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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GUESS The PRiCE, I'LL BUY It! Shopping Challenge / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

Difficulty: 0

- Guess the price of this slime.

- I'm going with $9.99.

Okay, David has our next item,

and it looks like he went big time.

- Jordan, come here.

- [Mom] What?

- We've been waiting so long, Jordan,

it's about time - Time.

- You showed up. (laughs)

- Hi, guys, welcome back to

- [All] That YouTub3 Family!

- And we are The Adventurers!

- And today we are playing what,

if you can guess the price, I'll buy it.

We're here at Target.

So, we're going into the store.

Whoever can guess the price to the dollar amount,

not the cents, we'll buy it for them.

- So if it's $4.99 and we say four, we win?

- Yeah, yeah, I think...

- Or five, because it's closer to five.

- Yeah, right, or should we go within a quarter?

- Off, like, off of a dollar.

- [Mom] Should we go within a quarter?

Huh? - How about a dollar?

- A dollar. - Okay.

- [Mom] Within a dollar amount?

- Yes, a dollar amount.

- Okay, let's go.

(dramatic music)

We're at Target.

I'm going to pick this first aisle.

If the kids can name the price of an item on this aisle,

then I will buy it for them.

I'm going to select an item and hold it up.

If they guess the price correctly, they will win.

Okay, so here's the first item, guys.

(cash register dings)

How much do you think the price of this is?

- [Dad] Let's see, what is it?

It's a Sea Creature Terrarium.


- Ooh, this is hard.

- [Mom] Who wants to go first?

- I'm gonna go first, except I'm really bad at prices, so.

- You have to get within a dollar amount.

- I'm gonna say it's $15.

(bell dings)

Oh, I'm probably so low.

It's probably higher, I don't know.

- [Dad] Okay, Ty.

- I think it's actually pretty low.

I'm gonna go one under her.

- You're gonna say 14.

- [Mom] So you're saying $14?

(buzzer buzzes) - Sure.

- I'm gonna say 30. (buzzer buzzes)

- $30? - 30?

- Yes. - For little tiny people?

- Okay, so we have 13, and we have $15.

Now, we're also going to say

the person who's closest to the exact price wins.

Even though if it's within a dollar amount,

because if there's a tie, we gotta have a tie breaker.

Okay, so the correct price is $14.99.

(cash register dings) (Jordan gasps)

- Wait. - Jordan won.

- Which means Jordan wins the sea creatures.

- Yay!

Yes! - What is that?

- Actually, I was kind of excited.

I saw this, and I kinda was, like,

thrown back to my childhood,

because, like, when I was a little kid,

well, I'm still a kid, but, like, when I was younger,

I would, like, like, have a little, like,

lizard and frog aquarium thingy

that I would take care of them.

And so, like, I'm excited.

I can do it again, but with sea creatures?

(laughs) Yay.

- Okay, Jordan, since you're the winner of this round,

you get to go select an item,

and the rest of the family plays.

- Ooh, okay.

I found my item, and guess what it is?

Three-colored slime.

So you got green, purple, and blue.

(cash register dings)

So, guess the price of this slime.

- I'm going with $9.99. (bell dings)

- $9.99?

Not cent (mumbles)?

- I'm going in the cents, because I want to win.

Because if we tie, say you guessed $10,

and it's $9.99, I'm winning.

- I'm gonna say about $5.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- $5.99. (buzzes buzzes)

- $10.99. - $9.99?


- It's $20. (buzzer buzzes)

- $20?

- Wait, no, wait.

- $19.99.

- Wait, um, actually,

I'm gonna go $14.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- $14.99? - Ooh.

- Okay, are you guys ready for the price?

- [Mom] Yes.

- It is exactly $9.99. (cash register dings)

So, Mom, (Mom laughs)

you get this huge thing of slime.

- Oh, yes.

Girls are so good at shopping. (laughs)

- [Dad] Are you kidding me?

(Jordan mumbles)

- Girls are great. - Okay, Mom gets the...

- That's awesome, I get slime.

- [Dad] You get a whole bunch of slime.

- Okay, since I already picked out an item,

and I was the first player,

David is now going to choose our next item.

- Okay, David has our next item,

and it looks like he went big time.

(cash register dings) - Yeah, so this is cool,

because this is actually a TV

that would fit perfect on Jake and Ty's dresser

or Jordan's dresser. - Ooh.

