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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English Live - TUESDAY APRIL 11th 2017 - English Lesson with Duncan - English listening

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Hi everybody this is mr. Duncan at Lake Vyrnwy and you are watching English live on a Tuesday

afternoon with me mr. Duncan.

Hello to you! Hi everybody. Hello there.

Are you there? Have you joined me yet? is there anybody there oh good! Hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England...

for a Tuesday afternoon here we go again you have me twice a week during April how are

you enjoying this so far are you enjoying the fact that you can have me now twice a week?

It seems incredible it seems impossible some might say that it should never be tried

by anyone but here I am broadcasting live twice a week during April and here we are

now with Tuesday's edition of the live english stream don't forget everything you see now

is live just to prove it it is now just coming up to 8 minutes past four on a Tuesday afternoon

I'm a little bit late today now I do have a very good excuse why I'm late today because

just a few moments ago in my garden there was a squirrel in my garden trying to chew

on one of my camera cables so the cables that feed all of the images and the sound into

the studio from outside one of the squirrels in my garden was was trying to eat the cable

so I had to go out there and scare it away but now the drama is over and i am here with

you once again for a tuesday just in case you are not aware of what this is you might

be just roaming found the internet maybe surfing with your finger on a Tuesday perhaps you're

at work a little bit bored and you are thinking to yourself our wonder what's going on on

the World Wide Web well this is what is happening here it is mr. Duncan that's me and I have

been teaching English on YouTube for over 10 years it was way back in 2006 when I started

streaming my video lessons and for the past nine months can you believe it I have now

been streaming my live English lessons as well don't forget my youtube channel has lots

of English lessons lots and lots there is the address so if you want to learn English

if you want to improve your English if you want to improve your listening skills maybe

there is the address that you need there is my youtube channel lots of recorded English

lessons and of course every week you can catch me live on the world wide web as well right

here on YouTube during april i am here during Tuesday and Friday just to remind you because

sometimes it is nice to see it in writing there it is tuesday and friday during april

you can catch me Tuesday's of course you can see that i am on now Tuesday's four p.m. UK

time and on Friday you can catch me with my usual Friday live English lessons so you can

now have me twice a week the big question must be will I make it all away to the end

of April because April is quite along month 31 days so who will i make it to the end will

i make it to may I might I might not the live chat is open so hello to all those who have

realized that I've opened the live chat normally on a tuesday i will open the live chat straightaway

I know on fridays i normally keep it closed until two thirty but it's tuesday and we like

to do things a little bit different on tuesday just to prove it coming up at five o'clock

i am going to take you into my dining room for a little adventure that I like to call

mr. Duncan tries to do some ironing so in my dining room at the moment I have the ironing

board waiting for me now for those who are regular viewers you will know that I do not

like ironing I hate ironing I in fact I hate all of household chores I hate them all with

a vengeance so that's going up at five o'clock I will go into my dining room and I will do

some ironing for you yes it's that exciting also coming up today of course spring is here

we will be taking a look at some of the habits that the birds are undertaking at the moment

the things they are doing their bird tasks because at this time of the year of course

the birds begin building their nests and getting ready to hatch their young so that coming

up a little bit later on so let's have a look the live chat is here hello to Chris hello

Chris co-op or kelp hello Chris how are you today is it morning or afternoon or evening

where you are I don't know fulgencio Fulgencio says hello mr. Duncan from Murcia oh hello

to you as well I big hi there Suraj Suraj is here hello to Suraj is it your first time

perhaps maybe not Eunice is here hello Eunice nice to see you today frisky frisk has asked

a very interesting question am i early or am i late well of course on Tuesday I am here

from four o'clock in the afternoon on Friday 2 p.m. on tuesday 4pm so don't worry there

is nothing wrong you are not too late and I'm not here late and you're not here early

don't worry everything is all right everybody just calm down mr. Duncan I was so excited

I forgot to say hi thank you frisky frisk mr. Duncan with me you are the best teacher

because you answer a lot of my questions about English thank thank you very much to Karn

the doin for that the live chat is moving very quickly today so if i miss your comments

please don't shout at me because it's going very very fast Lev is here hello Lev Lev chair

chenko Levchenko hello hello and it's nice to see you where are you where are you watching

at the moment please tell me and to darkness here hello aunt Adan welcome to my Tuesday

live English amra wardi is here mr. Duncan april showers bring May flowers oh yes I've

heard of that one very good although having said that today the weather is quite nice

we haven't had any rain or any showers today in fact it's looking quite nice outside the

Sun is out although at the moment I think it's hiding behind a cloud but yes it's quite

a nice day a little cool but a little bit later on I will be going outside and i will

be giving you some flash phrases and some flash words outside some people think mr.

Duncan they say yeah mr. Duncan you don't do this live it's not really live it is i

am now as live as live can be hello mr. d'Ancona from Colombia German German Cano says hello

a big high to Colombia Joseph fix is here mr. Duncan you are our teacher and our friend

thanks a lot that's very kind of you Jamila is here hello Jamila a big hello from Algeria

so good to see you mr. Duncan mr. Duncan you are the king of English says Marella thanks

a lot I must buy myself a crown maybe next week I will wear a crown I will proclaim myself

the king of English maybe Caroline is here hello mr. Duncan from South Brazil I love

your videos and your lessons thank you very much for that I have had a very busy weekend

how was your weekend was it was it good was it ok I hope so by the way yesterday with

a very special day do you know why yesterday April the 10th 2017 for those who are fans

of science fiction and especially Blade Runner yesterday was Leon's birthday who knows Leon

from Blade Runner he of course was one of the characters in the movie and in the movie

he asks Harrison Ford's character Decker how long he will live for and his birthday was

on April the 10th 2017 go on check the movie he says 'my birthday's April the 10th 2017

how long do I live?' definitely that definitely comes from Blade Runner so happy birthday

for yesterday to Leon from Blade Runner. I've had a lovely email from olga who has written

to me to say hi mr. Duncan now this is in response to last Friday when I was talking

about technology last Friday I was talking about whether or not we should always update

our technology so Olga has written to say I update my phones so rarely that I have only

three of them for 13 years so over 13 years Olga has only owned three mobile phones and

I still keep the old ones they are still usable I can still use them to phone people probably

I need to make some effort to clean them yes they do look a little bit dusty but then you

have had the oldest one for 13 years so I can see why oh and also I can see on the right

I can see me on your mobile phone so there you are Olga with me from last Friday on your

mobile phone very interesting so also last weekend on Saturday I went along to one of

my most favorite places I went to a place called Lake Vyrnwy in Wales just about an

hour away from where I live so I went there at the weekend and there it is there is Lake

Vyrnwy week and you can see in the distance you can see the dam in the distance can you

see it in fact would you like to see an image of me driving over the top over the top of

Lake Vyrnwy dam ok let's go here we are now driving across Lake Vyrnwy dam quite long

and it's being there for many many years but well over a hundred years and this particular

dam holds back the water which is then fed to Liverpool so the water from this particular

damn goes all the way to Liverpool so that's where I was on Saturday a wonderful place

and it was a beautiful day as well there it is again Lake Vyrnwy damn and there I am standing

on top of the dam just to prove that I was there of course I was there to take some photographs

