle and Amanda...

- If you think that you're gonna marry me--

- I don't think I'm gonna marry you.

- They drove their relationship headfirst

into an epic fight.

- Summer should be fun!

Amanda, not fun.

- And to be honest, I think they're totaled.

We never stop

Living the fast life I'm so sick of sunrise

Just let my loving take you over

I know of a place now I'll show you the way

- I'm trying to help you. - Oh, my God, babe.

You are overreacting. - Please, just listen.

- You are not fun!

I wanna have fun. I'm outta here.

Summer should be fun!

Amanda... not fun.


[collective chatter]


- All right, we gotta go. - Okay, let's go.

Come on. - Cool.

Can I put some deodorant on?

Do you have your purse? - Oh, yeah, you-you smell.

- Oh, you nasty, huh? - Yeah, you nasty.

- Oh, you stinky. - All right.

- Okay.

- What do you wanna do?

I'll meet-- I'm gonna go out local.

- I'm down for whatever.

- Stephen and I are gonna go to Montauk.

It's his friend's birthday.

- Can we order the Uber? - I'll order it.

- Because Stephen has a strained relationship with his family,

he doesn't just open up his heart to everyone,

and he can get down on himself easy,

but Stephen and Travis have a good thing going.

- Are you hot in that dress?

- I'm burning up.

- I do have a queen fetish.

- Lauren, I'm about to leave you.

- Where's Amanda?

What happened?

- I have a car out here.

- Lindsay, come on!

- Uber's here. I'm going [indistinct].



- Stop it.

- Stephen, aren't you so happy we came?

- Turn that light off.



- I don't know why you're here.

- Babe, I love you. - Whatever you want, Kyle.

- You were yellin' at me. I was mad and-and-and--

- Kyle, because you know what?

I don't wanna waste my ----ing time.

So, if you don't wanna marry me

and if you don't see a future with me,

I'm done. - I am with--

I am with you.

- Then why are you acting like you don't wanna marry me?

- We are dating.

- Well, then stop saying it when you're ----ed up.

Stop telling me you wanna marry me,

and you want me to have your kids,

and stop feeding me bullsh-- when you're drunk!

You know what, Kyle?

The only reason I've been sticking this out

is because I thought there was a future.

I can't do this anymore. - I'm telling you there is.

- No, you're not.

- This was completely unnecessary.

- Yeah, well, maybe you should not come out next weekend,

so I can enjoy myself.


- Ew.

- [indistinct].


- I don't know what I was worried about.

Travis clearly wanted to see me.


- Climb it, Stephen. Climb it.

- But since I've been back from Alabama,

I've been insecure.

I just got in my own head.

- Stephen's nakey-nakey.

- No! No!


- My bad.


[bed creaks]


- Honestly, I could drink ten bottles of Rosé

and have no problems at all.

But I eat one questionable mussel,

and I'm throwing up and throwing up.

Repeat as necessary.

[phone ringing]


We're gonna turn it up

- Lindsay and I barely know each other,

but she did take care of me all night.

Normally, I don't let my guard down in front of girls,

but maybe it's a good thing.

I mean, I don't know.

Have you had enough oh

- I need to call Gonzalo later,

'cause we had a good time last night.


- Uh, polo player number two.

- Did you guys have a little make out?

- There was definitely that.

It was just, uh,

didn't go where we all hope it would go.

This is what summer is all about, a carefree hookup.

There's still time.

Summer's almost over.

What does it take to get laid around here?



- I'm tired of this, babe.

Can we please stop?

I don't know if it was the pressure

of just trying to have fun,

or just everything that's been building up,

but this is the lowest of the low

Amanda and I have ever been.

Talk to me.


- Hey, bro, looking good.

- What's goin' on? - How you doin'?

Well, brother, at least you have a job.

I'm getting second and third interviews.

But my savings are dwindling,

and I'm getting more and more nervous.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.


- They're all the same. - They're all the same.

Do I have sausage fingers?

- For your height, I feel--

- You're telling me I have sausage fingers?

- How have you guys been doin'?

- Good.

I'm not-I'm feelin' pretty good.

How are you feelin'?

- I feel fine.

I stopped drinking pretty early.

Are you-are you gonna eat this?

