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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR FISH CAKE SOUP, STIR-FRIED RICE CAKE KOREAN MUKBANG 추운겨울 따끈한 노브랜드 오뎅탕+국물떡볶이 REAL EATING SOUNDS

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Today, I prepared hot odeungtang, tteokbokki, and soy sauce.

I'll enjoy it. ~

I prepared barley tea today. ~

Wow, ice water is the best!

There are trees on the ground like this!

Eat the diamonds first. ~

I'll try soy sauce. ~


Do you know the fish cake we eat in the cart?

It's so similar to that!

It's so soft and delicious.

It was cold, but it felt like it was getting warmer.

I added more on purpose.

I like green onion, onion, and garlic so much.

It's Tteokbokki's turn. ~

3 tteokbokki in one bite because size of tteokbokki is small

It's too bad there's no fish cake in the soup.

Wow, soup is killing. with

Do you know how to dip it in fish cake soup?

The fish cake is too soft.

I put sesame seeds in the soy sauce. Good job.

After a few bites, it disappears soon.

I put green onions in the tteokbokki.

Sprinkle some soup.

It tastes like fish cakes.

Personally, I prefer fish cake to rice cake.

If I told you to eat one of them,

I'll choose Odengtang. ~


As expected, dried radish is very good to chew and eat.

If you're going to eat fish cake and tteokbokki, add green onions

MOISSA has a small mouth. Three tteokbokki is just the size of your mouth.

The soup tteokbokki I bought was not spicy,

I think children can eat comfortably.

It looks like Odeng bought it for about 4,000 won to 5,000 won.

There's about 14 fish cakes in one bag.

I think it's real caustic.

When I come to my friends' house, I eat it as a snack.

I think it's gonna explode. ~

But barley is so cool.

This time, let's try the fish cake dipped in the tteokbokki broth.

Wow, it looks delicious. ~

But the fish cake is too big.

Is that what everybody's talking about?

Earthworm Act

I don't know if it's eating or coming back.

Wow, eating like this is good for my taste.

It's crunch~

What is the healing sound from eating to gestures?

I will try a little more to make the diamonds feel the healing sound.

Once you taste the soup, you can't stop it once.

It's been a while since I had Tteokbokki.

I still have a soft, chewy texture.

I keep dipping fish paste in the soup.

Cut the marinade evenly.

Shall we eat all the green onions at once?

I've boiled it with the soup, but I still have the texture.

Because the soup may fall off.

Mmm. This is delicious.

Eat carefully so that your throat won't be twitchy.

Anyone who's ever had the roof of his mouth on a fishbowl.

I guess I'm the only one.Haha

In the old days, we just boiled tap water.

These days, the environment is bad, so I boil bottled water again.

Like Sodak Sodak Sotteok, which is sold at a rest stop.

I'm putting tteokbokki on the tail. ~

Oh, there are 4 of them!

Was it too much? I can't give it to you.

I wiped it quickly.I'm sorry.

Once again, the worm recommendation.

Oh, my God.

It's delicious. It's delicious. It's so delicious!

It's good to soak it while you eat something else.

What is this?

I'll have soju with you next time. Hah!

I tried to dip the soup, but it came with rice cake.

Finally, inhale the fish soup.

Oh, it's ice


Isn't the ice sound so nice to hear?

You have to bite off the ice to taste good.

I enjoyed my meal today. ~