Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #16 Gạo Nếp Gạo Tẻ Phần 2 | Phim gia đình Việt 2020

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Sticky rice, plain rice 2

Episode 16

Have you lived well without me for many years?

Very well

Don't let it be stirred up!

Big sister, arrange to come here to meet me!

It's better if you go with mom

Do you dress like that to perform?

I'm sorry, I was called in such a hurry so...

Our staff is going to help you change

Please drink tea!

No tea, what have you just said?

You can call me mom?

I'm leaving

You're not going anywhere

If Long leaves you for this, no need to regret such a husband

What the ancestors do, their offspring suffers the consequences


It's so salty

Why do you always scold me?

So sad

I'm so worried

What to worry?

You're worried too much

What too much?

We came to their house and created a mess, we scolded them and the old lady was hospitalized

I'm afraid Long will be angry with us

That old lady was hospitalized due to being old and hearing a lot

I can guarantee Long will never get angry with us

Hey! Call him!

You call him

Gosh, I'm your mom, I tell you to do it and you tell me

I think you're such a coward

Call your son if you want to talk to him! Why do you tell me to do it?

Hey! Look at the sky, it's cloudy

If you talk to me like that, lightning may find you

I just say one thing and you scold me


Big sister?

How is it doing? Have you and mom dealt with it?


Which hospital?

Gosh, my big sister! Why have you and mom ruined it all?

I won't speak to you anymore

How is it going?

Dear, how is it going?



How is it going?

Hey! How is it going?

How is it going?

What did he say?

He says he never gets angry with me

It's good

But he's so angry with you


He won't ever speak to you

What? Never speak to me?

Aunt! Big sister!

4th sister, 2nd sister!

About grandma...

We're waiting for the doctor

The doctor is out

Doctor, how is it going?

Why did you let her get that shock?

If it keeps going like this, her disease gets worse

I'm sorry, doctor, we won't let it happen again

In the coming days, you guys should limit visiting to let her rest

Or else the disease gets worse, we need to do the surgery and it's so dangerous

Yes, we know it, thank you so much

Oh, gosh, ouch!

How is grandma doing?

Aunt, I come home to cook porridge for grandma


I and 2nd sister come home to take her stuff

Is grandma okay now?

Let's go prepare the hospitalization documents

What's your attitude?


Stop pretending!

Are you blaming me falsely?

Do you think I called my mom and big sister to come here?

You've been so furious with me

Why is that?

I'm just worried about grandma

Ok, I see, no need

We can't live together if you don't believe me

Ok, wait, I'll prove it to you


Big sister?

Tell me the truth!

Who told you that bastard was here so you took mom here?


I took mom to visit you, then met him by chance

Is it true?

Did anyone tell you?

My wife is blaming me falsely

Yes, it's true

Tell her to apologize you!

Ok, ok

Are you satisfied now?

Why don't you apologize me?

I'm sorry

Just this time

No next time


- you should apologize grandma

Mom and big sister have been so exaggerated with grandma


I'm sorry

What did doctor say about grandma's health?

She needs to rest totally

And don't ever let he get any more shock!

Is it sure she'll recover?

With the condition of no surgery

Is grandma going to be okay?


- 2nd sister! - Yes?

I want to ask you two things

Shoot them!

First, this morning was the 2nd time in 3 days you left home and didn't let us know where you went

Second, who took you to the hospital?


- I promised to keep it as a secret

You can rest assure, it's a good thing


- he's a colleague of big brother

He saw I couldn't get a taxi so he gave me a lift

Do you know he followed you?

Did he follow me?

Let me help you go inside

No need, thanks for giving me a lift!

He followed you to help you

That's why I left him alone

He may be a good man

I guarantee I haven't met him before

You've never met him before?


How did you know he was a colleague of big brother?

I met him in front of his company this morning

Why did you come to big brother's company?

2nd sister!

You can go with anyone-

- I don't care

But if it's relating to big brother, I'm so worried

Don't think bad things of big brother!

He has good purpose to introduce me to perform in his company

Introduced you?

It's nothing to hide everyone

He says the salary is low, he's afraid you won't let me do it

So he told me not to tell everyone

How much?

200,000VND per session


It's not a big deal

And I didn't perform well today

They won't invite me anymore

It's good

What kind of salary is it?

You know I haven't done anything in 3 months

The school said they'd call you to teach there again after they finished fixing the music room

Rest assure!



I found our mom

What are you saying?

I found our mom

Do you want to meet her?

