Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NiKOs FIRST TIME in a BALL PIT! ultimate indoor park with our daredevil kids! (family night routine)

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(upbeat pop instrumental)



- [Man] What's the plan today?

- We're gonna do some cool things today.

- Cool things today!

Welcome to the start of another Best Day Ever.

This was Jenny's idea.

What are these cool things we're about to do?

- I don't even know, I just heard this place was cool.

- [Man] Should we go do cool things Nico?

- [Little Girl] I think there's games here!

- [Man] Games?

- Yeah!

- Cool things on three!

One, two, three!

- [All Together] Cool things!

- [Man] Hold on, oh, there with your pigtail you got it!

Forty-one inches, good job!

- Yay!

- You can do cool things.

- Yeah, I can do cool things.

- Holy cow!

What is that?

A giant monkey?

Is that a monkey?

Wait, which one's the monkey?

Is that a monkey, or is that a monkey?

Are you a monkey?

Oh it looks so fun!

Come on, we gotta get wrist bands first.

Look, special socks you can run faster and jump higher.

- Wow I wanna put them on.

- [Man] Okay, yeah, these socks are special.

It's like getting new gear in a video game,

that's what just happened here.

- [Man] Whoa, two wrist bands!

You must be a big kid now.

Let me see your muscles.


Are you getting in there babe?

Oh I like it!

Hook it up!

Double wrist bands!

- [Woman] Oh yeah!

- That's how it's gonna be double fun,

when you got two wristbands on.

Wristband power!

(electricity zapping)

- [Man] Power Rangers!

(power chord chug)

- [Man] Try his ankle if you want,

yeah, that's style points bub.

(baby cheering)

- [Man] Whoa, it made him run faster!


- Dad, put on socks too!

- [Man] Oh I'm gonna run so fast in these socks!

Adley look, you can zip across the ceiling right here,

There's a sky coaster thing.

This place is crazy!

- [Little Girl] Look I have my socks on!

- Look how fast Adley can run!

(pumped up music)

- That was really fast!

(spring bouncing)

- [Man] Whoa, can you jump over my hand?


That was awesome!

Oh, rollers?

I think you gotta go down that.

- [Woman] We gotta find another way!

- [Man] Let's go Nico!

Come on buddy.

- [Woman] You can do it!


(man straining)

- Hey dad, watch!

- [Man] Let's see it!

(both cheering)

- [Woman] All right!

- Should we go for it Nico?


Go Nico!

(woman cheering)

- [Man] Good job!

Nico that was so good!

(all cheering and laughing)

- [Man] Hey, how'd you get up there?

Hut, hut, hut,

Whoo, half pipe!


She's tricky, she's so fast!

Where'd she go?


(baby cooing)

(all cheering)

- [Man] Good job Nico!


Whoa, how'd you get all the way up there?

- What should we do next?


(baby cooing)

- [Man] Do you wanna go in there?


Come here, I'll save you!


(girl cheers)

- [Man] Wow!

- So I'm gonna try.

- [Man] Let's see it!

- Lets see it!

- Whoa!

I thought they were gonna be trampolines!



- [Man] Whoa you got it!

That was awesome!

- This is so fun.

- Ten out of ten and we've only been here for ten minutes.

And then swing all the way out there.


- Set, go!

(all cheering)

- [Man] Ah, she's lost!

Where is she?



There she is!

Save her!

Are you okay?

- Yeah!

- [Man] Jump in!

(upbeat pop music)

- [Man] Grab the rings to get out!

Next one,

we're safe!

(whooping and cheering)

- Come through.


- Let's see if Nico can walk across without falling.

Come here, come get it!

- Aw, he wants to get in!

Ah, he's going in!

(upbeat pop music)

- Whoa look at this.

(all cheering and laughing)

- Good job!

Should I throw you on it?

- Yeah!

- Two, three!

Are you okay?

It didn't even hurt?

- It was fun!


- [Woman] Whoa you jumped out of the screen!

- You're crazy!

What kind of trick do you wanna do?

- I'm gonna do a back flip.

- A back flip?

- [Woman] Holy cow!

- Okay, ready?

One, two, three!