- No.

- What are you gonna make?

- I think that Kyle and Amanda got into another huge fight.

- Yeah, Amanda was texting me, asking me where I was.

I was like, "Montauk. Where are you?"

And she said, "Hell.

"See you when you get home."


- I gave you the bigger avocado toast.

- What is going on?

- I don't think it's Amanda.

I just don't think he wants to be in a relationship.

- I think these drunken fights,

there's, like, a real root of the problem here.

Her, like, not thinking that he's ever gonna change,

and I kind of agree that, like,

this is Kyle Cooke. He's 35 years old.

He's not about to change that now.

- I imagine the rug in Kyle's living room

being six inches off the floor

because of how much sh-- is swept under it.

- Why are we fighting when we're in a summer house,

having fun?

- Honestly, this is just completely...

uncharacteristic of-of both of us.

I'm sorry. Like, I...

lost my cool, and I overreacted,

and I was an asshole.

- We can't brush it under the rug, again.

I mean, there's clearly a bigger issue here.

This is not the Kyle that I fell in love with.

This guy, I do not want to know any longer.

- I don't want us to get to a point where, like...

- We resent one another?

- Coming up...

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Quite frankly, we are great without you guys.

- Oh, and you're blaming everyone at this table?

- It's ----in' par for the course.

- Stop flipping out!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

oh oh oh

- Bye, room. See you next week.

- Driving glasses.

- Let's do it. - Good to see you again.

One two three gonna take a leap

Take my hand

- All right, buckle up.


The next the next big thing

I know you know it

I know you know

I'm the next the next big thing

- Hi. How are you?

- Good.

Are you gonna meet Travis for a drink?

- Drinks and dinner.

- Is it getting serious?

- I hope so.

- Hi, Mom.

I think it went well.

The second interview is just a lot more intense.

You have to say that.

La la la la la

La la la la la la la la

- I just don't want these credentials out in the open.

Let's put the press releases out.

Right now, business is booming,

and I have more clients than I know what to do with.

Sorry for the line. I know it's crazy.

Very popular show.

Everett is still calling and texting me nonstop.

Did you guys check that? Good.

But I'm not gonna get dragged down by him anymore.

I am putting myself first.


- Hey, there, good-lookin'.

- Hi, there. How are you?

- How are you?

- You got the-you got the lip-the lip on.

- Well, of course, for you.

- Hi. How's it goin'?

- Good. How are you doin'?

- Sweating. - It's 85 degrees out.

- It's 85 degrees out.


I'm a sweater. So...

- I'm a sweater, too. - Yeah.

The last time I called a girl on a daytime date?

Um... I don't know.

Yeah. - Yeah, that works.

- But Lindsay is super cool.

I just wanna, like, sit down, one-on-one,

and have a good conversation.

- Cheers. - Cheers.

This is our first real date.

- That's right.

- Um-- - Are you nervous?

- Yeah, a little bit. - Are you? Why?

- I always get nervous. - Do you?

- It's a-it's, like, a good nervous.

Like, Saturday was really fun.

So good. - Yeah.

- But then, food poisoning obviously interrupted it.

- Yes.

- How long did I throw up for?

- From 2:30, I believe, in the morning

until about, like, 8:30.

- It was nice to have you there 'cause I was...

well, I was a little embarrassed.

- Why were you embarrassed?

- I've never been that violently ill with, like,

a girl around.

- What are you gonna do when you have a wife someday?

- Lock the door.

- No, that's not how that works.

[laughing] Everyone vomits.

- Everyone vomits. What would you say?

Everyone poops and pees. - Yeah, exactly.

It's normal.

- Well, we skipped a couple, you know, a couple chapters,

I think. - It's still new.

- I guess meeting someone and, like,

kind of branching out again and, like...

like, I wasn't really looking, and you came across.

- You came out of, like, left field.

- Yeah, you came out of right field.

Oh, awesome. - Oh, right field.

Thank you. - Thanks, man.

So, what's your weekend lookin' like this weekend?

- Um, so, I have a bridal shower this weekend, on Sunday.

- In the city? - Mm-hmm.

- I'm not ready for a relationship,

but I'm surprised how much I like her.

I don't really know what's gonna happen.

