Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Praktijkleren: Zelfstandig Medewerker Travel & Hospitality

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Independent Travel & Hospitality Employee


workplace trainer

giving tourists and guests directions to places or activities

You do and take care of everything that makes the trip and stay pleasurable.

You have to talk to the guests and be customer-friendly.

You have to be able to handle complaints.

This is a checklist, you have to check every task.

You get it, see what you have to do first. Afterwards, you check the box.

Checking in and out, but also helping guests get a taxi...

or giving them directions. It's good to know the map of Amsterdam.

She's doing well, her internship is very diverse.

Both breakfast and front office.

I get enthused when the guests are happy...

after you've helped them. They are very thankful.

Then you know you're doing your job right.

The nice thing about being a trainer...

is guiding the students and teaching them something.

Guiding them from the very start, and seeing them grow.

That is very nice to see.

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