Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can Brits Pass IELTS Speaking? - Part 2

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can you believe every single year three million people sit the IELTS exam we've

come to the birthplace of where it all began for the IELTS exam to see whether

native English speakers can pass this test without any preparation and in

this video we're going to focus on part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam let's go

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back to Cambridge

I want you to say what kind of book it is what it's about and what sort of people

would enjoy it and explain why you like. I don't read books. I don't read them. Okay if you

don't have knowledge about something feel free to just make it up

IELTS is an English exam not a personality test and you'll never be

marked down for lying so let's give this guy another go and see what he can come

up with. Describe a time of day that you like well usually a time of day is the

mornings. Love the mornings yeah when the sun's up, yeah

I'm not one for getting up at the crack of dawn

although when I'm up at that time I always enjoy it..once you're up in and about

you know. I won't say when the dawn comes up but, you know, early like that yeah. Love it.

I dunno there's something different about especially nice sunny mornings. The

morning and the afternoon there's a totally different.. it's the way the light

shines, if you know what I mean, sunset and that is all lovely but there's a

different feel to about the mornings to what they are in the afternoons. Yeah but the morning's my favorite.

So excluding his first attempt let's give

him some feedback as if it was an IELTS response. To start with, he could have

spoken for longer in fact almost twice the length. He

didn't use many tenses; he had a lot of hesitations although he did have some

nice colloquial use of English with some idiomatic language like I'm not one for

getting up at the crack of dawn or if you know what I mean; and he's even used

some linking expressions like 'although when I'm up' or 'sunset and that is all

lovely, but'. So he's used some good language but he didn't fully accomplish

the task and he didn't cover all of the task card points. Furthermore his speech

was a little disorganized so we're giving him a score of 7.5 . Let's see if we can

find some better answers for you elsewhere. I want you to describe an exercise that

you know OK just talk a bit about it. An exercise erm squats squats are an

exercise you lower yourself with your knees and you you well you bend down

you squat, really. You squat. Can you show us a squat please? Yeah I can show you, this is a squat. That was obviously a

good good technique. Tom you can't do that in the exam, that's..

Describe a member of your family who get on well with. Get on well with? Can we do a different question?

okay any member, any member of your family you know. Talk about your

relationship. Yeah I really get on with with with with my cousin Emma um me and

her have.. I've been visiting Spain for a long time and she does a lot of arty stuff

and it's

we share a birthday within well within two days of each other so I have

my birthday then she has hers so we're kind of birthday twins amongst all the

cousins and yes we get on very well and whenever we meet up we just we have a

really nice time it's really nice spending time with her. There we go so

tom was consistently accurate in his use of grammar; he varied his tense form

nicely by using perfect continuous and simple structures; he also managed to

include some natural phrasal verbs and colloquial language. He did repeat

himself a little bit, hesitated and again his speech was partially disorganized

but we'll give him a solid eight point zero let's keep searching for an even

better model answer for you. Right so I want you to describe a piece of art that you

like okay and may be may be tricky and say what the work of art is when you first

saw it what you know about it

yeah well it would be about a horse

Hyperion it was in the nineteen...1736 when when he was being raced and they

drew it now they made a sculpture of it and it's in new market and everybody

sees it down the high street outside the jockey club

whenever they go down there and so everybody usually goes down,

has a photograph taken outside of it that was a sculpture of Hyperion. And why do

you like? As I say I've worked in racing and it's amazing how they've

sculpted it and it does look like Hyperion and he was a very good horse in those know he won a

lot of races and so that's why they sculptured it. Right OK, fantastic. Hold on to your hats

ladies and gentlemen C. Nutter has jockeyed his way to the front of the pack

with the use of complex structures less common vocabulary and yet again the odd

colloquialism. He has managed to ensure that both Tom and the old bloke eat his

dust. You may have noticed that he self-corrected which isn't a bad thing

in the IELTS exam as long as it's not too often so we give the jockey an 8.5

now if we could only find somebody who knows what the IELTS test is.

Look who we've bumped into. It's Chris! Hello everyone, nice to see you all!

Describe a book you have recently read and you should say what kind of

book it is what it's about what sort of people would really enjoy it and explain

why you liked it. I've recently picked up a book about teaching English in the

classroom so this book explains all the approaches and methods that any teacher

needs to know in order to teach English effectively. It would be appropriate for

anyone who's either been teaching for a while or wants to take up teaching in

the future as a profession because it covers everything comprehensively so you

can look at all the techniques that you need. You can choose which are for you

and which won't really suit your style and of course it would be great I think

anyone would enjoy it who is looking to build on their career and to expand on

their own development as a teacher. In terms of why I enjoyed it I really like

the details but also many specific examples that this book gave so overall

I would certainly recommend it it was a great read cover to cover all right stop

the show boys and girls we have a clear winner let's take a second to show you

our very own IELTS replay technology. He starts off with a quick phrasal

expression I've really picked up a book, before you know it he's using a classic phrasal

verb or wants to take up teaching in the future. Then to wrap it up he uses a

cheeky but incredibly relevant idiom - cover to cover and those are just some

highlights as he uses plenty throughout his answer you may have noticed his

grammatical accuracy using phrases like in order to teach English effectively or

it would be or even it covers everything comprehensively very nice and as was the

organisation of his speech using phrases like in terms of and

overall and finally he used some advanced vocabulary and collocations so

we are giving Chris from the YouTube channel learn British English free full

marks with a score of 9.0 so we really hope that you have found this video fun

and also informative if you are preparing yourself for the IELTS

speaking exam as we can see it's difficult even for native speakers if

they don't have the right strategy and techniques in place to tackle these

questions they are difficult so when it comes to your exam prepare yourself and

make sure you search for the type of information the type of answers that the

examiners are looking for in your IELTS responses good luck in your exam and see

you again soon for another episode

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