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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Basic English Conversation Lesson For Beginners | Speaking English Fluently

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topic 1 personal information topic 1.1

your name please

hello cambridge language college oh yes

hello I'd like to attend one of your

evening classes oh yes which class are

you interested in English it's course

139 I see course 139 is for intermediate

students is that the course you want yes

it is

intermediate right do you want the short

course or the long course the long

course please that's 12 weeks isn't it

yes now I need to take some personal

details first your name please

silver silvers your surname isn't it yes

can you spell that for me yes s I L V a

thank you and your first name Maria

Maria thank you

Oh what's your nationality I'm Mexican

I'm a student at University in Mexico

City I'm here for the summer

I see so you speak Spanish and any other

languages no just Spanish and a little

English and your student and your date

of birth my date oh the 11th of October


11th of October 1983 where are you

staying in Cambridge sorry what's your

address here

oh it's 24 cherry Road the postcode is C

b15 aw okay now then Maria do you have a

telephone number yes it's seven four to

nine eight zero seven four to nine eight

zero that's fine

the next intermediate English long

course starts on Monday at 7 p.m.

topic 1.2 nice to meet you can you pass

me the salt please sure here you are

Thanks say are you from the States

that's right James James Kent pleased to

meet you hi there James

my name is Tai Lung Tai Lung that's a

Thai name isn't it that's right I study

at Ascension University hey I've heard

of that one what do you study

engineering how about you I study

history at New York University

oh I study history too

really where at the Sorbonne University

in Paris I'm from France really what's

your name Simone

Simone Clemente hi Simone I'm James and

the guy cooking is Pema

hi hmm smells nice

what are you cooking team I'm cooking a

curry Thai style do you want some that

would be great

great Kentucky Yuki have some too he's

my boyfriend

oh uh yeah sure why not

I'll get the plates oh look here's taka

Yuki now

hello I'm peen this is James and you

know Simone already right right tell

them what you do Takayuki

oh yes I study computer science at Tokyo

University in Turkey Yuki is so clever

one day he's going to have his own

company that's right

Saito industries it'll be called Saito

is my surname sounds just great

but first Simone and I will get married

that's just great curry anyone

hmm sounds good topic to the family

topic 2.1 this is my family

hey James photos yes they're of my

family at New Year's oh can I see okay

then this is one of us all my parents

are in the middle oh yes

what's your mother's name Susan I see

Susan and this is your father next to

her they're the same age

they're both 43 and I have two sisters

this is Jenny next to my dad oh she's


I don't think so she's 16 ah this is you

next to Jenny yes yes that's me so how

old are you James I'm 15 and this is

another sister next to your mother

that's right that's my little sister

Jane she's 11 and who is this next to

Jane oh that's my grandmother she's

really old she's 80 I think she looks

healthy what's her name Helen but I call

her grandma well what a nice family now

I have some photos of my family here do

you want to see sure

Hey look Sally it's a letter from my

family oh there's a

photo let's see where is this India

that's right

last summer that's you on the left yes

and there's my sister bina sitting next

to me she's 19 now and next to her is my

little sister versa she's lovely how old

is she um 14 I think yes she's 14 and

who's that next to her is that Amit yes

that's Amit all right

he's 22 and that's your father next to

him isn't it yes his name is Navin and

next to him is my mother Nina how old

are they my dad is 56 and my mum is 53

right and who is this on the end here

the last person on the right I don't

think I know him oh that's my brother

Tariq he is 26 so Tarek's your big

brother yes he's 26 and I'm 24 well you

sure have a big family yes I do and

guess what what they're all coming to

visit at Christmas

really oh that's great yes for a month

that's great ROG great topic 2.2

children change everything

welcome back listeners

I'm Kent Brockman and in this morning's

family life phone in we ask how does

life change after having a child so

let's start by going to the phones now

to see what you the listeners think

first two line one and Tony Tony are you

there yes Kent I'm here so Tony you have

a son is that right that's right Kent

his name's Ben he's three now and can

you tell us how your life changed after

Ben was born sure well the first thing

that changed was suddenly my wife and I

had no money I never knew how expensive

it is to have a child

my wife stopped working so we had less

money but we had to buy so many things

baby clothes special soaps a baby bath a

pram toys Wow so you're saying your

financial situation changed Tony sure

did my advice if you're thinking of

having a child is save up yes

good advice Tony now over to line two

and Carol are you there

yes Kent good morning good morning to