I didn't do any real video recording there I didn't do any filming now the reason why

I didn't take my video camera was because i have already made a lesson all about Lake

Van we of course oh look at that oh there were lots of sheep around of course Wales

is very famous for its sheep if you have ever been to Wales or if you've ever seen any photographs

of Wales you will know that there are many many sheep in Wales and this time of the year

you will see lots of lambs as well can you see that lovely little lamb looking at me

he doesn't look very happy that looks like a very angry lamb probably because I'm disturbing

it it's probably thinking here yeah I'm trying to I'm trying to get something to eat here

can you please clear off leave me alone and the mother is saying what are 'ewe' looking

at? that's a joke you see because it's 'ewe' what are you looking at please yourself and

of course talking of small furry things there is mr. Steve looking very very strange in

the middle of the road alright I see all I can see what mr. Steve's doing there mr. steve

is proving that he's not a vampire because of course he is out in daylight and of course

he has a shadow so there we go all those rumours going around about mr. Steve being a vampire

I can now prove it to you because there is out in the sunshine and also he has a shadow

as well talking of messing around on the road and there's me also messing around on the

road please don't try that where you live the reason why I was able to stand in the

middle of the road like that is because there isn't much traffic around there so yes please

don't try that where you are now next weekend it is Easter and of course Easter would not

be complete without hot cross buns and there is one of my hot cross buns in fact I ate

that two days ago so that was one of my hot cross buns that I ate two days ago on Friday

we will be talking a little bit more about hot cross buns and also Easter because many

people around the world celebrate Easter and next weekend there is the Easter holiday so

this weekend the weekend coming this way now will be an extra long weekend because we have

friday saturday sunday and monday four days holiday next weekend it's very nice of course

i will be with you on friday even though it's a public holiday so i will be giving up my

holiday just feel you on friday isn't that nice so we have lots of people on the live

chat at the moment so BR med said hello mr. Duncan this is so be from Thailand we miss

you so much we hope you've had a nice weekend yet I had a super weekend angela is here good

morning from Mexico what time is it there well there it is you can see the clock 25

past four at the moment just coming up to 25 past four on a Tuesday afternoon at five

o'clock I will go into my dining room to do some ironing I don't know why because I hate

ironing I hate doing it I hate all chores in fact mr. Duncan that's a very nice photograph

of you thank you very much Mohammed Abba is here hello mr. Duncan hello from Nigeria thanks

for your support thank you as well and a big hello to everyone watching in Nigeria Attila

is here thank you very much Attila for saying hello Alberto hello mr. Duncan I think you

are a big fan of hiking do you know would you like to try the sent jax way through the

north of Spain oh I see I've never heard of it I don't know anything about that but I

would recommend it to you mr. Duncan it is awesome Thank You Alberto for that recommendation

Laith is here mr. Duncan do you do you know any websites for improving conversation and

speaking online with people well there are lots of English teachers who do one-to-one

skype but normally they will charge you a fee for doing that as so now a so now man

says mr. Duncan I am syed I am talking to you from debenhams in London a big hello to

you and all of your students Thank You SNL SNL man who is now apparently watching me

in debenhams it's a big department store apparently there's one on Bond Street in London mr. Duncan

that lamb was so adorable I think so I agree lots of lambs around here at the moment by

the way many lambs around this area Christina asks how far is this lake from your home it

takes about 50 minutes maybe one hour around about one hour to get there so it's not very

far away my house is very close to the Welsh border very near karna doin says hello to

the sheep and a big bear to you as well Rose de Cruz says hi mr. Duncan hi Rose Marie how

are you doing how is it hanging karna doin oh my gosh you have four days holiday it is

so long yes for Easter next weekend full day's holiday that's very nice although having said

that I will be with you on Friday so even though this Friday is a holiday I will still

be here with you Maria is here hey mr. Duncan that such a beautiful place you visited thank

you very much your face mr. Duncan Buffalo Tata Tata Tata hood says elven why what are

you saying are you saying i have a funny face? antedon glad you and mr. Steve had a great

time yes it was super duper last week we had a lovely day a fantastic time we had a lovely

meal at there is a big hotel at Lake Vyrnwy week overlooking the lake so we had this delicious

meal at the lake Vyrnwy hotel very nice i highly recommend it fulgencio says hello mr.

Duncan I started studying English at the age of 27 I find it very difficult to understand

native English how can i improve my listening this is a very common question I think our

I'm asked this every single time I come on here live to improve your listening you must

of course allow yourself to experience the atmosphere year of English now it can be real

or you can create it yourself so you can listen to English being spoken by people around you

you can have a group of people you can have a small club maybe so maybe you can form an

English corner so you can speak and listen or of course you can listen to movies or the

radio or follow the text on DVDs it's up to you really so there are lots of ways of improving

your listening but don't be afraid to repeat what you are listening to so for example today

Here I am doing this maybe later you can listen to this again and maybe if they're a part

that you don't understand you can repeat it so never be afraid to repeat things okay never

worry about repetition repetition is a great way of learning it's a great way to learn

new things to repeat things so if you're listening to something if you are listening to a piece

of music or maybe someone talking or maybe a movie or maybe one of my lessons don't be

afraid to repeat what you listen to do you mr. Duncan what type of car do you have well

I don't have a car I I've never driven in my life people find this very hard to believe

but it's true but I've never driven ever in my life I used to have a motorbike many years

ago but I don't drive I've never driven I don't know why I've never been I've never

really been interested in cars I can't explain it but I don't drive I don't have a car mr.

steve has a car fortunately so I was at Lake Vyrnwy last week last weekend

I was there and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at one of my lessons and this

is a lesson that I actually filmed at Lake Vyrnwy it is available on my youtube channel

so here we go this is just an excerpt from one of my English lessons and this is all

about the place I visited last Saturday

lake Vyrnwy lies to the south of the snowdonia mountains in an area known as montgomeryshire

just like many parts of Wales it consists of wide open countryside with lush green hills

and many cattle farms

the lake itself makes up a large part of the Nature Reserve and Country Estate the Nature

Reserve is a haven for tourists hikers cyclist and bird watchers who come to this beauty

spot each summer to get away from life in the busy towns and cities for a while the

village is very small and only consists of a few houses a cafe some gift shops and an

