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Hi my name's Elizabeth and I'm speaking on behalf of expert village. What we're going

to talk to you today about is potty training your parrot. Now most birds are not in the

define-able term potty trainable. You cannot teach them to go in a certain location or

to hold it. While some birds will learn they sort of teach themselves in a desire to please

you. The best way is what you do is you do something very consistently right before your

bird goes and if you know your bird very well they get this sort of body language that they're

about to go to the bathroom. You can very quickly run over to a trash can or use a white

sheet of paper stick it under neath them and use a consistent term every time. I use go

potty you can use bombs away or whatever you'd like. Now this requires a lot of dedication

on your part if you've got a very small bird like a parakeet or a cockateil this is gonna

be about every ten to fifteen minutes the larger birds you need to offer them a chance

to go every twenty or so. Sometimes more frequently if the bird is out eating. What you can to

again have a trash can nearby, each time stick the bird over the trash can or the piece of

paper and just say the term that you wanna use. If the bird does nothing fine put them

back on the stand, or you can just hold the bird there for a few minutes until they go

if they do great give the bird a treat I just choose to use verbal praise most of the time

they just figure it out very quickly and then put them back on their stand. You'll know

when your bird gets it I had a cornier that I trained to do this and I thought it was

the funniest thing I knew that she finally understood what I wanted when stuck her over

the trash can she looked at me and said go potty and went to the bathroom. So it's really

a matter of consistency of training your bird to associate a word with a behavior and they

just seem to find it another trick it dosen't generally need any sort of food reward again

I don't recommend using a food reward just because some birds might hold it too long

and cause physical problems in a desire just to get a treat from you. Just verbal praise

is generally enough and as long as your consistent and you use the same place the same term and

you watch your birds body language most of the time you can get your bird to go in a

particular place every few minutes.

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