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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LIVE English Lesson - 12th November 2017 The History of English - Beards - Grammar - Phobias

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oh yeah it's Sunday again it's a fun day it's a day for learning English and of

course for having some fun as well hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy on this Sunday I really

really hope so here we go again wow these weeks keep flying by here we

are now into November almost halfway through November already the year is

literally flying by oh my goodness anyway thanks for joining me here we go

again it's mr. Duncan that's me here on

YouTube that is the thing you are watching right now and I've been here

for over 11 years teaching English to the world so here we go again quite a

busy week for me first of all last week we had a lot of fun and games thank you

very much for your lovely messages in response to the end of last week's

livestream where we had a beautiful firework display did you see the

fireworks last night or last week at the end of last week's livestream wasn't it

lovely Wow I must admit it took me almost 10 minutes to set those fireworks

up just in case you missed last week's livestream here it is in 26 seconds

and of course the big question today the big question is has mr. Steve's temper

improved because last week mr. Steve was in a bit of a a mood did you see it last

week mr. Steve wasn't very happy last week so let's hope mr. Steve is a little

happier and don't forget mr. Steve is coming very soon we have some flash

words for mr. Steve and of course he will be live with us today at 3 o'clock

and there is mr. Steve last week with his lovely shirt a lot of people

complimented mr. Steve's shirt last week they all liked it they said mr. Steve

your shirt is so nice but I couldn't help thinking that Steve's shirt

reminded me of something and then I suddenly realized

mr. Steve's shirt looks a little bit like a newsstand a newspaper stand so

normally when they put the news headlines outside a shop here in the UK

you normally have a little newsstand so that's what mr. Steve's shirt reminded

me of it looks a little bit like a newsstand so mr. Steve with us today at

3 o'clock and I do know for a fact that mr. Steve is feeling very happy today I

don't know why but I'm sure he will tell us later why he is feeling especially

happy today I have no idea also well of course we can't talk about today without

mentioning the weather here it is the view from my window this morning this is

what I woke up to this morning a lot of people like to know what the

view outside the window is like we had a lot of rain this morning and

also the last couple of days it's been raining a lot and today it is freezing

cold it is so cold here today and there it is you can see in the distance the

rican hill with some rain clouds floating above it so a very wet and cold

day today of course I have been out during the

week I like to take my little walks and right at the back of my house I had a

special little treat some lovely birds came to visit during the week can you

see them there are lots and lots of these birds

on the field at the back of my house they are called Red Wings Red Wings and

there were lots and lots of them at the back of my house during the week can you

see them all there were actually loads of them there must have been about a

hundred Red Wings and it looked to me as if they were all taking a rest they may

have been flying to another part of the country because at this time of the year

many birds are migrating and moving around so here you can see a big flock

of Red Wings feeding at the back of my house and now we are going to have a

close look at one of those birds so there it is a lovely Red Wing and the

reason why they called Red Wings is because they have red under their wings

as the name suggests so there they are a nice little treat this week in fact on

today's livestream we have a lot of nature and there is another view you can

see the red underneath this bird's wing and there it is

a lovely red wing beautiful birds from far away they look like thrushes but

they're not thrushes they are they're called Red Wings although if I'm

not mistaken they are I think they are a type of thrush I think they actually are

a type of thrush so a red wing in my garden also this week I've been out

walking around would you like to see the animal that I met this week during my

walk here it comes a lovely friendly highland cow and these

particular cows come all the way from Scotland that is where the breed

originated in fact a very hairy cow isn't that just lovely and this

particular one was very friendly it actually came over to me to say hello

isn't that lovely hello mr. cow what are you doing

you look very interested in me and this was taken during one of my walks and

there is the other one in fact in this particular field there are two one is a

male and one is a female aren't they lovely and this particular one was very

friendly it actually allowed me to stroke it hello aren't you lovely

I do like the nose piercing I like the big ring through the nose it's very

modern very contemporary and as you know I love nature very much I love walking

around but of course there is a problem with walking around because sometimes

you can get very very muddy and whenever I go for a walk I always like to clean

my boots and there is one particular place in Much Wenlock where I can rest

and clean my boots and here is the place so this is where I always like to clean

my boots when I've been for a walk and this is in a very particular place

in Much Wenlock so there i am cleaning my muddy boots so even though walking is

very good for you though there is a there is a downside to walking and that

is getting very muddy boots I don't like getting mud on my boots so normally I

have to spend about ten minutes cleaning my boots and this is my special puddle

in Much Wenlock so this is the place where I like to clean my boots because

at this time of the year everywhere is very muddy muddy that's a

great word muddy if something is very very dirty or if there is a lot of water

and mud together it becomes very soft we can say that it's very muddy

we have the live chat up in running how could I forget about the live chat so

let's have a look at the live chat armed' is here hello Ahmed thank you for

joining me today also Julie G Olga is here hello Olga it's so nice to see you

here today Jana Nicole also patricia zebra new

Filipe also on the live chat who's Patricia who says hello from France ts

is here as well so many people already on the live chat hello to you thanks for

joining me today we have lots of things to talk about today including now there

is a very interesting trend taking place at the moment in the UK lots of men

young and old are growing beards so one of today's questions is to beard or not

to be it do you like beards do you think beards look sexy do you like them do you

like the appear what about men have you ever tried to

grow a beard I know a few years ago I tried to grow a beard and lots of people

said that I looked quite nice with a beard so have you ever tried to grow a

beard I'm talking to the men now of course and to the ladies

do you like beards because some women some ladies think that beards are very

sexy whilst others don't like them for various reasons which I will not go into

at the moment but do you like beards also another question today we're going

to talk about fears and phobias this is a subject that we touched on a couple of

weeks ago and I thought today we would talk a little bit more about it so do

you have a strange phobia or fear perhaps an odd or unusual fear in your

life so do you have one mr. Steve has a very strange very unusual phobia and it

causes him to do something very unusual very odd and this is something that I

never knew I didn't know all about this so mr. Steve is going to tell us about

his strange phobia come to think of it I think this might be a phobia that many

people have but the way that Steve deals with it is very unusual so this is

something we're going to talk about later with mr. Steve so what is mr.

Steve's strange phobia and do you like beards because at the moment it has

become very trendy very fashionable to have a beard so I was wondering whether

I should grow a beard what do you think do you think I would look good with a

beard what do you think do you think I should have one a few years ago I did

have one in fact I I made some of my English lessons with a beet beard

and quite a few people said they liked it they said they liked the look so what

do you think do you think I should have a beard back to the live chat because

lots of people are here now Wow thank you very much for joining me today it's

a very busy one hello from Japan says Yaroslav Yaroslav Patek or Patek thank

you very much for joining me Sarkar is here hello mr. Duncan and mr.

Steve hello to you Zakaria is here david churchill arrow or

Calero hello hello thank you very much for joining me

andrew is here hello Andrew I haven't seen you for a long time here thanks for

joining me Pedro is here of course another one of my regular viewers Durant

Durant Sandhu says hello hello to you as well don't forget we are live it's now

20 minutes past 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon it is the 12th of November

