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Calm down, you're driving too fast.

We should hurry.

By 7

We need to make it.

Again, one more time please.

We have to make something by 7?

It means that if you want to arrive by 7, you we need to hurry.

Okay, then

What is it 'make it'?

It says that 'make it' also means arrive.

I see.

I thin SHOWNU would say this a lot.

I need to chew on something.

[Get's the right answer with a strong pronounciation]

Let's go chew on something.

I think I.M would say this a lot.

I guess they use the expression to chew on something in western countries as well.

It means 'let's go eat something'.

It's just how I explained it.

It means I'm too tired of waiting.

No, I'm way too tired to eat.

- This is a bit - I'm tired of waiting.


I'm tired of waiting to eat.

Let's say you've had a packed schedule.

You don't have strength too even eat.

English is a difficult language.

[Q. Why did you suddenly buy an English study book?] It's just nice to memorize phrases one by one.

I get to learn new stuff

so I'm studying around one to two phrases per day.

It's very fun.

It's simple

and it's easy to learn

I can't look at stuff that are complex.

That's why it took me quite a while to choose this book.

The word of the day is

'slow down' and 'I'm flattered'

It means 'to take it slow' and 'thanks for the compliments'

So when we do interviews and stuff

[JOOHONEY pretends he's in an interview]

'You're so amazing and you did so well' and I'd say

'I'm flattered, you make me blush'

Thanks for the compliments. You made me shy.

I'll ask some to KIHYUN.


Don't act like a child.

What is... Hey, I.M.

How do I read this word, 'pathetic'?

Don't act feeble.

I don't have the courage to do it.

But here

I don't know how 'work up' is used.

It means 'you don't have the courage to do something'.

And 'work up the courage' means bravery or confidence.

It's a good expression.

Today's word is 'pathetic.'

What was 'pathetic'?

Pathetic, feeble, miserable.

Feeble, miserable.

There's another typhoon coming?



Who makes up the names for that?

They say that's the meaning of the names of the typhoon.

They want the typhoon to pass by fast


they give a weak meaning to its name.

Ah, for the typhoons.


Like Typhoon Maemi.


Do you use the word 'toast' a lot?

Do you use it a lot?


You do?

It's an expression you use when you make a cheer with a drink

and they say you can simply exclaim 'Let's toast.'

Wow, it's actually spelt like the bread.

But I.M,

the phrase here is 'I could eat a horse'

and it means that you're so hungry

'that you could eat anything' but why is is horse included in the phrase?

Because a horse is a standard way of measuring something?

When you travel.

You don't look so happy. What's wrong?

You look sad today. What's wrong?

I think phrases like these are excellent.

- If you want to arrive by 7 - We can't understand it because of that, though.

It's very

This is very

It's how native English speakers speak

When we go abroad,

they speak very quickly

so there are times when we just hear 7 and that's it.

- But they use stuff like this often. - To be honest

there's a phrase that I use often, should I tell you?

I'm used to it

Used to it.

When the interviewer asks 'Isn't being on a world tour tiring?" and I say

It's okay, it's nothing new, 'We're used to it.'

It's okay, 'I'm flattered'

Thinking about it, when I speak and stuff

and converse in English,

I didn't use that many words

but when studying through this book

I found that I knew a lot of words but didn't use them

so that's why I think that this book is great.

That's why I watch Netflix.

Oh, Netflix.

They use a lot of these phrases on Netflix.

What I originally planned to do was

I really liked animated movies

so I was going to memorize the lines of all the character's lines since people said that that was good.

Isn't that too tough?

I really tried to do it but I gave up.

All of it?

Yeah, all of it.

I tried to memorize 'Harry Potter' but man, that was really tough.

I want to learn proper British English.

They say that British English

is easy for Koreans to learn.

British English?

Yeah, since the pronunciation is very straight forward.

I really liked 'Finding Nemo.'

[Q. How long has it been since you started studying?] As of today?

Four days.

Let's say I look over it

and then I look over it again.

So I think I'll master it

if I look over the whole book around 3 times.

Your willpower is very important when studying.

I have so many books that bought and just threw away.

[The end of JOOHONEY's English class comes with words of wisdom]

I'll do my best.

I don't have any make up on right now.

I'll put on my mic now.

[Seniors who monitor Cravity's stage / SHOWNU's are the main attraction from this angle]

[Copying the pose perfectly]

[Copying the ending pose / pretty much a copy and paste of the choreo]

[The members greet Cravity after their performance]

Time for our greeting. 2, 3.


Hello, we're MONSTA X.

Nice to meet you.

[Starting the rehearsal with 'FANTASIA']

[Passion to spin never stops]

[The instrumentals suddenly stops / Audio closing]

[An old man strolls around the stage]

[The slapping sound resounds through the studio / slap slap]

[JOOHONEY gets a slap in return]

Will you compliment each other one by one?

Please make it detailed.

