Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ex-Landlord trying to take thousands of dollars from me

Difficulty: 0

this is the only van available

available in the uh area so thankfully i

reserved it in time

for today's project this app is very hit

or miss it's very painful

it's probably honestly easier to do this

all in person

every time


i've been trying to figure out how to

turn this radio off for two minutes

when i move this it just changes the

station when i hit menu it just goes to


i'm doing something wrong how do i use


now it's off where's off

see oh

okay let's pretend that didn't happen

goodbye my child i'll be back

okay i'm at the house now

but i forgot to bring the garage door

opener and my key to the house

and i locked to the door when i went out

i only have the truck for three more

hours since it took forever to get it

it's locked is the back and the back's

locked too

i think i'm gonna have to drive back to

the u-haul place


and here we go back to you home


okay my keys aren't even in the house

because i use the garage but

i got the garage door opener


okay why view haul and what am i doing

today well here's a quick rundown of

what's been going on recently

i'm currently moving locations again

basically i plan on ending my lease

early other neighbors started banding


and they just started basically

harassing us to try and kick us out i

have security cameras everywhere

to deter the neighbors the box pile is

shrinking i'm using them all to ship

animals out to the

kitchen which is chaos right now also

leopard geckos just got the basics they

need to

move this stuff will just be stored

temporarily because we don't need any of

it right now

i packaged up this stuff i'm going back

to the house shortly

and now what i'm doing is getting the

last bulky items that i couldn't get


also i'm getting blamed for a lot of

issues on the rental home that are not

my fault

they're trying to basically make me pay

thousands of dollars in repairs

and i'm not going to do that but i have

to get all of my stuff out for them to

do those repairs

i don't know why they could repair or

bound the bulky items but they refuse to

so i got a u-haul fan in addition to

that because i'm keeping

here we just have so much garbage that

the daily

trash is not enough so i'm going to take

advantage of having the u-haul

fill all the garbage up in it throw it

away in the community dumpster at the

other place

and then go there so what i'm gonna do

now is pack up all the garbage

it builds up a lot and then i just have

to put it over by the side of the house

but it looks bad and i'll get in trouble

if people notice and it kills the grass

so this is just a small amount so it's

going to be a lot

also the truck kind of puts me in a good

mood i have this weird obsession

with vehicles and driving not

necessarily like sports cars and all

this stuff even though i like some

but i just really like driving weird

vehicles and

big bulky vehicles like big trucks are

really fun i've played a lot of euro

truck simulator i guess i played a lot

of car games as a kid and i do

need trucks a lot and i really want to

buy a cargo van like this

not not like this pedoband style i

really want a ford transit connect or

ford transit and i just really can't

justify it yet we'll think about it

though this is like it's like a test

drive for a day

so i can deal with the landlord stuff i

can deal with the trash problem

and i get to test drive the van

i don't know if you can see them but

there's a lot of flies and there's that

i think i'm gonna cover that

so originally the car had a lot of blind

spots and now that i blocked that off

basically the entire car is a blind spot

but this is the easiest u haul yet

the other two were 20 foots with no rear

viewing so

i should be good worst case scenario i

can stop and take it off the reason it

smells so bad and has so many flies is

because of the

dead rodent not every snake takes every

time and sometimes

we just throw out too many or whatever

so there's a lot of dead dead animals

back there

and that's gross i guess we produce so

much trash because

all the groceries are ordered all the

animal supplies is ordered

all the reptiles are shipped in to us um

alice works on a lot of art projects and

she gets stuff shipped in

we order everything on amazon we're just

not very good

at having a low impact on the landfill

again i recycle as much as i can but

it's kind of hard to do that when we

rarely get recycling done

and i can't transport it myself so

another reason to buy a van

now we're gonna go and get rid of this


there's no spotify built into this car

so i brought earbuds

i lost my earbuds who needs apple

airpods or

raycon when you can get budget

wireless earbuds j lab j earbuds

they were like 40 bucks and they're

really good the base kind of sucks but

who needs bass just hum it and you'll be

fine okay i've attracted a yellow jacket

oh god i'm not a big fan of yellow

jacket stings

i love bees i don't even mind wasps

but yellow jackets intimidate me it's

still there

hey look it's a u-haul friend u-haul


these people should be sponsoring me

off we go it's about a 40-minute drive

but it should go by fast because we're

in a truck

it's a band but whatever the the big

u-hauls are more fun

so we are losing i've got about 25

minutes left

quick review of the band i really like

it it's very smooth it's definitely a

dangerous vehicle

and it's one of the most deadly vehicles

probably although it feels safe itself

if i get hit from the side

i'm probably going to oversteer and

start rolling down the highway i buy a

safer one like a ford

transit connect that's newer but now it

just feels like a

very large full-size suv and i'm very

high up

for me when i drove the 20-footer i

drove it for eight hours straight

from east north carolina to west north

carolina all the way to the tennessee


and back to east north carolina in the

middle of the night in pretty foggy

conditions and

people thought i was gonna be defensive

they could overtake me but no i

i stand my ground so if you see me in a


you cannot overtake me and i have to

overtake these cars right now because

they're taking

forever i think more people should daily