Information Centre there is also an RSP be shocked lair for those who are keen on ornithology

ornithology means the study of birds if you are a king bird watcher like myself then there

are plenty of places to stop off at and observe them this hide has been constructed so as

to allow people to watch the birds up close and personal without disturbing there are

several of these small buildings around Lake you Wales is well known for its stunning scenery

its expansive green valleys and the Rolling Hills play host to countless while animals

birds no creature is more commonly seen here in Wales than the Sheep

the distinctive white dots created by the many flocks are a common sight here especially

during springtime when the lambs are born this period is called the lambing season

sheep are a source of two items its fleece is used to make wool and its meat is a popular

food for humans especially that of the lamb meat from the mature sheep is called mutton

oh so cute little lambs so there it was a short excerpt from my lake Vyrnwy lesson it

is in fact a very long lesson and it is available on my youtube channel along with many many

others in fact on my youtube channel there are over 500 video lessons can you believe

it over 500 so there's plenty plenty of English for you to listen to and watch on my youtube

channel just in case you missed it earlier there it is you can subscribe in fact I highly

recommend that you subscribe to my youtube channel please thank you very much lots of

people now talking on the live chat we do have it going right now in fact on a tuesday

i always like to start the live chat from the beginning of the stream so on tuesdays

i normally open the live chat straight away on friday i normally leave it until two-thirty

before i open it hello mr. duncan i had to do some ironing this morning I didn't enjoy

it at all Thank You Nicole for that no I don't like ironing and I must be honest I am NOT

looking forward to doing it so at five o'clock today honestly I'm not joking I know some

of you are thinking that I'm not really going to do this here mr. Duncan you're not really

going to do some ironing we think you're lying you liar no i'm not lying i will definitely

be going into the dining room to do some ironing honestly just you wait and see good good evening

mr. Duncan it's evening now in Russia tomsk hello to mr. Duncan and a big hello to rush

you are very welcome here today Alvin Alvin thinks I have a funny face I see okay then

hello mr. Duncan it looks like you don't have a shadow what are you saying Victoria are

you saying the time a vampire Edward is here hello mr. Duncan do you know about sweet beans

there are many different varieties of beans but i do love beans i love them very much

even though afterwards they sometimes make my stomach a little bit upset mr. Duncan did

you always want to be a teacher not always know in my past I have done many things in

fact many many years ago I was involved in sales but I started out can you believe it

as a teenager I actually trained to be an interior decorator so I used to decorate and

paint people's houses that's what I started doing when I was a teenager that's what I

trained to do then I moved into other things I enjoyed sales and meeting people I I loved

communicating with people so I I branched out into sales instead of doing decorating

which was a very messy job I did something which was a little bit more regimental let's

just say but I did enjoy doing it so I enjoyed sales and then I moved on to training in sales

and then eventually I got the teaching bug as they say so then I moved into teaching

and I decided to to stop everything I was doing I gave up my job i gave up everything

and decided to have a go at teaching and then i went to china and i taught english for four

years in fact over four years in China I I worked as an English teacher and then I returned

to England and then I continued making these English lesson so so I've done all sorts of

things in my life a lot of people think I'm very young but I actually I'm not I'm probably

a lot older than most of you watching today on Friday many people were asking mr. Duncan

how do you stay looking so young I don't know but I think partly it's my positive attitude

if you have a very positive attitude on life it's amazing what you can accomplish that's

what I think anyway also I like to eat healthily as well I like to read healthy food here we

go here's a good example of the sort of things I eat so every day I normally eat things like

this can you see there can you see the seeds so every morning I always take a big handful

of these and eat them so that's something I do every day sunflower seeds and also pumpkin

seeds and lots of other tiny seeds lots of varieties of seeds sesame seeds all sorts

of seeds in here so normally every morning I like to start my day with a big handful

of seeds and of course don't forget the nuts as well i also have a few nuts in the morning

as you can see here every morning i start my day off with some can you see their cashew

nuts I love cashew nuts because they are slightly sweet so I do i do rather like the taste of

cashew nuts also another thing that i use is linseed can you see that very high in fibre

very good for your digestion so that's one of the things I do to stay healthy also I

do a lot of walking I'm very active I go for long walks on Saturday I was it like Vern

way and I did lots of walking around like Vern we because there are some nature trails

for you to walk along Wales is an incredible place if you enjoy walking you should really

visit wales because there are some spectacular walks let's have a look at the live chat shall

we because there are lots of people now fer an FIR an my angel loko writer girl says thank

you mr. Duncan she is planning to visit Japan and she asks if you would like to come with

us I'm not sure about that I don't think I have the time unfortunately I'm very sorry

about that mr. Duncan I like looking at the pics the animals on your table behind you

oh I see you mean over there I know aren't they cute mr. Duncan if you had the chance

to choose another job which job would you try now this might sound strange but you know

what I've always wanted to try working on a farm I've never done it but I've always

quite fancied I fancied doing it I've always fancied having a go at farming I've never

done it I've never worked on a farm but it does look like fun especially working with

the animals in fact a couple of days ago I was on a walk with mr. Steve near my house

and we found a little lamb that had got under the fence and it was lost and the mother was

on the other side of the fence calling to it and the lamb was trying to get back but

of course it couldn't so what I did I lifted the fence up slightly and then the lamb went

underneath it was reunited with his mother so I did a little bit of farming a couple

of days ago but only a little bit it wasn't much and be a little bit but yes I've always

wanted to try farming Philippe mr. denken do you always speak like this yes I always

speak like this this is my normal voice people think mr. Duncan yeah mr. Duncan that isn't

your real voice yeah I bet really you talk like a cockney no honestly this is this is

my normal voice when I go outside and talk to my neighbors this is how I sound hello

good morning hi how are you you ok ok it's me hi mr. Duncan there are many followers

who are watching you in Azerbaijan thank you very much i'm very pleased to hear that I've

all fans says I like whales and Philippe says I wish I could go to Wales Jamal nick says

hello from Morocco hi to you as well shall we go outside because we haven't been outside

today yet it's a lovely day the Sun was out earlier but now the Sun unfortunately has

gone back in behind the clouds it's not very nice is it so let's go outside shall we the

weather looks quite nice and now I will go outside and give you today's first word on

Friday it was very it was very sunny last Friday so sunny that the sunlight was actually

blinding me

there you are you are hiding around the corner so here we go just to prove that it's live

it is now just coming up to 10 25 in around about 10 minutes I will go into my dining

room to do some ironing but for the time being we have a flash word there it is it's a little

bit windy out here so please bear with me so there it is today's Flash word is in English

now it is carpet bagger Oh perhaps you've never seen this word before I don't know so

carpetbagger here we go the word carpetbagger is an English noun that means a person seeking

to be elected to a government post in an area they have no connection with for example a

person wishing to be elected as an MP in a constituency in which they've had no close

contact with these carpetbaggers will go anywhere to get their snouts in the trough of government

this is a very political one in the past the word was used to describe a person in the

USA who travelled from the north to the south after the American Civil War the term carpetbagger

derives from the shoddy baggage that the travellers used to carry their belongings in which were

often made from bits of old fabric and carpet a carpetbagger might be described as a travelling

opportunist in 1961 the author Harold Robbins wrote a book called the carpetbaggers which

was later made into a film so there it is today's first flash word carpetbagger it's

a very unusual one and a political one as well some might say it's very topical so I'm

outside it is a lovely day and I don't think you can see but you might be able to see behind

me there is the damned entri can you see the gams entri so all of the blossom has gone

now so now we have the dams and leaves and a little bit later on we have the dams ins

themselves which I will of course be picking did it

that's nice it's nice to get some exercise just proving that I love to stay fit so there

