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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Who Are You? | Fun Q&A with Interactive English

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What are you planning to do in the next five years

Why don't you record more vlog videos?

How old are both of you?

Did you have any certificates after graduation?

What do you think about your job?

In your opinion, who is the best teacher on YouTube?

What languages do you speak?

When will you visit Indonesia?

Why did you decide to do this?

So you guys asked us some questions, and now we're going to give you those answers. That's coming up.

So we thought it would be fun to do a video about us.

And we always get questions, so we figured we'd answer them together here on our couch.

We wanted to hear some questions from you. Whether they're from...

Whether they're about learning English or about us.

And I think a lot of people had a lot of questions about who we are, why are we both teaching English as a couple.

Why are we?

Some of these questions overlap, so if we don't get to all of them some of them were very similar.

But we'll try to answer as many as we can.

Pick some and then we'll go through it.

Okay. I'll pick with the most common one which seems to be the the best place to start

which is "How did you meet?"

Right. Like how did we meet. How do we know each other?

We were both in California at the time and and the school in Berkeley.

We were both teaching because imagine...

We first met she observed my class, and I think as soon as she saw the instruction,

she was just like "Oh my gosh. Game over."

So first of all we were both English teachers. He was already working of this school, and then I came in.

I had just finished my masters, and...

She observed my class.

Again with a class.

I think I was teaching the the present continuous that day.

His was the first class I observed, and I remember thinking this guy is so tall.

Like who's this tall? Why why is he so tall?

It had nothing to do with the present continuous.

No. It was just like why is this...

And he had visited many countries.

Whose this tall goofy guy?

So that was...that's how we met.

How long was it before you're like "I like this guy."

10 minutes?

20 minutes?

Well, it's not...

A half hour?

I'll say this. We started dating about two months after we met each other.

Okay. So two questions are connected.

What did you major in college and do you have any certificates after graduation?

I'm going to try and do it in a minute. Can you time me?

Timer for one minute.

So I'm going to try and give you my answer in less than a minute because it's...

I'm going to give you a very quick and long answer.

So this will be good for listening because I'm going to speak fast. Are you ready?

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, it's staring. Okay.

So I majored in business management, and after I finished university I decided I didn't want to do business management.

So I wanted to travel and do some volunteer work, so I moved to Costa Rica.

And I ended up working with Habitat for Humanity. I was a volunteer coordinator for Habitat.

Great organization. You should check it out.

They help people with affordable housing. While I was in Costa Rica - pura vida - to anybody out there from Costa Rica.

I met many people who were English teachers. One couple was from teaching in South Korea.

They talked about how they loved it, how wonderful it was so I ended up in South Korea.

I started working at an academy for one year, and then I moved to a university for two more years.

It was a great experience. I love Korea. I miss it. I want to go back someday.

After three years in Korea, I wanted to have another teaching experience.

Go somewhere else so I went to Namibia Ended up working with another organization called WorldTeach.

Another great organization by the way. And I was teaching at a high school in rural Namibia.

I was teaching English and math to grades 9 through 11.

It was another awesome experience, and I met a lot of really great learners. Still keep in touch with them today.

Hello out there if anybody's watching this from Namibia.

Afterwards, I went to the Dominican Republic to teach at a Catholic orphanage.

Spent a year there. I was teaching at a middle school.

That was a challenging experience actually.

I decided that I wanted to go back and get my masters so I moved to California which is where we met.

Am I over a minute? So yeah, give us your history.

I think somebody asked our ages at some point too, so I'm just going to say like obviously...

I'm 24.

Wes has more experience because he's older.

So he's eight years older than I am so...

So how old does that make me?

You're 39 and I'm 31. I just turned 31.

I moved to the United States to California when I was fifteen years old from Romania.

So I've done three years of high school and my years in university. I've done them all in the United States.

I did my university education at UCLA

So if anyone is...

Go Bruins!

Yeah, go Bruins.

I got my university degree in history, and a year after that I started getting into teaching English and tutoring.

I was tutoring languages before that. I started tutoring a lot of ESL speakers in the Southern California area.

A lot of kids and then adults also.

And then I moved to Northern California where we were teaching adults, and I fell in love with it.

It was amazing. At some point during that time I got my certificate.

TESOL certificate, which Wes also has from UC Berkeley.

And...yeah, then we moved here.

How is your love story? How is your love story and bla bla bla bla? Excellent.