drive these oh and there's a lamborghini

huracan coming up on my right that car

is probably almost 200 000

so i'm gonna not try and run into it

because i have to pay for the u-haul

also also i'm kind of scared

this truck this is the first one i've

driven that doesn't have a ramp

and i i don't know if i'll be able to

lift everything myself but we'll find

out and none of my neighbors are going

to help me because they want to kill me

i'm here and some of the hoa members are

actually outside so i'll see if i get to

chat with them

probably not them


good to go so

they've started a few repairs i don't

know what that's from i don't know what

they didn't hear

this is do not use but i don't know what

was wrong with that

um so apparently they quote can't have

it on the market because this stuff is


so the complaints is that the kitchen

was dirty because there was an onion up


they complained about the onion two

separate times so i drove here

40 minutes to remove an onion

from the location

which now it's right there because i

wasn't gonna

take it to the trash for them what else

did they blame on me

they blamed me for this lump in the

floor which was there when i moved in

and they didn't believe me

move upstairs they claimed the carpet

was stained and torn

but it was all safe and foreign when i

moved in there were stains here

this tear was already here this tear was

already here and i had pictures of all

of it

again they blamed me for the carpet and

for the ceiling

and for the water stains i'm guessing

they're checking for water leaks or


we've got mr hall over there i guess

they're replacing some of the hardwood


they also complained because there were

leaves on the floor

the leaves please fly into the door i

don't know what to tell you

um there was pain


okay can i move this made out of solid

melamine wood

by myself without splashing the floor

and getting it into the u-haul

watch and find out


i'm using all of my body weight i think

it weighs more than i do

i just can't get it to roll back

i won't be able to get it down the

stairs because it'll lift no matter how

strong i am which isn't very

it'll just pull me down the stairs with

it so i'm going to go down the back

because there's only four stairs i think

and if it falls it's into mud

and if i fall oh well

it doesn't fit through the back door

oh i forgot to did i just forget to hit

film on getting it down the stairs

well it actually went better than

expected but that was a good shot



it's so hot out i'm sweating so much

that house is to the neighbor that

called animal control on me

although i didn't put it in their

property i put that de merrill's bow a

snake shed

and right on the edge of the property

and in clear view

because the neighbor next to me that'll

see it when they come home

is the one terrified of snakes that

called animal control on me doing a

final check

sure nothing is here because this is the

last time i'm seeing the property

and it's kind of bittersweet you know

first house

to there's a dead there's a dead


first house to move into after moving


of paris is there anything up there i'm

using my phone camera to see

if i missed anything

it's the place where i expanded what i


where i made my best performing videos

where i moved in with my girlfriend what

else happened here

i guess not that much i need to wash my

hands and

my hands are covered in soap

but they turned the water off to the

house for some reason well this is

goodbye to

first house first emerald scales


first a lot of stuff

what a wholesome moment

also when i was going to the trash and

another neighbor passed me and said

somebody filled this garbage can

they were just kind of annoyed because

it was full and i was like oh darn

okay thanks for letting me know it was

me i filled the garbage can

again i have fun stories about the

garbage which i'll talk about

when i do a video on all my horrible

experiences here

i'm really hot really thirsty and i need

to get this u-haul back let me see how

long i have i'm about 45 minutes from


but i have to get everything out and i'm

supposed to have it back in 30 minutes

i think i'm gonna get a smoothie because

i can drink and drive a smoothie

don't take that out of context my

alcoholics movie

oh that's the neighbor terrified of

snake they were smiling

probably because i'm leaving i'm gonna

be obnoxious

oh we just made direct i'm gonna turn

back around just to weird them out

i made really awkward eye contact with

both of them i'm just going

in circles for no reason

they're so uncomfortable okay let's


i definitely don't know

what you're hearing is a piece of glass

it hasn't broken

i just broke the glass i wasn't filming

but i just broke the glass just

the glass just completely shattered all

over the back of the u-haul

i'm not i'm not joking oh my god the

entire uh is covered in glass

oh god oh god it's still breaking

okay well should i go back and throw the

i think i'm gonna go back to the house

and throw the glass away

i'm getting my smoothie though first i

should have just thrown the glass away i

didn't need the glass

it was to my my dining room table top i

just couldn't fit it in my car


my life is so hard i broke a piece of

glass and now i have to deal with it

the question is can i fit through the

drive-through and i don't feel like

getting out

so i'm gonna try if you could fit an

escalade through here you can fit this


i broke the glass

all right boys and girls even getting

my tiny car through is kind of difficult

oh i sound like i'm constipated this is

such a tight fit

we did it please hurry



hey look at that that's kind of cool

kind of quirky

but he feels very

big pp in that let's assess the damage

it's just all in between i'll just get

the big pieces


okay almost empty last item i was able

to get the melamine out myself i'm


and i just gotta clean this glass up

well i'm all done now my verdict is vans

are nice and i would happily get one it

got really good miles per gallon

it was 14 of gas at this little

cute location i didn't actually know how

to pump the gas the owner's son had to

teach me how to

pump the gas it is toasty though

so i'm gonna go back




The Description of Ex-Landlord trying to take thousands of dollars from me