(All cheering and clapping)

- [Woman] Hey you blend in, I can't see you!

You're all pink!


- [Woman] Oh my gosh!

(girl mumbles)

- [Woman] It does?

This is crazy!

This is super bouncy guys!

- A balance set, and we do our exercises.

- Hey watch this!

- We do-

- [Woman] Whoa!

- Try and do a somersault and stay on there.

(cheering and clapping)

- Ah!

- [Little Girl] My turn!

- Okay let's see your turn!

(upbeat pop music)


- [Man] Oh let's do this!



Careful vlog, we don't wanna get hit!

- [Woman] Faster?

- Yeah.

- [Woman] Speed it up!

(cheering and yelling)

- Ah get me out of here!

(all laughing)

- That was scary!

Okay, your turn!

You gotta jump hurry!

Ah, that's tricky!

(woman laughing)

- I did it, I did it!

- [Man] All right, watch out!


we made it!

Good luck!


- [Little Girl] Go under mom!

- You gotta go over, watch!



One, two, three!


- [Man] Good job buddy!

- Bring the vlog up there!

- [Man] You show me where to go.

We're going deep here,

we're going all the way to the top.

Through this,

(squishing noises)

- Over here.

- [Man] Okay, you guys coming up?

- Yeah.

- Hi vlog!

Hi vlog!

Hi vlog!

Hut, hut, hut,

Come on Nico!

- [Woman] Pretend like there's hot lava beneath this!


- Okay, follow.

- [All Together] Whoa!

(tapping on plastic)

- [Man] Well that's pretty cool!

- Yeah!

- Where'd Adley go?

And why do I have a sweater on?

I'm sweatin'!

That's sweat!

How do we get out of here?

- I don't know!

- Do we just go back down the way we came?

- [Woman] There's a slide around here somewhere.

- We gotta find the slide,

we're actually trapped,

in the play toy right now.

Adley, how do we get out?

- Jump on down this slide!

- [Woman] There he goes!

- [Together] Bye!


- That's so cute!

- [Man] I'm gonna get you!


We made it!

Good job!

- Wow, take a little bit of a breather,

you know these vlogs used to be a lot of professional

fun having, skateboarding off roofs,

all sorts of crazy speed tests and stuff.

That stuff was a lot easier than hanging with

a bunch of kids at a place like this.


Still best Day Ever Stuff though.

- Candy!

- [Man] Whoa!

- Chocolate!

- I love how there's M&Ms, starbursts, skittles,

all this stuff, and all she sees

is just plain chocolate-


Banana Runts!

These are the best!

Come on Nico!

- [Little Girl] Dad look at this!

- [Man] He's so excited and he doesn't even know why!

- Yeah.

- [Man] Oh, we lost Adley!

Holy cow, this vlog's crazy!

We should come back and just strap a GoPro to Adley,

let her run around for thirty minutes and then

use whatever works.

(Chewbacca roar)

- [Man] Whoa, where are you going?

Oh, Adley, maybe you could do this!

Aw, should I try it?

- Yeah!

- I'm gonna try it,

is that it?

- [Woman] I feel like you're gonna go skydiving.

- Me too, I'm ready.

Ah, I got a diaper on!

Wait, I need a good luck kiss.

Thank you!

- Go daddy!

- Sean is scared of heights, a little,


You got it!

(whooping and cheering)

- [Woman] Holy cow!

Oh, here he comes!

So funny guys,

Sean really is scared of heights,

so that was really cool that he did that.

- Throw the vlog up!

- What!

- The vlog's gotta come, it's good guys.

What was that!

It's okay, she throws softballs, not vlogs.

Okeydokey, this is actually low-key scary,

but also high-key fun.

Safety rules first,

we're not going till that light turns green.

Ooh, green!

Rule number two, don't drop the vlog.

Here we go,


Whoa we're backwards,

Okay here we go!

We made it.

Then you follow this train up here,

Yo, comments section right now,

we need more vlogs here.

Green means go.

Here we go Nico!


Wall run!

That is so fun!

Yo, if I worked here I would do this all day,

you might have the coolest job ever,

besides a space station.