This has been really nice. - It has been.



- Hello? - Hey.

Still getting used to this arriving

without me needing to let you in.

- What is this?

- I was trying to make it look like I cooked.

Um, are you hungry?

Well, we can-- - I probably will be in a little bit.

- Um, well,

I know we talked about Saturday night,

but... I figured we needed some time

to actually talk about it when we're outside of the house.

Being in a relationship in The Hamptons

is different than being in a relationship in the city.

And, um, doing a summer house with your girlfriend

is different than doing a summer house

with just your friends.

So, have I handled the transition perfectly?

Clearly not.

- When there's alcohol involved,

you're acting as if, like,

you don't have a second half that's there.

- That's a good point.

- I just feel like you don't-you don't care.

- Of course, I care.

I care more now than I ever have.

- Something changed where you no longer act

like the guy I fell in love with,

who was able to have, like, so much fun,

but, like, make me feel relevant.

- Me letting loose, I guess,

has also translated to me being a pretty crappy boyfriend.

- I want to make this work, but, like,

if things don't change, I'm...

I'm done.


- Look, am I-am I gonna change

in the sense that I'm a frickin' party animal,

and I like to have fun?

No, but-- - And I don't want you to.

- But I'm all for finding constructive ways to, like,

get better at-at-at pacing myself.

There's a fine line between

staying true to who you are,

but also evolving and growing with the relationship.

I love her.

So, yeah, I owe her that much.

The last thing I wanna do,

is repeat what we just repeated, right?

What if, next weekend, we go drink for drink?

If we go drink for drink, then we have to be together.

Can we do that?

- Yeah.

- And maybe mix some waters in.

- Well, let's give it a try. Okay.

- We are gonna have a good last two weekends of the summer.

We're gonna finish strong.

I love you. - I love you, too.


- Hi.

- What can I get started for you?

- Um, a large iced green tea.

- Enjoy.

- Thank you.


- Hi.

- Coming up...

- I'm very drunk. I wanna go home.

- Babe.

- We're really lucky to have this group of people.

Stephen, such bullsh--.


- Hi.

- Hi.

- You look beautiful.

It's good to see ya.

- Thanks for meeting me.

- I'm just glad that we get to talk.

I wanted to start just by saying how sorry I am

for the pain I caused you during your birthday week.

I heard from Kyle that the flowers just got you upset.

- This is from Sir Weston.

- Do us all a favor-- - This letter is bullsh--!

(BLEEP) you, Kyle! (BLEEP) you!

- I am constantly evolving,

and I am constantly trying to get better.

I just-- I want the chance.

- How many chances do I have to give you?

- You haven't really given me a chance since we broke up.

- And what happened the day we broke up in March?

- I went out and got ----ed up,

and I made out with some girl.

- And you spent the night with her.

Do you know how devastating that is,

Everett? - Yes.

- I moved in with you,

thinking I was starting a life with you,

working towards the future,

working towards marriage and kids.

And somewhere along the way, you fell off...

and I found myself alone.

- I am here, and I'm not leaving.

- I'm gonna be honest with you.

I'm trying to move on.

Because maybe there is somebody else out there for me

that gives me the love, and trust,

and respect that I deserve.

- I've never had this much resolve.

- But that's not changing how I feel right now.

- Yeah.

- I need to move on.

- All right.

I'll try to leave you alone.

I don't want to... but I'll try.

I will.


- I have to go.

I'm a ----in' boss bitch empowered woman.

Hear me roar.

[horn honks]


Storming the castle until we get by

- Whoo!

♪ 'Cause that's how we manage to keep the dream alive

- Stephen, tell me what you wanna do

on this Friday night.

- I wanna get ----in' ripped.

- We have two weekends left.

I'm gonna miss it, though.

- We have to ----ing send it.

Storming the castle until we get by '♪

- We made it.

♪ 'Cause that's how we manage to keep the dream alive

- My pleasure.

- You know what you get for that?

- A kiss?

- Guys, all the boxes are blocking the way in.

We'll keep goin'.

- Sh--. Thanks, guys.

Appreciate that. Assholes.

- Purr, kitty, purr.

- I actually want one of these, right now.

- Hello! - Hello!

- Hey.

- We're making dinner tonight.