2017 and of course I suppose I should mention that Christmas is on the way I

know that not everyone celebrates Christmas but I I quite like Christmas I

think Christmas is a fun time of the year and Christmas is on the way just to

prove it look already I have had a leaflet delivered to my house all about

the the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair can you see it so this is a special event

that takes place in the town center where I live and every year they have a

Christmas Fair so lots of people get together lots of food to buy lots of hot

food to eat lots of fun lots of music lots of performers so the Much Wenlock

Christmas Fair takes place on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017

and I was thinking perhaps I might go along and do some filming there and then

on Sunday I could present it on my live stream so there it is just to prove that

Christmas is on the way and as I mentioned last week and I have started

putting up my Christmas lights so there are some Christmas lights on the front

of my house having said that I haven't switched them on yet I won't be turning

them on until December so I have started putting my Christmas lights up and there

you can see already oh my goodness it really just feel as if Christmas is

on the way and of course this week on television here in the UK many big

companies shops department stores they have all unveiled their Christmas TV

commercials so it really does feel like Christmas is on the way Belarus Sierra

is here hello Belarus yeah hi thanks for joining me I know that you like my

English lessons very much you get very excited every Sunday I know that

Patricia is here Patricia says I don't like the beard for women I don't know

what you mean by that do you mean you don't like you don't like women with

beards I don't think there are many women that have beards analytic brain is

here hello analytic brain I haven't seen you for a long time either I mr. Duncan

how are things going I hope you are still happy I'm always happy you have to

be happy looking forward to seeing your new ideas and your methods again I bet

today's topic is about stereotype no it isn't although that is a very good

subject today we are talking about B it's to beard or not to beard

do you like B it's some people like B it's men

men at the moment in the UK are growing beards especially especially young men

young guys at the moment they're all having beards so what do you think do

you think beards are nice or do you think they are a little unsightly some

people don't like them I do I think it makes you look older to be honest if you

have a beard I always think it makes you look too old or very mature so that's

probably one of the reasons why I don't have a beard what do you think though

and do you have a strange phobia or fear we will be talking about these things a

little bit later on when mr. Steve arrives we also have some flash words

from mr. Steve would you like to see one of mr. Steve's flash words okay let's

have one right now purge purge is an english verb the word

purge means to rid someone of an unpleasant memory or feeling to free

someone from an unwanted thought or feeling is to purge to remove a group of

undesirable people from a group or organization is to purge to physically

remove something completely and Leave No Trace is to purge this week YouTube

decided to purge the unused and closed accounts from people's YouTube

subscriber numbers to purge is to cleanse remove rid delete eliminate

expel purge Thank You mr. Steve and of course there will be more from mr. Steve

coming a little bit later on so don't go away we have some more flash words and

mr. Steve as live as live can be and I know for a fact that he is very happy

today very happy indeed on the live chat we have a David Calero

we have idiomatic man hello idiomatic man I haven't seen you for a long time I

think you were you were one of my live chatters a few months ago zina is here

mr. Duncan what is the cake on your table

ah yes can you see the little cake on my table we will be talking about this

later on so don't rush me there is plenty of time plenty of time mr. Steve

and you are very bold guys thank you very much we are very brave I think I

think it takes a lot of courage to do this I must admit going live on YouTube

and sitting here for two hours presenting a live show is very stressful

I can't begin to tell you how stressful this is sometimes

Jamelia is here hi Jamelia thanks for joining me today is so good to see you I

like your shirt oh thank you very much for that and also mr. Steve had a very

nice shirt on last week I wonder what he's going to wear today we have very

good weather at the moment in Azerbaijan from Frost oh really you are very very

lucky very lucky it's cold it's windy and it's wet here today Abdul or a man

says hello teacher hello to you as well Olga says it looks like the cloud was

coming from the hill it was yes it actually was that that's exactly where

the cloud was coming from earlier it was actually coming off the hill

hello everybody is Shan is Shan is here hello there I haven't seen you for a

long time either lots of people rejoining me today I'm

very very happy to see you hello from the Ukraine Ukraine is here hi I haven't

seen you for a while either Tatyana is here wow so many people joining me too

who I haven't seen for a long time it's like a big reunion here today isn't that

lovely let's take a look at one of my English lessons we are now going to take

a look at one of my ask mr. Duncan lessons and this is ask mr. Duncan

number 16 after this we are going to reveal today's mystery idioms

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok

I hope so are you happy I hope so Here I am once again on yet another hot

and steamy day in the UK with some of your email questions and comments

concerning the English language and my work here on the worldwide web so before

I her pass out through heat exhaustion let's have our first question for today

how do we use in return in a sentence this question comes from armoured

al-hariri who lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the words in return form a

clause in a sentence which shows that a favor must be repaid with a favor also I

do something for you so you must do something in return for me it can show

that a favor must be given later if I help you today you must do something

later for me in return so the favor can be given back straight

away or at a later time but it must be given at some point in return a very

nice email I have received a very nice email from Igor Brito who lives in

Brazil and teaches extensive English there at the University of Amazon in the

northern part of the country Igor write to thank me on behalf of his

students for my lessons well thank you Igor for your very touching words and a

big hello to you and your students in belém do pará will you ever go back to

China what drives you to create so much work this question comes from way or

Simon to use his English name who works in China as many of you may

know I have worked in China teaching ESL which I did for over four years between

2003 and 2007 should the opportunity arise

I would love to return there for a visit I have many fond memories of my time in

China and many of my experiences there led me to do the work I am carrying out

today even though I'm far from China now the time I had there still lives in my

heart as for your other question the driving force behind all my work is of

course the students who follow me I love teaching and as long as there is a need

for my work I will go on creating it I now devote most of my time to this

project I also put virtually all of my own money into it too my goal is to help

as many people as possible I know I'm a small man and a tiny player on the

internet but making a change for even just a few people is reward enough for

me a fruity idiom did you know that the word banana can be used as an idiom the

expression go bananas he or she has gone bananas the crowd went bananas

after the match it means to become crazy or act in a mad or overactive way how do

I change my accent is it possible to do this this question was sent in by Luiza

II who comes from China but is now living in Canada one of the most

sensitive issues surrounding language is accent the way you speak identifies you

and your background it is a very personal part of your character the

traditional train of thought with teaching is that it is better to teach a

second language to young students in a kindergarten rather than adults in a

training center but even then the end result could be a child speaking with an

axe and it is not what they learn which sets

the accent but where they are learning it here is an example of this occurrence

a person lives in England for 25 years and they have a strong English accent

they moved to California when they are 26 by the time they are 35 they are

speaking with an American accent maybe they are using local colloquialisms over

time their accent has changed the amazing thing is that this person is

probably unaware that this has happened this will not always happen of course

but it does show that if we can change the way we speak without realizing it

then it is possible to do it intentionally of course just like any

other change it will take time whether you try it or not is up to you ah I feel

so good before I dash off today I would like to

say a special hello to do I fan who lives in Vietnam and is a big fan of my

English lessons thank you for your kind words Dwight a big hello to Tanya pisano

who lives on the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira yes Tanya I did visit

Madeira in October 2007 and I had a lovely time there it really is a great

place to escape to and relax I even sampled some of the delicious

Madeira wine while I was there mmm finally a big hello to MC Bebo in Cairo

who is a friend of DJ Bodi who I said hello to last week I gather you both

enjoy music and share an interest in DJing I can let you in on a little

secret now in the past I have worked as a DJ on the radio it's true that is all

from me for today I'm now going outside to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine

before the big gray clouds return this is mr. Duncan in England saying thank

you for asking me and of course to tar for now

Dibby Dibby Dibby tip too deep too deep do you hear we are live on a Sunday yes

it is live is live can be how are you on this lovely Sunday it's nice and warm

here in the studio and I hope where you are it is also nice and comfortable we

have lots of things to do today so as I mentioned we have the mystery

idioms a very popular feature on the live English chat so here we go today's

mystery idioms what they are they are pictures that is what they are and you

have to guess what the well-known English phrase or idiom is so there are

two of them to look at and here they are now so here is the first one the first

mystery idiom but what is it it is a well-known phrase in English and it has

a special meaning so please get your thinking caps on and if you can guess

what the answer is let me know and here is the second one I think this one might

be easy for some people so today's mystery idioms and there is the first

one and the second one they are well known English phrases they are used

quite a lot in the English language but what are they what are they indeed if

you think you know the answers let me know and I will read out the answers

later on the correct answers coming towards the end of today's live stream

two days ago I had to go to the dentist ah talking of teeth because those teeth

that you just saw reminded me that I went to the dentist on Friday

Oh Deary me I do not like going to the dentist and the strange thing is

every time I go to the dentist normally before I leave the house to go to the

dentist I normally clean my teeth for about 20 minutes it's a very strange

thing to do I know but I normally stand there for about 20 minutes cleaning my

teeth for ages I don't know why I always feel that if I spend a long time

cleaning my teeth before I go to the dentist that they won't have to do so

much work in my mouth that's what I actually think I really do believe that

to be a fact so I clean my teeth i scrub them I rinse

them then I scrub them again and brushing and scraping and poking and

then I get to the dentists and of course they still have lots of work to do they

have lots of things to do they have to get the big machine and scrape and gouge

and poke and pull I really don't like the dentist at all you could say that I

have a fear of the dentist in fact do you have any strange phobias do you have

any strange fears oh hello we we have something here come

through on the live chat let's have a look

Mahmood says a friend of mine has a very strange phobia as he has a fear of

cheese I've never heard of that yes cheese apparently if he smells or if he

sees any type of cheese he will start to become irritated nervous and sometimes

do strange things so there it is just to prove it the message from Mahmood

apparently my moods friend has a phobia of cheese I must admit I've never heard

of that before but it is a very strange phobia so that is one of the questions

today do you have a strange phobia mr. steve has a phobia that makes

him behave in a very strange way sometimes the other question today -

beard or not true beard that is the question

do you like beards some men don't like beards some women don't like to see men

with beards and of course there are lots of men at the moment especially here in

the UK it's become very very very trendy very fashionable to have a beard

so what do you think do you like be it or do you not Patricia says I am very

afraid of stupid people I have a fear of stupid people that might not be uncommon