- I need candy.

- [Man] Oh you need candy?

- Yeah!

- [Woman] Oh she needs it.

- [Man] I think Nico needs some too.

I know what dad wants.

I'm getting banana runts.

- [Woman] Okay, let's go over here Nico.

(baby fussing)

- I got you, oh.

- [Man] Ah, you stinker,

this is his new game, where he runs from us.

(laughing and playing)

- Holy crap, look at that!

- [Man] You gotta try and climb this?

And it turns?

Oh look at this,

hop from this to this to this,

Whoa, look it!

This is, like, legit!

Holy crap!

Leap of Faith, you gotta jump from there and hold onto that,

or you splat.

- I've already proven that I can't do that so,

(both laugh)

Climbing Tetris over there.

- [Man] Oh that is so cool!

A Tetris climbing wall!

Yo this winter we gotta come here a ton.

- Yeah.

- Wow! We just lucked out, I didn't know this was in here.

- Let's get candy and I wanna do that

swing thing you did.

- [Man] Its actually way fun, it really is.

- But first, candy!

- [Man] Right, first candy,

second, swing thing.

Oh, he heard that candy was coming.

Are you ready for the candy bub?

- [Woman] Oh, look!

Here it goes, look!

Go over here.

- [Man] Look there's our candy!

(baby cooing)

- [Woman] Where's the next one?

- [Man] Nico's looking underneath

(both laughing)

- [Woman] Look, that was cool!

- [Man] Okay!

(baby mumbles)

- [Woman] Oh, don't get your face in there!


This is so funny!

- [Man] This machine is awesome!

How do we get one of these for the space station though,


- [Woman] Who knew candy could be so much fun?

- [All Together] Cheers!

- [Boy] What'd you guys get?

- [Man] Do you want one?

- Sure

- [Man] Do you want one?

- [Girl] Sure, I'm a subscriber!

- [Man] Really?

You watch the videos?


Can you say welcome to the best day ever?

- Welcome to the best day ever!

- Yeah!

Okay should we go eat candy somewhere?

- Yeah.

- Here, I'm gonna go do the sky thing.

- [Man] Okay ready?

Here goes mama!


She's so silly

- Banana

- She's okay!

I don't think Nico liked that.

She's coming back.

Oh, there she is!

Say hi mama, hi!

- [Woman] Hi Nico!

(baby cries)

- He's worried about you!

- [Woman] Nico, I'm gonna get you!

- She's gonna get you!

She's gonna get you!

Whoa, holy cow!

Is that silly?

- No.

- He loves his mama.

- [Man] What did you just make?

(girl laughs)

- [Man] What is that?

- Its a rainbow drink.

- [Announcer] Taste the rainbow.

- [Man] A rainbow drink?

That looks deliciously disgusting.

You're going again?


Definitely coming back,

especially for Adley videos.

Oh boy, Jenny got stuck.

You look like a witch riding a broom!

Is that a Nimbus five million?

Jenny's gonna appreciate that Harry Potter joke

when she watches the vlog.

Hey, should we make Adley videos here?

- Look it!

- [Man] Oh, more?

- [Woman] Holy cow!

- [Man] Holy cow!

My wife's crazy, I think she's having

more fun than the kids right now.

- [Woman] I did not know those were brakes.

Oh my gosh what are you doing?

- [Man] Did you have fun?

- That was so much fun!

- I have candy drink!

- Oh wow, can I get a drink that's not tainted?

- [Man] This one has Nico backwash.

- Do I want Nico backwash or skittle water?

- [Man] That's a decision that you need to make.

Good decision, good answer.

Good idea, oh look at those floaties.

- [Woman] Those are great Nico thank you.

- [Man] Extra flavor.

- [Woman] Yeah.

Do you know how you were wearing that harness?

You can wear that again and do, like,

a ropes course over there too.

- [Man] Oh, really?

- That's what I was saying, we definitely

gotta come back here.

There's way too much to do.

We should film Adley videos here.

This would be way fun.

And more vlogs.

There's still a ropes course,

plus the crazy ninja thing

that I'm scared to even try.

We're gonna come back for sure.