you Carol tell the listeners how life

changed for you when you had a baby oh

well the first thing my husband and I

noticed was that suddenly we had no time


we felt like every minute of every day

just disappeared looking after Elizabeth

that's our daughter so there was a lot

to do then Carol no you wouldn't believe


we were always changing nappies

preparing food feeding her giving her a


so quite a change in lifestyle for you

both then exactly everything changed the

day she was born and another thing we

were always worrying about something was

she too hot was she too cold was she

hungry oh dear my advice to new parents

is don't worry so much just enjoy being


well thanks Carol

now our final caller is Lucy on line

three are you there hello good morning

so quickly Lucy as we don't have much

time left

how did your life change for you when

you had a child well I noticed that

suddenly we had no space left in the

house there were nappies towels clothes


no space

that's right and so many toys I mean

everyone brought toys

Terry had hundreds of toys of course he

never really played with any of them

what a waste

my advice is ask for money not toys

well thanks Lucy and our other colors

and you topic two point three what shall

we do with granddad I remember when my

father became ill it was ten years ago

now and he was 75 he was living alone at

the time his wife that's my mother of

course had died a year before and he had

been well depressed I suppose you could

say ever since anyway it was January 1st

just after Christmas I went to see him

on Sunday morning as normal and he

didn't answer the door I thought that's

odd and I used my keys to get in and

then I found him in the lounge lying on

the floor well I phoned the ambulance in

a panic and then I waited I can remember

it's now a terrible feeling after about

20 minutes the ambulance arrived and

they rushed him off to the hospital and

it turned out it was a stroke not a

serious one though but he was in the

hospital for over a month of course all

the time he was in the hospital I

on the phone with my sister Kate and we

tried to decide what we should do with

him when he came out well I couldn't

have him at my place it was I was out at

work all day and it was clear he needed

constant attention Kate was the obvious


she didn't work and had a big house so

he could have had his own room but no

Kate wanted him to go to a nursing home

she said it was the best thing for him

but I am convinced that she simply

didn't want to look after him she just

didn't want to take on the

responsibility anyway in the end he had

to go into a nursing home I went to see

him as often as I could but that was

only at weekends of course because I was

working during the week but Kate only

went to see him once I know that it was

a long way for her to go over three

hours by car but he was in that home six

months finally he had a heart attack and

that was it it killed him Kate came to

the funeral but I've never really

forgiven her well when my father became

ill and went to the hospital James and I

fell out

he wanted me to look after dad but I

thought he needed professional help

I mean if anything happened in the house

and I wouldn't be able to cope would I

I'm not a doctor James kept saying that

because I had space and dad should come

here but I don't think he realized what

that would mean

changing all the house to have a

bathroom on the ground floor turning the

dining room into a bedroom dad wouldn't

be able to get upstairs you see and then

there's looking after him taking him to

the toilet and basin and all that it

would be OK for James to do that as he's

a man but for me it seemed wrong

I felt that James was just trying to get

me to do all the work and sort out all

the problems and changed my life while

his life would remain absolutely the

same that's not fair

James's excuse was that he was working

he could easily have had a care worker

to help look after dad during the day he

has lots of money and then he could have

taken over when he got back from work

it's clear to me that if he'd really

wanted then he could have easily looked

after dad instead he just blames me it's

so unfair

topic three daily activities topic three

point one welcome to language

international welcome everyone welcome

to language international my name is

mrs. Watson and I am the center manager

I hope you will all have a wonderful

stay here with us this is Miss Jones who

is our director of studies Miss Jones

would you please say a little about the

weekly timetable

hello everyone as mrs. Watson said I am

the director of studies here at language

international could you all now please

turn to page 5 in your folder

where you can see the weekly timetable

now you see that lessons begin every

weekday at 9:00 a.m. the first class

every Monday is grammar practice

followed at 9:45 by a visit to the

language laboratory there is a break

from 10:30 to 11:00 o'clock and then you

will have a double lesson of speaking

skills Tuesday morning begins with

presentation skills this is important as

you will each give a presentation at the

end of the course to your class and this

counts for 10% of your final grade at

9:45 you'll have a reading skills lesson

and after break vocabulary development

in the afternoon starting at 1:30 p.m.