So our love story...I thought it would be cuter if you talked about it.

So after she observed my class...

We got married last year in March. We got married in New York City.

And it was a very small wedding. It was very intimate. It was really just the two of us.

Wait, that's your talk about our love story.

We had a lot of connections through...

This is terrible. I'm just going to say it.

What makes history magical - let's just start with that. Okay.

That's a good word...magical.

I like it. Alright. You're doing better. Go.

What makes our story magical is that...none of us were really supposed to be in this place, so we were there by chance.

So I was going to visit my sister. I was just going there on a visit for a couple weeks.

But I don't know why I decided maybe I should look for a job here.

Wes, as far as I know, and I think this is true that you also weren't sure if you're going to stay in California.

You had come to the US to get your MA.

So we met at this tiny, tiny school in Berkeley, and it wasn't really a plan for either of us.

We didn't have plans to stay there.

And we both wanted to leave. And this was really nice because we could leave together after we were done.

That's our love story.

And it's been happily ever after.

You have such joy and happiness.

You have to realize that we're like with each other all the time.

That's one of the challenging things. I think...

What do you mean? I like a ray of sunshine in your life.

Working together...

We're always together.

We work out of the home, so...

Sometimes it's like.

When did you get this idea to launch interactive English? Kind of like, how long have you been working on this?

So, the idea came after I finished my MA at USF.

And I think I was just at home watching some YouTube videos.

And a lot of it...again it was just real it was passive learning.

People were just giving presentations, and here's the information.

This is what he does when he's home alone.

He watches YouTube looking for English teaching.

What we had been working on at our school before was about just really creating an interactive environment.

An interactive classroom. Getting the students engaged with what's going on.

And I thought that we could kind of apply that same element to YouTube.

And trying to make the lessons a bit more interactive by asking people to point, to click, to repeat after you.

In the comments below, write a sentence about this picture.

I'm going to give you an adjective and I want you to click on the meaning.

Say it with me...answer.

See, easy you just don't see the W.

And I think it's a little bit of a weird concept because people are you're watching a video.

And you don't really know whether the other person is actually participating.

So this is something that we've always cared about and then...

We're just trying to apply it to video, which...

Yeah. Which can be challenging but also fun.

You guys can let us know if it's working. If you guys are actually interacting with these videos.

Let us know in the comments.

What's your favorite book? What's your favorite book?

The Little Prince.

The Little Prince. That's a good one. That's's a good one to read too.

I'd say...gosh, I can't really think of it. I've been reading a lot of the Magic Treehouse lately for work.

This is for some of our other classes, so I've been reading a lot about Jack & Annie and the Magic Treehouse.

The ninja one wasn't that bad, I guess. Night of the Ninjas.

But I would say if you're looking for an easy, easy read. They're just kids books.

You don't have to keep running to a dictionary. It's just, yeah. It's just good quick easy read.

Here's a good one. Why don't you record more vlog videos?

It helps to practice.

Wes loves this question.

Honestly, I really like the vlogs because it's fun to share our experiences with you guys.

And we are on our way to...

Hello and welcome to beautiful Dubrovnik.

They haven't been...they haven't been as popular on our channel.

Why don't you guys watch them? We love them.

Because yeah, they're more meaningful to us obviously.

We love our vlogs.

We do hope to do more vlogs, especially like traveling.

Or even places maybe around the city.

We did one going to IKEA and those are a lot of fun.

And they' know we can make vocabulary lessons out of them.

So we will do more vlogs.

Which one's your favorite vlog?

The favorite vlog. I like the one we did Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik. Watch it. If you haven't seen it, we're going to link it above so you can check that one out.

Here's another question. Here's a good question.

What what is your favorite country? What's your favorite country?

Do you have one?

No, I don't. I don't have a favorite country.

I think it really depends on well...I guess the things you did and who you met.

Like for for food, Italy. And wine.

I had a great time in South Africa. I really like South Africa.

Yeah, and South...and Argentina.

Please tell me your country of origin.

So in case some of you don't know because people have asked on our videos.

They're like "Is this American or British pronunciation?"

Everything we do we would be the American accent. I'm from the United States.

I grew up all up and down the East Coast. Lived in about eight different states.

Which one of those states was your favorite?

Which state to live in? Was my favorite?

Growing up.

I'd say well...I really like Colorado.

Yeah, so I'm originally from Romania.

