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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Webisode 7: Soccer Tryouts

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Take a Stand

Lend a Hand

Stop Bullying NOw

KB! Hurry - you don't want to be late for soccer tryouts!

Gasp! I forgot my soccer bag!

Calm down - it's in the back. I packed everything for you.

Did you pack my lucky socks?

Of course!

Sigh. You rock, mom.

Not THESE lucky socks!

Listen up, girls. I don't give a growl how great of a player each one of you is, it's

teamwork that matters!

Now I expect you all to support your fellow teammates. 'Cause whatever your differences,

you all share one common goal. To beat the Blazing Roadrunners! Now get out there and

show me what you got!

Get in there girl's, lets go, go, go! It's yours, KB!


Cassandra runs off, ignoring her.

Come on, KB! Be a team player!

But I am a team player, Coach. And a good one!

Hustle! Hustle! Yeah!

Hey guys - I'm open - pass it to me!

I could have scored.

Good try, kiddo. All you need is to muster up some more team effort.

But, I'm actually really good!

Yeah, good at screwing up.

KB watches them leave, now looking furious. Glaring, she wipes the mud off her face.

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