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[Alli] Hi

Thank you very much for joining us.

So, we might start by discussing why you chose Cluey.

Yeah, we chose Cluey because we live in a remote location.

And while there is a local tutoring center here,

from a national chain, when I spoke to Cluey,

she really talked about selection process for tutors,

and I thought, while we have a choice locally,

I love that you guys were able to vet a large number

of applicants and really choose people who are the most

qualified and we thought we'd get a better result

for our children by doing it online as opposed to locally.

You mentioned that there was a learning center nearby.

Had you had any experience with that?

No, but I have lot's of friends who have.

The reason Cluey worked for us is,

they could be doing something right up

until the time before their tutoring,

and here they are.

They can just log on.

If it's over, they can turn it off, we can have dinner,

we can get on with our lives.

So, there's a big convenience factor.

I also like that there's video and a shared workspace.

How would you measure their success with Cluey?

What are the key markers for you?

So, I'll tell you, the first one that I saw

after the very first session was,

no complaints.

And they had no complaints getting on the next time,

and when I said it's time for tutoring they said,

"Okay, let's get on."

And in fact, they both had worked with a local tutor,

not from a tutoring place here locally.

A private tutor.

They hated it.

And so they didn't hate it with Cluey

which meant they were willing to show up.

That was number one.

Number two, I think, I've seen that my daughter

can do some things in her writing that I didn't see before,

and I just started to see more and more of.

But things that have made a big difference to her writing

success and I attribute that to her Cluey tutor.

I think, in general, I've seen an improvement.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I will say, in the local tutoring center,

they work with their tutor.

There's somewhere between four and six students there.

They do a little one-on-one work

and then they get a little assignment they need to work on

and the tutor goes and helps other people.

So, I'm not even sure, within that hour,

how much time and attention they get from that tutor.

I love that, for a full hour, there's somebody focused

on improving my child's skills

in an area that really matters.

I think that is priceless.

- Thank you so much, Alli.

We're really, really happy that you've had a wonderful

experience with us.

Yeah, we're gonna continue.

They're gonna continue all the way,

probably, through Year 12, so.

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