Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE LYING SPIRIT | SEDUCING SPIRITS | 1 Kings 22 | Strange Stories In The Bible - Episode 1

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hey what's up everybody this is Dante Fortson here with a new series strange

Bible stories episode 1 the lying spirit so this series is kind of going to be a

little bit casual just strange stories that seem to stand out in the Bible they

don't really have any backstory to them they just well this stuff in these

stories that don't have any backstory and sometimes we don't even get

conclusions as to what's going on and I just find them to be kind of you know

strange placements in the Bible so this series is gonna cover that I don't know

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so today's lesson is gonna come from first Kings chapter 22 now for those of

you who see what's on the screen this is an iconic scene if you don't recognize

it I don't even know to say to you if you don't recognize this scene but

basically read aka DJ poo he is going to be representative of King

Ahab that we are going to talk about today and King Ahab is an interesting

character in this story because his wife Jezebel she seems to be the one calling

all the shots who ran everything and she seemed to be the one most about getting

things done when they needed to get done now of course she angered God and she

fell out a window and the dogs ate her and that was her end but let's continue

just to give you some backstory before we get to first Kings chapter 22 to give

you some idea of the type of person King Ahab is now it's because he's this type

of person that God is actually gonna spare a lot of the stuff that was

supposed to happen during his time but he's gonna happen during his son's time

which we're not gonna get into all right so Elijah killed all of Ahab's prophets

well not all of them he had I think it was one of 450 or three 350 I think was

450 prophets of Bale and then there were another 400 prophets anyway

Elijah killed 450 of his prophets when he called down fire from heaven and then

he had the the prophets you know caught and slain he killed them all so that's

the first thing that happens what is Ahab do exactly what you're seeing on

the screen he does nothing so then this is probably it's kind of terrible but

it's funny Ben Hadad took everything from a hat when I say

everything he took everything and then he sent a messenger to tell him I took

care all your wives I took all your kids I've taken all your riches now what I

want you to do is I want you and all your officers to go through all your

personal possessions find anything of value and I want you to send it to me

and a half sends a message back that says it's cool that you took everything

you can have the wives you can have the kids you can have everything you taken

but I'm not gonna go through and do this thing right here so that's how that

whole situation goes down and Ahab just lets them have everything that's going

to lead to a battle later which is gonna this is this is important because it

he's up to what happens in first Kings chapter 22 so Ahab wanted nay BOTS land

and neyba refused to give it to him so a hab ran home and laid across the bed and

pouted basically and Jezebel Jezebel had nebith murdered and a hab went to go

claim the land and then when he went to go claim the land he was confronted by

Elijah and this is what happened again and what's interesting about that story

we're not gonna get too much into it because it's not much to say but Elijah

is is powered by the the Spirit of the Lord and he actually outruns the chariot

em beats a hab back to the city so it's kind of interesting stuff going on in

that story but we're not gonna touch too much on that because not much to say on

it alright so here we go first Kings 22 twelve so after Ben Hadad took all of

1/2 stuff and wooden and and Ahab wouldn't come bring him the rest Ben

Hadad of course invades and there's a war so Ahab wants to know if he should

go to war this is where the story gets interesting and it's going to introduce

several things that we get know heads up for we get no backstory - so we'll start

at first Kings chapter 22 verse 12 and all the prophets now here's some of the

prophets that um that a have had now understand this is these are false

prophets so and all the prophets prophesied so saying go up to Rama

Gilead and prosper for the Lord shall deliver it into the Kings hand

this is what they're telling him to go do the battle and the messenger that was

gone to call Makia spake unto him saying behold now the words of the prophets

declared good unto the king with one mouth

let thy word I pray thee be like the word of them

one of them and speak that which is good so this messenger goes to get my care

was a prophet of the Lord and he says hey these other prophets are

saying good stuff so you go say good stuff so you all get in trouble and my

ki said as the Lord liveth what the Lord saith unto me that will I speak so he

came to the king and the King said unto him Mike heya now to give you a little

bit more back story that almost forgot the king is talking he talked to

Jehoshaphat before this and he told you all the fat my ki never tells me

anything good I don't want to call him because he never tells me anything good

all right so we're first Kings chapter 22 verse 15 so he came to the king and

the King said unto Him Makia shall we go against Rama 'the Gilead to

battle or shall we forbear and he said and he answered him go and prosper for

the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king so remember the messenger