I think maybe a lot of people suffer with that one they are afraid of people

who are a little stupid or ignorant zenyk or zenyk says you've just reminded

me that I need to have a shave oh thank you very much I'm glad I can be of some

service to you new shared says purge oh I see yes the word purge that I used

early earlier to purge to push something away of course it was mr. Steve's flash

word earlier seikar says how can I be happy every

time mr. Duncan how can I be happy all the time that's a very interesting

question now I think from my point of view being

happy is all about your own attitude to weather things maybe your attitude

towards life or maybe other people or of course the thing that I think is the

most important of all your attitude towards yourself the way you see

yourself the way you value yourself and the way you see yourself

generally so I think yes I think I think being happy

is more than one thing it isn't as simple as having a smile on your face it

is all about your attitude the way you view things but most importantly of all

the way you view yourself I think so I think it's very important cab doula

cab doula says I must go now but I will be here after one hour okay then don't

worry I'll still be here in an hour don't

worry and waiting for you to return palmira says I don't see many men

wearing beards last week in the UK I was wondering why pupils don't wear scarfs

caps coats and coats the weather was pretty cold yes you might find that some

people tend not to wear a lot of clothing even when it's cold you

sometimes see young girls when they go out if they're going to a party is

something they want to look lovely for their friends and quite often they'll go

out and they won't they won't wear thick claw coats or scarfs or hats and

sometimes men is well men are just as bad they go outside in their t-shirts

because they think it looks very macho you see so I think maybe especially with

men it might be a Mac Show thing because you know you don't want to look weak so

if you go outside on a cold day you look very mature so that's the reason why but

yes wearing beards or sporting a beard you can sport something if you sport

something it means you are wearing it or it is part of your appearance so you are

sporting a beard so a lot of people have beards especially on television you see

a lot of people on TV now have beards young and old we have some guesses

coming through now for the mystery idioms theory boom thank you very much

for your guests I have a fear of may King presentations and also going for

interviews that comes from Frost oh well there are many stressful moments in life

and I think two of the most stressful must be standing up in front of people

giving a speech or of course going to a job interview so if you are going to a

job interview you were normally asked lots of questions

so you will be asked to answer lots of questions normally about yourself and

also about your experience long Geron is here mr. Duncan I love Christmas I love

white Christmases I'm me too I love it when it snows it Christmas ah

absolutely amazing fam who says I have a fear of running out of money I don't

think you are alone there I think a lot of people suffer suffer from that fear a

lot of people indeed Oh talking of money can I say a big thank you to to eat ute

and Kuzma for your kind donations on paypal so

thank you very much to you and Prisma for your lovely kind donations during

the week and of course if you want to make a direct donation to help my work

continue PayPal me at mr. Duncan and there is the address there it's very

simple and don't forget you don't have to give your credit card details or

anything like that you do it securely through PayPal so thanks once again to

you and also Kuzma as well for your kind donations I'm dreaming of a white

Christmas Maria thank you for your guesses you've got one of them wrong and

one of them right Alejandro says I think I prefer a mustache

to a beard oh I see a lot of men of course do grow mustaches so a mustache

is just hair on your top lip and of course a beard is when the hair covers

the whole of your face of course you can have a very small beard in the front a

very small beard at the front of your face I think it's called a Van Dyke am i

right if I think if you have the beard at the front just at the front I think

it's called a Van Dyke I might be wrong there forgive me if I'm wrong french leo

is here Oh mr. Duncan I am afraid of having bad breath bad breath yes it's a

bit like me on Friday when I went to the dentist when I went to the dentist I was

very afraid that my breath would be very stinky but having the fear or having a

fear of bad breath so yes some people do worry a lot about their breath maybe

they've had something very smelly to eat maybe some garlic or something very

spicy so the French Leo says I am very worried that my breath will be smelly

and especially out of eating cheese with some nice French wine oh oh I see oh

okay then thank you mr. Duncan for answering my question you are very

welcome Sarika thank you very much Antonio has a fear of things and

situations that they can't control so losing control of your life or maybe

being in a situation that you have no control over can I let you in on a

secret no I'm not a big fan of going to parties I don't like going to parties if

I don't know many of the people there so I always feel very anxious when I go to

parties especially if I don't know the people there

if I'm unfamiliar with them so so yes III have a little fear as well so I'm

not very keen on situations that I can't control

Leticia Leticia says I don't like beards or mustaches so you don't like mustaches

and you don't like beards either Thank You Leticia for that we have another

competition coming up soon as well so this this particular contest is one that

involves nature now as you know I love nature so much I am a big fan of nature

so so fond of nature so I thought today we would have another little contest

just for fun and this is something that I call guess the baby bird you have to

guess what this baby bird is would you like to have a look at it now so here it

is here is a little bird this is a tiny chick in my garden and what I want you

to do is to tell me what the bird is here it comes now so what is this bird

I'm asking you to guess what the baby bird is it's a lovely little chick in my

garden look at that isn't that cute ah so adorable but what is it it is a

particular bird but which bird is it if you think you know the answer let me

know I will show you this again later on but what is it what is this particular

bird if you think you know the answer let me know lots of things to keep you

guessing today where nagas says can you speak Vietnamese I can't I don't know

many Vietnamese words I do know one I think it's cooked

to twitch is the new year so when the new year comes around in Vietnam they

said toot chicken is it chicken no it's not a baby

chicken no I'm afraid not it is not a chicken Tamar definitely not

shall we have a look at another one of my lessons this is one that I made about

three maybe four years ago in fact I think I made it about five years ago but

it is a very interesting lesson and it is all about the history of the English

language because many people ask me they ask mr. Duncan what is the history of

the English language well here it is right now hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I

hope so I have a question for you when is an English word not an English word

when it's a foreign word used both inside and outside the language in

today's lesson we are going to look at those words that may sound foreign to

non English speakers but are commonly used by many native speakers everyday in

some cases without them even realizing it confused not for much longer

I hope as we take a look at what I like to call for English

the English language has become one of the most spoken in the world it has been

described by some as a global language over the years it has been viewed as a

language of freedom and a symbol of oppression its uses still on the

increase and remains an ever dominating medium on the world stage

having said that to describe English as a unique language would be a misnomer as

we will be finding out today even modern spoken English regularly contains words

taken straight from other languages some examples of which we will take a close

look at later but first let's take a close look at how it all started with a

brief history of the English language

the English language was formed in four distinctive stages in its original form

we usually refer to it as Old English this is the earliest form of the

language which was created between 500 and 1100 AD by the invaders of ancient

Britain from Southern Denmark and jet land who were known as the angles the

angles along with the Saxons and Jutes spoke a language which in modern times

became known as Old English the word English comes from angles the land of

angles which is where we get England you could also see this influence in the

French word illunga latere there were four distinctive dialects of Old English

Northumbrian Mercian West Saxon and Kentish all of which were related to the

different regions of early England which still exists today as Northumbria Mercia

