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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #107

Difficulty: 0

- This is so ridiculous. This isn't funny.

This isn't funny. This isn't funny.

- ♪ Oh my God, that was funny, but I can't laugh

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) Today is round two of the laugh challenge tournament.

- Oh no.

- (FBE) Today's round two of the laugh challenge tournament,

so this means whoever gets the least amount of points

over the course of the five episode tournament

will return in our sixth episode championship round.

- You know, champion is never a word I associated

with myself, but if somebody wants to give it to me,

I'm fine with that.

- Okay, see? I like winning.

I like tournaments. I'm ready.

- Oh my God. I wanna win so bad now.

[Bleep], I'm so screwed. I'm so bad at this.

- (FBE) Just to up the ante a little bit, there's also

an award for the winner of the final championship round.

- Well, you should go ahead and just customize it

to big Shar, because that's who's gonna win.

- It'll be nice for the winner, 'cause I don't see that being me.

- (FBE) If you laugh or smile during a video,

or in between videos, you'll get a point

and to win the game, you want as least points

as possible. - Okay, all right, all right.

- (FBE) Are you ready? - As I'll ever be.

- Stretching my face. Okay.

Gotta get all the tension out, 'cause there's about

to be some tension. Let's [bleep] it up.

- Oh, I've seen this.

- (man) Ooh.

- (man) Ooh.

- Oh, he's gone. He's flying.

- (FBE) I can't believe you got a point already.

- Oh [bleep], I forgot what the game was.


- I didn't know what "smh" meant for the longest time.

Apparently, it's "shaking my head." but no reaction from me.

- (man) Ooh.

- I wanna laugh at that one so hard.

- Uh huh. I am so shocked that I have

not actually done this myself.

- Oh, he lost his phone. That's sad.

See, that's money right there. That's expensive.

I have a pen

- ♪ I have an apple

I have a pen

- ♪ I have an apple


- This is so ridiculous. This isn't funny.

This isn't funny. This isn't funny.

- I smiled. I smiled.


Pen, pen

- I like his outfit. I'm a little jealous,

'cause I look good in leopard skin.

- That was a hard one.

- I don't know about that one. I don't think so.

It was funny. The very end, no, no, no.

Let's move on. Okay, let's do this.

- Ooh, Tiger.

- No, he didn't.

♪ (funky music) ♪

- Wow, that takes some guts to do that right there.


- You deserve it, sorry. Everyone's all enamored

of his comeback. I'm like, pbbbt.

- I am stone cold. I'm a stone.

You've seen stones. I'm more of a stone.

- Oh no, what is this?

- (kid) How do I pull this out without making the bowls fall?

- Come on, magic.

- This kid knows magic?

- This is gonna be hilarious.

- That was-- no!


- That was a little twist at the end.

Poor guy.

- Good job. Oh crap.

Baby, watch your step.

- Oh, poor bubba. See, the mom in me is like,

"Oh, your tailbone, honey."

- It kinda sucks, this game, 'cause I want to acknowledge

the funny. I want to give these things

my laugh.

- Love to see Big Ben participating.

- People are weird to me. They're doing athletic feats

and then they do something weird like that.

- Oh, I saw this. He can't get under the thing.

That wasn't a laugh, that was an exclamation.

Okay, now it's a laugh. (buzzer)

- Uh oh. Now how do you cross

the finish line. God dang it.

- Oh no. Come on, Big Ben.

You can do it.

- That's dedication from him.

- Oh, poor guy. Making him do squats in a way.

- Oh no. He can't cross the finish line.

I'm not gonna laugh at that. Nope, see me not laughing?

- "How drunk do you gotta be?" Oh, she texting on

a cigarette pack.

- She's like, "Why isn't my Instagram coming up."

La la la la la la

- Oh honey, no way.

- How drunk do you gotta be?

La la la la la la

- No.