I've talked about this in a previous video.

But I was born and raised there until I was fifteen years old and then I moved to California.

It's where our love story begins.

Yeah, but that's really where I've spent all of my time in the US.

I mean, I haven't really...I've visited other states, but I haven't lived in any other state other than California.

This question is about us, but this is one that we get all the time.

People just asking about improving their fluency and we've made some video lessons about this.

First, try to study a little bit each day instead of overwhelming yourself.

If you could take like five minutes, ten minutes a day to learn a new word, or to read a book, or to listen to music.

And that's the next part would just be the the exposure that you're getting.

And trying to find different resources.

No, I just wanted to say that when it comes to language

I don't know if you know this expression. The expression goes if you don't use it you lose it.

I would say like in any kind of shape or form that you can practice English, do it.

Do something like if you can't read today, if something's too difficult,

you know listen to a song or watch a YouTube video.

Just do something instead of...something is better than nothing.

Oh, here's a good one. What languages do you speak?

Oh, good question.

Oh me!


Okay, English.


Yeah, it's great.

English. Romanian. Spanish.

I understand Italian. I understand a little bit of Portuguese.

You have really good comprehension of romance languages.

Romanian, if you guys don't know, Romanian is closely related to Latin, so because of it, it's really helpful.

So I also speak English too.

That's awesome.

I'm fairly proficient in Spanish, spent several years in different Spanish-speaking countries.

My Korean used to be conversational. Now, it's a little more basic.

Even though we did go to a restaurant recently and I got to...

They understood you and everything.

Well, yeah. I was there for three years.

I'm learning Romanian right now. It's also I'd say basic, a little conversational.

Say something.

I was about to say something in Korean. It's getting all mixed up in my mind right now.

But yeah, I just need to keep practicing. And again, just trying to do those same tips that we give you guys.

They said, "Who's your teacher on YouTube you hope to work with him or her? Or in your opinion, the best English teacher or coach on YouTube?

There are a lot of good English instructors on YouTube.

For collaborate...we've only done one collaboration so far with Ali from Papa Teach Me.

Hi Ali.

If you're watching. I don't know if you're watching.

That was a lot of fun. We do...we hope to go travel to the UK later this year, so hopefully

we can reach out to some of the UK English teachers and do some collaborations with some of them.

That would be awesome.

My favorites.I feel like...I feel like probably people might think the same about us.

In terms of...there's a lot of great people, but then there are some just really great lessons that I might see.

And we watch it and think "Oh, that was a great idea," or like how they did that and implemented that.

For example, I like the...that guy from Eat, Sleep, Dream English does these songs.

And would actually like go through the song and then pick out words or phrases and explain them.

I thought that was really cool. Ali from Papa teach me. I think he has some really...

It's funny.

Really great stuff. Uses some animation which is very cool.

Best one of all is Interactive English.

Sure, yeah.

So the nearest future plans.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

We kind of talked about what we want to do with the channel as we keep growing it.

We would like to do more collaborations as we just mentioned.

We want to come out with a website, have some e-courses available for you guys, some ebooks.

Maybe start some classes later on. So a lot of a lot of stuff planned for the future.

We would like to stay on the pace and keep doing two lessons each week.

Like one regular lesson and then one live lesson. It's a fast pace. So hopefully we can keep up and keep doing two lessons a week.

Have you ever been to Myanmar?


No, we haven't. But we would like to go.

I'm not coughing because of Myanmar. I drank some water and it went down the wrong way.

When will you visit Indonesia? Alright, I like how they went straight into...

I know it's a good question. We haven't been.

Do you want to come? When will you come?

Yes, we'd love to come.

Yeah, there's just so many places that we still need to see and visit.

Okay, well we have talked your ear off.

Thank you so much for all of your kind questions.

Hopefully, we answered most of your questions.

We don't want to leave until we ask you a question. And we want to hear from you.

Okay, so this is very, very, very, very important.

I forgot the question for a second. But we would like to know "Why are you studying English?"

Why are you here? Why are you watching us? What's motivating you to learn the language?

Is a job, education, friends?


Travel. Yeah, let us know in the comments.

This is part of the interaction where you have that comments section and you get to write and actually use the language so...

And we do read what you're write.

I hope you enjoyed our little Q&A session here on our couch. Thank you so much for watching.

Thanks for listening to us. Thank you for following us. And we'll see you next time.

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