Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Giving Feedback for Strong Performance

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he talked about today is what we do with employees to give them to be back in a


but they can hear it

they can take it and then they can ship their behavior

anticipate some inexpensive

not make it go away which is not a bolt to make it

get a little bit less

so stuck

to texas is a feedback in only two purposes

who knows what's the purpose to giving feedback

improving here make it better


reinforced thank you keep doing what you're doing

and those are the only two reasons to get the back

it's just that you do something that i'm a cop check your motives at the door

so if you're giving feedback for any other reason other than to help someone

improving to something differently or to continue doing what you're doing i'm

going to say

check your motives at the door

i help companies matters hiring process manager harry

and there was a young man who interviewed for training position in a


and it was unc joint interviews is a group of several people who were doing


and he was the most part i can get it

but the people who were interviewing and didn't like it

job but they don't seem to interview isn't feeling great i think the guys

kind of a jerk

and he said to them home so if i need to be on your team and i think i was your

first choice

it's actually

you are arthur

i wouldn't want to be on that team

so check your motives at the door

purpose the feedback i've got shift behavior improve it keep doing what

you're doing

every friday

you buy your wives or girlfriends are mothers flout every single friday for a


and she never says anything

what should you do

yeah you should go out and buy yourself a really really nice girl

because this is an appreciated she's not demonstrating it

why keep doing it

same as employees

so talk about how did you guys

till key elements of feedback


and behavior

attitudes and behaviors not just one

i help organizations manic succession planning to make sure that hypertensive

have a place to go

and as a result by return birds and hundreds and hundreds of performance


our favorite you're in class

and everytime i read them but i think the same thing

in any country in any part of the u_s_

i keep up

breakfast children cereal

sugar corn

known trains

just sugar

sure is a really great team player

we've really enjoyed having ur she works really hard and she's had a great year

thanks for confirming

it's unfortunate because they are actually say anything

and your please need guidance

your feedback is their compass

and their god and without it

it's like a little bit like that movie that came out several years ago blair

witch project

who thought up down

fulfill might she took over that film

that would be happy to

is the first film hypocrisy

actress in a bag containing for two years

that's brilliant

over the last day of our relationship

truly i can't get this man

but the movie made a really great point

so when the film it's a group of high school students and their creating a


and there in the mountains in maryland and they're looking for the blair witch

which is a little like a lot next month

and they go into the words of their camping and they're looking for a lot

less monster and they get lost and they get frustrated

and we want to get the certainly frustrated you may remember

they throw their mapping the river

and now they have no direction and the rest of the movie they walk around the

same ever doing laps and i and then visceral pain

this is a little bit like managing people without feedback

they don't know what to do

right it's like going on a road trip

they're taking their kids to new york to fly that they didn't bring a map

sooner than later they end up in kansas they have no idea how they got

so if you don't get your own place feedback and hopes them in a timely way

being really clear interact

it's the same thing

so accidents

and behaviors

actuator behavior

though i doubt it


hard to work with


it's elephant behavior

demonstrate being hard to work with give me a couple of examples

your nastier surly

late you don't keep your word

got is a behavior

so if you really want to put a shift their behavior and do something

differently which again is another purpose to feedback you want to give axa

peeps and behaviors

as an example

was working with the manager and a large mutual fund company in new york

and i coach a lot of managers on how to help their or in please improve

so she said to me i have a complete super aggressive

and i just don't know what to do when i didn't feedback sick of really really

defensive and i think that that

and i said well what did you tell

and she said well i i said she's aggressive

as the world as it could be a lot of things that could be persistent it could

be that you call until you get a yet

it could be tenacious it could be a variety of things

someone's going to get defensive if they can't picture what you're talking about

good feedback is like a video camera

the person can see exactly what happened

and they can see it go by

and that enables them to shift their behavior

so good feedback happens in a timely way i'm going to recommend you practice

the twenty-four hour guideline and the one-week role

twenty four-hour guideline in the one report with this means is

someone needs to be able to picture what you're talking about if they can't it's

a missed opportunity

you just need to wait till happens again and if it's a problem it well

also if you wait longer than that to give feedback

they didn't think you hold a press

and that's not the matter to you want to be

so again we're practicing timely feedback

freebie clearance pacific

sector hurts but i think what she does

it demonstrates aggression

just as well as he leaves the meeting and she's upset

she comes back to work after she slammed perhaps print on the phone slammed at

the dentist bends artwork

and creating tension on the team

decreases to sense of hostility and buddy

as well that's what you need to tell

just like any time that i heard a few weeks

crises so we're just talking thingy thing it hope it gets better

answer some of your possibly may be doing this at your company maybe your

bosses or something net great it's not going to get better it's going to stay

in if they weren't going to get worse

and it's not those people who leave the company it's your great people

your people who really

secrets you feedback benefit but compared to market about

so we need to get her courage together

and we need to give feedback

and a couple things

don't wait


that upset

to go away don't wait for the defensiveness to go away who should be

really really grateful for it

eleven and everything

really like to give shari murphy practice stupid

vivek stockman hurt ur feelings that's about you not about them

human beings are wired to defend themselves

where the people of little children in the room

with little kids

when you take a little kids to cross the street

they can tell them to do what

look left

and let the right

and that's to keep them safe

when people get feedback and they get defensive it's the same thing it's to

keep us safe

so don't expect them not to get defensive just to wait for it

when they get upset and they cry they carry on and they might

ballot off from if you're still breathing and if you want this is very

very good news

when they stop crying then you have a conversation

you be clear

you be specific

you paint a picture

lastly you offer an alternative way to be

so even the best managers when i see the gift feedback there's something then

it's not the person what happened

they state the consequence but they don't offer another way to do things

higher with the people the benefit of doubt

i really think that if we knew another way to do something we would do it

so what the women with

with being a graphic

here's what i would set

i would have said susie

i've noticed them

when you leave a meeting in europe setback to casting slammed on your

phoning your contends that

and is creating a sense of tension on the team

do you do you know what i'm saying you create a dialogue

is good feed back at the dialogue it's not you barking on your employees if you

have your conversation with

involve them in the past

here's my suggestion

there when you're upset you find another way to dispel that upset for coming back

to the team

suggestion at a requesting willing to do that

she says well it was

we meet

let's take a walk around the block

led to drink

meaner good for you protein spirulina

when you can talk about combat to die really willing to do that

siebert drastic

preferably within twenty four hours but surely within a week

you're clear and your specific

you mention activates and behaviors

so she concedes that clear what happens

u_n_ volunteer process and you give her another way

looking employee retention witnesses have to do with the flavor touch

we know that people leave organizations the number one reason

because there's no place to go and a place to grab

the only way to help him please growing developers to give them opportunities

because them along the way

find your courage

get to know your employees

be directed at them

make a difference with them everyday

by being honest

and they'll be loyal to you and they'll be coming

The Description of Giving Feedback for Strong Performance