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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sonic Unleashed: Lovely Townspeople - PART 2 - Game Grumps

Difficulty: 0

A: ♪ Hey I'm grumpD: ♪ I'm not so grump! ♪

And we're the Game Grumps! ♪

A: And... here we go!

A: Hairy girl! D: Go!

A: Yeah, I see it. D: Oh, welcome back to GameGrumps.

D: I didn't realize we started the episode.

A: “Now that you have the—” “Did you see how the grabbing—” YAH YAH YAH 😒.

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. D: It's gonna be the best. I love it.

A: Oh my god. D: Amazing. A: I have no idea what happened.

A: It was too fast for the Wii. | D: It worked. A: Too fast for me. | D: Mm-hmm.

A: Too fast for ye.

D: II (numeral 2) fast...

D: ... IV (numeral four)...

D: ...U (the letter u).

A: Is that the 4th Sonic game? D: You better believe it.

A: And then 5fast4sonic? D: *giggles*

A: Err, fastSonic 5, and then...

A: Uh, Hedgehog 6. [Both burst out laughing]

A: Uhhh... “press the Z button to slide.”

A: “Slip through some pretty narrow spots.” [asshole giggle]

A: Woah. I wanna slip through some narrow spots with Sonic!

A: My penis into a girl'svaginer”.

D: I can't believe you're gonna be a dad someday. A: Someday, dude.

D: Oh, happy Father's Day! Cuz... this will probably show weeks

A: WTF? Father's Day is already over as we're recording it!

D: I know, but only by a day or two. A: No, it's notonly by a day or two”!

A: It's like a whole week! D: Really?

A: Yeah! D: Alright.

A: Father's Day was Sunday! D: Well, happy early next Father's Day.

A: Cool. D: Just hopping on the train early this year,

so I don't miss it again. A: “B button...”

A: The quick step?

D: It is weird, like...

D: Do you have friends, besides Brian, who have kids?

A: Uhh

A: NNNNNNNNooooo...?

A: No.

A: Yes. D: Okay.

D: Cool. Umm...

D: Yeah, this is the first year where like a lot of like my high school friends and stuff

A: Continue playing??? are you done?

D: Continue Playing? Like are you sure? (Arin laughs)

D: Like every now and then it just checks in with you like

A: Hey, how you feeling? you alright?

A: Alright

D: It really looks like oh, well never mind, Apotos

A: What am I doing? Oh, God what AM I doing?

D: I don't know.

A: What about kids?

D: Oh just that like, A: Kids with problems?

D: Super, this is the first year where like a bunch of people from my um, my high school were dads now and

D: Well, so there I wasn't just saying happy Father's day to their dads who like I was friends with like

D: I was saying it to them. It was really weird

A: Why didn't you do that on the last recording day that was closer to Fathers' Day?

D: I don't know I just didn't think of it?

D: I just thought about it now

D: Why do I do anything Arin?

A: Why do, you can use any day to appreciate fathers.

D: That's true

D: That's absolutely true

A: Today is father's day. I love my dad. D: According to me, Yeah

D: Ya know what's weird?

D: It's a perspective that comes more when your friends

D: It's your friends doing like the dading, but it is weird how it's like

D: every Father will be like

D: Yes, God I love my wife and my two beautiful children and everyday is just an incredible blessing A: And the third one?

D: Well That's what it is. like

D: I just once I wish like I wish I could say happy Father's day to someone and he would be like well, you know

D: I wasn't really planning on having little Johnny, but I goofed inside of my girlfriend so here we are. A: haha, GOOFED?!?

(Danny laughs)

A: Just like OOOOHHHHH. oh the condom!

D: It happens

A: I goofed inside of my girlfriend

A: Make sure that's gonna happen next time

A: "Oh I'm gonna goof all over you, I'm gonna goof all over you"

A: "Fuck it. Gimme the goof. Gimme the goof."

D: "Yeah you want me to goof inside of you? Fuck yeah"

A: That sweet goof, that goof juice

A: ♪ Goof juiceD: "When I conclude where do you want me to goof?"

D: I Mean, the hair, those arms. He was so handsome

A: "You can, I want you to goof all over my floofs."

A: "Oh Yeah, I want to goof in your floofs"

A: "Can you give me a floof job?" D: What a dick thing to say

A: I Died.

D: You weren't that cool.

A: I Don't want that. D: No that looks like acid reflux Just waiting to happen.

A: "What do you think?"

A: "Pretty fucking awesome huh?" A: He just eats it right in front of him. "I made it for me and only me. I just do this to tease people."

D: "It'll melt in two seconds, so it's either you or nothing." (chomping sound) "Oh, I guess nothing"

A: "You can't afford it though."

D: "I can't go over to you. I'm only the fastest creature alive."

A: "For $7,000!

D: Did he give him money? A: He doesn't have money.

A: Aaaaand

A: Okay, that's like. That's a neat little character trait. D: Wow

A: "I Got one too." He's holding it like it's gonna fall. D: I know

A: "If you say so, this plastic ice cream cone sure is delicious"

D: Is that pizza wedged into that ice cream? A: Sure

D: Awesome

A: That one's got a penis coming out of it

D: "Can I get extra penis on my sundae please?"