said hey they're telling them good stuff you go tell them good stuff he said I'm

gonna tell you what the Lord tells me to speak right this is what he told him so

now he tells him to go and prosper for the Lord shall deliver into the hand of

the king and the King said unto him how many times shall I adjure thee that thou

tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of the Lord he was like so

how many times I have to ask you before you gonna tell me the truth

cuz see the King knows my kia is lying because my can never tells him anything

good and now he's telling them the Lord is gonna help you prosper go go into

this fight now this is my Kay's response and he said I saw all Israel scattered

upon the hills as sheep that have not a shepherd and the Lord said these have no

master let them return every man to his house in peace all right so they have

they have a sheep with no Shepherd I mean the Shepherd is gonna get murdered

or whatever else but in this case the Shepherds gonna die all right now my kid

gets introduced to the story he's a prophet and we're gonna come back to my

kid cuz right about here let me see verse 18

twenty-two chapter first Kings chapter 22 verse 18 this is where we encounter a

strange scene in heaven and the king of Israel said unto Joseph at did I not

tell thee that he would prophesied no good concerning me but evil and he said

here thou therefore the word of the Lord I saw the Lord sitting on his throne and

all the hosts of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left so now

we're getting a scene of heaven God is on the throne the hosts on the right and

left and the Lord said who shall persuade Ahab that he may go up and fall

at wrath Rama Gilead and one set on this manner and another set on that manner so

here we have the most high is asking a question who's going to go convince a

hab who's gonna go persuade him to go die in battle and understand what's

going on here there is a whole Council of heavenly beings plotting on the

downfall of one man it says one said on this man and the other said on that

manner they're discussing it and there came forth the spirit and stood before

the Lord and said I will persuade him so they're discussing this thing and that

were volunteer steps forward to go lie in order for this man to die in the

battle now understand what's going on here spiritual warfare going on here but

we're getting some insight into how the spiritual warfare is being played out

the whole council convened to plot the downfall of this one human alright so

first Kings chapter 22 verse 22 and the Lord said unto Him where with or how are

you gonna do this and he said I will go forth and I will be a lying spirit in

the mouth of all his prophets see they came up with the plot now notice he

didn't say who's gonna go down and he back up let me back up and read again

and the Lord said this verse 20 who shall persuade a HAP that he may go and

fall at Rama 'the Gilead alright so he asked who's gonna go persuade him

they convened they discussed and they came up with a way then a volunteer step

forward so they probably chose this spirit it doesn't say he's an angel or a

demon it says all the hosts of heaven people assume all the hosts of heaven

are angels and demons but we see that whatever this spirit is it steps forward

so his probably chosen for this purpose and he said thou shall persuade him let

me back up he said and he said I will go forth and I will be a lying spirit in

the mouth of all his prophets and he said thou shalt persuade him and prevail

also go forth and do so so now this spirit is going forth with the plan that

they came up with verse 23 now therefore behold the LORD hath put a lying spirit

in the mouth of all these prophets and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning

thee so now a hat a hab is being told the truth what's going on all his

prophets are lying to him but also notice that my chaos started off by

lying to him tell them hey go prosper but Zedekiah this is verse 24 but

Zedekiah the son of sha-na-na went near and smoke my kayla on the cheek and said

which way went the Spirit of the Lord from me to speak unto thee all right so

here's a little bit of backstory Zedekiah if you read the whole chapter

what you should do Zedekiah makes this this hat a helmet with bull's horns or

horns on it and he uses it in a demonstration saying that the the king

is gonna push against his enemies and be victorious so that's where he comes from

so now my KO calls him a liar and in order to prove he's not a liar he goes

and slaps my kia and and so now we have this scenario where Zedekiah is selling

the lie he is selling the lie and because he makes such a good effort at

selling the lie and because my kia just lied to the

King Ahab now Ahab is thinking like okay now on one hand he caused them liars but