What are we making? - Yeah, we're gonna do kabobs,

so I just wanna soak these shticks now.

- Oh, we are?

- I have the funniest videos, by the way,

of both of you, from Nick [indistinct].

- Oh, God.

- Hey, Kyle, what are we doin' right here?

- ----ing cooking chicken.

- We're ----ing cooking chicken.

- I want some chicken. - [indistinct].

- Okay, okay, okay.

- Is he coming out?

- Yeah, he's gonna come out--

um, he's gonna meet us at Rosé season party.

- Ho, ho, ho, Hub house.

- Last time Nick was out here,

I got a small taste.

But after my conversation with Everett,

I just need positive energy.

Maybe a make out.

- I am not having any guests.

- Where is Lindsay at?

- Uh, Lindsay's at a wedding shower.

- Did you see her this week?

- I did. I saw her yesterday.

It was good. - Yeah?

- She's, like, very positive.

It's a breath of fresh air.

- Back, again.

Let's go get ourselves a drink.


- Ashley's back. - Ashley's back.

- Ashley!

- Hi.


Whoever said, because you're married,

you can't be fun?

Don't let the ring fool you.

I'm here to ----in' send it.

I'm here for the next two weekends,

and then we go straight to Greece

for our sister's wedding.

And Brad's coming next week.

- I get to meet Brad.

- And what are you gonna do? Push-ups?

- Push-ups, change a tire, we're gonna grill.

- Oh, is that Brad? - That's Brad.

- Yes.

We're having a measure off.

We're gonna do push-ups.

- I gotta get in the gym.

- I mean... - Just for fun.

- Just for fun.

- Cookie, come with me.

- We're havin' a night tonight.

- Can we send it?

- I wanna send it.

We have two weekends left, you guys.

- I'm here for, like, destress.

- I'm not here for a long time.

I'm here for a good time.

- Wait, Stephen.

- It has a stopper in it.

- No-no, that was three or four shots.

- Go. - No, I didn't get it.

Okay. - Okay.

- Oh, God.

- Oh, my God.


- That was a bad idea.

[text alert] - Who's texting me?

- Justin [indistinct].

- Justin! - Justin!

- Oh!

- Hello.

Nice to meet you.

- I wanna read it. I know your password.

- No, you can't. Ashley, that's rude.

- Read it out loud.

- "I have a hot date with the gym,

"and then I'm gonna meet up with Netflix and chill."

- Well, he's a little bit better than Carl's lame lines.

- Yeah, he is.

- I am so proud of Lauren.

She is moving right up the steps of Carl Anonymous.

She's already on step eight, which is find new dick.

- Can I be honest with you?

Like, last Saturday, you were emotional beyond.

- Summer should be fun!

Amanda not fun.

In most situations, I would have been single

twice by now,

but I really do love Amanda,

and we're, like, working through this.

So, like, this weekend, we're trying to go, like,

drink for drink.

- I would love to see the role reversal thing.

- Kyle and I are-are trying to work on some things,

and our plan this weekend is to go drink for drink.

I'm sure it will only work to an extent,

but at least it'll help him pace himself early on,

and then-- - Okay.

- Wait, drink for drink with your pace

or his pace? - My pace.

- Honey, you're about to be on the floor.


- We're both making an effort 'cause as much as, like,

I hate fighting with him,

I hate fighting in front of everyone.

- I mean-- - That's never gonna work.

The dude is gonna ----in' blow.


If you really need to monitor

your boyfriend's drinking that much,

maybe you should, one, be more fun,

or, two, get a new boyfriend.


- Amit, are you for real?

- What?

- This is the first time he's run the dishwasher

all summer, and it was for his hat!

- What is this?

- You've never seen it?

- Yeah, in 1995.


- Let's set the table.

- I'm gettin' this.

I'm-- hey. - What?

- I'm gettin' this for dinner.

- What? I already-- okay.

- What?

- You're already ahead of me.

- What are you, a sloth?

- Drink a water.

- Let's go. Come on.

- Let's chill, right now.

- You're on my case, right now.

I've had two Trulys.

- Oh, my God, they're already fighting, again, this weekend.

- If you need to drink something,

drink some-- it's-- remember?