I was outside oh and here i am back indoors in 10 minutes from now we will be going into

the dining room i am going to do some live ironing honestly i'm not joking hi mr. Duncan

I am Nicole from France can you tell me please the expression what does the expression wag

the dog mean well the expression is often used in politics now normally when you see

a dog the dog wags its tail but in Reverse it means that things are being manipulated

from the other end so if we say that something is wagging the dog it means it is manipulating

something so the thing that should be serving you is actually being manipulated I heard

that helps mr. Duncan hello from Russia with love says soviet porous univ or porous key

knock thank you very much for that mr. Duncan can you say hello to everyone says tam him

MIM hello Tom and I believe you are watching in Vietnam if i'm not mistaken answered on

says mr. Duncan I have to go now but I will still watch the live with the rest of the

live stream when I return home have a lovely day and thanks a lot thank you answered on

and see you later mr. Duncan my angel loka writer girl says thank you mr. denken I think

I've read that one already Brazil is here hello Brazil and Daniel Daniel ginardi is

here on the live chat don't forget if it's your first time watching me today please let

me know hey mr. Duncan how many days until Friday Annie days well today's Tuesday so

it's three days hello mr. Duncan i am here tomorrow i will fly to London will I get by

in English I don't know it depends on your English level although from reading what you've

just written your English looks very good so I hope you have a super time in London

daniela row s have a super time Chris kalp says mr. Duncan what is evening I have never

heard about it would you please explain could you please give me an explanation of it evening

well evening is is the period of time between afternoon and night time so as it's starting

to get dark as the evening wears long as we normally say so afternoon evening night hello

mr. Duncan I like your channel please check out another channel ok I'm not here to promote

other channels to be honest with you but that was a good try hello mr. Duncan as well it

is a way to say that something should be done in a good way oh I see I think Phillip is

asking the question about wag the dog I think so Philippe says what does it mean when you

say stuff off oh you mean this stuff off if you stop off somewhere it means you take a

break from your journey so you stop off so for example if you are traveling around Wales

perhaps you could stop off at like Vern way you could have a break in your journey and

stop off where mr. Duncan good says bilal award thank you very much for your short and

sweet comment what is the forecast for today's champions league matches I have no idea I

don't follow football I don't follow football at all mr. Duncan working on a farm would

suit you i was born in a farm and i will send you some pictures thank you lad yell for that

liddell apparently used to live on a farm as a child I've always wanted to do it because

I like animals and I like being outside so i think i think i would enjoy doing it mr.

Duncan do you enjoy the peaceful places and nature I think you do I think this place will

help people to recharge themselves yes to regain your energy and enthusiasm you recharge

yourself by taking a break normally somewhere nice Soviet says mr. Duncan normal voice yes

this is my normal voice honestly this is how I speak normally honestly please please please

can you please do another live english stream with mr. Steve well maybe perhaps if I can

get him to do it because he's a very busy man hello from Pakistan says soul man hello

soul man nice to see you and a big hello to Pakistan as well mr. Duncan I'm playing with

dolls and listening to you at the same time Thank You Martha Martha who is ten years old

and is a regular viewer apparently on my live stream AG Naldo says hello mr. Duncan from

Brazil hello to Brazil Philippe is making a political statement he is saying that German

vagras leras is a carpetbagger who wants to run for president ooh I have no comment

to make on that no comment at all someone says that Donald Trump is a carpetbagger as

well so a carpetbagger is an opportunist an opportunist you might say watching you today

from malaga in a costa del sol ole miss oh I see mr. James right James right thanks for

joining me today James that's a great name by the way Little Joe say says thank you mr.

Duncan for your help I am in Brazil another Brazilian watching today the doin new juin

hora is also watching in Vietnam lots of Brazilians and lots of Vietnamese watching mr. Duncan

what does it mean when we say get off your high horse when we tell someone we say get

off your high horse it means you are telling them to stop being so bolshie stop being so

arrogant you are telling them to stop being so forthright so come on get down off your

high horse mr. Duncan I'm watching you in Peru can you come here one day and visit Peru

I know that over the past 24 hours I've had a lot of viewers watching in Peru because

I can look at all of the analytics on YouTube and I know exactly where people are watching

I do hi mr. Duncan hello Lucy welcome welcome back mr. Duncan thank you for your lessons

and for us our respect for for the Russian students you are welcome no problem mr. Duncan

why did you start to teach that's a very good question it would take me a very long time

to answer it but I've always been interested in teaching and in training as i said earlier

during one of my jobs when i was working in sales i had to start teaching people how to

sell and i found that I quite enjoyed teaching so it all started from that to be honest mr.

Duncan hello from Honduras hello to you as well Philippe asks mr. Duncan what is a douche

bag now a couple of weeks ago i did answer this question I've already answered that question

Thank You Philippe you are so naughty mr. Duncan what is the meaning of buoyant if something

is buoyant it means it floats on water so something that floats very easily is buoyant

mr. Duncan I depend on your videos thank you one Aguilar you are very welcome no problem

Chris help says I am really sorry sir i meant eyeing the home chores oh I see don't worry

you are eyeing them so so perhaps you are going to do them if you I something it means

you look at it with a view to buying something or doing something you are eyeing it you are

looking at it you are considering it parameters mr. Duncan what is the secret of you being

the best teacher I have no idea I'm not sure maybe it's my positive attitude maybe it's

the fact that I enjoy doing what I do I'm not really sure to be honest we are now coming

up to five o'clock and yes we have to go into another part of the house we are now going

into my dining room and we are going to do a little bit of ironing and the reason is

the reason why I am doing this is because I don't really like doing it let's go okay

here we go it's just after five o'clock in the afternoon and here we are now in what

is my dining room but at the moment is going to be my ironing room as most of you will

be aware i am not a fan of ironing i hate doing the ironing here it is this is the torture

device the thing I really hate the iron now most people prefer to iron their clothes because

they like to get rid of all the creases they like to iron out the creases so when you iron

something you get rid of the creases personally I think ironing is a big waste of time I don't

know what you think but I think ironing is the biggest waste of time in the whole the

whole universe so first of all as you can see I haven't prepared anything yet so here

we go here is the ironing board this is the thing I need to do the ironing on now first

of all it's worth mentioning that putting one of these up is very difficult it's not

easy to do it's very fiddly if something is fiddly it means it is very difficult to do

something that is hard to handle or two move is very fiddly something small or something

complicated to to use is very fiddly so this is a very fiddly thing to do so I first need

to US open the ironing board do you see what I mean this is a horrible thing I hate using

it already I feel like killing myself that right okay so now what do I do okay is that

it is that it doesn't it open anymore that can't be right that does this does not look

right let me just let me just see what I'm doing wrong I'm doing something wrong here

I know it ok maybe if I put it down on the floor ah ok that's it I fixed it now it's

working now ok oh ok that was easy so now we need to position ourselves of course I