you'll go to the library

in the library lesson you can read watch

a video or practice grammar on Wednesday


you all have listening skills and then

what we call current affairs where you

listen to the news on the radio and

discuss what's going on

after the break is another double lesson

of speaking skills

Thursday morning begins with

pronunciation then a special life in

Britain class where you will learn about

British culture after the break is

grammar practice once again finally on

Friday morning in the first lesson you

will practice writing skills followed by

a lesson in the computer room after the

break is the weekly review period where

your teacher will help with any problems

you may have oh and don't forget you can

study on your own in the library every

weekday from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. as well

if you wish thank you Miss Jones now I'd

like to introduce you to mr. Brown who

is the social organizer

thank you mrs. Watson hello everyone I'm

mr. Brown and it's my job to make sure

you have some fun while you're here too

now this afternoon we'll go together on

a walking tour of the city and then on

Wednesday afternoon we're off to the

local sports center where you can play

volleyball or football use the gym or go

swimming to keep yourself fit and on

Friday afternoons we have a Film Club

this week's film is Spider Man on

Saturday we're going on a day trip to

Oxford leaving here at 8:30 in the

morning please don't be late or we'll go

without you

and finally on Sunday we're off to

London leaving at the same time if there

are any other things you'd like to do

while you're here then just tell me and

I'll see if I can help topic 3.2 a day

in the life of

yes here and you here at the front what

is a typical day for you when you're in

Africa dr. Goodall

well when I'm in Gombe I get up at a

quarter to 7:00 for breakfast I usually

have a piece of bread and a cup of

coffee then I go and find the chimps

what happens when you find the chimps I

spend the day following them in the


it can be very tiring following the

chimps crawling through the jungle but

it's always very interesting as I never

know where I'm going to go do you stop

for lunch

oh I usually don't bother with lunch

when I'm out what's the hardest part of

the day I'm used to living in the jungle

now that has never been difficult for me

actually but in the day I normally feel

most tired around 3 o'clock when do you

start following the chimps and go back

home when it gets dark the chimps choose

a place to rest the young ones play up

in the branches the sunset is lovely

after a hot day when I know they are

settling down I head for home how do you

spend your evenings the Gombe evening is

magical it's dark by 7:30 p.m. I jump

into Lake Tanganyika the clear fresh

water makes all the tiredness go away

then I cook something like beans onions

and tomatoes over an open fire and how

about here in the UK I guess your day

must be a bit different just a bit yes

in Bournemouth where I have a home

breakfast is at 9:00 which is great

because I can get three hours work done

first I always have many

letters to write I try to reply to them

all especially ones from children in the

morning and the afternoon

I write to replies to all the letters I

have tea with my family in the late

afternoon and then go for a walk with my

dog after supper it's back to work again

dr. Goodall dr. Goodall topic three

point three time to refresh your soul

good morning hmm oh good morning what

time is this six o'clock we missed you

at breakfast am I too late already

I'm afraid so breakfast is in the great

tent from 5:00 to 5:30 here have a piece

of bread is that it one piece of bread

everybody has gone off to swim in the

lake now do you fancy joining us in

December you must be kidding it's

freezing but the water is pure and it's

refreshes your soul you said that

yesterday and I still haven't changed my

mind I came here to escape to forget all

my problems for a week not make myself

ill no way am I going swimming and

that's final now what's the rest of the

program today

well morning prayers start at 6:30 we

meet in the great tent and chance

together okay I need to unwind we do

this for half an hour until 7:00 how

about yoga isn't that in the morning as

well I can't wait for that

yoga class is in the great tent from

7:00 to 8:00 and then we will walk in

the woods to achieve inner peace hmm

now wait a minute where's that leaflet

you gave me oh yes here it is yoga

finishes at 8:00 walking till 10:00

that's two hours yes it's really

invigorating the walk will cleanse your

spirit and refresh your soul hmm it

seems a bit long to me I'm not that keen

on walking anyway then from 10:00 to

midday its meditation right yes we

meditate together in the great tent

great and after lunch what's this

it says here creative skills

ah here you will learn a special dance

we dance among the trees to show our

love for nature and the world the dance

will refresh your soul I'm not sure I

like the sound of that it's not really


oh you'll take to it in no time

it's from 1 to 2 o'clock after the

dancing you will learn how to express

yourself through a painting and song as

well ah that sounds more like it

oh and when do I get the massage that's

at 4 o'clock then dinner dinner yes here

it is at 5 o'clock what do we get soup

and bread the soup and bread will let me


refresh my soul right

that's right hmm then what then at

five-thirty you will return to your tent

and meditate alone you remain alone

until breakfast

the next morning I think that'll be the

best part right I'll see you at morning

prayers in the great tent yes

I'll see you then

topic for homes

topic 4.1 when can we move in

well here we are number 5

hi croft court after you thanks

this is the hall as you can see there's

a big mirror on the wall and a telephone

over there too it is the telephone

working oh yes you only pay for the

calls you make now here through the left

this is the lounge there's a television

and look Anna what a big sofa it's huge

oh yes it's new too and if you go

through that door in front of you that's

the dining room with a nice big table

and six chairs great we can have friends

for dinner and it has two windows so

it's very light in here too now if we go

back into the lounge and then left on

the left here is the bathroom

hmm it's a bit small yes but the shower

and toilet are both new and opposite

just here we have the kitchen it's a

little bigger

hmm is that the washing machine yes and

there's a dishwasher too over there

that's useful and finally this is the

bedroom oh yes this is lovely

I like the big wardrobe there's a desk

here too so I can study you Carlos study

it's very comfortable again there are

two big windows here so there's lots of

light what do you think I think it's

okay how much

550 pounds a month including bills hmm

550 pounds so when can we move in topic

4.2 celebrity house challenge and

welcome back to this week's celebrity

house challenge now this is the moment

you have all been waiting for as once

again we go with Tina from a look inside