La la la la la la

- No. (buzzer)

- She's so wasted, she's using her cigarette box

as a phone. I'm not gonna pretend

I couldn't have been there at one point.

- (girl) So yesterday, - (man) Uh huh.

- Oh, I love her.

- (girl) She signed me up for preschool.

- This guy's the best.

- (girl) I told her I want to go to law school.

- Go to law school, girl. Get that degree.

- (girl) No, Mila. You're only two.

- (man) Right. - She's so cute

and I love Zoey. He's hilarious.

- (girl) And I'm shook. - (man) Why?

- How does she know that word?

- (girl) Kids are insane. - I don't think I've been

following her story, but I'm so invested.

- (girl) Pooping everywhere. - So cute.

- (girl) I walk in, I'm like...

- Aw.

- (girl) But I'm still alive. - (man) Right.

- This has to end before I smile at this.

- (girl) Dave, we don't pee-- - Yeah, you don't.

Don't pee on your friends, seriously.

- (girl) So now Dave is triggered.

Chases her with scissors. It was a mess.

I had to do something. - (man) What?

- (girl) So I yelled nap time. - (man) Uh huh.

- (girl) Checkmate. - Smart girl, president.

- ♪ Oh my God, that was funny, but I can't laugh

- (FBE) So, you are done with this watching sequence,

but we have one more. - Okay.

- (FBE) One more watching sequence for you.

- Okay.

- (Past FBE) After we play-- - Hey, that's me.

- (Past FBE) Laugh or smile at all, even between videos,

you're out.

Concrete jungle ♪ - ♪ Wet dream tomato

I remember that. So good.


- Oh no. - (Kristine) He probably

shouldn't procreate anyway.

- (woman) Where the hell are you going looking

like that?

- Of course. I would have shaken my head

the exact same way.

- (Trudi) Whoo, finally! I never make it through.

- I never make it through.

- (man) Stuck in the fence. - The squirrel's balls!

No, don't bring it back! (buzzer)

- (Sharon) Baby got back. See how that works?

The baby got back. Another animal's back--

- Not cool, not cool, man. I agree with her.

Look how tan I look.

- This is weird. I don't like it.

God damn it. (buzzer)

- (Eric) So what you're saying is I don't need to be good,

I just need to be better than everybody else.

- Good. So this is [bleep] up,

'cause I think I'm hysterical. - (Past FBE) Eric, you just won.

- See, why would you think I would laugh at my

greatest victory?

- (Reina) I used to watch these all the time.

They were so funny. - Uh.

- (Reina) Finally, oh my gosh. - Yes, this was literally

the biggest thing I've ever done in my life.

Are these the episodes where I won?

There was only one. Oh wait, oh no.

No! (buzzer)

- (Past FBE) So as you know, all the videos--

- Oh come on. No, shut up.

- (Tori) Vera or Catherine be in this position.

- Oh my God. I made it through myself.

That was the hardest one. I beat nega-Tori.

That's what this is. I beat 2015 Tori

and I'm the new superior Tori and I'm rocking it.

- (Will) I mean, if I had a tank, I wouldn't get out.

- My lineup is so bad in this video,

but the jacket is fly on me. That's what I'm talking about.

That's what I'm talking about. Past me, present me

are dancing right now. I love this.

It's like Inception. Sorry, I just won.

Yeah. I'm ready to go on

to the championship. Let's go.

- (FBE) Looks like you're moving on to the final round.

- Whoo. I just--

this is so sick. That version of me,

a weak version of me.

- Some of those were really funny.

I feel confident in these. These challenges,

I feel confident.

- Yeah, no one would put their money on this

because if they're familiar with my work, yeah.

I'm a fail. It's all on the trophy, mine.

- Everyone else who's either moving on with or without me,

I want that prize. I'm super competitive

and I will take you out in the next round.

I will practice frowning and crying until I win

and I'm not kidding about that,

so I wish you luck.

- Thanks for watching me desperately try not to laugh

on the React Channel.

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