I want you to be able to see what I'm doing so I have to make sure that you can see me

so there is the ironing board already and now we need to plug the iron in to the electricity

because the iron needs to heat up you see it needs to get hot here is the iron a very

useful thing apparently but not to me I think ironing is the biggest waste of time in the

world and now the reason why I think this is because of course you wash your clothes

because they get stinky and smelly but ironing is pointless as far as I'm concerned because

the moment you put your clothes on they get creased again so now I will plug the iron

in there is the plug to do I will plug it in down here now slowly but surely the iron

will get hot I hope so anyway so whilst that's doing that so i will bring across my basket

of ironing so i have the lining here that he's doing various things various items of

clothing so let's put these on the table over there and apparently i also need this look

my goodness it's going crazy this I don't know what happened then the iron suddenly

erupted lots of scalding hot water just came out of

the iron okay okay it's settled down now right we've got some ironing here ah okay first

of all we have some some socks too I and that's okay that's easy anyone can I in socks it's

very simple so first of all here we go pair of socks you may notice that this this is

a pair of mr. Duncan's lovely coloured socks these are green and orange with a little bit

of blue so let's iron these socks shall we it does seem like a strange thing it just

seemed very strange ironing your socks I don't know why you would I in your socks it doesn't

make any sense so let's see if the iron is hot yeah I think it's hot now right now this

particular iron is a steam iron so this this iron will actually blow steam out as well

at the same time right oh oh my gosh I think that's a bit hot I don't know why that is

so hot I think my socks just melted them so they who used this last but it's it's red

hot and I think I've just melted my socks try again shall we i know i will put this

cloth over the socks maybe that will help right this is going very well isn't it oh

yes okay that's better so now i am ironing the sock when you iron something you get rid

of all of the creases apparently many people don't like creases and there we have it look

at that a perfect I and socks perfect so I can put that over there where's the other

sock gone it's on third oh there it is it fell on the floor so here you go another sock

by the way just in case you've just tuned in and you are wondering what this is this

is a live English lesson for a Tuesday afternoon it's now a few moments after five o'clock

and this is mr. Duncan in England ironing his socks full okay let's just let's just

I a match so you have to press the iron down as well at the same time to make sure all

of the creases are pushed out okay it's a very angry iron oh there we have it there

we go another sock perfectly ironed can you see can you see the sock it's it's nicely

iron now who as I mentioned earlier Easter is on the way next weekend it's Easter weekend

here in the UK we have a very long weekend we have a special holiday on Friday and also

Mundi as well so here in the UK we will have four days to celebrate Easter isn't that nice

right the next thing I need to iron is oh this is easy Oh a t-shirt so here is a t-shirt

for me to iron now I don't know why people like to iron their t-shirts because they get

creased as soon as you put them on I don't see the point really right so we just put

the t-shirt on the ironing board like that okay that's easy to do some people like to

do their ironing on certain days of the week some people do that ironing on a Monday well

maybe they do it at the weekend so people tend to do their washing and ironing on certain

days of the week now I know that someone is going to say mr. duncan you're doing it wrong

well this is how I I and t-shirts ok this is how I do it

I must confess I don't do the ironing very often as you know I hate ironing clothes now

we will add the arm of the t-shirt there we go and and the other arm Oh dear me imagine

the the millions and millions of dollars and pounds worth of technology being used at the

moment to broadcast this all of the people that have sweated day and night to design

the technology that allows you to watch me iron my clothes live across the internet isn't

it amazing so there it is shirt t-shirt it's been ironed does that look lovely cool so

I will fold I will fault the t-shirts to make it look lovely neat though I don't know how

you fold your t-shirts but this is how I do it there we go isn't that lovely so what have

we got next let's do something a little bit more difficult oh look we have a pair of jeans

so now I think ironing trousers is very easy so this should be very simple to do so it

should be very simple to do so first of all we get the leg puts the jeans we put it on

the ironing board by the way be careful of your iron because it gets very hot so if your

telephone rings while styling don't answer it will you this isn't a telephone this is

the iron and it will burn your ear of course we need to put a little bit of cloth over

the jeans just to protect them because if you use a hot iron on your jeans then they

will go all shiny so you have to put something over the top there we go soon it feels very

strange ironing clothes I don't think men are supposed to iron clothes to be honest

I'm sure in some countries it's illegal I think I think some countries it's actually

the death penalty if you're caught ironing your clothes and you're a man I think so Lisa

should be doo doo doo okay look at that lovely that nice I'm very good at this I could start

my own laundry mr. Duncan's laundry service I would call my laundry service 'pressed for

time' oh please yourself so now we will do the other leg ironing my clothes on a Tuesday

afternoon so when do you normally do your washing when

do you iron your clothes DUI in your clothes do you do it if I had the choice I would not

do okay oh that looks very nice very lovely I will do so that's at the jeans I and step

right let's have a look what do we have next so what's this what what's that heck is this

so no no no no no no no no no nope nope nope nope does this look no no no sorry there is

no way that I'm going to iron this I don't even know what it is what is this is it a

tent it's huge oh dear I mean I don't even know where to begin what what what what is

this ok I think that's in the fining for today

hey that's enough no more let's go back into the studio and continue with today's live

english stream ok so i hope you enjoyed that perhaps today you are doing your ironing as

well if so i hope you are enjoying it more than I am oh let me just turn the iron off

first you know there's nothing worse than going down the road after leaving your house

and then you think did I leave the iron on no I didn't let's go boo well that was fun

that really was fun oh okay well I'm not sure how well that went I had a few problems there

not least of all the iron was far too hot ah when I put the iron onto my sock the sock

actually stick to the iron it was so hot Oh dearie me anyway that's it that that was the

experiment the experiment has now come to an end is it possible to iron your clothing

live on the Internet apparently it isn't don't try it thank you very much oh I've had some

comments come through let me just have a look because I haven't seen them I was in my dining

room hello mr. Duncan ironing is not my cup of tea be that as it may it is very important

if I was given the choice between ironing or to live a whole day without the internet

I would definitely go for the second choice I see thank you that gel for that mr. Duncan

why why are you ironing your socks nobody iron socks says victoria I'm sure some people

do why I thought everybody did to be honest mr. Duncan do not iron the sock it is not

necessary but they look so nice in the drawer all stacked up they look lovely mr. Duncan

your socks off thinner now I think so thank you Christina henrique says who iron socks

I have never seen that well now you have you should try it imagine your socks in your drawer

all flat and iron sounds good doesn't it yes you're tempted now I think so mr. Denko and

what does crumpled mean if something is crumpled it means it is creased creased so something

that has creases is crumpled we can say crumpled or we can we can also say rumpled as well

but crumpled something that is crumpled is creased priest thank you very much for that

full jen geo says I think ironing is very difficult I agree with you ironing is very

difficult as you just saw it's not easy my boyfriend after three years does the ironing

because I hate it says amarela oh I see you have your boyfriend trained very well josei

says mr. Duncan I prefer to iron my brief not why you're wearing them though I hope

because that might be a bit painful could you imagine that ironing your briefs whilst

wearing them hmm i don't recommend it you are very good mr. Duncan Thank You Josie you

should do the ironing faster mr. Duncan I'm trying to go as quickly as I can please don't

shout at me Thank You Nicole for that let mr. Duncan iron your socks says Joe say yes