Wessex and Kent

the next big change came with the Norman Conquest led by William the Conqueror

who invaded England in 1066 ad with this invasion came a new language

this time the integration of the French language occurred which formed into what

we now call middle English through the changes caused by the realignment of

power the language of Latin was also integrated into English the romancing of

the English language was by then well underway in fact the Roman influence had

occurred earlier albeit in a small way after the introduction of Christianity

to England during the 7th century it is worth noting that even at this time the

English spoken bore very little resemblance to the language we use today

but its influence on modern English cannot be ignored a large portion of

modern English words are in essence foreign words which came into being

during the early invasions by the anglo-saxons and the Vikings

from 1204 ad a division formed this was due to the fall of Normandy and King

John to the King of France this caused a division between France and the English

Normans the ruling class by this time were known as the nobles the next big

change occurred after the Great Plague which wiped out a huge portion of the

population and led to a surge in the so called laboring class these events led

to another surge in the use of English as a common language middle English had

taken hold of the country and would go on to develop yet again into what we now

refer to as early modern English with this came the period known as the

Renaissance it signaled the birth of modern literature philosophy and science

which would go on to shape not only this country but also many parts of the world

from this would come what we now refer to as modern English people often ask me

why I'm so fascinated by a language I have spoken all my life and used daily

why am I not bored of hearing English spoken all the time this would be a fair

question my love of English comes from not just

how it is used but from how it came into being used English is more than a

language it is an essence of all which came before it carries with it

traditions thoughts and ways of living from over the past nine hundred years

the changes that have occurred indelibly left their marks on this language as

Wars and invasions were carried out and attitudes altered so the language

changed to the marks left by the Romans anglo-saxons

Vikings and the many rulers of this country ever since have shaped the way

in which English is used right up to this very day

the historical impact of English remains with us new countries were formed

through this language sometimes by choice and sometimes not the modern use

of English does more than merely allowed dial-up to take place it

gives us a common ground it serves as a means for us to understand each other as

I have said before whether we agree or disagree with each other is irrelevant

the important thing is that we are all talking

oh why is it dark in here can someone switch the lights on please

can we have the lights on that's better thank you very much did you enjoy that

the history of the English language for those who were asking me to talk about

it there is a lesson on my YouTube channel don't forget my YouTube channel

and also all of my videos are available on YouTube and of course under this

video under the video you are watching now all my lesson playlists and there

are over 500 videos that I've made over the past 11 years over 500 can you

believe it I think that will keep you busy for a very long time I think so

back to the live chat I have a fear of what's that I can't read what that says

mr. Duncan do you shave your beard every day asks Francisco yes III I sometimes

shave every day but to be honest sometimes I find that if I shave every

day my face becomes very sore and very sensitive so sometimes I don't shave

every day sometimes I have a little break and then I shave again and then I

have a little break but but of course on Sundays I have to have a shave so I look

lovely and smooth for my livestream mr. Steve is on the way very soon he will be

here with us live as live can be Patricia says I am Agra phobic and I

never go out of my house I know the world only through the television and

also on the Internet I'm very sorry to hear that but I hope

my lessons will keep you company every Sunday don't forget every Sunday I

am here from 2 p.m. UK time live on YouTube

so here he is this is the man who is now famous everywhere well okay he's famous

no way would that be more accurate I'm not sure early it's mr. Steve is on this

way mr. Steve is coming mr. Steve will be here very very soon

that's it mr. Steve take a deep breath is taking a deep breath there here he is

everyone oh my goodness do you know what I I think I get I get more emails and

more messages now about mr. Steve than I do about myself and here he is it's mr.

Steve everyone hello hello everyone nice to be back

hello mr. Duncan I always like you're very sort of reserved hello it's always

hello all right shall I start I start again

hello mr. Duncan some jello to everyone out there and jazz hands would be nice

that's it that's what we want a bit of that's more like showbiz I'm more

exciting upbeat show it's show business baby so can you just stand very still at

the moment mr. C I want to try something you see so stand very still very still

don't move stand very still so I want to see what mr. Steve looks like with a

beard there we go so don't move so there is mr. Steve there there's mr. Steve

with a B oh don't move I'm telling you not to move in he keeps moving that's it

Kate be very still so there is mr. Steve with a beard what do you think do you

think it looks okay I think I think you look quite good with

a beard to be honest I think you do yes look at that Wow

I don't know what you're doing but I I've just put a bead onto you that's

right put a beard over your face to see what you look like with a can't wait to

see that later well let's do it again let's do it again okay that's it stay

stay still that's it oh there is mr. Steve with a

beard oh yes I think it suits you I must admit I think you look quite good with a

beard and it's gone okay you can move now oh that's a relief

so mr. Steve you will you you seem very happy today happy well actually I'm

feeling a little tired haha get it tired tired

because there's a tire behind me yes we've we have noticed I was going to ask

you about the tire behind you what mr. Steve why is there a tire behind you

well that's explains why I'm so excited today because as you know I get very

excited about tires mr. Duncan mr. this is between you and me mr. Duncan knows

about my my obsession with tires on my car sir I have bought a new set of tires

for my car this week well I bought two for the rear

tires because they were getting a bit worn a bit thin now when you say when

you say the rear tires you mean the back tire back tires or the rear tires so

they were getting a bit worn a bit thin not quite illegal but I thought they

need replacing so I'll buy some new ones I've wanted to buy these new set of

Michelin tyres this new tire that's just come out but unfortunately they hadn't

got the size I wanted so I ended up getting two others instead they were

considerably cheaper but that's one of the worn ones at the back there let's

have a look let's open the oh yeah look at that so that's one of your old tires

one of my old tires and I can see I can feel the excitement coming through now

from all your viewers that there there is there is I can feel it as well there

is a warmth coming through today from everyone really really excited to see to

see one of your tires so that one is at the back is that that one's a bit worn

that's a bit worn so I've replaced it so that's why there's a car - well it was

your idea you said why don't we put the tire behind you mr. Steve and it'll make

a nice visual I must say it's quite I think it was quite nice there yes we

might put it around your neck later oh and then set fire to it they to do that

in a certain country didn't they did to torture people know what's wrong with

you they tell you that in South Africa they to put tires around people's necks

and set fire to to the tire and burn them to death okay

so that further what what what why every week do you end up talking about

something really gruesome last week last week it was Hitler we ended it we ended

the show we were trying to end last week's live stream on a lovely note and

you started going on about Hitler wasn't that sure that was Robert Mugabe's wife

wasn't it in one of these African countries I can't think which one off

the top of my head now I'm sure you can tell me mr. Duncan but yes she used to

torture people by putting at us anyway let's not go on about that how did we

get from talking about mr. Steve's new tires to to African dictators I I don't

know what you did you did say let's put it around your neck later and all I

remember it's seeing images on the television from the 1990s with with in

this African country with though with tires around their necks being set on

fire it was horrible yes yes you've said I know there's change of subject

even I'm gonna chewed away in a moment let's just say I like rubber

shall we can leave it at that that sounds even worse Oh red the car tires

are made of rubber yes I don't mean that kind of rubber

what kind of rubber well there's a fetish isn't the way people like to

dress up in rubber is there not me not me I just like putting car tires round

my neck I've got friends who think I'm very strange that I get a bit obsessed

about what type of car tire to put on shall I go for a summer tire a winter

tire or an all season tire because it's difficult to this country gives we get

extremes of temperature to know what that's the best tire to put on your car

so I spent ages looking it up on the Internet just just calm down because I

can see you're getting very excited here by these tires just take a deep breath

now what what why why is it so important whoa you seem quite obsessed almost too

obsessed with car tires so just just buy some new tires and stick them on the car

and of course you don't have to worry anymore because we don't have winter

anymore UK I mean so that is true stop we don't

we don't get snow anymore we have we haven't had snow for about four years

you haven't not barely a flake so don't worry about it that's what I say

I'm just interested okay now one or two people have noticed the

next to me I have okay I have a little cake here this is a particular type of

cake now this is something I mentioned a few well maybe three weeks ago I

mentioned this mm-hmm and this is a particular type of cake

look at that it is called a scone scone is that how you pronounce it mr. Duncan

scone yes that is how I pronounce it so how

would you pronounce it mr. Steve there you taste gone I would say scone

so mr. steve says scone and I say it's gone so there are two ways of

pronouncing the name of this particular type of it's it's like a sort of savory

occurrence and and quite quite high in fat as well so that is something that

butter lots of butter so it's a wheat wheat wheat and flour and sultanas

yes lots of lots of things inside very popular if you go to an English tea room

quite often they will serve scones or scones or as mr. Steve would say scones

coz so you're if you're posh you will say go Marsh you say scone can I have a

scone with a cup of tea please jam and and cream put on that don't you

jamming Lulu you see I don't quite that there is a bit of snobbishness around

the way to pronounce certain English words and that's what that comes high up

on the list I would say how you pronounce the word scone whether you say

scone or scone it tends to show people I don't know

what it it's ridiculous really because you get people literally correcting

you and saying it's not school it's not scorn its scone yes we've talked about

this actually a couple of weeks ago we talked about the way in which accents

can define a person's class and I think scone or scone is is a very good example

of that snobbery it is but to me I mean it's SC o-n-e I think is the

correct spelling there and to me o n E is pronounced own like in a bone Bo any

would be bone so to me it's scone hmm doctor what that would make logical

sense but I don't think when it comes to certain words there is isn't really any

logic there it is that's the word some people are asking to see the word scone

or scone but as I've said already it just depends some accents will pronounce

certain words in certain ways he wouldn't pronounce one of your bones you

wouldn't say it was a bomb would you he'll say with a bone it would not say

no you would say it was a bone I would say scone but then but then we have many

other things like like tomb and womb and then you have comb yes but they all have