- It's not healthy, though. It's not.

- The drink for drink, that's, like, a mistake.

- They're gonna get to the dinner table

and pretend like everything's okay.


- They're talking about us right now.

I-I can't, like-- We're fighting again.

- Oh, my God.

Coming up... - You're a good guy.

See that? Did you hear that?

Dude, my dick just got hard from that.

- Oh.


Oh, my God.

- Yo.

Dude... what's wrong?

- This is just, like, a prank, right?

- Deep breath.

- Last year, Kyle was a good time.

To be honest, I love Amanda, but I miss old Kyle.

- Just go in there and check on her.

- Man, I'm tryin'. - All right, you're good.

- I was gonna wait until everyone was here,

but I did wanna tell you guys I got a job.

- Yay!

- This is literally the perfect time.

- After Labor Day, I'll start.

- I'm just in a very emotional state.

I'm embarrassed. Like--

- Why are you embarrassed?

You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

- Because people are talking about--

- Listen. - Kyle.

- Don't let them bother you.

Everyone's rooting for us, 'kay?

- I'm so pumped.

I cannot wait to get back to work.

- What a way to end the summer.

- Danielle got her job. - Really?

- Yeah, I'll be a product manager

in their innovation lab. - Awesome.

- That's it! - I know. Killin' it.

I am so excited.

I have my dream job doing product management

for technology.

It only took three months.

- Welcome to dinner! - Howdy-o.

- Kyle, I got a new job. - You did?

- I told everyone before you sat down.

I just wanted to make sure.

- Congratulations. - Amanda, come sit.

We got a couple skewers for ya, some couscous.

- That's fine.

I'm gonna go-- I'm not hungry.

- No, please. - I'm fine.

- You eat. We got couscous salad.

Have a bite, please. Thanks.

Can I give you a hug? - Yeah.

- All right.

Thanks for hanging out.

- It's fine.

- Hold my hand.

Everything is gonna be fine.

- I know. - What's going on?

- Amanda and I are adjusting to kind of

living in the middle of the house

and being the only relationship,

and she just doesn't like the fact

that us getting in a disagreement

is, like, on front stage.

- But who cares? - Yeah, we don't care.

We're not judging you.

- It's nothing new at this point.

It's ----in' par for the course.

- Okay, Stephen, thank you.

- We've all sat here and witnessed fighting

every weekend, and everyone's been quiet

just like we saw Lindsay and Everett all last summer.

- Okay.

- Don't try to act like we don't know what's going on.

- It's very normal and natural to fight

when you're in a relationship.

Lindsay and Everett fought.

- Well, that's not how our relationship was

until this summer.

- Then don't come into a summer house, then.

- Quite frankly, we are great without you guys. - Kyle.

- And then it's really when we're in the house that--

- But that's your fault. That's not our fault. - It wasn't a big deal.

- Jesus, jack-in-the-box, can you go back in?

She doesn't like us fighting.

- Well, you're doing it. You own it.

- Kyle. - Listen--

- Kyle, you guys broke the number one rule.

If you're in a summer house and fighting,

we know about it. - Guys, guys.

- Guys, let's just have fun.

- It's not that. - Can I say one thing

- No, I'm gonna say one thing.

- Stop flipping out!

Ashley, where's your husband?

MIA for, like, the fourth year.

Lauren, Stephen, now you wanna gang up on me?

If half the house

would just focus on their own lives,

which are in complete disarray,

Amanda and I would be doing just fine.

- I heard you guys, what I felt was,

talking negatively about the fact--

- Right. - Kind of like we were fighting, again.

Like, here they go, again. Like, it was embarrassing.

- But we were-- we're not judging you, Amanda.

- No, I know, but it's embarrassing for me.

- We're supporting you. We don't want you to fight,

but we're not even calling you out for fighting.

- It's embarrassing. - Yeah, no one called you out.

No one said a word.

We said we'regonna sit down.

They're clearly having a disagreement.

- Can-can Amanda speak, please?

- But we're not-- we're not-- we don't want you crying.

- No, let her-- like, can we let her talk?

Attack, bully, d-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da,

like typical Wirkus machine gun.

Seriously, Amanda doesn't get a chance two speak.

- I'm not crying about this.

I'm just pissed.