(Jordan gasps) - Or they could either

play video games at night or watch TV in their rooms.

- [Jordan] What?

- Okay, who wants to guess first?

- I hope I get this right. - Me, me, me.

- Okay, Ty's going to take our first guess.

- So...

- Okay, remember, this one is Roku ready.

- [Mom] Ohh, does that make a difference?

- It's a smart TV.

- Oh, it's a smart TV. - Oh, no, I don't even know.

- [Mom] That does make a little difference.

- $490... (buzzer buzzes)

- [Mom] $4.99?

- Yeah.

Wait, no, not $4.99, 400.

- [Mom] $499?

- Yeah.

- Mmm, come back to me, I'm thinking.

- Uh, 400 bucks? (buzzer buzzes)

Uh, actually, no, 400 and 39 (buzzer buzzes)

and 99 cents.

- Okay. (Dad laughs)

My guess is $159.99. (bell dings)

$160, basically.


- My guess is $200. (buzzer buzzes)

- All right. (laughs)

One of you picked the price correctly.

- [Mom] Me, it has to be me.

- It was Katie.

(all laugh) - What?

(bell dings)

- 400, no.

- You got it perfect (mumbles).

- How do you know exact?

- Honestly... - It was $159.99.

- I know.

I don't know how I know

other than I look at a ton of ads.

- Oh, my goodness. - And Black Friday ads.

I just keep my eyes on prices, always.

- Mom does a lot of online shopping.

- And I do a ton of online shopping,

so I kinda knew the price of TVs.

- Man. - I guess

we'll put this on the side of Katie's bed.

- Yes, I get a awesome TV and some slime to play with.

This is amazing.

- Are you kidding me?

Can I have the TV?

- No. (Ty mumbles)

This is my second TV.

I don't know what I'm, maybe I'll put it by my computer,

so I can watch TV while I play.

- [Jordan] Oh, my goodness.

- This is amazing.

Okay, Jake is back with our next item.

Jake, what have we got?

- Jumanji. - Oh, Jumanji.

- Oh, wait. - Is that the movie?

- [Mom] Now, is that the new one?

- No, this is the original one.

- [Mom] Old school, original Jumanji.

- Original Jumanji movie.

(cash register dings)

- Okay, so that's the classic Jumanji movie.

Wait, wait, I wanna go. - I wanna go first.

I wanna go first. - I wanna go first.

- I wanna go first. - What?

- 39 point 99. (buzzer buzzes)

- 39?

- I'm gonna go $5.99 (bell dings)

'cause it's an old school show.

- Wait, you know what, 20.

- [Dad] You can't change. (laughs)

- Can I change?

- Nope. - Go for it.

- $20.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- I was gonna say $10. (buzzer buzzes)

I'm never guessing the cents, because I just,

I don't know, I feel like I'm gonna mess it up, so $10.

- Okay, I'm going $8.99, (buzzer buzzes)

because I think it's pretty close to the $10.

Because even though it's an old school movie,

Jumanji kind of made, the newer Jumanji brought it back,

and it is a classic, so it's going to cost more.

- That's what I think.

- [Mom] Jake, what's the price?

- 5 bucks, Dad wins. (bell dings)

- [Jordan and Mom] What?

- Yeah!

- David won. - Man.

- This actually, this movie inspired us

on our new series, the Villains series.

Because, just like in this game, when they started it,

they got locked into it until it finished?

- [Mom] Yeah.

- The same with our Villains series.

So this is an awesome gift,

and I get to keep it,

because I was within the price range.

- Okay. - Yes.

- [Mom] Add it to the cart,

and you get to pick our next item.

- Okay, I've got it all ready.

You ready?

- [Mom] Oh, he's already got it in the cart.

And we're going. - Okay.

(cash register dings)

This is the next item. - Dog Man?

- [Jake] $10.99.

- [Jordan] (gasps) Oh, man.

- Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

- [Mom] Dog Man?

- This one, comment down below if you've read this.

It's part of a series.

There's a whole bunch of 'em.

- [Mom] Have you read it?

- I have not read it, but - It looks funny.

- I'm hoping somebody wins it so I can read it,

because it looks like a good book.

- I know. - Oh, I have a guess.

- I have a guess on it.