the same letters except for the first letter but the pronunciation is

different so don't use the English language can be very very confusing

indeed so mr. Steve I went to the dentist on

Friday I don't know why I always get very nervous before I go to the dentist

you might say that I have a fear a fear dentist

fear or phobia I have been asking today do you have a strange phobia or fear an

odd or unusual fear in your life now I think it's it would be fair to say that

we all have phobias we all have something that we are afraid of I I

think that would be fair to say absolutely on the live chat because we

mustn't forget we have lots of people today on the live chat thank you very

much by the way too francisco for your donation today thank

you very much francisco on the live chat with a

donation thank you very much a super chat donation do I get half mr. Duncan

for a theory you can if you want if it makes you happy we're gonna eat that

scone at the end we are going to have the scone later on we will eat the

scones Onis con scone scone scone Eugene is

here that's brilliant we like the joke with the tire oh I'm

not sure mr. C I'm not sure if he was joking or not I'm not quite sure I'm

feeling very lively today I should be tired after this of course enough to go

and lie down as I usually do apparently I'm not sure who it's from because I

can't read the actual writing but the message is hello mr. Duncan and mr.

Steve my husband has a beard for most of the time for most of the time that we

are together and I think it suits him very much yes some people do I think I

think beards beards suit certain people yes as other people they don't look very

good they day they look a bit untidy or it makes the person look much older than

they really are what's it like to kiss someone with a

beard I wonder that must be yeah I can't I wouldn't didn't think I'd like that

hmm no you're not gonna take up on that

that's the ties if anyone was wondering that tyre the size is a 205 a 55 16-inch

what rated tyre just in case anyone was wondering why do keep shouting just by

normal way of talking so there was a there is a very sensitive microphone

placed just seven or eight inches from your mouth and it you are shouting do

you don't have to shout mr. Steven if he can't cope with my orations

then maybe you should get a new one I don't think I don't think anyone I don't

think anyone can cope with your Asians to the idea I mean I'm

quite a happy mood today you've told me to liven it up so that's what I'm doing

mr. Duncan your new tires have made you very chirpy

because I know when I go out now I'll have super grip on every road surface

and on any weather condition I'm not sure that if you've got a complete grip

so be honest I might not have a grip on reality I think so I think there are

some things you definitely don't have a grip on yes definitely apparently

Jamelia thinks you look very handsome with a beard let that put the beard on

mr. Steve again because a lot of people want to stay still again they still

don't move so there it is there is mr. Steve with a beard oh yes

it doesn't look too bad yes I think it does it just kind of suit

him yes you look like you look like a Bond villain ok it's gone now ok you can

relax now actually you still look like a Bond villain thanks a lot I'll get it

I'll get a cat and Stroke it shall I

so we're talking about fears and phobias now I happen to know that you have a

very strange phobia a very strange fear that causes you to do something very

unusual at certain times please tell us all about it sure I want to talk about

that I've prepared a lot of cards here you

asked me asked me to mr. Duncan to prepare a little session on phobias yes

and have you already explained anything about it because I I've missed the first

hour of your show I was in makeup you see for the first hour so I can't listen

to it they haven't finished by the way but whoever was doing the makeup they

haven't finished they've ended in the top part Thanks

so these cards here yes we are talking about folk it's all right we've got 45

minutes we've got 45 minutes there is no rush just take your time do you want me

to explain about to the world my strange quirks this this is one particular thing

that always makes me laugh whenever you talk about this it makes me laugh

and whenever we go to places maybe a restaurant or a pub and then you

disappear to the toilet I know that I know that something very unusual is

about to happen so you oh yes I know what you mean you know what I'm talking

about yes I I don't like to touch any handles around the area of public

toilets so that means like door handles door handles because I've read studies

that have been done on the door handles to toilets and let's just say they are

covered covered in germs because a lot of people don't wash their hands when

they go to public lose so I've because I work for a pharmaceutical company we as

well so I sort of know too much about this sort of thing germs and things like

that bacteria so I when I go to use a public loo I will not touch any handles

I will when I go out I put toilet paper or paper towel over my hand and I go out

I wash my hands so that's it they're all nice and clean then I'll have some saved

paper and then I'll put that on my hand and go out like that and then drop the

paper towel on the floorr yes so this is so what you're actually doing you are

avoiding you are avoiding contact with any surface any surface that another

person may have touched with their dirty stinky hands because some people let's

not beat around the bush here some people that's a very interesting going

to phrase to use there let's not beat around the bush but some people do not

wash their hands now after they've been to the toilet and that that appears to

be the root of your fear well I it's a little irrational but at the same time

you can pick up nasty stomach bugs from door handles toilets definitely so I

don't touch them particularly if I'm eating at a restaurant or somewhere like

that yes definitely not so so you go in and then you do you do what you have to

do whatever I have to do whatever you have to do and then you wash your hands

because I want to be clear on this you wash your hands okay

so how do you turn the tap off ah well that's well yes the tap I normally

sprinkled some water on top of the tap this gets worse because that cleans the

the tap as well because of it but then the taps not so bad so you can wash that

you know you can put some water over the tap and you've got lots of water on your

hand so you're gonna get your not gonna get rid of all the bugs but you're gonna

get rid of most off most of them and the work let's face it the worst part then

is you wash your hands and then you've got to go out of the toilet so what do

you have to put your hand on the door handle that is covered in bacteria those

so you've washed your hands yes I'm trying to take you through the phases

and the step people understand I think we've spending a lot of time on just

don't worry about it I don't know why you get so worried it's all right we'll

just took up 40 minutes don't worry about it

why do you keep worrying about the time well I just feel uncomfortable talking

about it miss Tok a lot of people are agreeing with you

really yes that's what I just said Amanda says I I also do the same thing

ah a fellow germaphobe I I use the napkin

to open the door and also flush the water but I don't but I don't drop the

napkin on the floor not like you you use you dirty litter bug well you see if

they prove up well I just I've got a funny waved do you know what the worst

fear the worst fear is that you go in you go in

to a public loo the door shuts behind you sailu because lots of people don't

know what new is new it's another word for toilet it sounds like the Museum in

France public loo yeah that's not the Louvre

it's lavatory l oo yeah I'm talking I'm talking when I'm talking don't talk at

the same time I try to explain things you make it so difficult for me so I'm

just trying to do this now so we're there just just while you're

doing that I'll carry on explaining oh it's a three-letter word I haven't got

to go away and translate it loo so mr. Steve is saying loo loo toilet

laboratory loo some big ones the worst thing is for me is that you go in the

door shuts behind you and then there's no toilet paper or or paper towels

so yeah I'm trapped in there and this this this bacteria-infested room and how

am I gonna get out without right you know I've got to touch the door handle

I've got there's no paper in there that is the worst fear for me that sounds

like you haven't prepared though that sounds like you've gone in there

unprepared yeah I've gone into the toilet cubicle you've closed the door

you've started doing whatever you're doing and then and then then and only

then do you look to see if there's any toilet yes I always make sure I'll I

know I always make sure but sometimes the door slams behind you isn't it says

there's no way you're going to you can't open the door proper don't have a look

and comment about the cubicle itself I know but I'm on about the last door when

you come out always see that's the one I'm talking about the last thing that

you touch is the door that the main door to the toilet I think there are too many