I just-- this is embarrassing.

- We don't air out all your bullsh--

in front of everybody else, so shut the (BLEEP) up.

- Another fun family dinner.

- I said it was less about you.

Let's just please. Amanda has apologized.

I apologize. - Let's switch gears.

- Did not realize World War III

would ----ing launch into orbit.

- I think everyone needs to take a deep frickin' breath.

- I-I have an idea.

Let's talk about tomorrow.

- Rosé season! - Rosé rehab.

What's up with the party?

What's everybody wearing?

- A Rosé colored outfit.

- I like to wear white to Rosé parties.

That way I can turn it pink throughout the day.

- Well-- [laughing]

- Amit and I are gonna go to Back Page.

- I'm down. She's down.

- I think we all should go. It's our last weekends.

- Yeah, let's just all go out.

- Yeah, why don't we all go as a house?

We haven't all been out together in a while.

- Yeah, let's go.

[all] - And break!

- All right, everybody get ready for Back Page.

- Honestly, stress free zone over here.

Got a job. Gonna get paid soon.

Stress be gone. - You deserve it.


Oy aloha oy

- Oh, my God.


- Oh, that one bruised.


- That was one of the most ridiculous situations

I think I've ever walked into.

- You just gotta swallow, man.

- When the twins and Stephen conspire,

that's what we wind up with.

- You're a good guy. See that?

Did you just hear that?

Dude, my dick just got hard from that.

- We're not going to a hoedown, ya hoes.

Tell me if you want it tell me if you need it

tell me if you wanna get it while it's hot

- I just wanna make a quick toast.

There's been a lot stuff going up and down,

but, at the end of the day,

we're really lucky to have this friendship

and this group of people. Let's have some fun.

Stephen, don't-don't pour my shot on the ground.

Stephen is still treating me really ----in' sh---y.

It's such bullsh--.

I thought time heals all wounds,

but I'm not a scientist.


- Coming up...

- Sometimes a girl just wants to make out.

- Right, right, Jesus. - Right now.



[thud, laughing]




You pick me up

when you lay me down

turning me on

I know you're liking my sound

[indistinct chatter]

[kissing sounds] - It's too hot, babe.

Ahh, babe, you're too hot.




- Hi, Linds.

Want a piece of avocado toast?

- Kyle has his-- - There it is.

- We got a little tennis battle.

- Let's go play some tennis.

- Had I known you were gonna wear your wig,

I would've worn mine. - Yeah, I-I--

- Oh, sorry, it's a mullet. - These are--

these are extensions. Chicks do it.

- Oh, Kyle, I love you.

- Play ball.

- Are you guys excited for today?

- I am. - I am, too.

- Is Nick meeting us at the party,

or is he coming here?

- Yeah, Nick is meeting us.

I haven't seen Nick since the bachelorette party,

but you do not forget those abs anytime quick.

[cheering] He's definitely been in my wet dreams.



- Oh, you little-- - Stay in.

Sh--. [chuckles]

I'm pretty fired up about the party.

I mean, we could have a good day, can't we?

We're-we're the positive energy guys.

- I'm committed to fun.

We just gotta get the overall morale

of the house up a little.

I just need to have a good day with Amanda, dude.

- Yeah.


- She's still, like, paranoid

we're gonna get in another bullsh-- fight. (BLEEP)!

- Well, I mean, last night's dinner,

I felt like she got pretty attacked.

- Yeah, ridiculous.

- And I actually have a lot of respect

and admiration for her to be able to step up

and tearfully address everybody,

and they still wouldn't let her talk.

- Amanda, she's goin' against the mean girls clique,

and Carl jumped on a grenade for her.

He is a good guy

no matter what anyone else feels.

- You're gonna have a good day today.

I feel it.

Hey live your life

join me on the dark side


- We're both making an effort.

- Yeah.

This is me making an effort.

- Okay. - Bed, make yourself.

What you want and what you get you've gotta

- Let's go!

- This Rosé is not gonna drink itself!

Hey live your life

- Are you goin' one for one again tonight?

- [indistinct].

- Today's a good day to have a good day.


I'm gonna scratch and bite

I'm gonna win this fight

- All right, kids, let's go to rehab.

- We made it.

