Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ghar Baithe Lakhpati | KBC Spoof | TSP's Bade Chote

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Hey, listen.

Where is my black specs?

How would I know? Am I a Google?

Yes. This is fine.




Shri Shri Shri

Amitabh Bachchan welcomes you again in this wonderful game...

...named 'Ghar Baithe Lakhpati'...

- ... What honorable? It's Amit Ji. - Yeah. Fine.

So I Amit Ji welcome you.

She troubles me a lot.

Saying that don't go out Laxman, Rekha is there.

Then I said Laxman is fine but keep Rekha Ji away from it.

And anyways there is a lockdown outside... please don't step out.

And make sure you do not create a crowd.

And if you really want to create a crowd then...

...come outside my house at 6 in front of Jalsa, I will wave hands.

I am all alone. Feeling left out.

Feeling too left out.

So let's start this game with a heavy heart.

So ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that... don't have to be poor,

all you need is a good wifi connection.

So Mr. Computer will choose two random people from 125 crore...

...countrymen who will come and play this game with us.

This game is so amazing that you have never heard...

Talk slowly or else Abhishek will wake up.

Yes. Okay. I will not shout.

Actually Abhishek gets up from sleep when I shout.

Then he wants me to watch his film.

Yesterday he made us watch a film named 'Run'.

I said why are you showing the whole film, directly skip to Vijay Raaz.

So then he got angry.

And now he is not talking to me.

Everybody wants to become angry young man.

So Mr. Computer, kindly spin and find those two lucky people.

Finally it got connected.

No, no, no. I don't want to play with him.

Mr. Computer, have you gone mad? Huh?

Out of 125 crore people, you selected this idiot for this game?

I don't want to play with him at all.

Whenever he and his small friend comes into the game...

...then the prestigious game gets spoild.

I am not going to play with him.

Sir, you don't worry about him. He is no longer in this world.


Nice. Very nice.

See, I am an old man. For a moment, I couldn't breathe.

So let's start this game with you.

Okay, Mr. Computer...

...let's select another contestant.

Hey, Chote!

Hey, Bade?

- How are you? - This is cheating.

This is cheating. You said that he is no longer in this world.

Yeah sir, I was talking about this world.

Because he is locked in a world of his own when after having drugs.

Who is this on call?

How come you forgot? He is Amit Ji.

Why are you making us fool?

Amit Ji is a Home Minister. Do you know that?

He can also give his life for Kashmir.

Brother, he is talking about me.

Shri Amitabh Bachchan, father's younger son.

Doesn't look like.

He is quite handsome.

And here you have put flour in your beard.

The thing is... makeup man couldn't come today due to lockdown.

So I only went on YouTube and typed 'How to be Amitabh in two minutes',

and did my makeup by myself. So please...

...but I am not at all interested in playing with you.

Yeah so even we are not interested playing with you.

Mr. Computer, do one thing, please disconnect his call.


Now it is fine.

Oh, God! Where is he gone? Now who will give money?

Bade, he was fake. He had applied flour in his beard.

Finally, he is back.

What is this Mr. Computer?

How can you throw me out of the game?

Look, Modi Ji has said that you cannot terminate anyone from the job.

Let me tell you this.

Sir, I won't terminate. Next time if I do, format it.

You leave all these. You please start the game. I am getting late.

I have to go and start a sex chat. Girlfriend must be waiting...

...for friend.

Okay then let's begin the game with the two of you.

So let me tell you that there are three important rules in this game.

First rule,

nobody is going to cheat. Okay?

Second rule,

No one will leave this game in the middle.

And third rule,

Bastard, no one will abuse. Okay?

Hey, this is not the way to talk.

How can you use such words? Is this the way to talk?

Can't cheat and all.

- Is this the way to talk? - Anyways, let's start the game.

So let me tell you that there will be one question on your computer screen.

There will be four options.

And whoever raise his hand first,

I will only ask him to answer.

And if he gives the correct answer,

then he can win an amount of 50 thousand rupees.

50 thousand?

But the game is of 1 lakh, right?

Brother, 30 percent tax and 20 percent commission will be cut.

Whenever we play with him, he deducts the money.

Actually, I am an old man.

Even I want...

...I want to earn some money for old age.