I could do your ironing for you as I just said I had my own ironing service I would

call it pressed for time because that's an idiom you see it means to be in a hurry to

be in a hurry if you are in a hurry you are pressed for time mr. Duncan you are a good

man you do everything perfectly thank you very much hi nadir Howie uses a Murray amra

wardi is here and lots of people now watching today thank you very much for joining me Eugene

says for me ironing is a real waste of time I think so yes as I said earlier I think so

i think it's also quite a waste of time now I don't know why some of the live chat has

disappeared so if i don't reply to you it's probably because i can't see it Martha Martha

says my mother does the ironing every second day so every two days your mother does the

ironing I would imagine your mother has a lot of ironing and also perhaps a lot of washing

to do I think so big families normally have loads of washing I i I'm just thinking how

much washing I do for myself it's a lot so imagine if you have a big family imagine if

you have a husband who is very dirty and children who are even more dirty and their clothes

need washing all the time mr. Duncan what does cool cucumber mean if a person is cool

as a cucumber it means they are very relaxed and at ease they are cool as a cucumber mr.

Duncan hello from Morocco I want to know if you have ever been to Morocco if the answer

is yes I want to know your opinion about my country I have never been to Morocco I have

heard about it I would like to go there one day but I've never been there ever Victoria

please can you sing your song about sugar oh yes I know what it was it could I can't

remember what it's called it was such a long time ago tea no sugar tea no sugar I'd like

a cup of tea but please hold the sugar tea no sugar I'd like a cup of tea but please

hold the sugar tea no sugar I'd like a cup of tea but please hold please hold please

hold please hold the sugar is that what you mean Henrique asks mr. Duncan in the song

no woman no cry no woman no cry no woman no cry how do you interpret that if he doesn't

have a woman he won't cry or is he asking for a woman to not cry it's very hard to interpret

that now from my point of view the song no woman no cry which by the way by Bob Marley

means if you don't have a woman you will be happy that's how I understand it so that's

my interpretation no woman no cry if you don't have a woman you don't have all of the pain

and all of the difficulty in your life I think that's what it means I am willing to be wrong

about that mr. Duncan is a superstar thank you sir jail for that lull very amazing you

crack me up says Marella if you crack someone up it means you make them laugh a lot

you crack me up you make me laugh a lot mr. then can you sing perfectly I'm not sure about

that I don't think i have a very good singing voice me Cal says hello mr. Duncan greetings

from krakov in Poland hello to Krakov and everyone watching in Poland today it's Tuesday

and it is coming up to 27 minutes past five o'clock in the afternoon mr. Duncan what is

the meaning of let your hair down if you let your hair down it means you relax and have

fun you enjoy yourself you let your hair down you do something adventurous you do something

wild and crazy you let your hair down you let yourself go you have a good time like

today mr. Duncan have you got any tip on how to clean a burned iron says James I don't

know but but I know one thing my iron now is burnt it's got little pieces of melted

sock on the bottom of it so yeah did you see that did you see what happened the iron was

too hot so when I put the iron onto the sock the sock stuck to the iron nothing seems to

work I've tried salt toothpaste and so on but I can't clean my burnt iron I wish i had

a solution I wish I did mr. Duncan how can I improve my speech the best way to improve

your speech is to do it as often as you can but also you can listen to your own voice

so you can listen to your voice you can record it on your mobile phone and then you can listen

to how you sound it's a great way of monitoring your progress and also it's a great way of

listening to the way you speak and if you don't like it you can change it jameelah jameelah

says mr. Duncan I hate ironing as much as you do I don't like ironing at all I think

of all the chores that I have to do in my house I think ironing is one of the words

mr. Duncan I am from Brazil do you have any favorite football team in the Premier League

league that comes from Ed Adreno or Eddie Juneau or adri Juneau I don't because I don't

follow football I'm not a big fan of football I don't hate football but I don't follow it

mr. Duncan if you could if you could instantly learn three new languages what languages would

you choose well many years ago I used to be very good at French I was very good at speaking

French at school I don't know why I was a very good c'est magnifique even how do how

can people in Uzbekistan learn English well it doesn't matter where you are the methods

of learning English are all the same mr. Duncan I sometimes speak alone with my smart phone

says Francesca yes it's a great method Eugene says mr. Duncan I have read the lyrics of

the song by Bob Marley and i think he is like talking to a woman saying to her no woman

no cry as he tries to calm her yes that's a good one so he is actually trying to calm

the woman down no woman no cry very good see I thought it was something different I thought

it was if you didn't have a woman in your life then you wouldn't suffer mr. Duncan I

think cleaning the windows I think cleaning the windows is worse than ining says mad zulia

III do agree I don't clean my windows very often certainly on the outside because it's

just too much hassle to be honest if you want to learn portuguese i can help you mr. Duncan

thank you Joe say for that Syed Rios says hello mr. Duncan I hope you are well can I

know what your favourite music is I like all sorts of music especially the 1980s because

I was a teenager way back in the 1980s I know it's true it's true let's have a look at a

clip for one of my lessons one of my full English lessons there are 25 full English

lessons on my youtube channel in fact there are over 500 English lessons but there are

25 full english lessons this is a special series of english lessons talking about lots

of different subjects in a very exciting and vivid way so here we go here is a full English

lesson this is just a short excerpt and here i am talking all about my favorite food

if you are a regular viewer then you will know that i love food can you guess what my

most favorite snack is the thing i like to nibble on the most the one food i often get

a craving for okay i will tell you my most favorite snack is cheese yes it is true i

love to nibble on cheese there are many reasons why i love cheese firstly there are so many

varieties so many flavors of cheese from mild to extra mature cheese's can vary in shape

and color too some are round and white while others can be square in red some cheeses have

a strong odor hooha cheese is made from the milk of a cow or goat each type of cheese

had its own name this name normally relates to where it was originally produced for example

cheddar cheese was first made in cheddar somerset which is in the UK red Leicester cheese was

first made in leicestershire and is red in colour one of the smelliest cheeses must be

the variety known as stinking bishop this cheese is also produced here in the UK in

the county of Gloucestershire each country has its own famous cheese France has its camembert

cheese Greece had its feta cheese which is made from goat's milk Italy had its parmesan

cheese which is normally grated and sprinkled onto pasta or you could try some mozzarella

cheese which is used to make pizza topping there are many hundreds of varieties of cheese

around the world all of which I would love to try but sadly I cannot as i would put on

weight and get very very fat when people take photographs of their friends and family they

normally ask for subjects to say cheese as it encourages everyone being photographed

to smile cheese I must say all this talk of cheese is making me feel quite hungry did

you do bbbj with you so there it was a clip from one of my full English lessons did you

know or did you even think or consider that today you would be watching me talk about

cheese I have a feeling you didn't back to the live chat and don't forget you can watch

all of my full English lessons there are 25 full English lessons and of course there are

over 500 English lessons in total on my youtube channel mr. Duncan do you like cleaning the

bathroom i do not i don't like clean the bathroom because in the bathroom you have to get down

on your hands and knees you have to do everything very low down so no i don't i don't want to

get down on my hands and knees in the bathroom thank you very much mr. Duncan thanks a lot

i love your videos syed rios says that thank you very much Mario says hello mr. Duncan

it's my first ever live give you I really like it thank you Mario will you be coming

back on Friday because i am here on friday from 2 p.m. UK time with another live english

stream during april i am here twice a week during april have you heard of a group called

modern talking mr. Duncan the band was from the 1980s yes I do I remember modern talking

they had a very big hit here in the UK called brother Louie brother Louie Louie Louie I

do do do do do do do I don't remember it now that's the only part I remember thank you

for a lot thanks a lot for your videos thank you too we talked about my dream job if I

could do any job what would it be and I said farming I've had a lovely email from faisal