- Nice!

I like what I see ♪ - Rosé season.

You think he's leavin' wit' you

I think you're out of luck

I think you're out of luck out out out of luck

- Hi, baby.

- I missed you. - I know.

- Like, last time I actually hung out with you

was Coachella, really.

- Is it Rosé o'clock? - Oh, yeah.

- We're literally in sync.

Oh, my God. - I know.

Oh, my God, it's like the Backstreet Boys.

- No, it's, like, literally like N'Sync.

- Katie!

- What's up, brother? What's goin' on?

- I didn't know you'd be here.

- How you doin'? - I'm excellent.

- What do you want? You want some Rosé?

- I suppose I should.

- The fact that Kyle has agreed to a plan with me,

I feel kinda good about it.

Like, we're sending it,

but we're sending it snail mail.


[indistinct chatter]

- Oh, my God, there he is.

- Oh, my God. - Look at him.

- Rosé all day. - Rosé all day.

- Hi, baby. - Hi.

- Rosé Rehab.

- Do you want some Rosé?

- Duh, let's do it. - Okay, let's get it.


- It's like we're in a nightclub.

There's more girls than guys.

- Oh, my God, I hate that.

- So, we need two glasses of Rosé.

Thanks, guys. - Cheers. Happy Rosé day.

- Cheers. Happy Rosé day.

- I work for a startup.

I do teeth. I'm a dental guy.

You can't handle the tooth.


- Drinkski.


- Sometimes I just wonder,

like, what's wrong with our friends.

You can't come trying to blame us for your problems.

- Quite frankly, we are great without you guys.

- Kyle.

- And it's really when we're in the house. - It wasn't a big deal.

- But that's not our fault.

- Cheers, babe. - Cheers.

- Like, clearly, there's an issue here.

- Can we have fun, though, Stephen? I can't.

We have to be done with last night.

- Yeah, hello.

- Are there any cute guys here?

- Um, I don't know.

I mean, I really like Travis.

- Yes.

- Like, I really like him.

He's, like, the first guy I've really been dating, lately.

- Love it. - Cheers.

- I think one of these just looks like a casual road soda.

- Yeah.

- Cheers, babe.

Just getting started

- See ya later.

- Did you literally send each other photos

of what you were wearing?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, [indistinct] all day!

- I have another thing I wanna tell ya.

I wear women's perfume.


No, I attract gay guys.

- Lauren! Lauren!

Lauren, Travis just texted me.


- 'Cause you deserve it.

- This is good.

You have to wake up early tomorrow, but this, uh,

you know, is a day party. So--

- Midday party-- we wake up early tomorrow

feelin' great.

- So, the big question is,

why haven't we made out yet?

- That's a tough question to answer.

- Sometimes a girl just wants to make out.

That's all.

- Don't give me that right here and now

in front of everybody. - Okay, right now.

- Jesus.


- Coming up...

- I just don't want her to get mad at me for goin' out.

- Cookie is coming out! - Comin' out!

- My bestie is comin' out. - Comin' out.

I'm comin' out. I'm comin' out.

I feel bad, but I'm comin' out.



- Don't give me that right here and now

in front of everybody. - Okay, right now.

- Jesus--


Not right here. - Yep, right here.

- No, come on, come on. - Right here, right now.

I've wasted plenty of time in my life,

but I'm the type of girl who goes after I want,

and, right now, I want Nick.

- Here's the deal.

I wanna get to know you, and if this is worth, like,

being more and, like, hooking up,

then we can do that in the long term.

- Dude, just hit it and quit it or do somethin'.

Like, let-- - No, see, look, okay,

so, yes, but I knew I wasn't ready for a relationship.

So, then when this situation came about,

it was hard because I do like you,

and you know that, right?

- I-- do I? - You should know that.

- No, I don't.

But, like, I am not looking for anything serious.

That's not where I'm at.

I mean, I just wanna have a kiss.

Like, I don't--

I like Nick,

and we're gonna be friends no matter what.

- Let's get a little more Rosé

and see where it goes.

- I don't need a guy to define me.

I just wanna have a lot of fun.

I just wanna live my best ----in' life.

- Let's get 'em drunk. - Thank you.

- Rosé all day!


