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[RM] : so ...

[RM] : who broke it ?

[RM] : I'm not mad , I just want to know

[JM] : I did ...I bro-

[RM] : No ...No you didn't

[RM] : Tae ?

[Tae] : Don't look at me ...

[Tae] : Look At Hobi-Hyung

[JH] : What??

[JH] : I didn't Break it

[Tae] : Huh..That's Weird , How'd you even know it was broken ?

[JH] : Cuz It's Sitting right in front of us and It's Broken

[Tae] : Suspecious ...

[JH] : No , It's not ..

[JK] : I-if it matters ,Probably Not ..But Jin Hyung was the Last one to use it

[Jin] : LIAR ! I don't even drink that crap

[JK] : oh really , then What were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

[Jin] : I used the Wooden stirrers push back my cuticles, Everyone knows that Jungkook !

[JM] : Ok ! let's Not fight , I broke it , let me pay for it RM !

[RM] : No ! ... Who Broke it ?

[JH] : RM ....

[JH] : Suga has been awfully quiet-


Oh my God ..

[RM] : I broke it ..

It burned My hand so I Punched it

I Predict 10 mins from Now ,They'll be at each other's throats with war Paint on their Faces and a Pig head on a stick


it was getting a little chummy around here

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