a celebrity's home thank you David

and welcome to all you viewers out there

well here I am in one of the most

luxurious homes I have ever been in and

just look at this wonderful lounge and

in the middle is a superb of leather

sofa that can seat no less than six

people and in front there is this

marvellous coffee table made of wood

with a glass top the book on the coffee

table is an axis of the world so perhaps

that's one clue to the identity of our

mystery famous person it seems they're

adventurous and enjoy travel on the wall

behind to the sofa is a great painting a

fine example of modern art this person

is clearly very cultured and has

excellent taste and opposites the sofa

is the television and what a television

it is a huge state-of-the-art widescreen

TV and there are so many videos and DVDs


so this person must surely be a movie


the floor is polished wood which gives

the whole room an elegant feel near the

door to the kitchen there are some

children's toys on the floor so this

person must have a family well what else

can I say here oh there are some

beautiful flowers in the window

they add a feminine touch to the room

and together with the ladies hand back

here on the sofa you might think this

person is a woman oh yes and one more

thing behind the sofa against the wall

there is a very modern desk with a

computer and lots of work like things so

this person probably needs to use a

computer for their work and they may

even work from home so David who lives

in a house like this it's back to you in

the studio

topic 4.3 time for a change moving on

into the land now what's were you

thinking of here well it's rather dingy

and dark in here so we'd like to have

more lighting can you give us some ideas

hmm I see what you mean if we have a

large lamp right here in the corner it

will help show some lights on the sofa

that will give a soft warm glow very

atmospheric oh that's a good idea

isn't it darling um yes but um what

about the walls don't you think we

should have lights there yes

if we use what we call occasional

lighting then again that should help

balance things up just a few small

lights around the walls that you can

have on to make the room brighter when

you need to hmm the main light here in

the center looks a bit unsubstantial yes

and it's too low I hit my head on it

sometimes I prefer something closer to

the ceiling

certainly perhaps a larger up light here

so the light shines up rather than down

oh that sounds wonderful I was wondering

about changing the blinds

- I think curtains might be better yes

and you really want a mix of tones here

otherwise everything looks the same

there are too many dark tones so I to

suggest clean silk-lined curtains to

contrast with this beautiful black sofa

but the carpets cream won't that be a

bit too much I was coming to the carpet

we need a mixture of textures here so

I'd like to suggest we get rid of the

carpet and have a wooden floor oh now

that's an idea a wooden floor would

bring a natural earthy texture to the

room and if we have some bamboo here in

the corner near the television then this

would make a very strong impact I think

and how much would all this cost

well what I'll do is

topic 5 Town & Country topic 5.1

treasure hunt

okay let's open this and start click

read the first clue go to the clock and

turn left take the first right and I'm

out of sight

what come on

there is the straight the head

let's go okay here's the clock what's

next and turn turn left take the first

right over there

come on okay here we are and I'm out of

sight what M hmm oh look over there next

to the supermarket there's an opticians

out of sight must mean opticians that's

answer for number one quick write it

down okay number one opticians okay clue

number two on the corner on the left

what do you see is it time for tea

what's on over there on the corner

on the Left it's a cafe time for tea

okay alright cafe here next number three

go back find the school turn left and

try to look cool hmm come on then back

to the school there's the school again

straight in front of us then turn left

try to look cool okay so we go left down

here ah over there there's a closed shop

try to look cool but what do you think

okay write it then close shop what's

rule number four

let's see close number four go to the

end and round the bend on your left

there's a place to send I guess we keep

going up here then come on okay so this

is the bend

let me see that on your left there's a

place to send that must be the post

office over there on the left brilliant

well done okay now for the last clue go

through the park and past this station

here's where to look if you want

information through the park okay up

there let's go okay and past the station

must mean we go past the train station

right keep going I think we're going to

win the last bit here says here's where

to look if you want information where's

that then hmm oh of course it's the

library over there on the right that's


number five library that's it quick

let's go back to the school and see if

we're the first yeah come on I wonder

what the treasure will be topic 5.2

traffic trouble

order order welcome welcome everyone

welcome to this public information

meeting now we have many things on

today's agenda but I think it's best if

we start with the main issue which I'm

sure is why so many of you are here

tonight the new bypass mr. Johnson you

are director of the Stockton City

Planning Department can I ask you to

explain the planned and the reasons for

the bypass yes madam chair I the City

Council feels that a bypass is needed

north of Stockton to take traffic away

from the city center as you all know

there are just too many cars and lorries

driving through Stockton now I know

local residents may not like the idea

but the best place for the bypass is

through Lee Valley

there is simply no alternative the Lee

Valley is close to Stockton the ground

is ideal for Road building and it is the

cheapest option we have order order

Thank You mr. Johnson now may I ask Sara

Wilson the leader of the save Lee

Valley's group to explain

the objectives thank you madam chair we

residents of Lee Valley strongly object

to plan for the bypass going through our

countryside the Lee Valley is the most

beautiful unspoiled area in the region

we mustn't destroy it forever

we must preserve it what's more it's an

important historical site too there are

many ancient Roman remains here that the

bypass would completely destroy and

finally madam chair we residents do not

want twenty thousand vehicles a day

passing our homes this causes too much

pollution the plan is totally

unacceptable order order

thank you mrs. Wilson now are there any


topic 5.3 City tour welcome to the New

York City tours

this is an automated announcement see

all of Manhattan from the comforts of a

double-decker bus there are over 40

stops so you can hop on and hop off all

day enjoy an interesting in fact filled

recorded narration as you travel through

the most famous uptown and downtown

neighborhoods from Times Square in

Central Park to Greenwich Village st.

