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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aunjoli Tells Her Parents How She Lost Her Virginity | People Describe | Cut

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- How long do you remember it lasting?

- Less than five minutes?

- So it was a quick bust?

(All laughing)

- Why did you--

- Just asking.

(Mom lauging)

(chill R&B music)

- These are my parents.

- This is my dysfunction.

(Mom and Aunjoli laughing)

- That's rude.

- I just met them the other day.

(all laughing)

- I brought you guys here today...

(struggled laugh)

Why did I say yes to this?

(Mom laughing)

To tell you how I lost my virginity.

- Oohhmm...

- Mom, you about to cry?

- No I'm not!

- You were.

(Mom laughing) She's a crier.

- This is gonna be on the internet.

Are you serious?

(Mom and Aunjoli laughing)

- [Mom] Do I wanna know?

- Who do you think I lost my virginity to?

- Let's go with...

- Wow, you got a go with?

- Well, Auni runs through those boyfriends honey.

I don't know. (Dad's voice drowned out)

Should I start at Coddy? - That's what I was thinking.

- Should I move on to AJ?

- Jordan.

- Jordan was your first?

- So you know Dead Horse Canyon?

- [Both parents] Oohh.

- Yeah?

- It wasn't there.

(Dad laughing) - Well that's good.

I'm glad you weren't parked on the side of the road.

- Well I was. - Not there!

- Oh.

- Oohh.

- Remember the Luther house?

- Oh, Jesus.

- So like, right down that little street.

- So right around the corner

from your grandma's house, basically.

This is where I'm gonna get... (Mom lauhging)


(Mom laughing)

Did you guys plan it out?

Did you have like.. - Was it a nice car?

- Who's car was it in?

- It was his car.

- Okay. - What kind of car was it?

- That Jeep Wrangler.

That blue Jeep. - A Jeep?

- What was your curfew that night?

(laughing from off camera)

(Dad and Aunjoli lauging)

Did I fuck up?

- Jeeps are small, right?

- Well it was the old Jeep... - A jeep truck or a Jeep...

- Like your old wag' Jeep.

- Oh a Jeep Grand Cherokee or something nice?

- Yeah.

- Like Hollywood, kinda?

(Mom laughing)

- Are we really talking about the Jeep?

(Mom laughing)

- Well you want to visualize--

- What year was it?

What color was it?

Did it have rims on it? (Mom laughing)

- You want it to be something nice

for your first time, ya know?

- So, who did initiate it?

- Obviously Jordan.

I'm sitting there like this, like...

Uhhh, k...

- So did you guys take all your clothes off?

Or was it just pants down?

- I think it was just pants.

- Oh God.

- Did they come all the way off,

or were they around your ankles?

- Look, look, look.

- I'm just asking!

I'd assumes what happened

I want to see if I would need a visual.

- Did he come hit you up with this in mind?

Did you guys talk about it before he got to the house?

- I don't remember!

I feel like we were dating for like nine months

at this time.

I'm gonna here this for the rest of forever.

- Oh no no no no, it's over.

Well, everyone else is gonna hear it so, hey!

- Yeah!

(Mom laughing)

(all laughing)

- How good was it, Auni?

- You want to hear this, for real?

- Michael, that's what it's about.

- I just don't want to have this stamped in my brain.

- You like the model Auni? (Mom laughing)

- Not the back of the Jeep Auni!

(Mom and Auni laughing) But c'mon now.

But that's cold, that's kinda cold.

- How long do you remember it lasting?

- Less than five minutes.


What? (Mom laughing)

- But that was his first time too?

- Yeah.

- So it was a quick bust?

(all laughing)

- Why did you--

- Just asking.

(Mom laughing)

- Yes mom.

- Okay.

(Mom laughing)

- No!

He didn't know which was where to go where.

- Oohh, poor guy.

- He was 17 years old,

so it's not like he had a great visualization

of the female anatomy.

- In and out?

- Oh God.

- Wham, bam, thank you ma'am?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- So let's talk about your first time!

- Aayy! - Oohh, yeah let's yeah!

- Who want to go first?

- How, when, where?

(Dad mumbles) (Mom laughing)

Mine was pretty innocent.

It was prom night

- So it was really that day that you...

- It was actually prom night.


- And I was supposed to come at a certain time that night,

but we had already reserved like, a hotel room.

- You knew you were staying all night

when you left too, huh?

- [Aunjoli] Wait, so did you--

- I knew I was staying out all night when my mom said,

"I want you home at two, three o'clock in the morning."

- Was it planned?

Were you like, okay?

- I feel like we kinda talked about it.

And was still like, ehhhh I don't know.

I'm not sure.

By the end of the night,

I had so many strawberry daiquiris.

- He was out of high school?

- Yeah he was out of high school.

- He came back to high school to take you to prom?

(Aunjoli and someone offscreen laughing)

- Of course!

- You don't do that when you graduate, I don't think.

- What positions were you in?

- Oh God!

- [Mom] Ya know...

- Do you really see this in your mind?

You don't!

Oh my god!

- Yeah we probably started kissing,

and then I think I was...

Kinda tossed up,

so I went and puked all over the bathroom.

- Mom! - Oohh!

At least we were in a bed!

(Mom and Dad laughing)

Spill it.

- How old were you?

- I...

was like 15.

And I had the girlfriend that,

I played the drums at the church.

(Aunjoli sighing) (Mom laughing)

We messed around at church.

But the first time we did it, we did it at the park.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

(Mom and Dad Laughing) - Stop.

Messed around at church meaning what?

And where in the church?

- Wherever.

Wherever we could.

In the church, in the parking lot, in the bathrooms.

Wherever we could. (Mom laughing)

'Cause it's the only place I could get away from my mom.

Everybody was doing it.

The dove kids were playing booty tag.

- What church did you go to?

(Mom laughing)

- The church is no longer here anymore.

God shut that church down.

(all laughing)

Because they weren't keeping an eye on the kids.

The kids were off...

- Clearly.

- Right.

- I think the very first time,

I think we were standing up in the park, bro.

Standing up in the park, like...

- Like against a fence, - A tree or something...

- or by the bleacher or what? - A tree.

- And you had the nerve to tell me,

that being in a car was worse that being in a church?

- That's why I'm trying to tell you--

- Or I'm in a parking lot?

- You are my, like God please, don't let them...

Be the victim of my behavior. (Mom laughing)

At 15, come on now.

I was a bad kid.

- So you didn't use protection?

- Absolutely not.

That was a long time ago.

And I don't think that was even popular.

And I didn't have nobody to tell me that, either.

No one gave me that advice.

So I didn't think about it.

- Until when?

- Um...

- Fourth kid down the road?

- If you didn't tell me to,

I probably wouldn't have done it.

I mean, I think I started thinking about it

is when I started thinking like a parent,

and stopped thinking like a kid.

It took growing up.

It didn't take being smart, unfortunately.

- He has six kids.

- Five.

- Five.

- Oh, Auni's six.

- Well, yeah yeah.

Sorry Auni.

(All laughing)

- I'm just glad you've waited.

- Yeah.

- I'm glad you don't have any kids.

- Well, guess what guys.

- Shh-it.

(All laughing)

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- This is not funny.

- I'll kick your ass.

- I'm glad you guys didn't tell me before I came.

(All laughing)

(chill R&B music)

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