Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Arlon Bennett - I am the War

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have seen the scattered legions of battle weary men breaking ranks from burning tanks who never go home again I have been declared on parchments of gold yet taken lives while leaving wives with their stories still untold I'm the price for being free to be all that you can be tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree remember me I am the war I have raped the local high school and cleared the general store just when you think I'm over I come running back for more I have carved my niche' on headstones and left footprints in parades once we've met you don't forget the memory never fades I take but don't give back In every park I leave a plaque I never call when I come back always in black I am the war So you say you want a revolution? now that's a special deal! just find a cause and take a pause before your final meal I can be civil and I've been around the world and left my bloody legacy on every flag that is unfurled Oh I don't care who is to blame I just load and take my aim and if you never heard my name always the same I am the war Oh yes it's me in flesh and blood I never get enough I beg for more I have rung the tolling bell and been sung by troubadours don't be shocked if when you knock that I meet you at the door Oh, I've seen the few the proud not afraid to cry out loud I stand out in a crowd under a shroud And if you wonder why the thunder and the fire never cease just ask peace I am the war

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