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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PUBG AIRSOFT - REAL LIFE BATTLEGROUNDS!

Difficulty: 0

So today, we're gonna be playing duo's first person only

So there are gonna be four teams of two so eight players total on the map

It's a pretty big map, but the circle will be closing in the way it works

Is if you get shot in the head or body once you're down instantly you can crawl

to your teammate you have 60 seconds to stay alive if your teammate can reach you in time and they put your hand on your

Body 20 seconds you're revived back to full health if you're shot in the arm

Or the leg you can take one more shot anywhere in your body before you go down

If you manage to find a level two best in the map this will allow you to take one more body shot before you're down

All the guns were using our actual guns from battlegrounds

They're all graciously provided by Eva calm so go check them out guys

We get all our airsoft gear from them

Definitely check them out way up links in the description below big things to evict for cooking it up

I'm gonna text pictures to everybody about what the circle is and

Everyone's got two minutes to get within the new circle before they die if you're outside the circle when the radio gets called you're dead

Let's go, let's go let's go

All right, uh I don't want to run too fast because there might be guns back here

All right buildings

China number one I got bogeys down there northeast of em they are

Oh yes

Well I found a handgun okay, there's an 8k over here


All right

Goodbye anything. Yeah, is it um here UMP cool

Yeah kind of the back


Yes, okay, I'm gonna put this vest on so I can carry more heck you max

Heck yeah

Let's go that way, let's get around that way

It's not a factor

We need to end up going this way so we need to go

East but it's East yeah, we're close to this

Let's move across let's get across here ever want to go. I think we're gonna want to go south

Hey, I see contact camel get behind come forgive you uncover oh, I just saw an eco over there

This Wingo outfit right there in the distance yeah, actually to our northeast they're looking at us

You want to take them on oh I should stay here and just blanket them

We gotta kind of stick together a little bit you're right

The circles gonna close in basically we'd never been banned the bus hold up hold up hold up stay down. You might not see it

I'm gonna stay low and move oh

They're moving

They're moving this way


Yeah, I'm gonna get let's go this other side oh

The shooting they can waste their mags we're gonna have to move up though I

See them they're in that truck Leah's got her eye on me

Yeah, I think Jetts moving I'm gonna move back to you, Sam they're back there

So you stay there, I'll cover this we should break up I think

Nico went back to the right I

Don't have very long range. It's true. We still need to find you a better gun

Try to get some of this gear before we move it to circle all right we got 17 seconds

We need to we need to start moving east though, I don't think the bunker is going to be in the circle actually

Hey Suzie

Circles clapping okay

Yo, got a Red Bull yes, I'll keep looking

Circles are holding only two minutes to get within a circle a we should check that

We could camp out oldest people going over the top, let's ambush them let's move up those two places

They see us

East-northeast, I see some back here. Let's go this way

I see the helicopter is there the helicopter right there. Okay? Yeah, we're good. We're good

All right, they're in the fort at the top of the hill yeah, yeah on the other side of the bushes

Hey, you think we can get under the back of it by going up hill here. No, they're gonna see us

They're too little watch tower

So you want to stay in this tan building and I'll get in this concrete one

Concrete one in front of us yeah that one. Okay, we have to get to the base of this bunker in 50 seconds

The movement

Gonna move get them in forgiving

This is dangerous those guys are the high ground on this

So we're in the circle right now mortgage

Let's go, let's go well, they say I still think we're in the circle

Scar scar

Yeah, we're gonna have to move well. This is out of the circle. They can't come behind oh

There's there's Nico we got us back to us


Don't have the range I don't have covered a

Bar how far away really close

It's right down there we got them with the circle closes. I'm watching the river you you you take us there

I'm moving they must have some kind of range. Yep. I'm gonna run ready

Fire over there let's go let's go

Gently I'm moving up Sam we're going to move let's get down here. They're coming down

I'm hit

He goes doc Oh

Sam are you coming fire so I can cross this danger. Yeah, clink clink this way guys up here


Over here I

Got you now, I got Dee down

One two three four five six seven hey help me with a mat and Dida right here in 18 19 20

Hey Dan yeah

Corridor digital is down

Lea yeah, but this way Matt a D to the left slightly is Mac

Watch out Maddie's gonna come from our left like Center

8 9 and 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Okay, I got two more out there

They're running up hold on alex is running

I say this

I've got mark and Alex still I see him contact

By the helicopter the down helicopter


Wait am I hitting yeah shooting anything, I think it's busted you're out of ammo. I'm probably hit then your dad. Yeah

That's like it's not fully wound it's only some of them. We're gonna fire. I grabbed that off me gunshot

Holy shit is exhausting

Yeah what I wanna

Dance now we won

Danny shot that use if you get us outta there get under