Even I have seen the movie 'Baghban'.

Okay sir, stop talking rubbish and ask the question.

So the first question for 50 thousand rupees on your computer screen now.

Your question is...

How do you pronounce...





Whatever it is...

...medicine for Malaria?

Your options are:

A. Hydro-queen-Elizabeth.

B. Hydro-clhlorobo-jeetbo-re.


D. Do one thing, you give me paracetamol.

Your time starts now.


- Damn it! - May I go to the toilet?


Please sit down.

You are stuck on a question of 50 thousand rupees,

and you want to go to the toilet?

So Chotu, you tell me, what could be the answer?

Well, I have never had Malaria,

and I take cocaine for minor diseases.

My friend might know this answer.

Let me do phone-a-friend.

No, no. This is not allowed.

Not at all.

Don't be so rigid. Be a little flexible in life.

He is sitting and trying to be very focused.

You will never be an actor with this attitude.

There is a lot of struggle in Mumbai.

Okay then, do whatever you feel like.

Whatever you are doing, just go for it.

Go ahead.

Sir, I am getting a call. Wait a minute.

Hello! Yes brother?

No, no. There is a game show, I am just doing time pass with Amit Ji.

What the hell is going on?

- What is this? - I think it is D.


My friend is saying option D.

But he himself is a big 'C'.

So Big B, please lock option A.

Wow! Beautiful wordplay. Very nice.

So Mr. Computer,

Chote is asking to lock option C.


Well I am sorry this is the wrong answer, Chote.

Damn it!

Chote, you lose this game and Bade I have a good news for you that

Sir, even I want to do a phone-a-friend.

So Bade, Abhinav Sharma, tell me whom do you want to call?

Sir, that's none of your business.

Don't interfere in others personal life without reason.Got it?

Actually my uncle stays in America, I want to talk to him.

Oh! In America.

Very nice.

Hello, uncle Trump?

- How are you? - Don't ask. Totally screwed.

Trahimam, Trahimam

- Please save us. - Okay. Stop crying.

- Stop crying. - Please save us.

First answer my question...

...few days ago, you had asked for a medicine...

...from our government without a prescription,

so pronounce that medicine name.

I will definitely say it.

- But even I want something. - What you want?

I need a big keg of a sanitizer.

What is going on in front of me?

Now where is the reputation, discipline and ideal?

Yeah, fine. Just hold on.

Uncle, you please stop begging. First tell the answer.

Okay. Okay.

- I think it is... - ...Well

- I have to announce that time is up. - Damn it!

Brother, cooker has started whistling.

Now I have to go and turn off the gas because there is a rice in the cooker.

If I don't then the rice burns and sticks on the sides of the cooker.

- Then I had to rub... - Wait a minute. You have got rice also.

Wow! Oh, my brother!

The medicine tempo that will come, put some rice in it.

Uncle, I made you Prime Minister so that you can help us when we are in trouble.

If I had all these things then I would not fight with him for 50 thousand.

Right. Absolutely right.

I don't want to talk now.

So neither of you won the money.

You have wasted so much time, at least give 50 60 thousand for tobacco.

No. You won't get this money.

This will go to Jankalyan in Abhishek Bachchan's account.

Sir give 5000 rupees, at least I will get a packet of cigarette in lockdown.

Absolutely right.

- I know. - You won't get.

- Please sir. - No.

- Are you sure? - I am not going to give a single penny.

Okay. You just wait.

Hello, brother Kim Jong-un?

I need a favor.

Note down the address. Mumbai Jalsa.

Uncle Kim, he is the one who is spreading the news of your death.

Now press the button.

- No. Please don't press the button. - Yes. Press the button.

I am giving you money. Please don't press the button.

Here is your money.

Okay. Don't press the...

- Take this. - What?

- Don't press the button. - Boy has already left?

Oh, with the missile?

What is the estimated time of arrival showing?

Oh, hold on.

Sir, you are totally screwed now.

- You would have given us money. - Okay then I will take a leave.

Take care of your children, okay?

Brother, where will I go. Missile will attack If I stay at home.

And If I go out, police will hit me with the sticks.

Unreliable, unbelievable...

Who is calling?

Who is this?

You rascal!

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