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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Як українці дістали з болота російський танк [eng sub/рус суб]

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In the summer of 2014, the Russian military transported tanks to the Ukrainian border.

One of the columns that transports tanks of the T-72B1 model is filmed on camera.

One of the transporters with the number 4720, transports the T-72B1 tank, on the tower of the tank number 37.

August 20, russian forces record video in the captured Ukrainian village of Hrabske.

To help the russian forces came 2 tanks of the T-72B1 model.

Numbers and identification marks on one of the tanks.

On the two central, vertical blocks of the tank number "37", this number, on these blocks and with this font, was visible on the T-72B1 tank, which was in the convoy of the Russian military.

In their video, russian forces show how they destroyed the BMP-2.

This BMP-2 belonged to the Ukrainian military and was lost on August 20 in the village of Hrabske.

This suggests that Russian tanks from a convoy in Russia, already on August 20, are fighting against Ukraine in the Donbass.

Next, the T-72B1 tank with number 37 will be sent to Donetsk.

August 24, russian armed groups begin the assault on Ukrainian checkpoints in the area of ​​the village of Signalne and the village of Elenovka.

The village Signalne was attacked by 4 tanks of russian forces with infantry, the village was defended by ukrainian soldiers with one T-64BV tank of the ukrainian commander Mykola Tishik from the 51st brigade.

Russian forces had an advantage in tanks, but the first shot a ukrainian tank destroys the first tank of russian forces.

Thanks to the brave actions of the ukrainians in the battle, russian forces begin to run away from the battlefield and two tanks get stuck in a swamp.

One of the tanks is the 1989 T-72B model, with contact-5 dynamic protection, this 1989 model is not in service with Ukraine and the tank could only be in the Donbas from Russia.

The commander of the second tank of the russian forces described in detail the run from battle of his soldiers, described his impressions of the destroyed tank he had seen, and told how two T-72 tanks got stuck in a swamp.

Ukrainian soldiers are unable to pull the tank out of the swamp, the tank had to be burned and it will remain there for a long time.

The second tank is taken out of the swamp, it turns out that the ukrainians got the russian tank, which was transported by the russian military to the Ukrainian border and which fought with the ukrainians in Hrabske.

The ukrainian crew of the tank, which was defending the village of Signalne with a trophy identification mark, which was removed from the russian tank.

Oleksandr Pugach, Andriy Mudrik, Mykola Tishik

The captured Russian tank is transferred to the 20th Dnepropetrovsk territorial defense battalion, the tank will be repainted, the inscription "Dnepr" with the number "20-1" will be applied.

And now the russian tank is on the defensive of Ukraine.

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