he also lied to me and we're gonna see what this leads up to now let's talk

about the volunteers real quick these spiritual volunteers this word right

here 70 307 Ruach many of you will recognize it means spirit same word used

when we refer to the Holy Spirit the Ruach is the spirit part so it does not

say angel if you go watch my study on Nephilim Giants part 1 in part 2 I

talked about the B'nai Elohim the Moloch in the chair I've been the Seraphim

briefly we talk about the ranks of angels which we'll get into more as we

get into the angels and demons study but point being had used a different word

here did not use the typical word for angel

it did not use the typical word for demon in the Old Testament it did use

spirit so as we get down to here though this is where we want to focus on the

word persuade 6600 1 again 6600 1 keep that in mind 66 over 1 I'll

say it again 66 over 1 when the Most High asked for spirit to go down and

persuade him 6600 1 patta to be spacious wide or open

and we'll verb to be spacious why door open aramaic be spacious be spacious

abundant but if you keep reading you get down to here possibly 1 open as to lips

but see the diminutive below so let's keep going below now before we get below

I want to point this out on the right hand side the Englishman's concordance

it shows how its translated so this is Genesis 9:27 in the na yes

may God in large Japheth in the KJV God shall enlarge Japheth in international

enlarge may God Japheth well not international int enlarge may God

Japheth this is how this is

interpreted in Genesis but then if you go down here to Exodus it seems to be

different the NA s is Sadducees the KJV is entices int is Sadducees if you come

down to Deuteronomy it's translated as deceived deceived deceived so why is it

translated as seduce enticed deceive here but in Genesis is translated as

enlarged in reference to Japheth so we're gonna continue down the path down

the page when you get down to Strong's Concordance you see that the exhaustive

part says allure deceive and large entice flatter persuade silly one

primitive root to be roomy usually figuratively so it's not literally being

enlarged necessarily but figuratively sometimes in a mental or moral sense to

be causal to be simple or deluded a lord deceive and large entice flatter

persuade silly one or to be silly so you could be mentally puffed up or mentally

deluded or have a moral sense of right mentally or you be wrong and have them

mentally superior you guys know what I'm talking about

well you where you believe you're morally superior now this is important

because before I get to that make sure you hit that thumbs up button don't

forget to hit the thumbs up button if you like in the video so far all right

this is important because when you get to Genesis chapter 9 we're about to

about to make you dig through the Old Testament for those of you who are

preaching that the Jews in Israel I Esau you might want to dig your Bible back

out because you're about to you're about to have to start proving it to people so

when we get down to Genesis chapter 9 verse 27 it says God shall enlarge

Japheth this is the word that's translated as a deceive a lure persuade

God shall deceive Japheth a lure Japheth persuade Japheth

i'ma show you in a second is the same word God shall enlarge Japheth and he

shall dwell in the tents of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant so we're

talking about Japheth here right so he's gonna enlarge Japheth what it's a

mentally puffed up give him a moral sense of authority so right here

Japheth Genesis 9:27 66 oh one may enlarge didn't we say 66 all one was the

other one we just looked at 60 601 Fattah so we have the same word 60 601 a

Lord deceive a large entice persuade so he's going to give Japheth the sense of

moral authority has anybody ever heard of the term manifest destiny if you've

never heard of british israel ism look into that a lot of this stuff teaches

that they have the moral authority to enslave and invade the entire world

because they believe that they are israel the tribes of Judah and Benjamin

they believe that the white race is the the true Israelites of the Bible and

that they have the moral authority to do all the stuff they've been doing without

