Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IT for business executives - Isn't move to the public cloud decision to be made by IT department?

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Hi! I'm Adriana Baranek, CEO of Miadria group,

you're watching UseWise YouTube channel. Here with me is Mladen

Baranek, our CTO. We are continuing our series

on talking about IT for business executives and

one of the frequent questions we get from

business executives is: Isn't a decision to

use the public cloud decision that should be made by

IT department and not by me, like CEO and what is your answer to that, Mladen?

It's very simple - IT is usually not in charge of business model of

profitability, it's more like a service department

and from that perspective if there is a business need

to improve business processes, to innovate, then

decision is sure not within IT department it is within business

units or

or managers that do actual business so if they feel that there is a need to

provide mobility, to enable workforce to be

able to work from home, to bring your own device in that

case public cloud is really a much better fit

than on-prem technologies and what used to be available before.

Now it's really a public cloud that brings

abilities that are needed for a new business models.

That is one frequent question that we get from business executives

because their IT departments will push and try to deflect from the change,

they want things to remain the same.

The major challenge for IT department is gaining competences

and shifting from maintaining infrastructure to becoming more

service oriented and more business-oriented so instead of dealing

with the data center infrastructure things that

are not really relevant to business units

suddenly they have to be able to help businesses utilize

public cloud services and that requires

new competences and it can be a pushback for IT department

to try to prevent using public cloud

by businesses. CEOs, CFOs, COOs they should all care

about public cloud because it can help their business

grow and survive in this crazy market, it can help you

change your business model, it can help you change and redefine

what your business is in the end and if you need more help answering your

stubborn IT department that very specific question

contact us and we will gladly help you.

Just to be fair to IT department some of the

most ingenious innovative people we have ever met

where in the IT department so IT departments are not bad,

they are one factor in the company but some of them are very stubborn and

very traditional, they want to maintain their own

balance of power in the company, they want to be the one that

turns the light on or off but it does not make sense anymore, you need

an IT department that will support your business

and companies that are lucky to have that kind of IT department

are the ones succeeding and striving even in this crisis.

We are very happy to see when our clients

actually succeeding in this market and

being able to respond to new challenges and to new

way of doing business. Thank you, Mladen! Thank you for

watching and have a great day and we will be back with you soon! Thank you!

Have a nice day, bye!

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