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if you're a business based in Perth Western Australia and you've joined the growing

numbers of businesses

who want to have professional-quality web-ready video for their website

and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

and you want it at an affordable cost

then keep watching!

G'day guys, my name is Bruce Garrod, I work for a company called GINGERBEAD Media just like you we're based in Perth

we specialise in shooting professional quality

web-ready video for small and medium sized businesses all at an affordable cost.

The video that we shoot for you will have lots of uses for your business

and it can be enabled to play on multiple devices online

which will further your reach. The information that we focus on

could be around the business itself products and the services that you offer

all of which will be of interest to your existing and potential customers.

So if you're interested in finding out more about how video help your business

please feel free to jump onto the website and get in contact.

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