A: Are you gonna fucking eat it? for all fucking like sexual you were making it looking at it

A: You're just kind of like, "I'll just wait" D: "I just want to hold it"

A: Okay, I guess we just won't see him enjoying the thing that he just fawned over for, fucking half the episode

D: Oh my God look at all the choices

A: Mmm. Where should I go?

D: Go to flower street that seems nice. Is this an RPG?? what's going on?

A: NO it's fucking oh, hello

A: Hi, Alexis.

D: You're looking manly today, A: Famous Sonic Character Alexis.

A: "Say, did you feel the tremor? good thing My house is okay!"

D: This guy looks like glass Joe at age 6.

A: "Say did you feel the tremor? good thing my toilet's okay."

A: "Since the earthquake the whole town has turned upside down."

D: "Did you feel tremors? Good thing Kevin Bacon's okay."

A: "Do I know anything about you? Only that I've never seen you before."

A: Would you just shut up? D:Yeah!

A: "Sorry all I know is that I don't know you."

D: ♪ All I know is that I don't know nothing. ♪

A: "I can't help you, but I'll bet the priests can, he knows everything!"

D: (Unintelligible gibberish) (Arin laughs)

A: "He knows everything and everyone, he's the greatest guy in the world here" D: "He's a conduit to God!"

A: "Drink this Kool-Aid!"

D: "Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your personal and not you", Sonic's like "....uhhhh"

(Much laughter from everyone)

A: "Sonic Unleashed!" it's the trailer they show at E3

A: "Though he's been preoccupied lately something's on his mind"

A: "Maybe you can help him out, too!"

A: "Too?"

A: Who do they help out first? D: Yeah

D: "Help him out to where?"

A: Never seen your mugs around here before, are ya travelers? D: "I'm Lambros"

A: "Huh, do I know this little fellow? Nah, can't say I do, but don't think we met before"

D: "Me neither!"

A: "My whole face is a tumor" D: "I'm Eric!"

A: That's it? That's all fucking Eric says?

D: Amazing. A: All right. Let's go to the cafe terrace.

D: We were really getting to the bottom. This is some sweet detective work.

A: No one's around, let's head back! D: Okay, great!

A: Damn, so glad that that was in the game D: Wow

A: "Hello good pilgrims, what brings you here?"

A: "Do I know this fine young gentleman?"

(More gibberish from Arin)

A: "I must admit I do not!"

A: "My thoughts are filled with the shrine... And they HURT!"


A: "What is the shrine? I don't fucking know."

D: "It's a sacred place famous among travelers"

D: "What are travelers? They're people who come to visit a city. What's a city? YOU'RE STANDING IN IT!"

A: "Since the great tumor, I mean tremor. Sorry, Eric walked by"

A: "All manner of strange incidents have occurred. We have few tourists and I fear our town may come to ruin."

D: "What are ruins?"

D: "They're this town in the future"

A: "You've come all this way, may I direct you to our holy shrine? It's that way."

A: "Sure, which way..." Too busy for that. D: Yeah

A: "The shrine is on the edge of town."

A: "There's 70 edges."

D: "You cannot go deep inside but... enjoy"

D: Are we talking about the same thing Gergorios? (Arin laughs)

A: "Sorry, they switched the dialogue with your girlfriend"

D: "You better not goof inside of her!"

A: "That's why don't why you go deep inside, I don't trust you."

D: "Ah, you look a little goofy, you look like a goofer."

A: "Okay, goofing right now"

A: "There's something I forgot to tell you... I've murdered thousands in this town."

D: "I'm so dead inside"

A: "I came across this when I was walking, so I picked it up"

A: "It looks like some kind of metal with a symbol of a blazing sun on it."

A: "You received metal with a symbol of a blazing sun on it."

A: "I really like it myself, but it might be of use so I want you to have it."

A: "Obtained the first continent's sun tablet" D: Wow, you just found that huh?

D: The first continent's sun tablet? A: It was just on the ground.

A: Just normal things D: Are you sure you didn't steal it?

A: No, what? D: Like Nicolas cage stole the declaration of Independence?

A: "I'm going to steal the declaration of Independence!"

A: Apotos

A: "Hey, I know you don't like me, but"

D: Well. We won't go in too deeply, but just enough to enjoy.

A: So you don't goof in here.

A: Yeah, sure. D: Yeah

A: Because the other rooms aren't mysterious at all.

D: What a pleasure it is to have you on this journey with us

A: They adding a lot with your fucking, complexed

A: Complexed?

A: Thanks!

A: Great! D: You need 33 sun medals?

A: What are you gonna do other than get sun metals in this dog-eat-dog world

D: You're already falling off the stairs, you're in the process of falling off.

A: What, what door? This door?

A: This door?

A: That door?

A: Sorry, I forgot what "B" was. D: Ooh!

A: It just burns him alive. (makes burning sound, then screaming)

A: "Good!" It cuts to Zelda: "Good!"

D: My God, that's right.

A: Okay. Where am I now, I'm going to talk to Gregorio again?

D: Do you know any, I mean there has to be tons of it, but do you know any really good "Sonic hooking up with Zelda" fan fiction?

A: ...Next time on Game Grumps D: Ok

D: I'm gonna look that up, excuse me

A: I'm sure they exist, just Google it.


A: Ooooh yeah, wow!

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