I want before grandma gets fine-

- nothing may happen

Gosh, I'm screwed

You harmed me so badly



It's here

Hello boss!

A trouble happened in my family so my sister didn't perform well, please sympathize for her!


Yes, boss

All explanation is excuses

Boss, let me call her to come here and apologize you!

It's too late

You couldn't fulfill such a tiny task

Boss! I'll look for another better performer and take her here to perform

Is it okay?

You should take that time to look for another job

If she doesn't come here to perform, you don't need to go to work since tomorrow

Thank you, boss!

I'll still go to work tomorrow

Hello, Mr.Quan!

Where's Ms.Minh Thao?

Gosh, you want to kill me?

- I'm sorry! Gosh, you want to kill me?

- I'm sorry!

Japanese girls are all so gentle, no one is like you

Are you alright?

You broke my arm

Mr, can you unlock a lock?

Which lock?

A VIP guest of our company is stuck in the female restroom

She's so furious

- A VIP guest? - Yes

Why are you still here?

Call the security guard!

Call as many people as possible!

Hey! Call the director if you can!

Anyone out there?

Yes, there is

- The door is stuck, please open it! - Wait, I'll help you

Ok, I'll do it

- Quickly! - I am trying

Gosh, it's so dirty in here, quickly!

Please wait, so hard to open it!

Mr.Long, have you opened it?

Gosh, so dirty

Mr.Long, how is it going?

Is everyone here?

They're all here

Remember to bring your phone! It's so urgent in here

You have to take this scene, no second time


Please wait for me!

Ok, everyone, come in!

It's so dirty

Ms, are you alright?

What are you recording?

Stay away!

Stop it!

Fire him!


But he helped you

He helped me to show up like a crazy girl in front of everyone

I see

I saved the company and I'm also kin of the boss

Oh gosh!

I'm going to leave this tiny room soon

My time is coming

Who are you?

Who are you? Are you a thief?

What thief? Go away!

It was all misunderstanding [PHAN DUY ARCHITECT CO.]

Cancel the sue request!

If you need compensation for your medicines, I'll pay it

- Come in! -You're back

Have you finished it?


Ms.Tram came back home

It's hard for the suing thing to happen

The injures of your wife and his boyfriend are insufficient to sue

Did you apologize Ms.Tram on my behalf?


I can't believe you were that brave

You dare to give your maid the keys to she may come in your house freely

I often leave the keys at reception desk when she comes here

She'll leaves them back after work

What happened this time was because...

Your ex wife came to your house when you weren't there

Get less angry!

It's hard

I don't understand why you gave almost your all property to such a woman

Do you know what's the most precious thing of a woman?


It's youth

Plastic surgery may save her beauty when it fades

It's impossible for her youth

I use the money I can earn in 3 years to compensate for her 3 years of youth

- when she married me

It's totally fair


What are you doing?

I idolize you so I take photos of you


Stop it!

1 billion is the fee for her surgery

Grandma often tells us-

- people have nowhere to sleep are pathetic-

- it's more pathetic for people having no family

So people only trade property for family, they never do reversely

Come in to talk to aunt!

Why does her music sound so sad today?

I've seen her acting normal


Come on in!


What happened?

It's about 2nd sister's surgery

Is it that much?

It's the lowest rate

Let's give the house on mortage!

Do you bring anything sharper than this stick?


Don't you get it?

If you perform like last time, you'd better kill me

You're an artist, you have to get over all troubles

It's not easy to earn money

Do you know why our boss invites that blind girl to perform here?

Why is that?

It's due to pity

Nothing hard to figure it out

Can you see that girl plays the violin so awfully?

- there's no reason to hire her with no pity

I think you're right

When she was playing, I just wanted it to end, it was torture to my ears

Do you listen to the instruments she posts on SNS?

Many complaints

Is that so?

How long do we have to suffer her?


If you want to stop suffering, apply our rule of 100 signatures, boss surely has to change his mind

Good idea!

I'll collect the signatures

I think we'll get enough in 30 seconds

I'm just telling the truth

Can you help me with one thing?

The comments on your videos "the worst violin player of all history"

"I'd be deaf than hearing her violin"

"The shame of music"

"Who takes the violin on can be an artist?"

"Do her friends and family tell her to stop it?"

"Give us back the peace of music!"

Anything wrong again?

Mom says she has a flu

Anyone taking care of her?

No worries, she's fine

Don't be that illogical!


Anyone continues to search and recognize them-

- he or she won't be my sibling anymore

Are you clear?

Big sister!

4th bro, have you found mom?

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