doors in toilets it so I would take tissue with me always make sure I've got

something but last last resort is I'll hook it open with my elbow your last

resort what do you mean last resort last resort so if I've got no toilet paper to

put on the don the door handle there's nothing so I don't want to touch it with

my hand I've washed my hands so I'll hook the hook my elbow into the door

handle push it down and get out that way and use my knees and

feet to push the door open this sounds like a nightmare it isn't I remember you

you soon get into the swing of it you soon get used to it you can get a a

technique going so just to get into the toilet itself not not the actual cubicle

because of course you might be using the upright stall if you are having a

wee-wee but but I just find this so so amazing that you have to go through all

of this just just to spend a penny just to go to the toilet I just I just don't

want to touch that door handle and I think I'm not the only one there's a few

people already out there saying they do the same thing but that is literally

it's not a it's a sort of a fear but it's not wholly irrational because you

can get stomach bugs from bacteria if people have been you know for a number

to have been for a poo and they don't wash their hands it's on the door

handler and then you go and eat a sandwich or something you could get a

nasty stomach bug from that yes and worse still is you go to a restaurant

you don't know if the people preparing the food

Oh have have gone to the toilet and not wash their hands on that it's a very

common way of getting stomach bugs in restaurants hotels particularly a you

know in foreign countries because they don't wash their hands when they go to

the toilet so it sounds it sounds like quite an ordeal you know you know what I

have a solution mr. Steve you could wear one of those adult nappies you could

wear one of those adult diapers so you just put one of these diapers on and

then you can you can poop in pee all you want you could just sit and enjoy your

meal and while you're eating you can that's better and then just carry on

with your meal I don't like the sound of that I think people around would would

pick up on the fact that I'd you know to the loo while I was sitting there okay

you think there might be some odour might be a bit of odor

a bit of Odell we I thought I thought we'd you know another week and last week

we didn't talk about poo at all and it we've done quite well the last couple of

weeks where we haven't mentioned poo poo or wee-wee

already well I you know what I'm amazed by so many people on here or agreeing

with you thank you so many people are saying that everywhere is dirty it is

yes well I I just I just find this incredible yes oh the other thing can I

tell you mine now now on the one thing I hate doing I hate going to an ATM ah I

hate using ATMs because they're they're normally out in the street and of course

you don't know who is used the ATM before you you have to press the the

little keys to enter your number your special pin number and then of course

you have to press other things as well so I don't like pressing the buttons on

ATMs I always think that someone really dirty and disgusting and smelly and

stinky has used has used the keys just before so I oh I always use a different

finger I don't use I don't use my forefinger I used I use this one this

finger too that the finger that that I think people call it the ring finger so

and then afterwards I always frantically wipe it wipe my finger on myself to try

and get get the dirt and the bacteria off so I always think that ATM machines

are very dirty they are I use my knuckle sometimes and knuckle so I I'll do it

with my knuckles and of course what are the worst things is money money and

sorry to button there mr. Duncan as you said about ATM machines but whenever you

purchase anything now from a shop you if you pay by card you have to put your you

also have to put put your PIN in don't you on the old buttons as well yes you

have to touch button I'm not a big fan I don't think I have a problem with it

it's just that actually when I use ATMs I never think about it with money

because of course money is passed from from people to people from person to

person and of course people put their money in

all sorts of horrible places they put them in there

they put money in their pockets right next to you know all the stinky smelly

places so you know you can get a bit too obsessed with it I think the key thing

is not to worry about it because as long as you don't put your fingers in your

mouth as long as you haven't got the habit of maybe biting your nails or

something like that then you you can't be really harmed by it and some people

carried little bottles of gel sterilizing gel that you can wipe your

hands in I'm amazed bitter words I can't believe how many people are getting

involved with this conversation it's just incredible apparently for men it is

easier ah here we go here we go battle of the sexes is coming now Amanda says

for men it's easier to go to public toilets women have to do the eagle the

eagle I don't know what that means I think it means that you you stand over

the toilet you sit over the top oh yes but you you you hover so your your your

bottom doesn't touch the toilet I do I've never come across this before I

this is a new one you see I'm learning something today so apparently quite a

few women when they go to the toilet they don't want to put they don't want

to rest on the toilet yes so they hover and apparently it is

called the 'eagle' I didn't know that learnt something today

I can I can understand that because that has got to be disgusting having to sit

on a on it on the on the toilet seat in a public loo I've had what if I've been

desperate for word to go for a poo then I I had to do that he can't hover for a

number two I don't think so I literally will put toilet paper all over the seat

to protect so that I'm not sitting directly on I'm sure women do that as

well right yes shall I just shall I just stop the stream and then start again we

really have gotten to a hot topic today this is incredible I want I wanted to

talk about other things but but show oh I know what we'll do just to lighten the

mood here we have the mystery chick we have to guess guess the chick

so here it comes and there it is there is the mystery chick we have to guess

the baby bird so do you know what this bird is if you think you know the answer

let me know I do I will give it yes I know you know for goodness sake no you

can't enter mr. Steve surprise no there isn't a prize stop mentioning prizes

maybe I could give this old car tire away as a prize how the hell am I going

to post a tire to someone well we're just we'll just if they're down here

we'll just wheel it downhill yes we'll push it down hill towards them sounds

very dangerous to me I think I think we'll have a lawsuit on our hands so

there it is today's mystery chick mystery bird so if you think you know

what that bird is please let me know apparently in Finland in Finland there

are water showers that you can use to wash your Burma well a yes interest

anybody I've been to Malaysia and on holiday and when you go to public lose

there you've got yes you've got it like a water pipe to clean yourself with

which i think is very yes and of course in France you have the bday bday yes

bday which I think I I think the bday is brilliant I think everyone should have a

bday in their in their house but yes in Malaysia well in Malaysia also they have

the very low toilets that are on the floor yes so you have to sort of squat

in a very awkward and uncomfortable way but yes they have a little hose pipe as

well next to the toilet and you can turn the tap on and then you can clean

yourself all down you can get disposable toilet seat covers so I would imagine

that that women sometimes carry those in their handbags would I be wrong there

because you can buy them you sometimes actually see them as well in very posh

public lose you sometimes see disposable plastic

toilet seat covers oh yes that's quite clever but but so so what do you do mr.

Steve do you do you put anything on on the toilet seat yes I think

I mentioned that earlier you're not listening mr. Duncan oh yeah I was

talking about the toilet seat I was talking about all about your hands I

know but I don't think you're putting your hands on the toilet seat oh you're

not doing hands down oh I did I did mention are you standing on your head

are you trying to stand on their head on the toilet because a lady mentioned

about doing the eagle I said yes I've had to go for a poo then I will put

toilet paper all over the seat so that I don't have to apparently Luciano says RI

I always press the buttons on the elevator or lift using my knuckles

knuckles so you press you press the buttons with with your your knuckles you

don't use your fingertips I I do that on an ATM machine oh I see you use your

knuckles yes I suppose so I always use a different finger you see when I press

the button but but apparently Luciano uses knuckles yes good idea okay can you

see my knuckles there they are you're what my Oh your knuckles I said nipples

I have lovely knuckles very nice is it a quail no it isn't a quail is it

a baby sparrow no it isn't a baby sparrow I've got all these bits of paper

here mr. Duncan I'm not anxious to use them I've written them all out yes

because we are talking about phobias lots of people work we're talking

earlier about their phobias we are now going to talk about particular types of

phobia so when you get scared of something if you have a fear of

something just like mr. Steve mr. Steve has a fear of toilet seats and also

toilet handle really not a fear it's not a fear it just makes him do very strange