Wow, he's so good looking.


looks amazing from behind when he's cooking.

[First time performing 'IT AIN'T OVER]

[Next up is 'MONSTA TRUCK' / All 5 pairs of eyes look toward I.M]


I'll take you along

so get on I'm Monsta truck

[KIHYUN is half a step fast]

There's no such thing as reverse

Going back and forth, the perfect angle, nice parking

The sunset glow is

[I.M's hand sets faster than the others]

The sky gets clearer after rain

The dark clouds turn white

The hidden sun shines bright

The sunset glow is

Don't frown, everything will come

We love you.


Let's make an ending pose.


[Making and ending pose even when they're short on breath]

Until now!

It was MONSTA X.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[KIHYUN practicing his choreo that he got wrong in 'MONSTA TRUCK']

Tighten your belt Buckle up, it's right.

You have to do it right away, bang.


You did it correctly just now but when we were on stage, you were a bit fast and

you stepped with your right foot first.

I didn't see you get it wrong.

[Watching a video uploaded on MINHYUK's Instagram / HYUNGWON and MINHYUK monitor their choreo video]

It's not bad..


But this was harder than it looks.

Is it because I wore a mask?

SHOWNU was possessed at this part.

I can't see it.

Here, here, here.


Did you see it?

[Only HYUNGWON see's SHOWNU possessed]

You have to pay close attention to the detail.

I saw it.

It's hard to spot it.

[Playing it an infinite number of times until SHOWNU spots it]


Did you see it?

I saw it just now as well.

MINHYUK, how long did you learn this?

Around an hour?

An hour?

Guess you learned something new.

It's really hard.

That's because you had your mask on.

[Clowning around and dancing to the music from the video that KIHYUN is watching]

The tie is too small.

[HYUNGWON is the only one watching / JOOHONEY's one man show]

[SHOWNU looks at him with interest]

You're dancing to the music?

[His body becomes completely one with the music]

Everyone, music is always about the slight lay back.


Let the music stick to your ears.

Can you hear it?

[This is how you let the music stick to you]

You can hear it, right?

[The knocking sound breaks up JOOHONEY's movement]



You guys did well.

[Cravity visits them before getting off work]

Is this ours?

[I.M jealous of the Korean beef they received in 'EVERY ON']

You guys did a good job today.

Be on your way now.

Two, three, Get Closer!

Thank you.

You guys did great.

Go on, now, bye~

[Showing each other love before Cravity goes home]

Showing each other love as Cravity is off

See you, Minhee

Your hair looks nice

Thank you

Hurry and get off work

See you

See you

You know what I mean, right?

Another show of clowning around


You know what I mean, right?

His legs have so much strength

House, you know what I mean, right?

You know what I mean, right?

His are like that of a B-boy's

You know what I mean, right?

Takes over the waiting room with his infinite stamina

You know what I mean, right?

You know what I mean, right?

His legs are crazy

You know what I mean, right?

You have to ride it like this

and then come up like this

Suddenly performs 'HOW LONG' / JOOHONEY exploding before going on stage

You know what I mean, right?

You know what I mean, right?

What's with your vibe, JOOHONEY?

Why are you vibing to well?

Because we're staring soon

I raise my tension before starting

and then I perform on stage

and then it comes back up when I finish performing

You know what I mean, right?

I get worn out near the end of our performance


and right as it ends

I think you're more energetic when you get off stage

and before you get on stage

Yeah, my vibe just drops as soon as Fantasia starts

You know what I mean, right?

Oh and

This is

something I want to seriously say

to those who do covers of 'FANTASIA'

I applaud you

Even the members have a hard time dancing just once to 'FANTASIA'

- There are people that cover 'FANTASIA'? - Thank you so much

There are a lot

There a lot of people abroad who do covers

Side effects of clowning around too much / sudden shortness of breath

I didn't do any cardio these days, so...

KIHYUN, film him watching the covers

Make them successful fans

The person who does JOOHONEY's part is amazing

Watching 'FANTASIA' cover videos

Come at me even harder

Tie me down harder

Oh, they made this part a dance break

'FANTASIA's cover's cover


they danced to your part like this


They're so good, aren't they?

This is your part, right?

A cover that exceeded main dancer's SHOWNU's ablilites

- This part, right? - It's clean

It's clean, isn't it?

The person playing the part of JOOHONEY has got it down

Q. What time did you wake up today? - At 10 am

Q. What did you do after waking up? - I ordered some Vietnamese Pho after waking up

but it tasted really bad

I think I threw away almost half

and then I went to work out with SHOWNU

and then washed when I got home

Q. What are your plans for the color of your hair? - I'll change colors when this is over

I won't have anything planned later

so I won't do it now

but maybe before the photoshoot of the next album

Q. Have you decided on a color? - I haven't picked one yet

There were people who wanted pink

But pink...

Just do that color

- You promised them you would - If the fans want it, you have to give it to them

You said you would

- I don't know when to do it - If you promised something, you have to keep it

You have to do it

- Sigh, this is going to be tough - Do it this time

For this album?

