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115 km from the Capital of Srilanka,

Colombo, at the height of 500 mt from sea level

there is this Beautiful and cool City


Surrounded by Tea Gardens

It's also a Cultural Capital of Sri Lanka

Episode 7

We are basically in Central Sri Lanka

It's also called Highlands

Because there are mid-range mountains

whose height

goes up to 2800 mt

wow, this looks

so amazing, this is decon hill hostel

where we are staying at Rs. 500 per head

Climate is too


Kandy engrossed in clouds looks spectacular and when it

plays with Sun, is highly unpredictable

Arjun takes care of

us here

and makes sure we are at ease

Arjun is basically Tamilian

In Sri Lanka there are Sinhalese, there are Tamilians

If you know Tamil then well and good

if know Sinhalese, too good

or you must know English otherwise

In Samosa, in place of veg, you will get Egg inside

Yesterday there was Egg in the Samosa I took

And Arjun served me Chutney(sauce)yesterday

which had chicken bone

powder in it

Did Ravan had any trolly

by which he could come till Nuwara Eliya?

Ravan had chariot also

which he got from Indra after defeating him

but did he come on chariot through cave?

it means there must be short cut from Ella

approx, 1-hour walk he used to do

people did tell that there is a cave near Sita Eliya

a tunnel

which directly goes to Elle but

due to some tectonic activity,earthquake it got closed

by two huge rocks on its mouth

that's I can't show, you can't go inside

we could show a little

because there is one thing left in Sitha Eliya

due to bad weather

we couldn't show naturally formed

Hanuman ji

which is of mountain

not rocks or stones I'm talking about

that mountain is

in a way, if you take a picture from a particular angle

it resembles 100% Lord Hanuman sitting there

well, friends Welcome to Kandy.

and right now

at Buddha Relic, which is only 2 km from Kandy railway station

let's go inside

and take blessings from Buddha

and with me is Divyabh

well, friends, we all know about King Ashoka

Ashoka, when fought Kalinga war


it was Huge battle, only war he fought

and after which he accepted Buddhism

and after that

he began propagating about Buddhism

and he wanted to spread it across globe


in everybody's heart should be filled with Peace

and they should realize that All should be like one

so, after that

so, why I'm saying this when I'm in Sri Lanka

he sent his son and daughter

Mahendra and Sanghmitra to this place

to spread


and today we are at a place

where Buddha's

Tooth is

and it was brought from India

that's why this place is called

Temple of Relic Tooth

this is a sacred place and before coming

you have to keep a few things in mind, like you must

take special care of your clothes

you can't come in revealing ones because in Srilanka

people follow

Theravada Buddhism

it has such a beautiful ambiance

our career... we as friends

Divyabh, Me and Aditi

and we are called 3 idiots

our first book which was released was -

Buddha In Bihar.

it was our thought

and I can say that

it began

when we went to Bodhgaya where

Buddha got enlightenment

and at the same place, I was sitting under Bodhi Tree

and this idea came in that why can't we do a book

on Buddha...! With us,

Buddha is always with us, it can be any place

we have a special and deep connection with Buddha

Here I'm talking in sense the of Religion

Buddha has said that

You need not follow any religion

he just said - Appo Deepo Bhava

Be your own light

Because it's a temple, so we need to drop off our shoes before entering

friends, for tickets you

you can get from this counter(kiosk)

You have to place money inside

tickets came out

ok friends, we are from SAARC countries so we had to pay

Rs. 1000(LKR) per head

for other countries, it's LKR 1500

Kandy Esala Perahera

it means in 10 days of a year

in the month of July and August

Nikini Poya means till Full Moon

The procession is organized in honor of

Sacred Relic Tooth

and in the premises of Shrine

with the decoration of Elephants, the procession

is celebrated across Kandy with all fanfare

so, we won't be able to

do photography inside

not even videography

but, I'm going inside

this is a very old shrine

the statue inside

was taken by Portuguese

when they ruled here

they took it to

their museum in Portugal


when Srilanka

got independence from Portugal

it was brought back from Portuguese

museum to Sri Lanka

and what

we see here

that complete painting

is basically made in India

and sent here

though you can have Darshan (sight)

from a distance but

you can't see Tooth Relic

it is kept in a Gold casket shape stupa

well, friends, when you are coming here

you have to keep in mind

that Temple opens from 5:30 AM to 8 PM


timing of Temple and Museum differs

you will know when you come here on the counter

well, guys if you want to buy something in Kandy

market closes around 7 - 7:30 PM

but Restaurants are open

and nightlife seems nice

you will also get pure vegetarian food

I saw many veg restaurants here

Hello Friends, this very beautiful morning here

and there was a good rain

all night

and because of this rain

I can see our plan for today is changing.