Patrick's Cathedral and many more

come and explore this wonderful city

with new york city tours

please note tours are in English only

and start every hour from Times Square

$75 per adult $50 for children under 16

for just $20 extra you can choose an

optional harbour cruise to see the

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

tickets are valid for 24 hours press 1

to book now press 2 to hear this message

again press 3 to

topic six travel and tourism topic 6.1

but it says here can I help you yes you

can actually we came back from Bermuda

last night this is the brochure of the

holiday you sold us oh yes did you have

a nice time no we didn't my wife and I

are both very angry oh dear what was the

problem well to start with we had to pay

twenty pounds extra each full airport


but it says here in the brochure Airport

tax is included oh yes so it does and

our room didn't have a sea view we paid

extra for a sea view but all we got was

a view of the carpark at the back of the

hotel oh dear this is very serious I

think we should fill out a complaint

form now what are your names it's mr.

and mrs. Caldwell that's see a L d w e l


and the holiday was in Bermuda

yes two weeks from the 10th to the 24th

of February 10th to the 24th of February

and today is the 25th okay do you have

your customer number it's here on the

receipt dw8

3 2 4 7 oh yes ok now you have to pay 20

pounds each for the airport tax and the

hotel room had no sea view and you can

add that the food in the hotel was

terrible I couldn't eat a thing

we lived on sandwiches didn't we darling

yes I lost a kilo in weight Oh

so the food in the hotel was terrible

oh dear well what are you going to do

about it I'll send this complaint to our

head office and I'll phone you when I

get a reply can I have your telephone


it's Walton 8 9 2 4 4 3 Walton

8 9 2 4 4 3 okay well I'm very sorry

about this

it was an awful experience we want our

money back I'll see what I can do

our apologies once again goodbye goodbye

another one for the bin topic 6.2 what a

journey and what about you Tina have you

got a story about a journey you remember

yes I have actually there's one journey

I never forget it was about six years

ago I was going to Hong Kong from London

the flight was early in the morning so

the night before I stayed in a hotel

near the airport well I was in a holiday

mood that night and so I went to the

hotel bar and ordered a drink you know

to celebrate

and I got talking to some other people

we had a great time in anyway when I

left the bar it was about 3:00 in the


the flight was at 6 o'clock so it wasn't

really worth going to sleep I watched TV

for a bit but well I fell asleep didn't

I when I woke up it was after 5 o'clock

you know you have to get there early to

check in right so I panicked grabbed my

bags and rushed outside looking for a

taxi of course no taxis anywhere luckily

after a few minutes running up and down

the street an airport bus came along

so I got on that when I got there it was

actually nearly six o'clock so I thought

you know the gate will be closed I've

missed my plane the whole terminal was

empty except for a huge crowd of people

at one end and luckily that was the cue

for my flight it was delayed yeah I was

really pleased but the delay went from

one hour to four hours to finally nine

hours nine hours waiting in the airport

I slept on some chairs to the time

finally at around 3 o'clock the plane

took off oh but the worst part was yet

to come after a few hours there was a

huge storm and the plane started

bouncing around all over the place

I remember feeling it was like being in

a washing machine

people were screaming babies crying food

flying everywhere I was really scared

and then the worst thing of all the

oxygen masks dropped down suddenly we

were all staring at these yellow oxygen

masks and the feeling of fear I just

can't describe it what did you do I put

my mask on and just sat there in

absolute terror with the plane bouncing

all over the place and lightning outside

the windows anyway the plane didn't

crash thank God and we got to Hong Kong

okay in the end but what a journey I'll

never forget it

topic 6.3 the bloody tower welcome to

our tour ghosts of the Tower of London

everyone the tower has stood on this

ground since 1066 when Duke William of

Normandy invaded England and throughout

its history it has been used as a prison

and place of execution which may be why

today some people say this is one of the

scariest places on earth there are many

tales of ghosts here the ghosts most

people see is Anne Boleyn the second

wife of King Henry the eighth when she

didn't give birth to a boy she was

beheaded on Tower Green in 1536

a headless female figure in a white

dress has often been seen close to where

she was executed near Queens house

she is also said to haunt the chapel

Rory ala where the same headless figure

has been seen leading a ghostly

procession of Lords ladies down the

aisle towards where her headless body is

buried the tower was also the scene of

the infamous disappearance of the two

princes Edward 12 and Richard 9 who are

thought to have been murdered in 1483

when their father King Edward the fourth

died his brother Richard took the boys

to the tower for their protection but

they disappeared

Richard was later crowned Richard 3rd

that contained the skeleton of two young

children recently proved by DNA testing

to be the two princes

Lady Jane Grey was just 17 when she was

executed on the 12th of February 1554

after only nine days as Queen to Henry

the eighth

her ghost is said to appear on the

anniversary of her death on the salt


other ghostly appearances include the

chained and be headless body of Sir

Walter Reilly who was often being seen

in the Byward tower

and another ghost many people have seen

is Henry's fifth wife Catherine Howard

she ran away from her executor and her

ghost has been seen running down the

towers hallway screaming for help

now let's go further into the tower and

see if we can find any of these ghosts

topic seven food and drink topic 7.1

what's cooking the program that shows

you the quick and easy way to cook tasty

meals now today I'm going to show you

