Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FIFA 21 | Official Reveal Trailer

Difficulty: 0

Is this on?

EA SPORTS its in the game.

Yo, guys!

Things are going to go down for you.

Let's go.

Our stories are the same,

raised and carried by the people around us.

To experience something great, is to experience it together.

Of course, like all children I dreamt,

maybe I dreamt a little more.

Each of us strive...

...but it's the team that makes us.

Look at this guy, he thinks he's good.

We've triumphed, and conquered.

But sometimes we stumble, even fall.

When we go through tough times,

we have our family and friends.

We are confident. Controlled and unified.

Can you do this?

There's a certain spirit in this city.

I wanna be someone that the fans know will die on the pitch for them.

Shoulder to shoulder.

In this game...

...we never play alone.

We play as one.

As a collective.

As a team.

Find us on the streets,

on the grass,

always together.

From Madrid to the Mersey.

BVB to Paris.

We win as one.

The Description of FIFA 21 | Official Reveal Trailer