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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Weekly weather from the Bureau of Meteorology: Sunday 9 February

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Hello from the Bureau, back with your weather update for the week.

Over the last few days we saw a coastal trough cause very large rainfall down the east coast

of Australia, with widespread falls of 100mm-300mm from the Sunshine coast in Queensland

to to the central coast of NSW. On the other side of the country we saw Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien

cross the Pilbara coast as a category 3 system, bringing very destructive

winds and heavy rainfall to the coast and further inland.

For the rest of Sunday we will see Damien continue to weaken and push further inland,

it could bring rainfall into the Gascoyne as it tracks south. While the east coast continues

to see heavy to intense rainfall, with further flooding expected.

From Monday a second trough and a low will deepen over central NSW. And the rainfall

may extend a little bit further west as well into eastern Victoria and northeast Tasmania.

For Tuesday ex-Tropical Cyclone Damien will continue to track inland and rainfall may

extend all the way to the Esperance coast. Further east heat begins to build through

northern South Australia and the NT, where we may see multiple days of 40 degrees or above

and it could reach reach 45. The Top End will see showers and thunderstorms

but no real sign of the returning monsoon.

The trough to the east has begun to ease by Wednesday with a pattern of showers and thunderstorms

returning to the east coast.

The remnants of ex-Tropical Cyclone Damien unfortunately wont make it into South Australia

with no real rainfall forecast and the pattern for Australia becomes dominated by a high

from Thursday and into Friday.

Showers and thunderstorms continue through parts of eastern NSW and Qld and a trough

may bring some of the rainfall into the southeast from Friday.

Keep up to date with the forecast and we'll see you again next Sunday.

The Description of Weekly weather from the Bureau of Meteorology: Sunday 9 February