Faisal has sent me some pictures to my email address let's have a look oh here's one Thank

You Faisal so I think this is your farm and these look like two of your horses are they

actually your horses aren't they beautiful beautiful horses they're so thank you faisal

for that and let's have a look at one more photograph eventually my connection is very

so a little ol is that lovely so cute that's so nice another horse there thank you faithful

for that and I can see a little mountain or a hill behind the horse it looks a bit like

the rican thank you very much basil for that don't forget you can write to me to my email

address and the email address is of course just there can you see there it is beep beep

mr. Duncan hello this is my first time with you thanks a lot once again Mary out hello

mr. Duncan I love chocolate chocolate is my favourite food apparently according to Marella

thank you very much yes I like chocolate as well but once again just like cheese if you

eat too much you get hacked mr. Duncan how many times have you been to visit London in

a year have you been to the souther nights and are you a good salsa dancer I must be

honest I've never tried to do the salsa especially at my age but I have been to London I haven't

been to London for maybe I think maybe three years maybe four years since I've been to

London properly so it's been a while since I've been to London I always think about doing

a lesson in London it would be quite good fun I think doing one may be in front of one

of the famous landmarks in London like the houses of parliament or maybe booking and

palace but the problem nowadays if you want to go down to London to do some filming it's

very hard to to put a camera anywhere so if I took my equipment to London and set it up

I would probably be stopped by the police so this is a big problem now in London it's

very hard to film around London certainly if you're doing something like me which looks

very professional so if you have lots of equipment set up normally the police or someone will

come and they will ask you what you were doing and they will normally ask to see some sort

sort of identification yeah it doesn't sound much fun to me hello mr. Duncan I like your

teaching very much I have been following you for seven years Thank You Bowden Bowden Williams

thank you very much mr. Duncan we enjoy your pictures yes the pictures from side are very

nice thank you very much once again Mustafa says hello mr. Duncan from Morocco I love

you so much you have helped me a lot you are the best teacher I've ever seen Thank You

mr. for that and a big hello once again to Morocco mr. Duncan have you ever been to Liverpool

I've never been to Liverpool never I can honestly say one of my dreams is to go to that city

and visit and field now from my very vague knowledge of football I think Anfield is the

football ground that's the name of the football ground where Liverpool play is it I hope so

though mrs. Lincoln what kind of sport do you prefer I don't follow sport as I've mentioned

a few times I don't follow sport very much at all to be honest mr. Duncan where did you

get that strange pink lamp oh I see you mean this that's my lovely lava lamp I've had this

too many years this lamp I'm amazed it still works Victoria I think this stream is one

of the most lively of your videos the wrist has helped you yes I think because if the

weekend I went to Lake Verne we shall we drive over Lake Verne we damn again let's go let's

go over the dam there we are so there we are now driving over Lake Verne we this is where

i was on saturday i visited this particular place Lake Verne we is situated in Wales and

there I am driving over the top I'm driving across the dam of course I'm not driving the

car because I don't drive mr. steve is driving so there we are driving over Lake Verne we

damn last saturday a beautiful place and i think the rest and relaxation from last weekend

has really recharged me i think so mr. Duncan do you know the story of dire straits and

how they became a band was the lead guitarist journalist because before becoming a singer

I'm not sure I know the group has been around since the 1970s dire straits have been around

for a long time beginning then he'll be rude or big deal Sultans of Swing lovely mr. Duncan

thank you very much for that mr. Duncan how high english level can we achieve by following

your videos well there are always things to follow always things that are useful so as

I always say if you want to learn English following my lessons and listening to what

I say the sky's the limit that's what I say the sky is the limit yes mr. Duncan and field

is the ground of the Liverpool team thank you Edred you know thank you very much for

that I know a little bit about football but not much even though when I was a child my

dad's used to take me to watch the local team stafford rangers so the place i used to live

the place i was brought up in was stafford and the local football team is stafford Rangers

so my father used to take me there quite often to see the football i SN says mr. Duncan could

you explain whether in sentence with two options I'm not quite sure what you mean there mr.

Duncan you can have vengeance and you can have revenge yes vengeance is getting back

at someone and revenge is also getting back at someone vengeance you get you have vengeance

you get you had your revenge you have your revenge you get back at someone you give someone

punishment for what they've done mr. Duncan we are about to do a music video can we hire

you I don't know i think we are very far from each other mr. Duncan you should go on holiday

more often that is true i haven't had a holiday for a very long time I haven't been abroad

for 33 years I can't believe it so the last time I went abroad was in 2014 mr. Duncan

how many languages do you know I know English quite well I used to speak a lot of French

as well I was very good at French when I was at school and of course I used to learn or

I used to speak Chinese a lot I had to learn survival Chinese because I lived in China

for a few years henrique asks mr. Duncan can you play the tambourine I do have a tambourine

but I don't know where it's gone it's vanished it's disappeared I don't know where it is

let's have a look at another flash word shall we have a flash word or a flash frame let's

go outside let's see what's going on in my garden Oh as you can see the Sun is now out

so let's go outside the big question is will it be a flash word as a phrase or has a simple

word let's find out did you enjoy my impression of dire straits with my guitar playing my

air guitar being held found anything else felt still okay here we go it is an English

phrase we have an English phrase coming right now there it is can you see it a stone's throw

a stone's throw is an English phrase the phrase a stone's throw is an English phrase that

means a short distance away or nearby if something is just a stone's throw then it is local or

just a few minutes away from where you are the supermarket is just a stone's throw from

the main road to be a stone's throw away is to be close by my house is just a stone's

throw away from the bus stop we can say a stone's throw away to show how easy it is

to get somewhere somewhere can be within a stone's throw of a certain landmark or beyond

a stone's throw which means that it is not nearby so a stone's throw can mean not far

all if it is beyond a stone's throw it means it is very far away so there it is today's