things when he goes into the toilet and

you have some words that relate to certain types of fears can I use one of

my pre-prepared pieces of paper with words

nom them of course you can Thank You mr. Duncan

so this is the you've probably already done have you explained what a phobia

means well folk well I think I just did didn't know seconds ago you're not this

thing to me now you see I'm gonna put you I've prepared it so it's going up

there yes sir I've got one as well damn I've also got one here we go

phobia saying stream or a rational fear or aversion to something I got it in

first I got it in that you got your piece of

paper just clear close to the camera do you close keep going back that's it so a

phobia is normally used in a noun so we use phobia also to describe an extreme

or irrational fear or I just said that an aversion to something I said that I

said that mr. Duncan what's the opposite of a phobia then what's the opposite of

phobia well tell us it's here it's sillier feeli only see that actually yes

philia philia or of course which stays file as well at the end of nouns

fondness or love especially abnormal love of something abnormal love I say

it's it usually when you talk well we'll explain this in a bit more detail as we

go along okay no problem so we've got phobias and

philias yes so a phobia is a fear of something and Ophelia

philia is sometimes unusual liking for something something maybe you like too

much okay should I show the first example miss okay mr. Steve go on here

we go now here's the first one a very common one a lot of people relate to

this one its arachnophobia arachnophobia so Iraq no apparently is the ancient

Greek word force come on what is it mr. Duncan arachnophobia

well Iraq No is is the old word for for spider spider

ancient Greek word for spider so we've got a rack no phobia irrational fear of

spiders some people would say it's not irrational but magically it is but

there's all these phobias in fact they're their medical conditions really

so there we go arachnophobia right we've got a lot of

people out there who are frightened of spiders

well apparently Nicole Nicole Jeffery is not afraid of spiders and I don't I

don't fear spiders if you're not frightened of them perhaps you love them

yes in which case you would be anorak no that would be described as a rack no

philia a rack no philia is the love of spiders so you like them a lot you like

them a lot and I insert there are people out there you and sounds very strange to

believe that people would actually love spiders but I've got a friend who loves

spiders and he goes to all these conventions and exhibitions where

they've all got all these spiders sorry they have they have a spider convention

what is that all these spiders they may be conventions not the right word but

they have exhibitions and you can go and buy them but spider exhibition yes you

can go along there and buy giant tarantulas and things like that

so it's just a big a big room full of jars of spiders I've got a friend who

has in his living room about 20 little boxes full of all different types of

spiders is this the same weirdo you were talking about last week perhaps I

wouldn't use the word weirdo he's just a no rat he's eat he likes spiders and

that was the word that would describe that condition okay this is it servi is

a condition but there are there are different ways of in your the English

teacher here so I'm going to defer to you on this I'm going to put something

up here so that you can explain the different ways of of explaining photo

because we've got the adjectives the adjective form of them in the noun form

that's it well apparently on live-chat - Yong Chan says what about

Duncan philia haha or Duncan phobia yes there are lots of

those there are lots of probably more people have Duncan phobia than our

Duncan philia we all love you mr. Duncan so we're all dunker phobes files

don't go far Elvis yes how did you get that right I'm gonna put this one up now

because it explains what they're all the different versions I server and it maybe

you would like as the as the English expert to explain

so using Iraq no using spider to explain the different ways we can describe this

you've got arachnophobia that's the condition is that am i right

there mr. Duncan so arachnophobia yes that would be they can dish that's the

condition phobia so an arachnophobia

if they didn't like spiders you would say they were an Iraq no phone that said

that's still the known I still the noun and then you've got Iraq no phobic

arachnophobia that describes the character or the way the person behaves

so that would be an adjective adjective arachnophobia so the arachnophobia there

is a condition where people are afraid of spiders and that person that is just

has that fear is an Iraq no phobe and the condition is Iraq no they are

arachnophobia am i right there mr. Duncan that's fine yes so far so good no

nobody's nobody's come into the room to drag you away that's good - that's the

various ways you can use that word around adjectives ways but I don't think

everyone is afraid of spiders it does appear to be here that many people have

but a lot of people don't actually feel afraid of spiders they like them they in

that case they they are arachnophobia they are Iraq no files so they are Iraq

no file so as we said earlier file normally means a

person who likes something very much yes so they are fond of it if you've got a

look at the bottom there I put that one in it doesn't relate to all the phobias

but if you had a group of people together who all liked spiders they

would be Iraq no Phileas okay you would have a such a group of people so that's

a little extra one but that wouldn't you wouldn't necessarily have that for every

condition every phobia or philia there we go I think the other ones on that

list show me that list again because I'm quite intrigued okay so the top one is

Iraq no philia so that's the desire that the the like the liking condition the

condition okay that's good then a Iraq no file is the person then an Iraq no

philic is that's the adjective adjective and yes the the Iraq no Philly acts Iraq

no Philly acts yes that's it Iraq no Philly acts so what's that one mean that

is a group of people who all like spiders so if you which you would get if

you had a group of people all going to a spider convention for example or a group

of people all together who likes spiders are they talking about

spiders that might go somewhere where you can buy spiders maybe the pet shop

and you would call them Iraq no Philly acts okay then I think we've I think

we've ascertained that you I'm not sure about your friend being crazy about

spiders I think you're quite crazy about them as well

no I don't I'm either way let's have a look at the live chat my mother-in-law

has a Bluto phobia a blue - phobia that I'm not sure what that is a ballute

ablution is that going to the toilet don't I go into the toilet

oh yes that might be is it is it a fear of going to the toilet

I haven't seen that particular one before a blue - phobia it doesn't see it

just sound like that maybe a person with a fear of going to the toilet public

toilets that's what I got then I'm a looter foe behavior so maybe that's what

you got if that person who sent that in could explain what that one is

definitely tell us what that is that would be very helpful

oh here we go yes a blue - phobia just as you said that

Amanda says a blue - phobia the fear of washing or bathing ah ablutions yes your

ablutions caching so that they're cleaning the hygiene there were a

washing of your body so some people are afraid of that there are some coming

through now Nicole has a fear of dogs ah yes that might be that might be canine

phobia that there is that I have seen this one but I didn't write it down but

that is a definite you can you can have a phobia about it about anything so

failure about anything you might even have a fear of fear imagine that imagine

if you were afraid you had a you had a phobia of being afraid of things zero

phobia fear a phobia imagine if you were what about what about if you were

frightened of people who who loved spiders you could be frightened to be

river so you you were frightened so you'd have a water what what would you

call that a anorak no filio phobic or something i it could be frightened of

someone who loves spiders couldn't you you know something you love spiders as

arackliffe i'll say you be an iraq no philo phobic okay we're getting

complicated this with this this seemed like a good idea at the time I've got

some other examples here that I've written down please right here we go

agar o phobia oh I did mention this one earlier

alright you done that one already no I haven't done it I mentioned this you

mentioned it fear of so what what is a agoraphobia fear of open spaces or

crowded places I a phobia so maybe yes because this is a

condition that might cause the person to stay indoors or in the house and not go

out exactly so maybe it may be also the fear of just social situations even so

yes it's not just open spaces but social situations as well hmm

so the opposite of that mr. Duncan would be what well I'm gonna go Agora philia

you are correct Agora Vidya but I mean there aren't you can't always swap them

around there isn't always a failure for the phobia or vice versa but in this

case Agora philia you would think would mean that you loved open spaces but in

fact it means that you get sexually aroused in open spaces so there's a

slight twist to that one oh my goodness say okay then yes so you get very very

very excited when you are in open spaces that's yes because I suppose really

you're not going to get just excited for being in an open space so you you

wouldn't you it's not the exact opposite of agoraphobic so it's a yeah it has a

very specific meaning so they specific meaning for example I like going for a

walk in the countryside I enjoy the open spaces but but that particular

definition you've just mentioned is more like a sort of Harvey Weinstein's sort

of going for a walk in the open spaces you get slightly too too excited by it I

think so okay then here we go you have another one I have this is a very common

one colostrum phobia closer to be a boss Truffaut Beale claustrophobia that's it

fear of which is the opposite of what we've just had Agra phobia it's the fear

of confined spaces so small enclosed spaces maybe your you are trapped in a

very tiny room or if I'd a lift an elevator huh yes lifts and elevators are

elevators quite times people get get this condition as well if they're

wearing if they get hot and they're wearing high collars or the t-shirt I

colored necks you know where the clothes covering their neck you can feel

claustrophobic there but normally it's referred to well if you've got tight

clothing on yeah around your neck oscy around your neck area so it feels like

you're being strangled yes in a way that can be described as claustrophobia as

well you just want to tear it off but normally it's small rooms windowless

rooms lifts that sort of thing so hang in closed spaces there isn't really an

opposite to that so where there isn't really a claustro philia people that

would be you never although having said that there are people that like to be

wrapped up very tightly in things they they find that that's something they

quite like okay no not me personally and I'm not talking from experience I know

that mr. Jenkin you have to be so careful what's happened to us all we are

we are also afraid now to say things because because at the moment is you

might know there is an element of fear at the moment everyone is afraid to say

things or to do things or to look at a person in a certain way or to walk up to

someone or walk behind someone it's it's it's so difficult nowadays so

difficulties I'm afraid of earthquakes says Francisco there's there's bound to

be a word for that I think I think that might be a very reasonable fear though

if you live in a place where earthquakes occur I think I think you might be very

very justified what what if you were frightened had a fear of flying what

would that be called do you think mister I want to say arrow phobia correct oh

okay then that's quite good I didn't say that I arrow phobia I haven't seen these

