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So far, you have seen extreme summers. Hereon, we will show you Leh Ladakh during extreme winters

So the travel continues

Here it begins

Let's go

Let's go man. Let's go to Leh


Look at this bro

This is so beautiful

Yeah, this one.

Hang on. Let's keep this one first. We will take a video then start

Truly amazing

This is real fun

Allright friends, here we are at the most beautiful airport of India, which is Leh Airport

As you can see, this looks so beautiful under the blue sky

Here comes Thupsung

Thupsung has given us a warm welcome with coffee

It feels so refreshing now but breathing seems a bit difficult due to lack of oxygen

Allright, let's go

Did it snow over here?

Damn. This is Leh, city of dreams

Finally, we have reached our destination

Hotel Seven Seas

When we visited here last in February this year, this entire water was frozen

If you have not seen those videos, then do go back and have a look

These are really amazing videos, I can tell you that.

We are back again to try some new adventures in Leh

And we are going to do another winter Ladakh

This will be terrific

Pruthu Da is following us

Last time, we had come here on our bikes

Is this the one?

Nope, that one was way ahead

Thakur, open the door

Man, you made us exhaust


See, he just woke up

Yeah, I am fine dude.

So far so good. Let's see, how it goes

Switch on the lights atleast.

So guys, we are headed towards Thiksey Monestry

We'll take a few drone shots from there

Hope the wind is not very strong so that drone can do it's work properly

Sun is quite bright right now

And the temperature right now is -6 degree. This is gonna be mind blowing.

So much to climb and I am already finding it difficult to breath

It's the first day here due to which its difficult to get acclimatized.

Where is it leading to?

Do we need to enter? Is it closed?

There is no one here.

Let's go to the roof and see if we can find any space to capture drone shots

Meanwhile you can enjoy the architecture of this monestry

It was constructed long ago. I think its approx. 2500 years old.

That's what Thupsung has told me.

Now you can clearly hear me breathing so heavily

Here we are at the top of the monestry.

The view from here is unbelievable.

It's super amazing

But reaching here wasn't a cake walk at all.

This is a lovely place

After reaching here, it feels like my lungs are chocked.

Now we are going to start capturing done shots

And right now we are at the top of Thiksey Monestry

And drone shots from here will be outrageously amazing.

Believe me, I don't have enough words to describe. All rights, let's kick-off drone shots

Are we all set?

Let's follow the instructions

Let me know once you crack it.

Praise the lord

What are you buying?

Should we buy some Sprite?

Dada is feeling sick due to AMS.

Last time, I had fallen sick for 2 days due to AMS

That was horrible.

We stopped by to get some refreshment

Get a couple of them

Are we done? We got one sprite and 2 bottles of water.

Pass me one of the water bottles.

Let's drink some and then start

Start the engine

We should have recorded that moment when Dada was stuck while crossing the river

We are still mesmerizing those days, how did we make it to happen.

That ride was really amazing, despite a few controversies.

It is a long story. We'll talk about that in detail some other time.

We will talk about it when we sit together.

Anyway, we enjoyed that ride too

Nevertheless, this ride will have double fun

This ride is going to be quite different.

Let's see how it goes.

But I hope, you will enjoy the adventure this time.

Have you started recording the video? Yes, I have.

Let them come.

So friends, as you can see how beautiful this is

All these ducks are approaching us.

This place is somewhere near Leh. Which place is this? It's Shey Palace

Don't move forward

Capture this on my phone

Only click pictures & not the videos. Be careful, don't drop it in the pond.

Man, pictures & videos are so beautiful

Trust me there is no comparison to Ladakh.You can't have the same experience anywhere else in India.

No, don't scare them away.

Let Thupsung take few pictures.

Shall I move forward?

Let's sit there. Sun seems brighter that side

As you can see the view. This is so beautiful

This place looks like a bird sanctuary.

This is Shay palace in the background

This is an amazing site.


This is ultimate.

Let me reverse my camera focus and take you to the other side

Oh my god.

The view is simply incredible

Really, these kind of views can make you utterly happy.

Which flavor are you buying? This raw flavor is better

The taste will be balanced. Buy just one.

You are fond of junk food man.

Can you see what is happening here?

Right now, we are buying some groceries.

Because we will cook tea in the extreme temperature if we get stuck somewhere.

I am getting some milk too.

See what all we bought. Some candies, milk & some snacks.

Do we need anything else?

No I think, we have everything else including moisturizer.

We have kettle too.

Do we need tissue papers? Because you won't be able to take bath there. What about sanitizers?

Yeah, sanitizer is mandatory because it won't be easy to wash hands in such extreme weather.

We are going to need sanitizers

Shall I get this one?

I still have the ones we bought last time. There are 5-6 bottles left.

We don't need to wash hands again and again in this cold weather.

We will not even try that so we bought a big bottle of sanitizer

What is this? Masala Tea.

This will work. I am fond of teas.

In a way all this is junk food only.

But this is the need of the hour

He fell down.


Hold on

Let's be extra cautious while riding because its ice everywhere

One of our bikes has slipped already.

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