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Adobe Lightroom is arguably the most popular image

editing software for photographers in 2020.

Lightroom filter presets are critical to allowing

users to edit their photos efficiently and effectively.

To help you choose the best Lightroom presets for

your editing needs weve put together a list of

Envato Elements top 10 best Lightroom presets for 2020.

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subscription to Envato Elements find the link

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Number 10 - Adventure HQ Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets by creativetacos

Kicking off our list is a group of presets that

are suited perfectly to compliment travel

photography for blogs and social media platforms,

landscape and lifestyle shots as well as wedding

and event photography.

With a single click, add the perfect preset filter

to improve your image.

Number 9 - PRO Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets by beart-presets

This preset kit has been created specifically

for travel and landscape photographers, and

travel bloggers.

Editing outdoor and landscape photos has

never been so easy.

With 15 presets included, this kit is worth its

virtual weight in gold.

Number 8 - Manhattan Mobile Desktop Lightroom Presets by creativetacos

With installation instructions and a help file

included, this set of soft, matte preset filters are

perfect for any photographer looking to start editing

their own images.

The gorgeous, dreamy filters are perfect for highlighting

special moments captured at weddings, engagements and

other life-changing events.

Number 7 - Night Photo Lightroom Presets by Temaphoto

When using the number 7 preset collection on

this list youll find descriptions ranging

from Cinematic Street to Blue Toning to Fairytale

Colours, and youll never be left wanting.

Such a range of filters in the one kit can

only be described as a versatile photographers

dream preset collection!

Number 6 - Editorial Magazine Lightroom Presets by 2FX

Perfect for photographers, digital marketing

professionals and graphic designers is this collection

of 30 professional Lightroom presets.

Apply these filters to achieve a polished,

magazine style look.

If something goes wrong you can revert back

to the original image with just one click,

ensuring your raw image is always safe and sound.

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Envato Elements top 10 best Lightroom presets for

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Now, say cheese!, and settle in for the top 5

additions to our list.

Number 5 - Monocrom B/W Lightroom Presets by Artmonk

These premium presets add a sleek, monochromatic

sophistication to any image.

Theyve been created specifically to provide

a semi-noir aspect and are perfect for use on

promotional materials for films, album covers, stage

shows and premiere events.

Number 4 - Light Leaks Vol. 2 25 Lightroom Presets by ShinyPixel

Capturing the number 4 place on our countdown list is

a stunning collection of preset filters for Lightroom

that provide a vintage style makeover to images.

The presets have been professionally designed to

ensure they work on photos with any lighting style.

How convenient!

Number 3 - Winterchrome Lightroom Presets by Presetrain

Youll be walking in a winter wonderland

with this gorgeous set of Lightroom filters.

These presets are perfect for family, lifestyle and

portrait photographers, incorporating beautiful

skin-tones with warm and cold variations to set your

photography above the rest.

Number 2 - Night Sky Lightroom Presets by adrianpelletier

Capture the Milky Way, Scorpio, the Moon and

other stunning interstellar delights from the comfort

of your own backyard.

Then duck inside and edit them with ease

using this ethereal collection of presets.

Within half an hour, youll have created a

set of photographs thats entirely out of this world!

Number 1 - 50 Premium Food Photography Lightroom Presets by beart-presets

Theres nothing more delectable than a well

photographed food-based blog, editorial or recipe.

The winner of our top 10 best Lightroom presets

for 2020 is every food photographers

new best friend.

Leave your audience drooling at the sight of your

photographs, professionally retouched with this

tantalising set of filters created specifically for use

on images featuring food.

What was your favourite Lightroom preset on our

list of Envato Elements top 10 best Lightroom

presets for 2020?

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