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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Brown Sugar Pork Chop - Seasoned with Joyce Luck - Episode 3

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Hi everybody, Im Joyce Luck and welcome toSeasoned.’ Today, were going over

how to season a pork chop. Ok so the first thing were going to do is have our thawed

pork chops in a bag and ready to be seasoned. First thing Im going to do is add in some

onions that Ive already chopped up. And add a little bit of garlic. A little bit more.

And Im also going to add in oil just to kind of like bind everything together. Not

much, you dont need much the meats already wet. Then while this is over here kind of

getting ready Im going to prepare the dry seasonings and then were going to add those

to the bag. So over here, were going to mix everything together. Ok? So the main part

of this seasoning is going to be brown sugar. The next main ingredient is going to be paprika

and the general rule of thumb is how ever much brown sugar you added, you want to use

about half of that much for paprika youre going to use. The next thing is a little bit

of red ground pepper or any other spicy spice that you have. These last four that Im

adding youll be putting a lot less than the brown sugar and paprika. So a little bit

of chili powder, some black pepper, and some good old salt. So Im going to shake this

until its pretty mixed up and we can take a look. And it seems to be that way so this

is good to go. Alright so this is ready to be mixed into the bag along with our onions

and garlic. Going to try to get as much air out of this bag as possible and were going

to mix it up and try to get every piece of meat thoroughly coated. Usually when I do

something like this I really try to give it a chance to marinate over night you know because

obviously the longer it has to kind of soak in the stronger the flavors are going to be.

But I just didnt have the chance to do that and this I going to be ok. I want to

really make sure that every piece of meat on both sides has all of this flavor on it

before I put it into our pan. Alright so this looks to be really well coated to me so its

time to add it in to the pan. And Ive got a cast iron with a little bit, a little bit

of oil in it and you can use any oil of choice. Youre going to want to put it to about,

you want to hear it sizzling but you dont want it to be super loud so that youre

going to burn the meat. So I have it on medium, low medium depending on how your stove works.

Im going to try to get all of these onions out, all the garlic out. I want to give each

piece of meat enough room. If you can help it I try not to have them touching but depending

on how big your pot is that may or may not work. Alright and Im just going to cook

this until the other side, the underside starts looking brown then Ill flip it over and then

well check after a couple of minutes. Now were going to check the underside of our

pork and see how its doing under there. This looks really good, you can see thats its

kind of started to brown, not burn, but brown and thats good. We definitely want that kind

of crispy finish. Now were just going to leave this on the opposite side for another

5-7 minutes and then well come back and check on it again and it should be finished.

Alright so this is done and were ready to basically plate this pork chop. If I may,

Im going to try some. Lets see what piece I want , this one over here looks good.

This is really good we can taste the brown sugar we can immediately taste the caramelized

onion thats on it and I can also taste a little bit of that red pepper which is really

good. All of these flavors blend together very very well and it makes for an overall

really good pork chop. Nothing is overpowering anything else its all really working together

and it makes for a really good meal. So thank you guys for tuning in to Seasoned and we

look forward to seeing you next week.

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