how to make mushroom risotto this is an

easy dish to make first heat 25 grams of

butter in a saucepan then add half a

large onion chopped and cook for 3

minutes and next add 300 grams of sliced

mushrooms and continue to cook for 2

minutes and now we are ready for the

arborio rice 350 grams stir it well

next you need some liquid about a liter

of vegetable stock together with 115

milliliters of dry white wine

add the liquid a little at a time keep

stirring and gradually add more stock

until the rice is cooked here's one I

started just before the program began

mmm smells great already and finally

we're going to turn the heat off add 40

grams of grated cheese cover it and let

it stand for five minutes okay that's

five minutes so and let's take a look at

our risotto and there you are

one perfect mushroom risotto

and next week I'm going to show you one

of my favorite desserts topic 7.2 that

sounds delicious

table for two sir

yes please can I get you any drinks two

glasses of water please and the menu we

have a standard set lunch menu here you

are there are three courses you can

choose one dish for each course

thank you here's your water have you

decided what to order hmm it all looks

so good

what is the pork satay exactly it's

pieces of pork in a peanut butter sauce

quite sweet very tasty that sounds

delicious I'll have that to start with

very good one pork satay and for you sir

are the spring rolls very spicy not too

spicy so no but they come with a sweet

chili sauce hmm I think I'll have the

chicken and coconut soup Thanks fine and

what would you like for the main course

madam what's the difference between the

red curry and the green curry the green

curry is milder and more creamy green

prawn curry for me then Thanks

and the same for me and for dessert

I'll have the fruit salad and I'll have

the fried banana Thanks very good madam

thank you thank you well I couldn't eat

another thing that fruit salad was great

yes it looked really fresh

how about your fried banana you haven't

eaten much hmm it's a bit too sweet for

my taste that's a shame the pork satay

was fantastic though and the green curry

was pretty good too

I enjoyed the meal so did I the best

part for me was the soup

I agree the green curry was okay but it

wasn't anything special anyway overall

it was worth it I'll be coming here


that's for sure me too

perhaps we should make this a regular

thing Brian every Friday hmm that sounds

like a nice idea Tracy why not was

everything all right with your meal

great thanks would you like any coffees

or anything no thanks just the bill we

must get back to work topic 7.3 eat your

way to better help Radio City it's the

big breakfast show with Mike Martin Good

Morning America I'm Mike Martin and what

a lovely morning it is here today with a

sun shining and doesn't it just feel so

good to be alive don't you feel great

well if you don't then listen up

because today's topic is how to live a

better and healthier life joining us

here in the studio to start things off


have experts Sonia Terrington from the

University of California's Nutrition

Research Center hi Sonia welcome to the

program hi Mike glad to be here

Sonia your job title is nutritionist now

what on earth do you do

well a nutritionist is basically a food

scientist that means I examine the

effect food has on our bodies hmm so you

mean you find out what is in say an

apple that makes it 8 healthy food to

eat more or less Mike you see unhealthy

eating causes all kinds of health

problems such as obesity and even heart

disease it's an area the government is

very interested in now as it has to

spend millions of dollars every year

fighting these problems

that's why programs like the University

of California's Nutrition Research

Center were set up we hope to show

people how to eat themselves to better


eat yourselves to better health that

sounds too good to be true

shouldn't we be dieting or something not

necessarily you really don't have to go

on a diet to eat healthily

you can eat just as much as before but

by choosing the right combination of

foods then you'll become healthier great

can you give poor slobs like me any

details here Sonia sure the best thing

you can probably do is add one extra

vegetable to your main meal oh and

always cook vegetables by stir frying

it's quick and easy

plus they keep their goodness great

advice and I guess people like me who

tend to snack on chocolate and cakes

should swap to say fruit and health bars

instead right that's right there's

really no trick to it it's just common

sense so why do people like you get such

huge salaries only joking Sonia

seriously though the message is keep

away from fries and burgers yes and red

meat white meat such as chicken or pork

is far healthier my mom always said you

should grill meat too is that right yes

grilling removes more fat you see and

what about fish my mom always made us

eat fish on Fridays was she right

I hated fish your mom was right again

Mike at least once or twice a week you

should eat fish it's full of goodness

and very easy to digest

okay then Sonia so are you telling us

that lots of fresh fruits vegetable make

us live longer the statistics say yes

you'll live a longer and healthier life

in fact some research shows that eating

more fruits and vegetables can reduce

your risk of cancer by as much as 20%

amazing well we'll be back with Sonya

right after the ads topic 8 describing

people topic 8.1 these are my friends hi

thanks for coming it's great to see you

come in now let me tell you about my

friends over there that's my best friend

Susan can you see her she has long black

hair quite tall and slim she is wearing


and a t-shirt you'll like her because

she's friendly and she can be very funny

we were at school together we had so

many laughs then over there is Kevin

he's the one wearing the suit he's

serious but very kind he's a teacher I'm

sure the kids love him next to him in

the shorts is Sam he always wears shorts

whatever the weather he's crazy but he's

interesting to ask him about his visit

to India oh and there is Mary dancing

over there the one wearing the dress

she's really clever but studies all the


she's so hard-working you wouldn't

