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Hello guys, SWAT 4 mission 3, right?..

And there's already- I see a door.

It's locked.

Breach... Gas and clear, Nazi style.

So, I actually.. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait is that an enemy already?

Hands up.

Hands up, I hit the shot come on...

Like, hands up, okay..

Say hello to my little taser gun YAAAHHHH!

Hands up. You like that?

Like, can you drop your weapon holy shit so annoying.



Fuuuuck, I just..

Wait, what's this toilet? Woman toilet.

I'm sorry I came to your woman toilet, but also this is pretty disgusting, what did you do?

Shut up like, I didn't kill you just..

What the hell is this?


I think I'll stick with my SWAT team or I should- Come someone, fall in on me. Red, yeah.

That will do.

Bang and clear.

Oh yeah, this wasn't a civilian. Nice.

I hope you'll be fine I wanna restrain-

Oh my god, everyone is shouting, stop..

You missed him, team! Really? You just let him escape?

Oh my god..


Holy, I was about- Like, DROP!

I was about to restrain them and this motherfucker came.

Damn, man..

Restrain this guy left.

So, everyone is safe? Yeah, everyone is healthy.

Not bad.

I shouldn't be go- sorry.

I shouldn't be going alone. (Cough) I feel like I'm dying.

Oh no, forklift..

This gives me PTSD, because I'm

a forklifter IRL.


I see guy- Is that..

It is.

I don't care, I'm just gonna restrain you so you don't do anything stupid, okay?

So, I remember that one guy escaped right here.

What is this door?

Was I here?

I was, I was, I was, I was.

This is it, huh?

Let's go.

Another door, huh?

Drop it.

I think that will be it, I'm pretty sure that's it.

Is it?


One more door.

Locked. Breach and clear.

Actually, breach, sting and clear.


There's another door, but come one, you have to be the last one there's no way.


Perfect mission again.

I am rolling through these missions, 100 of 100, not bad.

Thank you for watching, see you in the mission-

Which is it... 4, right?

Yeah, a bomb nightclub, oh, I remember this mission I do, I do.

See you there and subscription appreciated if you are new. Bye.

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