consequence because it's ordained of God according to them but notice it said

Canaan shall be his servant now this is for those who say that the entire white

race is Esau this is why I keep saying it's not that cut and dry you can't say

the entire white race is Esau because we know that they are Japheth based on

what's going on and some of you may say well this doesn't really prove that but

just pay attention now what are the people in Isreal call themselves they

call themselves Ashkenazi a lot of them call themselves

Ashkenazi you've heard of Ashkenazi Jews so if you google Ashkenazi it says this

Ashkenazi plural Ashkenazim from Hebrew Ashkenazi Germany member of the Jews who

lived in the Rhineland Valley and in the neighboring France before their Mike

before their migration eastward to Slavic lands Poland Lithuania Russia

after the Crusades and their descendants this is what ashkenaz refers to so in

here in Genesis chapter 10 verse verses to us let's read verses 1 through 3 now

these are the generations of the sons of Noah Shem ham and Japheth and unto them

were born sons after the flood the sons of Japheth Gomer and Magog and Madai and

Javan and tubal Meshech and Tyrus and the sons of Gomer Ashkenazi right there

Ashkenazi is a descendant of Japheth so when you have somebody calling

themselves Ashkenazi they are from the line of

Japheth it tells you right here it means Germany this is where the Europeans are

so these are not Esau Esau is from the line of shimon right here we know that

these are from the line of Japheth so anybody telling you that they're Esau is

not necessarily correct again it's not that cut and dry but we see that they

are Europeans but we're gonna continue just for a second off-the-beaten-path

because this word appears here now times of Israel this is their own publication

not Dante's times of Israel notice it mentions Palestine Palestinians troops

clash and West Bank thousands protest Trump playing in Jordan this is from the

20th now this is not when the article was written these are stories from the

20th right this is about Palestine I'm gonna show you something

Ashkenazi Jews descend from 350 people study finds bottleneck dates back 600 to

800 years right so 600 to 800 years now this is September 10th 2014 when this

was published September 10th 2014 they were saying in this and this is times of

Israel this is their own people saying this they are from the line of Japheth

they are not esau arthur Kessler said the same thing people said Arthur

Kessler was crazy this is Arthur Kessler he is an Ashkenazi Jew and he said that

they came from they were Jewish converts in the 8th century from Caesarea so

again he places them as Europeans he wrote this book and I believe in 1976

this is when this was published and we see the article in 2014 confirming what

he's saying we see the breakdown of the word

in Hebrew means Germany but to understand all that and the part where

it says Canaan shall be his servant you have to understand what happened in 1917

in 1917 these German Jews these Ashkenazi wrote a letter and then they

got a reply this is called the Balfour Declaration where they got a lot of

promise from the British Empire to secure them land in Palestine so you

have two groups of Europeans you have the Brits and you have the Ashkenazi

Germans Jews they're making a land to take Palestine what did it say Canaan

shall be his servant whereas Palestine in the current land that we call Israel

which is past Canaan or biblical Canaan where does the word Palestine come from

it comes from the word Philistine so Canaanites are still in that land so now

the German Jews and the Brits are plotting to take a chunk of that land so

this is in 1917 they get the they get to go ahead and they say look we're gonna

back you on this on acquiring a homeland for you and we're gonna take it out on

Palestine now if you look up the Zionist Federation was founded in 1899 so they

found a design as Federation in 1899 by 1917 they had a commitment from the

Brits and in 1920 he run into the mandate for Palestine which comes from

the League of Nations and the Brits were supposed to enforce this so basically

they went in there and stole the land and in 1948 they give them the land

which is why there's no peace in the Middle East which is why if you're

following the current stuff going on with Trump's peace plan the Palestinians

are not happy about it because they're like this is our land

these people don't belong here they're Europeans anyway there's even more proof

but people say well why do you call them fake Jews why do you call them fake Jews

well number one the Bible and every other source says that the Jews were

black and dark-skinned and yet we have evidence that these people are converts

from Germany from the line of Japheth saying that they are the people of the

Bible and then they make an accord with England to steal

Alys Tinian land that supposed to belong to the Hebrews and now we see that they

are not living in peace as Bible prophecy said because people say well

how come they're back in the land how did they become a nation in a day they

didn't become a nation in a day it took them 49 years from the founding

of the Jewish Federation in 1899 to 1948 to acquire the land they didn't become a