believe it anyway how about a drink

before I introduce topic 8.2 just

shopping hi Sally

long time no see what are you doing here

oh hi Kaye same as you I expect just

shopping great is that a new dress yes

it is I got it yesterday do you like it

well it's very um very short for you

isn't it Sally

short is in this summer didn't you know

oh I don't read any of those fashion

magazines I can tell you don't well this

is the latest fashion from Milan oh I

know it's popular I have seen that kind

of dress a lot

seems everyone is wearing it these days

I prefer something more individual yes

so I see what actually is it that you're

wearing it's a pair of shorts but it

looks like a skirt see oh yes

how original did you make it yourself

No marvelous but I'm just not sure it's

quite to you okay oh really

Sally well never mind perhaps it's too

sophisticated for you hmm no I don't

think it's that but you're right I can't

see me in it somehow anyway must hurry

I've got more shopping to do

well good luck Sally keep reading those

magazines thanks Kay

perhaps you should buy some too

topic 8.3 the changing faces of beauty

now today's lecture is the fourth in our

series of lectures on the changing face

of beauty this week I'll look at beauty

in the modern world of course remember

also that I'm not just referring to

female beauty but concepts of male

beauty to certainly images of beautiful

women or men are all around us

you can find them in fashion magazines

on TV in movies we all know what

beautiful people look like even if we

are not beautiful ourselves yes even in

the modern world what we see as

beautiful is constantly changing in the

1890s the actress Lillian Russell was

called the most beautiful woman in the

world she was a hundred and sixty-five

pounds that is 75 kilos in 1967 the

fashion model Twiggy was seen as the

perfection of beauty and she weighed

just 91 pounds which is 41 kilos a big

change in our perception of beauty in

quite a short time in the desire to be

perfect many people decide to change

their appearance through surgery

cosmetic surgery which started as long

ago as 1910 aims to improve our physical

appearance then it was an expensive

luxury now it is almost routine men who

want more hair can have hair transplants

or PEC implants

or a more masculine chest women have

face lips or tummy tucks to remove fat

the problem is not the size of your

stomach or the amount of hair on your

head the problem is that today more than

in any other time in history we choose

to identify ourselves by our appearance

we all want to be beautiful because we

all think beautiful people lead better


another common way we tried to change

our appearance is by dieting

do you sometimes worry about your weight

many people do in 1950 diet products

were worth 100 million dollars a year


the diet industry is worth over 50

billion dollars a year topic 9

describing things topic 9.1 I'm looking

for a excuse me I'm looking for a bag

certainly madam this bag is very popular

it opens at the top here like this and

has a nice pattern around the middle hmm

do you have a smaller one no it's only

in this size but it's very easy to carry

I see hmm I'll think I'll leave it

Thanks excuse me how much is this radio

that one it's $39.99 oh dear

but it's a very good radio it's a

cassette player - as you can see mmm

and it's light and portable easy to


okay I need a radio to take to the beach

so I'll have it

oh no it's raining is this umbrella on


no only those ones over there with a

strike handle how much are they

seven pounds fifty that's half price

it's a bit small

yes but it can fit in your bag hmm okay

I'll take this one

topic 9.2 wow that's big okay quiet


can everyone hear me welcome to the

thames barrier as you can see the

barrier goes right across the river

thames it is five hundred and twenty

meters wide and took eight years to

build it was completed in 1982 can you

see those big things that look like hats

they're called peers there are nine of

them each peer is 50 metres high from

top to bottom between them you can see

the steel gates there are ten gates in

total six of these gates rise up out of

the water in order to form a barrier the

full largest of these gates are 61

meters wide and weigh 1,500 tonnes each

when they're not in use these gates lie

flat in concrete sills on the riverbed

down there are also two service tunnels

when there is a danger of flooding these

six gates are raised to form a barrier

between the piers when raised each is as

high as a five-story building the other

four gates are smaller and they are

lowered into the water on the front of

each pier are some navigation lights a

red cross means the gates is closed and

a green arrow means it's open the gates

are powered by electricity the power

packs are immediately below the steel

roofs inside the hats the thames barrier

protects London from flooding this is

necessary because every hundred years

the water in the river rises 75

centimeters this is due mostly to global

warming but also in parts because the

South of England is sinking slowly

but the rising level isn't the main

threat the main danger of flooding comes

from sudden big waves that come in from

far out to sea these are called tidal

surges so far the barrier has protected

London against flooding nearly seventy

times seven hundred and fifty thousand

people living in London are in danger

from flooding so it's very important to

them it wasn't cheap it cost over five

hundred and thirty million pounds to

build but this is a lot less than it

would cost to repair any damage to

London if the city was flooded now are

there any questions

topic 9.3 but is it art artists number

five Jackson Pollock Jackson Pollock was

an American painter born in 1912 he was

the most famous of the American abstract

expressionist painters Pollock had a

very original style of painting he did

not use an easel but spread his canvas

on the floor sometimes he worked outside

so he could feel closer to nature it was

essential he said to walk around it work

from all four sides and be in the

painting he often used materials from a

surrounding environment actually in his

paintings he mixed sand and broken glass