Nine, nine point 99. (bell dings)

- [Mom] Have you read that book?

- No, but I've seen it a lot.

- [Dad] Look at that, it's awesome.

- [Jordan] Aww, this is like Captain Underpants.

- [Dad] Like a comic book.

- I literally read all the Captain Underpants books.

- Okay, so Ty is what, $9.99?

Okay, Jordan?

- I was guessing $8.99, actually (laughs).

(buzzer buzzes)

- 10, $10. (buzzer buzzes)

- Okay, books are priced odd,

and so a lot of the times they go $12.99 for books.

Why $12.99, I don't know,

but I'm going to guess $12.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- [Jake] I'm gonna go $10.99, actually.

- Okay. - $10.99 for you?

(buzzer buzzes) Okay.

- Somebody got the price - Ohhh.

- Perfectly on. - Who is it?

- And that person is Ty-Ty. (cash register dings)

- Ty! - Whoa.

- [Mom] What did he guess again?

- I seen it a lot.

- [Mom] What did he guess?

- [Ty] At school book fairs.

- Didn't Jordan say this is like Captain Underpants?

- [Mom] Yeah.

- Look, here it is. - Oh, $9.99.

- [Dad] And then look who's next door?

- [Jordan] Captain Underpants.

- [Dad] Captain Underpants.

- [Mom] You were right.

- Wait, so you said you saw this at a book fair at school?

- Mm-hmm. - You get to keep it.

- Man, so Ty had a bit of an advantage.

- [Mom] Good job.

- So maybe we can read it on the way to our next stop?

- Yes. - Yeah, awesome.

Good job, Ty. - Cool.

- Add it to the cart.

- Okay, since Ty won that last round,

he is picking an item out of the food section,

because he's starving, and he's thirsty.

- So am I, so I hope I guess it right.

- Me, too.

- I'm hoping it's a drink, because I'm parched.

- Me, too, except I'm really bad at, like,

guessing food prices.

I don't know why. - See--

- I feel like I'm gonna lose this round,

even though I love food.

- I should have this in the bag, but I don't know.

I haven't shopped for a while.

- Okay, while we're waiting for Ty,

let's let you guys play here.

Here we go.

This is (knocks on planter) real

- Ceramic? - Ceramic.

Fake grass. - Wait, that's a zebra.

- It is some sort of a zebra-ish.

- [Jake] It is a zebra.

- You guys comment down below what you think the price is.

And we'll put the price in the description box.

So you guys comment down below,

what do you think this price

for this high quality (knocks on planter)

ceramic, fake grass zebra is?

(laughs, then gasps)

I know the price.

- [Mom] Okay, Ty, you're back with our item.

What is the item?

Ew, what is that?

- I don't know, I just picked it out.

- It's raisins. - Oh, raisins!

- He got raisins, okay. (cash register dings)

- [Dad] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Are these raisins? - Raisins.

- They are. - Not just raisins.

- They're, like, organic.

- He got organic raisins.

- Organic, healthy raisins.

- Organic will cost you a little bit more.

Simply Balanced, I believe, is a Target brand.

- Yeah. - Okay.

- I'm not sure, but I think it is.

I don't shop at Target, 'cause we don't have a Target.

I wish there was one by us,

but we're not at home, we're at California.

- I'm gonna say $9.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- I'm gonna say $10.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- Ohh, I'm going with...

- [Jake] Actually, I got a different one.

- $12.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- I was gonna go with $8 originally,

(buzzer buzzes) so I'm gonna stick with it.

- [Mom] Price?

- Three point 99. (cash register dings)

- (gasps) $3.99? - Wait, three dollars 99?

Wait, who guessed the lowest? - What?

- [Dad] Who guessed the eight?

- [Mom] What?

- I guessed eight. - Jordan's the lowest.

- Wait. - Jordan was closest,

but nowhere close.

She doubled the price.

- I won, but I still was, like, way off.

- We do not get raisins. - I didn't get the raisins.

- Ty, go put it back.

We don't win that. - Sad face.

- Wow, Jordan, do you wanna pick our next item?

- Sure.

- It's okay, 'cause I didn't want raisins.

- I didn't want those raisins, either.

(both laugh)

We don't eat raisins too often as a snack,

unless it's in trail mix or something and we're hiking.