nation in a day people say that they fit the prophecy but the prophecy said they

would live in the land safe again when the Most High put them there they're not

in that land safe they're at war constantly not only that the environment

is killing them because they have the second highest melanoma rate in the

world and if you don't know what melanoma is it's a deadly skin cancer so

everything about this tells you they don't belong there they don't getting

skin cancer because they don't have the right complexion black people wouldn't

be living there getting skin cancer at that rate they are though because they

don't belong there so now when we read in the book of Revelation we understand

in Revelation 289 is in the Angel of the Church of Smyrna write these things

saith the first and the last which was dead and is alive I know thy works and

thy tribulation and poverty what is the stereotype about Jews is

that they are miserly that they hoard money this is a stereotype it doesn't

mean it's true it's a stereotype but that's not the stereotype that the most

high is using he said I know you're in poverty but thou art rich and I know the

blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue

of Satan this is what the you're a Christian euro centric Christian church

doesn't want to talk about they don't want to talk about this verse right here

this says that there is a synagogue of Satan saying that they are Jews and are

not they say it's blasphemy so understand if you're a Eurocentric

Christian and you're saying it doesn't matter skin color doesn't matter and

you're over here hating black people who are the Israelites and you're loving

white Jews who are from the line of Japheth who are not really Shem mites at

all and you're supporting them taking that land you're not supporting the

people of the Most High you're oppressing the people of the Most High

and supporting what the Bible calls the synagogue of Satan so you can say

whatever you want to you could try to justify it however you want to the facts

are the facts and we know what the facts point two and if we go to Revelation 3 8

and 9 I know thy works behold I said before thee an open door and no man can

shut it for thou has little strength and has kept my word and has not denied my

name behold I will make them of the synagogue

of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie behold I will make them

to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee now

meaning that the Jews that did this the synagogue of Satan the fake ones don't

know who the real ones are or they think that the Most High doesn't care about

the rules he said I'm gonna make them to know that I love you and make them come

worship before your feet what do you think is more likely to happen you think

we're gonna go worship dumb people do you think black people will go

worship them people do you think they'll come worship us No so each one is

equally unlikely to happen that's what's gonna make it a miracle because you guys

are gonna see something that we never thought we would see and when I say you

guys I'm talking to those who still believe the Eurocentric Christian lie

that these people are the real Israelites of the Bible that's what

makes a miracles when something you don't think is going to happen whatever

happen never in the history of the world would you ever think a group of

Europeans would come worship at the feet of former or the descendants of former

slaves in America that would make it a miracle so understand what's going on

the Bible whether or not you want to address this stuff it has to be

addressed because there are fake Jews posing as real Jews according to the

Bible and that has not changed and you can do the research and leads where it

leads but these people are lying to Japheth

so anyway get the thumbs up we're gonna get back into what's going on

so the lying spirits came spoken the Prophet the prophet Micah lied now a hab

doesn't know what to do so here's a hab solution where we get alright we did

that let me get over here here we go so what happened to my KS so

here's what happens

let me go to verse 20 sorry verse 23 now therefore behold the

Lord had put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets and the Lord had

spoken evil concerning the bazzetta kaya the son of Qin and I went near and

smoked my K on the cheek and said which way went the Spirit of the Lord for me

to speak unto thee and my chaos said behold thou shalt see in that day when

thou shalt go into an inner chamber to hide thyself and the king of Israel said

take my Kia and carry him back unto Amon the governor of the city and to joash

the king's son and say thus saith the king put this fellow in the prison and

feed him with the bread of affliction and with the water of affliction until I

come in peace all right so if you ever heard that you get fed bread and water

in prison we see it here in the Bible as well so I'm not sure what I looked up

the word affliction here to kind of see what it meant because I had a suspicion

that it meant like molded bread or something like that but the word isn't

really clear on what that what that really means it has a lot of words with

it like oppression in other words so I'm not sure exactly what bread of

affliction is or water of affliction but I'm pretty sure it probably was not

clean bread or clean water I'm assuming but anyway he gives this order to have

him put in prison until he comes back in peace this is important right here he

says have him put in prison until I come in peace and listen to my cares response