into some paintings

he sometimes added cigarettes nails

buttons coins whatever was nearby that

seemed appropriate

Jackson Pollock didn't paint in the

normal way rather he let the paint

dribble from the brush and fall onto the

canvas he would often use a stick and

slash splash dab and drip the paint onto

the canvas

in fact Pollock's paintings are often

called drip paintings

although dripping was only one part of

the process

sometimes Pollock simply put a hole in

the bottom of the paint can and lets the

paint flow onto the canvas

from there he scratched and smeared them

with his hands and named them with


he used cans of ordinary house paint

rather than oil paint Pollock had an

intense and energetic style

as shocking new technique demonstrated

physical movement in his work known as

action painting

each painting was more like a


he would often dance around the painting

flicking and splashing paint

he had no predetermined format in mind

when he began painting he just lets the

paint lead the way apparently at random

this spontaneous approach has led some

people to think my five-year-old child

could do that

some critics agreed saying his work

lacks technique and simply chaotic

rather than artistic

however others said he had a unique

style that simply cannot be copied

Pollak himself insisted there is no

accident the painting has a life of its

own I tried to let it come through here

we can see one of his most famous drip

paintings number one also called

lavender mist painted in 1950

three meters long the canvas is alive

with lines and shapes that never let the

eye rest

we are kept constantly searching it has

a fresh active feel

although now this style of abstract

expressionism is out of fashion Pollock

had a great effect on the history of

modern art topic 10 friend and

relationship topic 10.1 he is not really

my type

here we go then go on

Judith put your name in write surname

black first name Judith sex duh female

occupation student children no you know

that now user name hmm

how about lovely lady oh yes

that's good lovely lady all one word

okay okay next bit let's see I am

looking for a man

22:24 for romance ah now leisure

interests what do you think hmm hop

music pubs and travel what about

countryside you like walking don't you

oh yeah countryside anything else no

that's enough now I think I am

I'll tell you what you are kind okay

fashionable Thanks

and um interesting

oh thanks very much and I think I'm a

bit shy to you no way you can't say that

only joking now let's search and see

what we find this is hopeless Sarah

they're all so ugly

wait what about him

number 44 James Hill attractive friendly

sports blah blah trip around Europe hmm

well he's good-looking I suppose sure is

and fun too he's tall which is nice and

what about his job manager hmm that's

okay I bet he is rich but I think he's

not very serious I mean a trip around to

Europe and I don't like his hair who's

the next one ah

Simon hmm he isn't very attractive no

and he seems a bit too serious if

anything marriage and all that

he's a teacher and so am I so that's

good and I love dogs he has two he likes

the countryside same as you and I think

he looks quite kind yes hmm

okay so maybe go on then email him what

now topic 10.2 it's not such a bad

custom thank you Kevin Edwards for that

short speech now next we have Indira

Komondor my talk is about arranged

marriage I'm 17 my parents are already

starting to look for a husband for me in

a few years I shall marry a man that

they choose now you're probably thinking

that's terrible how awful but I don't

think so and I'm going to explain why

most people confuse arranged marriage

with forced marriage a forced marriage

is one way you have no choice however

when my parents choose a husband for me

if I don't like him I can tell them and

they will find me another I have a

choice it's just that my parents do the

looking for me I think that's a good


after all they know who I am they know

me better than I know myself

and I trust them to find a good man who

will make me happy they wanted to use a

bad man for me to marry what do they in

Bridgend though people just hope to find

their marriage partner at work or in a

pub or at a party this means it must be

hard to meet the right person

I think perhaps that's why I see so many

unhappy relationships and failed


I would much rather trust my parents to

find a good husband for me then rely on

luck I think my marriage will have a

very good chance of success so when I

say I'm looking forward to my arranged

marriage ask yourself is it really such

a crazy idea topic 10.3 a friend in need

hello hi Sophie its Elaine how are you

Elaine hi I'm fine I'm just preparing

Tom's milk he's hungry how is he oh he's


you know growing all the time and Philip

is he okay - yes Philips fine he's

outside well just now so anyway what's


got news oh yes what I've quit my job oh

really so suddenly yeah well I had a row

with my boss and he wouldn't change his

mind so I decided to quit there and then

Wow how do you feel about it relieved

it's a real weight off my mind I wasn't

enjoying it at all

good for you so what will you do now

that's what I'm telling you about

actually I'm coming to Paris Oh

Alain that's great yes I'm leaving next

week actually I have a favor to ask

yes is it all right if I stay with you

for a while

I don't have any way to stay in a hotel

it would be so expensive uh well it's

just you know we only have one bedroom

here that's okay I can sleep on the


but a little Tom he doesn't sleep much

we're awake most of the night right now

that's okay maybe I can even help out I

can look after him if you like hmm oh go

on Sophie it wouldn't be for long just

until I find a job but and then I can

get somewhere to live on my own it may

not be that easy to find a job here you

know Elaine there's a lot of

unemployment right now oh I'm sure I'll

find something go on it can be fun well

I'll have to ask Philip so great thanks

so much Sophie you don't know how much

this means to me

but listen I have to go now but I'll

call you before I leave mmm thanks so

much Sophie see you at the airport bye

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