- Whoo!

Teamwork makes the dream work!


- Ahh!

- I am fully aroused.

- Why is Amanda's tit hanging out?

[indistinct shouting]!

- I don't know, but apparently,

they can only get along when they're wasted.

- Kyle, do you love me?

- Yes, relax.


- We're havin' a house party at our house tonight.

Come over.

And we have a ----in' tennis court.

- Are you drunk? - Yes.

- Danielle, come on.

- Isn't this the best bartending gig

you've ever gotten?

- I'm very drunk. I wanna go home.


- Babe, look at me. Relax.

- Guys, we gotta go! - Why?

- 'Cause they're out of alcohol.


- Babe.

- Kyle, I'm very much so drunk, right now.

- I'm gonna drive her back.

See ya. - We're still ascending!

- I think everyone had a great time.


- We're home you guys.

- Amanda is about to do it.

- Ha-ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha.

- No, no, stop.

- Danielle, I do so much.


- Well, well, well, how the tables have turned.

It's like you're the- the abominable snowman.

- Where the people at?

- I got some nuts.

I got some-- [chuckles]

Like, literally food.

- I love you so much. Come here.

- I love you, too. Come here.

Eat some nutrients.

- But guess what.

You're gonna get titties in the face.

- Yes!

- You get a little nap in.

[whimpering] - Kyle?

- Whoo!


- That's gotta hurt, dude. - One more time.

- Do you guys like cups? Do you guys like cups?

Do you guys like cups?

- Amit, how many girls have you made out with today?

- So far, zero, but Gabby is coming,

so it'll be one. - Oh.

- It is 6:30, baby,

and you are standing,

and you must feel good about yourself, right now.

- Look, look, maybe she knows not to go drink for drink

with the Cookie monster.


- Hey, Gabby. - What's up?

- Get your ass inside.

- Way overpacked. - Hubs is hungry.

I'm not trying to mess with a hangry Hubs.

- Amit! - Oh, my gosh,

hi, Gabby. - Hello.

- What's up?


[indistinct chatter]


- Kyle came back to life.

- You guys, I'm not gonna lie.

I-I haven't seen him have that much fun

in a long time.

- Maybe we can bring him out.

- Yeah.

- That's what I was just saying.

- Aww, look how hot she is.

- I know. She's so hot.

- Do you need sleep a little more,

or are you gonna get up and hang out with your wang out?

- All right, I'm gonna go get clothes on

'cause I'm naked.

- You need a little more sleep?

All right, take another hour, okay?


- Get in.

Cookie's [indistinct].

- This is why I wanted to be up in the master bedroom

'cause I was like, I want attention.

I'm very conflicted, right now.

- Because Amanda's not coming?

- I-I-I don't wanna wake her up.

She needs to sleep.

- Oh, so, she doesn't even know that you're going out?

What if she wakes up in the middle of the night?

- I should-- - Do you feel bad?

- I just don't want her to get mad at me

for goin' out. - Come out and be fun.

I'm no different of a person

because of my significant other,

and why are you? That's weird.

- Cookie, are you coming out?

- Cookie's coming out. - He's comin' out.

- I'm comin' out. I'm comin' out.

- My bestie is coming out. - I'm comin' out.

I feel bad, but I'm comin' out.

- Let's go.


- I'm just gonna get some gum.




Next time, on the season finale

of "Summer House"...

- Oh!

- Lookin' great.

- Brad!

- Whoo, doggy!

- Run for cover, mother----ers.


Travis is coming.

I wanna look good.

It's, like, tough to get to know somebody out here,

but I like getting to know you.

- Girl, yeah!

- Hi. - Good timing.

- Why do you have to be so good-looking?

- I-I don't know.

- There was real roots to the fight this summer that,

like, you shouldn't ignore.

- The story I told you-- I thought I could trust you

with that information.

I'm just not really sure why it happened like that.

- Come on, Carl.

- You guys are bullying me.

- No one is bullying you.

- Come on.

- Bullsh-- artist numero uno.

- Okay.

- Lauren, you always speak up.

Let me speak.

- Hey, guys, sometimes people are not meant to be friends

for the rest of their lives.


- Deep breath, deep breath.

- For more information on "Summer House,"

go to

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