Flash phrase I hope it is useful to

you do the dictator do it doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo mmm you can't beat a bit of

dire straits on a Tuesday afternoon you really can't so we are 10 minutes away from six o'clock

it is coming up to 10 to six here in the UK I don't know what time it is where you are

mr. Duncan what do you recommend as a short novel or an easy manner for intermediate level

well perhaps you would buy some textbooks or maybe some reference book that is not too

difficult Mustafa says mr. Duncan could you please make a video about the differences

between simple past and the present perfect okie dokie no problem au revoir mr. Duncan

says Pierre see you next Friday yes I am here on Friday for those who aren't sure but I

definitely am here on Friday mr. Duncan what is the most important place to visit in Wales

what is your opinion there are many lovely places if you go to the north of Wales it's

very scenic and if you want to visit some of the towns and experience some of the cities

in Wales you would go to the south of Wales beautiful nature mr. Duncan says emin you

are welcome and yes it's a beautiful day here today very nice although it's a bit chilly

outside I'll be honest mr. Duncan I have exactly the same time as you here in Algeria so in

Algeria it is also coming up to nine or maybe eight minutes to six thanks a lot mr. Duncan

here in Brazil it is 151 in the afternoon so it's ten to two now just content or two

in the afternoon in Brazil thank you enough for that it's always very interesting to know

what time of the day it is where you are because for some people it's morning and for others

it's nighttime and for some it's already tomorrow zhu zhu day now they're of Judea nazarov says

mr. Duncan i apprec-- or teaching I appreciate it and I have been watching you for five years

the videos of yours helped me a lot big thanks from your students in as Becca Stan thank

you very much for that and i hope i pronounced your name right Henrique mr. Duncan when is

it right to use persons instead of people it's just an alternative to be honest so people

or persons so people you are interested in or not normally persons though it's very unusual

to use persons as plural because person is one person people many people mr. Duncan what

is the name of mr. Steve's wife what a strange question mr. Duncan can I know what time you

start your next video my next video is on Friday Friday 2 p.m. UK time you can catch

me this friday so after i finish today you can see me again on friday coming up on friday

we have lots of things including the mystery animal we have an animal in my garden and

I want you to tell me what it is also because we haven't got time to do it today but I will

give you a little taste of what is to come let's have a look because I'm running out

of time so let me just show you something very quickly this is a little taste of what

is coming on Friday of course springtime means birds are now preparing to lay their eggs

and rear their young so here is a quick video clip showing you inside one of the birds nests

can you see that so this time of the year is a very busy time because the birds are

busy preparing to lay their eggs some birds are still building their nests so some of

the birds are actually building their nests at the moment if you look here you will be

able to see some sparrows in a moment some sparrows will come along there they are and

they are collecting materials for their nests so there is a male a male's sparrow this Sparrow

is collecting material so we can build its nest can you see that so there's something

to look forward to on Friday we will be talking a little bit more about that on friday and

i will be showing you some more video clips of the birds preparing and in some cases actually

rearing their young now all of this is not live so those pieces of video including including

that and also including that are not live they are actually old video clips from three

or four years ago in fact more than four years ago so I thought it would be something interesting

to look at on Friday because we have run out of time today unfortunately actually today's

lesson has gone very quickly don't you think Oh mr. Duncan I was from the internet says

foreign don't worry you can watch this later on because it is saved on my youtube channel

so you will have a chance to watch this if there are any part that you missed don't worry

you can watch it later mr. Duncan I think it is not p.m. but am in Brazil and Argentina

isn't it so well know Brazil and Argentina are behind so they are behind us not ahead

so if you go across to Asia Asia is now ahead and South America is behind great lesson mr.

Duncan thank you very much Jonathan for that a big hello to you mr. Duncan what does sparrow

mean sparrow is a type of bird very common in this country so sparrow I think you are

referring to Jack Sparrow hello my name is Jack Sparrow I've got a new movie coming out

this year there is a new pirates of the caribbean movie coming out later this year people used

to say that I behave a little bit like Jack Sparrow I don't know why mr. Duncan what is

the difference between wish and hope they are kind of the same thing really if you wish

for something it is something you desire it is something you consciously want and hope

of course is very similar to hope is to wish for something for something to happen mr.

Duncan can you give this oh no I just read that one mr. Duncan your classes are great

thank you very much Rob soon I am rushing now I am rushing a little bit because we only

have about three minutes left mr. Duncan I am supposed to be away but I am stuck with

you are I cannot leave you I enjoy your video lesson so much Thank You Daniella for that

wow it's almost as if my lessons are addictive mr. Duncan can you understand the Texas and

accent I can understand all american accents they are not that difficult to listen to to

be honest so yes I can understand most American accents although sometimes some Americans

do speak very quickly do you like football mr. Duncan I don't play football and to be

honest I don't follow it mr. Duncan I've had this question asked quite a lot mr. Duncan

will you be making full English 26 onwards I'm not sure at the moment I'm I'm hoping

to make some later but at the moment I'm so busy doing other things I haven't got time

to do it but III do have some plans in the future to make some more full English lessons

mr. Duncan we are addicted to you thank you mirela I am now going to go I am going to

say goodbye in a moment this lesson was so lively and vivid just as the spring which

is coming thank you very much and have a great time i will see you on Friday from Martha

Thank You Martha for that thank you very much to Victoria see you on friday hopefully germanic

says goodbye thank you lad GL says mr. Duncan such a wonderful live class mr. Duncan we

hope to see you next Friday thank you I've enjoyed the past two hours I hope you have

as well it's been a super time I hope you enjoyed my ironing today my rather awful attempt

to iron some clothes henrique asks what is more difficult for an English person to understand

Irish or German well German is is a different language but but many Irish people speak in

English so you are confusing two different things there you are confusing a language

with an accent Victor goodbye mr. Duncan thanks for the life lesson you are welcome goodbye

mr. Duncan see you next Friday yes this friday i am here i will show you again this friday

i will be with you at two p.m. UK time don't forget during april i am with you twice a

week as you can see now i am with you on tuesday and i'm back on friday and i am with you for

two live english streams during april so to every week mr. Duncan is it your determination

to make live chat available 24 7 wow that would be amazing I don't think I could do

it 24 hours a day it would have to be recorded i think mr. Duncan we love your hilarious

ironing scene I really liked it congratulations on your work Thank You Alberto for that it

was fun if a little tiring I'm going now we've just passed six o'clock this is mr. Duncan

in England saying thanks to following me and look at the weather today it's being lovey

out there today even though it's slightly chilly but it's being very nice and I have

enjoyed your company i will see you on Friday goodbye to Maria Lucy Bernhard Joe say 'no

doin Martha Natalie Stefan and Chris thank you very much I will see you all on fri thanks

for joining me today bye Michael bye Eugene bye Martha again and I will see you all oh

I see henrique says mr. Duncan I mean Gaelic oh yes of course that is the native language

in Ireland they are both very hard to listen to if you don't understand them if you don't

speak those languages bye-bye mr. Duncan cose it says goodbye see you co sit Julie says

good bye bye Julie mirella see you Andrew bye bye this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace

of English saying thanks for watching for the past two hours I will be back on Friday

it is Good Friday this Friday it is a public holiday but despite that I will still be here

just for you I must go now it is time to say you know what's coming next kasi Arthur James

Stefan a sonal Christian hano to all of you who have watched me for the past two hours...

ta ta for now. 8-)

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