Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dr. Charlene Hylton- Royal Palm OBGYN

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- I decided on the field of OBGYN

after being in medical school and going through

a bunch of different specialties,

I just found that in this particular specialty

I was able to take care of women

through all phases of their life

and it brought me the most amount of excitement,

joy, and interest, so that's the field that I stuck with

at that time.

I'm here at Royal Palm,

I believe that patients have a pleasant experience

from the minute they step through the door

'til they actually see a physician

and are treated for their condition.

Whether it's a welcome smile, a "Hello,"

a "How can I help you today?"

whether it's medical assistance,

being in friendly conversation while taking vitals,

and you have a physician that's open to

listening to everything the patient complains about,

typically, patents get a great experience, really, here.

There's definitely a huge need for physicians

taking care of undersold women with many complications

and diseases that they're exposed to and at risk for,

so I definitely find joy in taking care of

an un-served population.

As I'm enjoying it, I take care of patients

through all walks of life, I serve teenagers,

women in their, I guess, reproductive years,

older patients, post-menopausal conditions as well.

Things that we'll take care of with a younger population,

maybe just an annual exam, getting to understand

what is done, what we look for,

we talk about family planning options,

of course we take care of women

through their reproductive age from having OB services

as well as their reproductive care as well,

and we do treat problem conditions as well,

so we're talking about women who have abnormal bleeding,

pain conditions, those are definitely some things

that are high on our list.

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