I'll see if it fits the songs

I can't just have pink hair when everyone is wearing black

You did pink last time as well

- When was that? - When we did 'Fighter'

I had brown hair during 'Fighter'

You were so young back then

I was young

Yeah, you looked very young

I think I was 23 back then

- No, you were 24 or 25 - 24

- Weren't you around 25? - 24

We did 'Fighter' right after the year we debuted, right?

Yeah, I was 24

What color should I do my hair?

Should I bleach my hair for the photoshoot?

And make it gold?

Sometimes, people send me private comments that say

'KIHYUN, don't listen to anyone else and just color your hair black'

HYUNGWON, how about you grow your hair like Jang Chen this time?

This time...

There's this famous DJ called Steve Aoki

Ah, Steve

I'm going to go for that look

You'll need to extend your hair

- When are you going to do short hair, it's always long - You know Steve Aoki's hair, right?

His bangs are down to here

That's the hard part

- That's the reason most people give up growing their hair - The bangs

Bangs have to come straight down

It's really hard

Q. How long have you grown your current hair? - I'm not sure

I think it took a while

A cat chewing on something

Checking out a polaroid camera bigger than his face

Most cautious when picking what rings to wear

Q. What kind of ring are you looking for? - Just one that fits me

Q. Do you have thin fingers? - It's not too thin

It's pretty

Satisfied + Proud laughter

Q. Do you know the exact size of your finger? - No

I think it's around 26?

I don't know

Wears anything that fits him so he's got plenty of rings

Modestly sitting with his legs closed while watching something

Monitoring the rehearsal stage together

I can empathize with that

Did something get caught in your throat when performing 'MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT'?

Yeah, there was a lot of dust

Showing us what he experienced

I.M said this when he saw that

I.M said this when he saw that

You know Kim Yong-jun from SG Wannabe

He was singing LaLaLa

Finds SHOWNU funny even when watching it again

HYUNGWON it's because I'm so into the moment


Only SHOWNU acts like nothing happened

I pretty lowered half a pitch and just stayed there

Was there a problem with my in ear?

It wasn't a cough, more like something stuck in your throat, right?

It was sort of like hmph!

That's why I let it out quickly

SHOWNU brings joy to HYUNGWON

It's so funny

Stop laughing

Then don't make me laugh, everyone laughed except for you

He laughed so much on stage

You let out a cough on stage, how am I not supposed to laugh

You should be serious

We have to perform together

You were the only person not laughing

If we're going to laugh, let's all do it together

Seriously, everyone laughed except you

We all nearly collapsed in laughter

It's just a rehearsal

That's fine, but HYUNGWON laughed so loudly when your voice cracked

It's about time we get over that, now

I didn't laugh on purpose

I didn't laugh either

What are you talking about, you laughed the most

You look for me when your voice cracks so we can laugh together

I can't hold this in

Where are you

I think I laughed around 2,3 times with HYUNGWON today

Serious SHOWNU warms up his vocal chords amidst all this

Why did you laugh in the beginning of 'FLOW'?

Because of JOOHONEY



What's wrong with JOOHONEY?

Let's go

At the first part, JOOHONEY...

That part

I think JOOHONEY was trying to rap it this time

You can hear that part

Please don't push me away

We float on water like swans

Everyone looks at us with envy

In the silence without a single breeze in the sky

We have to to work harder without anyone knowing

Watching the problematic rap video

This when I laughed

Explosive rap followed by natural singing

Without anyone knowing

The goat voice has appeared

- Why do I make so many mistakes? - Why is your mic so loud?

It's just because he has strong vocals

I have a small voice

but watching this monitoring video, I see that it's kind of loud

It's because you have strong vocals

I don't have strong vocals

You do

I don't

You're kind of that

A brave vocal

A brave vocal that fits the title of the leader of the group

Oh, you said 'do'

It's hard for me to pronounce 'do'

What 'do'?

Even if you want to hold on

Because the 'oh' is hard to pronounce



It's kind of like DEO


SHOWNU, you should say something about your OST


The OST song is nice


I released a song called 'STAY THE NIGHT'

with MINHYUK for a Daum webtoon

so please listen to it

and it's very

different from my normal style

since it's a ballad song

Isn't that the highest note you've reached in your career?

It's the highest note of my life

The members are taking the stage now

I'll be back

We'll be back, sir, madam

It's been so long

Here's our introduction, 2, 3


Hello, we're MONSTA X

Nice to meet you

Don't frown because everything will come with time

We miss you, Monbebe

We miss you

Thank you

Thank you

Thanks for joining us!

Shall we say our last goodbye

So far it's been!

MONSTA X thank you

Love will come, don't frown

Everything will come

They're all hyped up after finishing their performances and feel great

It's been a while since we had so much fun

I didn't know we were going to say 'We miss you Monbebe'


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