Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REIS MAGOS

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Guys, are you sure it's here?

This place looks sketchy. There's no one here.

I think we're the first ones.

Balthazar, smarten up. Your clothes are wrinkled.

You all brought gifts, right?

I have my gift here.

Caspar, what's your gift to Jesus?

I just got him some frankincense.

-How about you? -Myrrh.

-Myrrh? -I got him myrrh.

How about you, Balthazar? What's your gift?

I got him gold.

What's wrong?

I got the boy a fancy gift.

-Gold? -Gold.

Where did you get the gold, Balthazar?

What do you mean? It's the gold I owned.

The gold you owned...

You had gold lying around? You had a bunch of gold?

This is my gold. What's the problem?

What's wrong?

We sold silverware to keep our appearances good,

half of this is fake jewelry, and you had gold at home.

-Balthazar... -Baltha, Baltha...

Baltha, Baltha? What's wrong? I had gold at home.

Let me see this, Balthazar. Let me see what's in the box.

I told you it's gold.

Look at this... Look.

-Chains, bracelets... -I told you it's mine.

I inherited all that. Check them.

Check this ring. It's my mother's name.

-Is this a golden tooth? -It's my grandfather's.

-You grandfather is alive. -The one on my mother's side.

Look at this, Caspar.

-You were looking for this watch. -It's mine.

It's not yours. I bought this with my money.

-Where's the receipt? -Receipt?

Who gives gifts with receipts?

Who carries receipts on them? This is mine.

It's the police! Let's go, let's go!

-I can prove this is mine! -But this isn't exactly myrrh!

Swallow this! Hide this! Swallow this!

Let's go! Let's go!

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