by the way, I'm in Dambulla today

and I'm sure you have watched our

vlog on Ravan's seat where we got lost too.

well, we got up in the morning

and...we can see that

it rained all night here

we from Dambulla

after covering, caves had to go to

Anuradhapur. In Anuradhapur

the sapling of the bodhi tree

the original and oldest sapling

is brought from the original Bodhi tree


had to go to see that


it's still raining

well, till then let's wait

and have breakfast and after that

will go towards cave

it's string hoopers and daal(pulses)

omelet, bread


and because I'm vegetarian so everything is

veg, but my fav is this - string hooper

it can be taken with pulses

and those who take non-veg

it can be with chicken

here people eat with the bare hand

basically, they eat

like this

like we eat rice

in daal(pulse)

we are eating the same only

we were thinking of going to cave

but, this is how it is here

and in this, how can we shoot

it's raining heavily

but it also is fun

I so much wanted to get wet

I'm ready, see, I'm wearing Buddha today

this is Bodhi Tree here

this is Buddha

I got it painted


for this place.

we just came out

ok friends, fortunately, the rain stopped

we have reached the Cave.

this is the entrance, we have to get ticket above there

will inform about the ticket once I reach there

How much is it for? Rs. 1500 LKR

here Tickets for SAARC countries and others

is same

I don't think we should spend that much

for two of us

I have put camera inside

Voice in Gopro may not be that good

water is flowing down

friends, one more thing

it rains in December and January

here, so you should have raincoats

we forgot......!

to reach Buddha

some difficulties have to be faced

in rain, rocks become slippery

so we have to walk with caution

wow, what a view

well, friends, this entire structure is

made of only One Rock

from there till here

well, friends, this is reclining Buddha here


in such a tranquil state

everybody is waiting in the corridors for gates to be opened

and they could see other caves

though we have seen the main cave

where Reclining Buddha is

these all are Buddhist caves

where I'm taking you to

Dambulla cave

is above 100 to 160 mt above from road

in the south

when king Valagamba was exiled from Auradhapur

then he sought refuge here

and after reclaiming his throne

he made this temple to thank Buddha

after him King Nissanka Malla

named it

Golden Rock

well, friends, as I informed King Ashoka

spread Buddhism

was done by his Son

and daughter in Sri Lanka

after that Buddhism

was accepted here

all the cave structure

in which Buddha statue is seen

reclining Buddha in Dhyan Mudra Buddha and others

all these monasteries and

caves are very old

must be around 1200 years old

must be around Nalanda University's time

by the way,

it's said that

Sri Lanka's oldest city is Dambulla and

Sigiriya only

friends,you can see Buddha

he is in Reclining posture

it means he is in Maha


and here you can see his disciples

around him standing


in remorse that

their Buddha is not with them anymore

but, no, he was always with them and will be

if you give closer look to its interior

there are amazing architecture is created

on every statue

beautiful paintings are done on each and every statue of Buddha

and on each wall

if you look at the ceilings

it's top-class artwork done

I was mesmerized to

see Statues of Buddha

it was as if it may be live anytime

you can say with me - Buddham

shranam gachahami

when you come here there are 5 caves

but in all most common statue is

of Reclining Buddha

there is so much peace you feel

if you come to any such place whether it's Temple or Mosque or

Church or Gurudwara


it's in Buddha's Feet, well friends

from this Cave of Buddha here our Episode 8 ends

and from here we are going to Colombo

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friends, for you I got wet as well.

he is good host, breakfast is

really good

we are sitting here in a cafeteria

we have to go to Colombo

we had plans for Anuradhapur but couldn't go

and will take train from there

but it was raining heavily so

wasn't possible

now if you are in Dambulla and

want to take BUS for Colombo then it takes 4:30 hours

but if you want to go in

Express Bus then which is small and runs fast

can only be available in Morning or Evening

there are public or govt. buses are also there

but they stop at many places

and it's too much rush

because it's Friday so there is too much Rush

from here to Anuradhapur

it takes 2 hours, 64 km it is

we had plans to go there and then catch a train to Colombo

one train is at 1:45 PM and another is at 4 PM

it takes 4 hours from there

we were also planning to go to Kandy from here

Kandy is 74km from here

will take 2 hours

so we can't go in Bus and even train is tricky

and it will take too much time

4:30 hours

The Description of Amazing Golden Caves of Dambulla | Buddha Tooth Relic Kandy | Lanka Kand 07