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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dead in Bermuda | Chilled Out Game Review

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Welcome to Chilled Out Game Reviews, where I review the best games to unwind with.

Dead in Bermuda is a survival strategy RPG.

You are in control of a group of plane crash survivors as they try to live long enough

to be rescued, whilst uncovering the mysteries of the jungle on the island.

The gameplay is fairly simple with very nice execution.

Each day you have two turns to complete actions and a final nighttime stage to share out food

and see how everyones relationships are progressing.

During the day you move characters to the desired station, balance resources with tasks,

try to produce enough food and water, keep everyone rested and not too depressed.

Whilst maintaining the camp you also need to explore the island to understand the mysteries

of the jungle and find a way to escape.

As your survivors complete tasks they will level up their skills.

The exact starting points is random but each character will always be better at certain

skills than others to begin with.

A lot of the game relies on dice rolls but there is a lot more strategy than randomness.

I know most of the games I play have a 3D, low poly, vibrant colours art style but I

actually really love the 2D, hand drawn visuals used here.

I love the environments and the characters are really interesting and varied.

It also has really good sound design.

There is such a satisfyingthunkwhen placing survivors and the music is relaxing

and not too obtrusive.

Ive played for over 30 hours and the music hasnt annoyed me yet!

The only negative I can think of is that the ambient sounds of the jungle are a little

annoying when youre switching through a lot of areas to find something.

It could do with just two more seconds before the bird calls start.

Now, what Ive described so far probably doesnt sound like the most relaxing experience.

However, there are two difficulty modes, normal and easy.

For a relaxing experience then easy is the way to go.

Your survivors mood and health will deteriorate much slower making it more manageable and

allowing you to explore the jungle and craft away with little concern.

You can enjoy the story in a more relaxed way.

Normal difficulty is so much harder.

Quite frankly, your survivors are not going to have a good time.

Theyll get exhausted, hungry and depressed much faster and dealing with sickness and

injuries is much trickier.

Good if youre up for a challenge though.

I really liked playing Dead in Bermuda.

Having played through the story on easy Im now working on completing it on normal difficulty.

Its a fun, sometimes challenging experience that I found perfect to unwind with for an

hour at the end of the day.

So I give Dead in Bermuda the Chilled Out Seal of Approval.

If you want to give it a go theres a demo available on Steam so you can play through

the first 5 days for free.

Thank you so much for watching.

As always, thank you to my patrons over on Patreon and everyone whos subscribed to

the channel.

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