so aerophobia fear of flying there is also arrow file Oh an error

file error file is a person who likes flying so they don't get sexually

excited when they're in a plane no that that is just somebody who likes

flying that might be very awkward you see on along the hall if you are on a

long-haul a very long plane journey and you get very very excited sexually by

plane no that isn't what that means that one that one has no sexual connotations

they just because their files it doesn't mean sex is involved at all with all the

files it does with the next one but I think we know what's coming next coming

there we know what's coming but let's start with I think everyone everyone

knows what's coming next everyone oh we've got to say this word

because it's all over the medium has been peace if you are on your own but

first of all I'm gonna just you wouldn't imagine this but there is a there is

actually a fear of children or babies pedo phobia strange as it may seem but

there is a fear of children or babies that often describes picking up babies

or babies crying so that is a word you know what's coming next we've got to

talk about it but we'd have to talk about it we will just mention it there

we go pedophilia a pedophile is somebody who

has an unnatural attraction to people who were too young children so look come

on I know this is very awkward to talk about it yeah yeah Peter file is a

person who gets sexually aroused by young children there we go we've done it

right and there's been a lot of famous people caught out doing that right right

okay a lot well I think it's all over the news how many that's actually that

that's right let's not talk about that anymore

is it a thousand well it's it's it's one of these taboo areas isn't it so if

someone of course is Court Court is the wrong word let's think Court is not is

the right word you know you're doing it anyway

I'm graphic I don't know why I'm laughing because it's just an

embarrassing subject to talk about we talked about the word we're putting it

away that's it we all know what it is what about something related to what we

talked about earlier germophobia huh this is now this is the one that I think

maybe that Steve has and maybe I have but I think maybe lots of people suffer

from germophobia I think many people actually have that they are a bit

sensitive too to places where other people have been

before also I don't like being around sick people

I cannot stand being near people who are unwell I hate going to places where you

are with lots of people and there's always one person who is sneezing and

coughing and sometimes they don't they don't put their hand in front of their

mouth they just cough everywhere so are you a germaphobe I'm not sure if I'm a

germaphobe I don't think so but but I I'm just sometimes sensitive to certain

situations where I might get some contamination let's say mm-hmm right are

we gonna say something then but I won't cuz it'll make you sick right here's

here's another one that is I think I've got a bit of this I think everyone's got

a bit of this but fear of what's that one then grow phobia fear of what refer

BIA acrophobia acrophobia that's an interesting one a

fear of a fear of anything coming in from your viewers well a crow sounds

like heart high up yes acrobats so maybe being high up fear of heights you are

well deduced mr. Duncan I am like Sherlock

exactly well done the secret you can often work out what it is fry I hung the

Sherlock Holmes of English it's all elementary so as somebody who who likes

highwire acts works in the circus would likes Heights so they would be an AK

Refaeli dd tip TT DD people like bungee jumping so there we go that's the

explanation for that oh right yes it's not an actual word

apparently that but if you look it up in the dictionary he's not actually there

but I think it should be so what the hell is it doing here because because I

think you can make them up I think you can actually make them up yourself so if

you say I had a fear of cameras okay there could be a camera phob couldn't

you can make them up this is one I like there are there are a couple of what an

audio file audio file is that something you is that computer related is nothing

to do with nothing to do with nothing to do with that not yeah it sounds like

somebody you liked music or yes it's actually more specific it's actually

people who are very much into hi-fi's and playing music through HiFi systems

so they are they are very keen on the way that music is reproduced using Wi-Fi

using maybe the stereo or a record player or maybe a compact disc player so

everything has to be in a certain way they are they are an audiophile so they

are very very keen on the sound has to be very particular it has to be perfect

so everything that they use to listen to music has to be a very high quality so

you could say that they are an audiophile audiophile I've got one for

you mr. Duncan which is very relevant okay

to what you do and getting worried now how about that

one ah okay then now I want to say log of

log Affiliate I think that's how it's pronounced

yeah logo philia I'm going to guess it's it's someone who has a they are keen on

word yes mr. Joe okay yeah he sent mr.

Juncker very clever is that why you're an English teacher it might have

something to do yes logo philia yes a person who enjoys were love of words or

if you don't like words and this is a real word you're a log of folk lager

beer lager phobia it might be an odd Joe I don't know I think it's I think it's

talking I can't imagine anyone be being afraid of words some people are that's

interesting you can be there are something that there's if you're there

is a condition where some people are afraid or have an aversion to English

people yes Anglo phob yes the family and there's

Anglophile if you like anything to do with English people or the country you

can be an Anglophile so an Anglo file is a person who really likes English people

I think I have a lot of Anglo files here today watching this I think so

one more okay one more what about this one then pan phobia pan phobia pan

phobia you don't want this condition I'll tell you pan phobia and phobia

yes it's very hard to to work out what that is because the word must derive

from from some old form of the word so I'm not quite sure pan phobia yes pan

foe are you sure you've got it right I have indeed I have got it right I've

checked every one of them if you've got it wrong I'll there's no the first time

you've tasked me with such a technical sort of thing to do so

wanted to make sure I got it right ham phobia think of panorama oh it's silly

so maybe is it similar to wide open spaces it's it just means fear of

everything oh I see so most if you if you so pan is kind of like looking at

everything like like if you're if you move something you pan yeah so or a

panoramic view so me as you are seeing everything seeing everything so it means

fear of everything so to be afraid of everything yes some people are

apparently that must be quite rare it must be a horrible condition in a house

and I think I'm having a bad day yes there are people around that are are

literally afraid of everything in existence

they must have they must have a a medical sort of good psychiatric

condition that's incredible mm-hmm I'm all out of these I've got no more I've

got no other toe there was one there was one I haven't written it down which made

me laugh there was a ballista phobia ballista foe ballast Oh phobia blame a

ll is ballista phobia is that is that a person who's fond of phobia Oh a fear of

coffee it was f me can you believe this there is a it's it's a fear of bullets

Oh miss iris word I'm not making it I mean yes I wouldn't be afraid of bullet

yes I think I think bullets yes I think I think I think that's a reasonable fear

to have I I think I probably have that I think everyone is ballista phobic yes I

have your ballista philic I mean you're gonna like bullets what you like being

shot through the head or some this that what that means hope you just like sort

of handling bullets send some bullets my way I love them bullets on the missiles

I I think I'd be pretty afraid of a missile yes

rational is it sorry it's not irrational to be no I think that's I would

understand anyone who who had a fear of bullets especially if they were

buying it 150 miles an hour mmm French leo

yes French Leo says it is a fear of bullets thank you very much oh thank you

Ahmed says mr. Steve adds wonderful things to your show well done mr. Steve

thank you oh I see you've got a fan a fan there it is better it's better to be

Pan philia app an affiliate so painfully ack yeah a person who loves them nothing

everything love everything around yes I think so

so let's get on with the answers to today's mystery idioms because it's

almost time to go I've only seen them yet so here are the mystery idioms and

I'm going to give the answers right now because we are running out of time it's

gone very fast today it has very quick so here we go here is the answer to the

first one quite a few people got this right well done drop the ball if you

drop the ball this expression means to make a mistake or get something wrong to

mishandle something is to drop the ball a foolish mistake can be described as

dropping the ball so if you drop the ball you make a big mistake and here is

the second one a lot of people got this right well done this particular idiom is

bite the bullet talking of bullets ah if you bite the bullet

it means you finally do something unpleasant after a period of hesitation

to do something you don't want to after building up the courage to do it can be

described as biting the bullet you do something that you don't want to do you

bite the bullet I think sometimes there are things that I want to put off but