- [Woman] Space station guys and see if they can do that-

- That would be fun, we should bring

the space station crew here.

Leave it in the comments,

If enough peer pressure happens we'll get everyone to come.

- [Woman] Oh, he does not wanna hold either of our hands.


- [Man And Woman] He's free!

(baby screams)

- [Woman] You're free!

- [Man] Let's go dude!

We stayed that whole time!

We are the last ones to leave.

- Oh my gosh, it was so much fun!

- We're that family now, it was so much fun.

Where are you going?


- You come here!

- Get in there, yes!

- Look at this delicious home cooked meal by Jenny.

- No sides, just tacos, you know?

- You know what's better than

just a delicious home cooked meal?

A delicious home cooked meal, with no kids.

- That's true.

- They were exhausted. We got home-

- They, like, passed out.

- And Jenny is like, oh I forgot I made dinner for us.

- That smells so good.

- And Adley was like, Dad I'm so tired,

can I just go to bed?

And I was like, are you sure you don't wanna eat?

No dad, I just need to get comfy.

And I was like, okay.

This is, by far the best dinner I've had in, forever

and I haven't even started, I just know it already.

Wait, do you hear that?

- What?

- Nothing.

(both laugh)

Oh it's perfect.

If you're a parent, and you're watching this,

you know how amazing the sound of nothing is.

Especially when you're eating dinner.

- By the way, this is so easy to make.

You put like, four, frozen, boneless,

skinless chicken breasts, frozen, in a crock pot.

Pour on your favorite salsa, favorite taco seasoning,

cover it with the lid.

If you need it in three hours, cook it on high.

If you need it in, like, six, cook it on low.

- There it is, the most boring part of the vlog.

- Yeah


- Just kidding, I'm sure moms care.

Jenny didn't tell you the part of the story where she won

the chickens by getting chicken dinners in PUBG,

and then she used those chicken dinners that she won,

for this meal.

She's pretty good at Battle Grounds

- This is so good.

- When was the last time you and I just sat

with the vlog and hung out?

- It's been a while.

- I know right.

Best Days Ever have been so chaotic with kids,

but I love them.

The memories, like, when Nico goes back

and watches the video we filmed today of him

climbing all over, being cute,

he's gonna love us for it.

I have, like, no footage of me at that age.

- Me neither, I don't even have a picture.

- What's new with you babe?

- Life is great.

- Life's busy.

- Super busy.

- I go to the cabin this weekend,

you know how I go on that cabin trip

once a year with my dad?

(hip-hop music)

- Going on a camping trip this weekend, gonna miss ya.

- Drippy.

- Holding down the house with the kids.

- Yeah, what should we do guys, while Sean's gone?

We need some fun things to do.

- That's a good question, yeah.

- What else is new with you?

This is Jenny interview time.

- Nothing.

- I'll give you the Jenny updates.

Jenny has planned and prepared everything to do

with the dock by herself.

She designed it, it's beautiful, it's amazing,

you guys are gonna love it.

She is slowly building up the house.

You finished the kids rooms, you're close to finishing them.

- Almost, yes.

- She got a cute sign for Nico bear,

you should show him that.

- I did.

Slowly, we're gonna get each room done

and that's my goal for this year.

And then it'll be more than I ever did

in our nine years of marriage.

- That was a delicious dinner babe, thank you.

So we did catch-up with the vlog.

Jenny's been exercising every day on her new bike

that we got her downstairs.

And we play computer games downstairs on our new computers

and nice that's fun.

- I really wanna set up our VR down there.

- Yes were gonna have a VR section in the new space station.

- Didn't know that.


- [Man] Excuse me.

- I think he just ended the vlog.

- Hey guys, thanks for going to that crazy place

with us today and hanging out

and watching us run around with our kids.

We had a lot of fun.

The next Best Day Ever is gonna be really cool,

I already know what's gonna happen, so,

see ya next time, bye!

Do you wanna do it, or me?

- You can do it.

- Nah, you do it.

No, I'll do it,

I'll do it.

Nah, you can do it.

- Okay, Bye.

(upbeat pop instrumental)

- Oh, banana.

- Banana!

- Banana!

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