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Here we are again!

Good morning!

What are you doing Sam?

So Im eating a hotdog, drinking a Martini and getting ready for Cleveland.

Its going te be a busy weekend, Cleveland, New York, Vegas and then Barcelona

So this is Denis my cameramans new invention, its a mix between an olive platter and a Martini. great succes!

Mr. Cripple

Watch out man!

Watch out before you hit someone!

Weve been traveling for 15 hours from this morning in Amsterdam through Detroit,

but now we are here in Cleveland for the very first time in my live, performing tonight, Im pretty excited.

There we go again, huh?!

What's up Cleveland!

My name is Sam Feldt, are you guys ready!?

Put those hands in the air!!

What's up Sam?

What's up!

Cleveland, you guys were insane this bus even crazier look at this ****, we are on our way to New York City!

So we are back in New York straight from Cleveland

It is New York fashion week and I think the last time I played in New York was just before the accident.

Now Im back, Lavo tonight, pretty excited lets go!

Allright guys, were in Vegas here and as you can see the view from our room is pretty ****, but our room is not.

Follow me inside, we have a bed over here, beautiful bathroom.

A *****ing 100 inch TV, naked women on the wall

So this is kind of maze, I still have to find out what this room is for.

I havent opened this door yet... OH, its another ****hole!

Alright, we enter the living room and as you can see another big-ass tv

There is the view guys, Las Vegas baby.

Another chair AND another bed...

Wow, a very nice location to hang a tv

Yeah I dont know how to watch it, but... its huge!

Very nice.

The bathroom, another bathroom...

Perfect, Vegas Baby!!

After al full night at Lavo during New York fashion week, completely packed,

we are now in Vegas with the boys: Paddy and Teddy for Marquee Day-club

Paddy and teddy that is how we go on from now on!

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