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Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

what is up guys - Andrew with my watch addiction calm and today we're going to

do a review of an orient Mako II - now anybody that's seen my channel before

knows that I have not reviewed an Orient Watch yet but they are watch that I've heard

quite a bit about I see people talking about him all the time so I figured it

was about time to get one in now before we get started the watch of the day is

that a Kwai see a quasi however you pronounce it that's currently on

Kickstarter I just released a video of it a couple weeks ago I think now

definitely check them out if you haven't lastly if you're not a subscriber please

go ahead and subscribe that way you guys will be alerted every single time I

release a new video and as I mentioned in previous videos we're aiming to do

two a week to get through a backlog of watches that I have anyway guys let's Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

tear into this orient Mako - so orient watches is one of those watch brands

that I hear people talking about see people talking about all the time but

I've never personally owned one myself so I figured it was time so I treated

for an orient Mako - if we take a look at the case here that's almost like a

aluminum or stainless steel of some kind pretty neat-looking a little case not a

whole lot to it but a lot of design behind it we open it up here

and see I opted to go with the Pepsi bezel version of this orient Mako to

pull this guy out and see what else that comes with this guy has already been

sized he says I mentioned I'll pick this guy up and trade and if I can get the

manual out which it's gonna shake and make me look like an idiot

anyway the manual stuck in the case and there it is you guys know what manuals

look like nothing special to it so let me get this guy off the pillow and we'll Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

take a closer look so as we zoom in you can see this orient Mako - has that deep

blue sunburst dial to it now this is a very very deep blue

like a navy-blue see with that matching Pepsi colored bezel with the blue in the

red right there on this diver now the first thing that caught my attention

about this watch was the overall size this is not a huge watch this guys

coming in 41 and a half millimeters in diameter and the dial and then 13

millimeters in thickness for this watch now the movement used in this watches in

Orient caliber F 6 9 to 2 automatic movement and that gives us both the day Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

display as well as the date display right there at that 3 o'clock position

now this movement does offer hacking and hand wined now the one thing that

catches my eye that I kind of appreciate about those watches the stainless steel

that they used in this case I know I've used this word to describe things before

but that polish is almost buttery I mean there's no real hard edges it's very

very smooth very smooth polished I wouldn't say it's a high polish but it's

just a very very smooth polish on this case now that stainless steel bracelet

is 20 millimeters I'm sorry 22 millimeters at the lug and then that

drives us down to the fold over locking clasp with orient logo right there now

this guy does have micro adjustments right there in the bracelet now this is

a pressed clasp from the clasp standpoint does feel a little bit on the

cheaper side for the internal workings of this class but not horrible and then

of course that case back is just a screw down case with no I mean they do have

some design on the back but it's pretty plain case back the crystal on this

watch is a mineral crystal so they opted not to go with the sapphire crystal and

save a little bit of manufacturing costs but this diver is rockin with that screw

down crown a 200 meter water resistance one thing I also noticed is the loom Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

on the indices these are applied indices the loom looks pretty decent

but I won't know for sure until we get some shots in low light once these guys

are charged so I'm looking forward to that but I think it's just a very

classic diverse Pepsi style divert that I think will probably fit good in my

collection the other thing I just noticed is on that crown right there

they do have the Orient logo as well I mentioned that their MSRP on this

watch is 325 dollars if you were to buy it directly from Orient now I personally

did not pay for that I actually was able to pick up this watch with about an $80

trade value on the watch what I put on the watch that I traded for it you can

however pick these guys up used or I through secondary markets you can pick

them up anywheres from 75 80 all the way up to like a hundred and eighty so I

would definitely if you're interested in one definitely take a look around see if

you can find a good price on it so that was the orient Mako to orient Mako to

not a bad little watch especially not a bad little watch at that roughly $80 Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

price point that I picked it up for guys if you can pick up one of these Mako

twos if well if you like the design if you like the watch and you can pick up

one of these orient Mako twos I would say is safe bet is to keep it closer to

the $100 price range I wouldn't go personally I wouldn't go

above 130 for it but not a bad little watch I can see this is gonna fit well

in my collection I love the thickness on it size on it looks pretty decent I

can't wait to see pictures of it on the wrist and keeping it around in my

collection if if it works out well anyway guys if you want to see pictures

of this orient Mako 2 or any other watch I'm wearing on a daily basis don't

forget you can follow us on Instagram / watch addiction dot u.s. anyway guys I'm

gonna get out of here but post up in the comments below what do you guys think

about worrying watches are they something that you guys liked you like

you know cheap and easy for the price point what are your thoughts post up

below if you have an Orion watch you think I should take a look at another

one definitely post up in the comments below and let me know what you think I

should take a look at again guys I'm going to get out of here have a great

week and we will see you soon Orient Mako II Pepsi - Cheap Dive Watch Review

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