verse 28 chapter 22 verse 28 first kings and my K I said if thou shalt return at

all in peace the Lord has not spoken to me spoken by me and he said hearken o

people every one of you he said listen to me if this dude comes back at all God

is not speaking through me now this is the measure it means if he does not come

back God has spoken to him so he goes out to battle the King does go out to

battle but he has this grand idea that he's gonna dress up like somebody else

and have somebody else dress up like him and go out to battle so ben-hadad sees

this he sees the decoy and sends everybody after the decoy which is kind

of funny because he they're like he's like ignore everybody else on the

go get that dude right there now when they figure out it's not the actual King

and been a dad realized what's going on he then sends everybody else after the

king and a hab gets shot with an arrow he ends up bleeding out in the city and

the dogs come lick up his blood which is part of another prophecy where the Most

High tells him that the dogs would lick his blood up and he also later on

Jezebel is gonna die too but yeah this is what happens now what's crazy about

the story is we don't find out what happens to my Tia he's never mentioned

again he's thrown into prison before the king goes out to battle the king dies

and we never hear him again so we don't know if they let him out we don't know

if he ended up staying in prison we don't know what happens to my care now

some people say well that's the private prophet Micah it's not the prophet Micah

he's a different person and I did look just to make sure that I couldn't find

what happened to my care so if anybody has any references to anywhere that

mentions what happened to my k'i after this please let me know I would love to

look into it and just kind of see how it lines up with Scripture if it lines up

with Scripture at all so what did we learn here the Most High sometimes asks

for volunteers in the spirit realm it may seem weird to some of you because

many of us who come out of Eurocentric christianity including in black churches

that teach Eurocentric christian doctrine we always hear people saying

well that's the spirit of this and that's the spirit of that that's the

spirit of lust and envy and the spirit of murder and a spirit of lying and what

we learned here in the Bible is that sometimes God takes volunteers and

sometimes all the spirits get together and plot to lie on you or get you to

fall for something deceitful this is what happened

spirits can volunteer for certain tasks we saw the one came forth there was no

argument about it they they discussed it and one came forth one volunteer we

don't know if he was good or bad we just know he volunteered for this specific

task and we know the spirit and it doesn't necessarily say angel or demon

spirits can consult with each other and choose one for the job now this shows

that they have freewill some denominations teach that angels and

other spirits don't have free will this tells us the opposite they are

intelligent beings they are capable of working together they are capable of

devising a plot now think about how intricate this plot was it was so

intricate to the point that my tail went and started off talking to the king with

a lie and the King knew he was gonna tell him something bad the other

prophets had lied to him so there's a lot of stuff going on right here and

they manipulated the King to the point and when I say they I'm talking about

the spirits the the King was manipulated into still going out on the battlefield

even after he knew he wasn't supporters going to battlefield he knew my kids

words could be correct which is why he came up with a decoy thinking he could

trick God and it didn't work but they still got him out on that battlefield

because remember what God said who's gonna go out there and convince him to

go out there and die and one came forth and he'd made it happen and the final

lesson who we learned today is real prophets might lie to you if they don't

like you understand that my kid and Ahab did not like each other

my kid did not like 1/2 cuz they had was pretty evil

well mostly his wife got him to do a lot of evil and he went along with it

and Ahab didn't like my care because he never had anything good to say and he

told him what he said when he first asked him about the battle freeze like

go and be well so had he just listened he would have went and then when he said

ok don't go he doesn't want to listen because you don't like him so now he's

gonna go and try to trick God and didn't work so that's just one of those

interesting one-off stories that we get we don't hear too much more about this

this council of spirits that seems to occur in heaven we see other situations

where stuff happens but we don't see any other event in the Bible where all the

spirits come together and consult and choose a volunteer to go take a task now

some of you say well in Mormonism there's the plan of redemption where

they come and try to figure out you know who's gonna go down there and

redeem mankind however that's not something we see in the Bible at all and

there's a whole lot of flaws with that they put Satan in Christ equal on the

same level and we know that's not true so this has no anything to do with

Mormonism Mormonism I probably actually took it from that scene in the Bible and

probably put their own spin on it to add to their doctrine which is why they have

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The Description of THE LYING SPIRIT | SEDUCING SPIRITS | 1 Kings 22 | Strange Stories In The Bible - Episode 1