Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet Kenneth and Liam!

Difficulty: 0

I'm Koh Boon Pin and I play Kenneth.

I'm Emil Marwa and I play Liam.

Well, what happened was we, you know, had a

reunion of sorts with a good pal of mine

from university and then, you know,

we proceeded to want to have a meal but

then we faced persecution from, you know,

a waitress and the whole thing spirals from there.

She can't believed that two men have

been allowed to adopt a child.

Nowadays, we live in a much freer world where

things like this are accepted and should be accepted.

It's about the questions we should be asking ourselves.

What makes for a family?

What makes for a family and what is a family about.

The Description of Meet Kenneth and Liam!