Okay, so, Jordan has picked our next item,

and here she comes.

- I found an item. - Okay.

- It is a classic bag. - Lay's chips.

- Jordan, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Jordan, come here. - What?

- We've been waiting so long, Jordan,

it's about time you showed up. - Time.

(Dad laughs) - Okay.

(Jordan laughs) - Okay, so--

- [Jordan] As I was saying, I found a classic bag of chips.

(cash register dings) - Party size.

Party size. - So, party size.

Guess the price.

- Okay, um...

- $3.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- [Jake] I'm gonna say $5.

- [Mom] That was gonna be my guess!

You cheater, you know.

- I want the chips.

I don't. - $9.99.

(buzzer buzzes)

- I'm gonna say $5. (buzzer buzzes)

- David is correct.

It is $3.99.

I'll go...

- Four? - Better go close.

- It's $3.99.

$4, I'll go $4. (bell dings)

- The actual price is $4 and (cash register dings)

I think it was 79 cents?

- What? - What?

So, Katie won. - $4.79.

So, Mom, you keep the bag of chips.

- I won!

They're a little bit pricier here.

- Yeah, I know, this is, like, the bougie chips.

(Jordan laughs) - Wow, okay.

I don't care, I won, I get the chips.

- There you go. - This is awesome.

- Oh, it's because this is the party size.

- Party size. - Party size.

- I was thinking family size. - Sure, you were.

- I didn't know.

- I still thought they were $3.99 for the party size.

I thought party size and family size is kind of similar.

No, don't open my chips! - No.

- Okay, so, I get to pick next.

I'm going to pick in the home decor section,

because I think that everybody's gonna have

a hard time figuring out home decor prices.

Okay, guys, I'm gonna choose this teal lamp.

The price is,

it's $19.99.

Let's see if they can figure out the price of this lamp.

Okay, guys, are you ready? (cash register dings)

We have one teal table lamp.

- I'm gonna guess $14.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- [Mom] $14.99.

- $20.99. (buzzer buzzes)

Wait, uh, wait.

- Hmm. - Hmm.

19-- - For a table lamp.

- 19 point 99. (bell dings)

- [Mom] Okay, $19.99, $14.99.

What do you think?

- I'm gonna go, because it's teal,

it's not the most popular color.

- Wait, what? - What?

- I'm saying - Teal's a nice color.

- I'm gonna go $17.99. (buzzer buzzes)

- I'm gonna go $12. (buzzer buzzes)

I don't know.

- [Mom] Guess what?

One of you won.

Exact price.

It was...

- [Jordan] Uh, uh, uh.

Ty. (cash register dings)

- [Mom] Ty won!

- Ty gets the lamp, 'cause he got the exact price.

- [Mom] Ty gets the teal lamp.

- Wait, how much did Ty say?

- [Mom] $19.99.

- Oh, my goodness, that's an expensive lamp.

- [Mom] Good job, Ty.

You got the lamp. - I could say it's blue.

- Well, I didn't know that,

'cause I don't go lamp shopping every day, so, like.

- [Mom] Yeah.

A blue lamp, there was a blue next to it.

I chose the teal. - I would have gone with blue.

- Okay, guys, so I won three prizes, three items,

and I love 'em.

I get to keep three.

Who here did not get a prize?

Jake was the only one that did not walk away

with a prize. (Jordan mumbles)

I walked away with the most prizes.

- I got one.

- I got a fish aquarium!

Or, like, not even fish, but, like, an aquarium.

- You got the sea aquarium. - I'm so excited.

You guys don't even know.

- [Mom] Sea creatures.

- I got a lamp and a book. - Yeah.

- I'm gonna go watch Jumanji.

- Oh, yeah, Ty got two prizes.

I got a TV, so, you might have to use my TV

for your Jumanji.

- There you go. - Oh.

- We'll share.

Should we share our prizes?

- Yes. - Ooh.

- And we have a bag of chips that we can snack on.

- I'll eat the chips. (Jordan laughs)

- This is good.

All right. - I got air.

- Alrighty, guys, if you wanna see this again,

give us a thumbs up, and maybe we'll play it again.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Make sure to like, subscribe, and share, and?

- Hit the bell.

- And make today an adventure.

We'll see y'all next time.

- Go play!

- [All] Bye!

(upbeat music)

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