Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bike Rap - Daditude Music Video

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Daddy Owen: Yeah its hot here for a pop. I got a little story. I hope you cannot relate.

Went to the store like a good dad oughta. Gonna buy a gift my little daughter. What

would a little girl like? The guy behind the counter says Hey how bout a bike?

Take the box home. Take a little look. A manual, the size of the fkin phone book. If I find

the writer he is worse than fight, when I am done with him so assembly be required.

I dont even own a ratchet. Well three in the mornin and Im busy buildin.

Screwin and screwin like a drunk Paris Hilton. Uhmmm damn I wish I had a gat. I;m

so pissed off I d like to shoot the cat. Im a dad. Yeah. And Im rad, yeah. Boxer

shorts and plaids. Yeah. The chain goes SNAP! hits me in the crotch. I look like a briss

that just got bopped. Oww! Handle bars are on backwards. How did that happen? Dont

push me man I am close to the edge. Screwinin the screws, tightenin the bolts. I drink a

quart of gin and then a can of Jolt. I think Im all done. I think the bikes complete

and then I realize I forgot the seat. I find the seat. I lose the wheel. Now how the hell

is that going to make my daughter feel? I coulda got a teddy bear or a rubber duck.

Instead I got a bike all *beep, beep, beep* up. Schwinn like my *beep*beep*. *beep* damn

bike doesnt have a seat.

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